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Jessie Rogers


Jessie Rogers is Tonight’s Girlfriend and I couldn’t be more happy about it! I mean this picture right here shows why I love Jessie so much it’s that perfect round ass of hers. She is looking more beautiful then she ever has before because she is all decked out in some wedding attire. The reason she is dressed up like this is because the guy paying her to fuck him thinks Jessie looks like a girl he used to love. So he paid her to pretend like she is that girl and it’s their wedding night. Jessie fucks him so good I think he will not forget his fake wedding night for the rest of his life. It was probably better then his current one, because he is married after all he just likes to bang escorts when he is out of town on business.

Jessie Rogers fucked


Jessie rogers fucking machines

It’s girl versus machine in a fight to the finish (the finish being a screaming orgasm) and here’s a spoiler alert: the machines win! Jessie Rogers is the beautiful blonde getting rammed by this cold unfeeling machine, getting her pussy and ass worked at the same time and moaning with pleasure as the camera snaps for this Fucking Machines update.

Jessie Rogers PAWG


I think we all knew that Jessie Rogers was a PAWG so here she is finally on the site! Not only did Bang Bros bring her on their Phat Ass White Girl site but they had her do anal sex. If you haven’t seen a anal sex gallery with Jessie Rogers yet then you are truely missing out! Seeing a perfect round ass like Jessie’s getting fucked and she actually liking it, it’s amazing! I am sending you off to a site that is dedicated to this sex pornstar so look around at all the different scenes she has done!

Jessie Rogers Ass


Jessie Rogers Ass Parade

How pretty is that picture right there! Her name is well known to all of you it’s Jessie Rogers if you can’t tell by just that booty picture! This scene comes from Bang Bros and you get to see her on their Ass Parade site. That’s really cool because those guys who run Ass Parade sure know how to make a already hot booty like Jessie’s even hotter!

Jessie Rogers Brazzers


This is a pretty special gallery from Brazzers of Jessie Rogers because you get to finally see her with her new tits and she is doing anal! This girl is like the number one chick for all guys who like round asses and now you get to see it getting fucked nice and hard in this scene from Big Wet Butts. You get access to Big Wet Butts when you join Brazzers so that’s why this guy is sending you there. Jessie Rogers really has it all, I do wish she didn’t get her tits done but hey it’s too late for that so I will just enjoy her with the nice tits as well.

Jessie Rogers Returns


Jessie Rogers FTV Girls

You know how FTV Girls has lasted so long its listening to their members when they get a hot girl on their site. This is the second time Jessie Rogers has come on FTV Girls and the reason she is here again is because the FTV Girls members requested it and the guys who run the site delivered. This time you get to see more of that amazing ass, and you get to see it fucked a bunch too! Jessie Rogers is one of those special girls who love something in her butt or at least playing with it.

Jessie Rogers first time on FTV Girls

Jessie Rogers Culioneros


Jessie Rogers Culioneros

Alright I first one to say that if you actually listen to the dialogue in porn then you’re probably not going to like this gallery because it’s in spanish but if you can get over that it’s going to be really good for you. I mean you get to see Jessie Rogers fucking and that’s always a great day in my mind. This scene comes from Culioneros a all spanish site so I doubt you guys who don’t speak it will join their site but at least you can enjoy the amazing porn they make and Jessie Rogers AMAZING ASS.

Jessie Rogers InTheCrack


Who doesn’t want to see In The Crack when it comes to Jessie Rogers you know what I mean! This girl was meant for this site and I am so glad they finally got her on. The photography is amazing and I want to see the video so bad I am buying a membership as soon as I am done writing this! Jessie Rogers ass has never looked better and she just simply looks hot as hell I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I did.

Jessie Rogers Ass Parade


If you love a girl with a juicy round heart shaped ass just check out this amazing gallery of Jessie Rogers. It’s the brand new update for today Ass Parade a site you get access to when you join Bang Bros. Jessie Rogers is a really hot teen model with one amazing ass I mean she is Brazilian so that does automatically mean she has a booty but this thing is just out of control. Just check out picture 17 it’s kind of freaky but it totally looks like a upside down heart.

Jessie Rogers Fucks


Jessie Rogers Reality Kings

This is a super hot gallery from Reality Kings featuring the one and old Jessie Rogers and that perfect round ass of hers. In this gallery Jessie does a lot of posing with her bubble butt because that’s what people want to see of course! Reality Kings delivers with the sex too, having Jessie sit on the guys face and make him eat her pussy until she has a orgasm. Once that happens her pussy is so wet and she is so horny only thing she wants is a big fat dick inside of it and she gets just that.

Check out all our Jessie Rogers galleries we have posted!

Jessie Rogers Allure


Jessie Rogers Amateur Allure

I am surprised it has taken me this long to post this scene of Jessie Rogers on Amateur Allure. It’s seriously super hot and one of the best scenes she has ever done. If you want to see the full video just head over to Amateur Allure and join up its really worth every penny. For those of you who are not familiar with Jessie she has the perfect bubble butt as you see here and seeing her ride cock is like watching Mozart play the piano it’s amazing!

Jessie Rogers Twistys


Jessie Rogers Twistys

I found this hot gallery from Twistys with our favorite model right now Jessie Rogers. Jessie’s ass of course looks awesome because well she is wearing a g-string and that thing is perfect as long as there isn’t any clothing on it! She is dressed up kind of like a sexy maid in this gallery, and if you want some video of her just go over to Twistys and join to see it in their members area.

Jessie Rogers Anal


Jesse Rogers Anal

I have one epic gallery for you guys today its from a site called Lets Try Anal a site you get access to when you join the Mofos Network. This girls name is Jessie Rogers I have posted a lot of galleries of her you could use the search button in the upper right to find all those. This is the first anal scene I have ever seen her do and its a really good scene! She takes it up the ass and loves every second of it this girl is a real winner!

Jessie Rogers Rides


Jessie Rogers 18 Years Old

Anytime I see a gallery of Jessie Rogers I am pretty much posting it, there is nothing better then this hottie! Here she is on 18 Years Old getting picked up in the hallway of the house and fucked. The guy gets a little tired and they take it to the stairs were you will see what of the hottest dick rides you have ever seen.

Jessie Rogers Pure18


jessie rogers reality kings

This is a new scene Jessie Rogers did for Pure 18 a site you get access to when you join the Reality Kings that’s why I am sending you there. Jessie has a perfect round ass she is Brazilian so that should pretty much explain it. This scene is really hot because it really features Jessie best assets if you know what I am saying!

Jessie Rogers TeenBFF


Jessie Rogers Teen BFF

The last time I posted a gallery of Jessie Rodgers you guys went crazy so I thought I would share with you guys a new scene she did for Teen BFF. The other girl in the scene is Jessie best friend her name is Kari and it looks like these two have had lesbian sex together before this scene because they are able to get each other off pretty easy. Both the girls take turns riding some dick or getting their pussy eaten out its a really good scene you guys will eat this up!

Jessie, Remy & Krissy


Jessie Rogers Wicked Pictures

This is one of those Carol Jr’s commericals that just went a little to far. The girls who are starring in it are porn stars after all and this is a Wicked Pictures video. It’s a threeway lesbian sex scene and I would say that Jessie Rogers is the star of this show. The other two are Remy LaCroix and Krissy Lynn but the video ends with Jessie in a pile driver position getting those sweet pussy of hers fucked nice and hard. That isn’t enough to make Jessie cum though so instead they put it in her ass and fuck that while Krissy rubs her pussy and she has one super hard orgasm you just have to see to believe.

Jessie 3 Guys


In this super long video from you get to see Jessie Rogers sucking on 3 cocks. She doesn’t ever actually let these guys fuck her which I am kind of sad about but anything Jessie Rogers is good to me. This scene comes from Wicked Pictures a site that has a whole DVD dedicated to her, which I am all for.

Jessie Anal


Jessie Rogers Everything Butt

You can imagine that Jessie Rogers has done a couple of scenes for Everything Butt because I mean any guy that likes asses is going to love hers! Here she is getting anal sex from not just a guy but a girl as well. It actually starts off with just Jessie and Ariel X licking each others assholes and Jessie even fisting herself. They then move on to a strap on and then once they have done everything then can the bring in the real stun cock to pound Jessie Rogers tight butt. Ariel X makes sure to keep Jessie Rogers tongue busy licking her ass hole, she’s a freak what can I say and with that being said so is Jessie!


Jessie & Molly


Jessie Rogers on Mollys Life

The battle of the asses is here! You guys must decide what ass you like better Molly Cavalli or Jessie Rogers! Alright you don’t have to choose because I have them both for you guys in this update from Mollys Life. I wish this shit was brand new but I am so far behind in her updates it’s not. It doesn’t always have to be new though because I am going to guess that 95% of you have never seen this gallery before anyways. Jessie Rogers and Molly makes sweet love in the library with the tongue (you see what I did there a little Clue joke for you guys).

Jessie and Jada


I was pretty happy when I saw this new scene from Brazzers called Double Anal Poolside. It has two of my absolute favorite asses in it those butts belonging to Jessie Rogers and Jada Stevens. These two girls just don’t spend the whole time showing the camera their asses, nope they have anal sex! This is a really high quality scene and it’s like the dream team of perfect booties so I hope you enjoy this scene as much as I did!

Jessie on Porn Fidelity


Jessie Rogers Porn Fidelity

In this new update from Porn Fidelity you get to see the perfect ass of Jessie Rogers fucked! It’s a anal booty camp for her put on but Ryan from Porn Fidelity. I didn’t know that Jessie Rogers was so good at doing anal but any girl that can ride dick with it in her butt is good at anal sex in my book. There is just something extra good about anal when it’s a perfect round ass like this one right here! Jessie Rogers is so damn hot and if you haven’t seen her with her new tits yet you can see them in this gallery as well. I almost forgot to mention in this gallery you going to see Jessie Rogers get two not one anal creampies can you believe that shit! Only Ryan can come that many times I swear.

Anal For Jessie


In this new Brazzers scene Jessie Rogers is playing the part of a pop star who goes to a plastic surgeon because she wants what all the other famous people have and that’s a fat ass. They should have definitely thought of this plot a little more because I am not buying for a second that Jessie Rogers ass isn’t perfect. They should have got another girl who isn’t as well know for her butt or something. Sorry for getting held up in the plot details the only thing that matter here is that Jessie Rogers is having anal sex, thats right ANAL!

Jessie Babes Network


This is a very erotic gallery from Babes Network of the round ass pornstar Jessie Rogers! She is making love on some silk sheets it looks like and it goes nice again her golden brown skin. Jessie is a Brazilian babe so that’s how she is able to have such a perfect ass and still be so petite. The site Babes Network just opened so if you’re reading this right now I almost guarantee that you haven’t seen this video before so check it out!

Jessie Masturbates


Here is the gorgeous Jessie Rogers riding a dildo that she has suction cupped to the bottom of this chair. The scene is for the always awesome In The Crack website. This is the second gallery I have seen from her and let me tell you In The Crack really knows how to show of this Brazilian babes ass don’t they! If you like this model then make sure to spend some time looking around the site I am sending you to because they do have a lot of porn of her, after all it is a fan site.

Jessie Teen Fidelity


I have a nice little update from Teen Fidelity for you guys with our bubble butt teen Jessie Rogers. She gets to team up with Kelly Madison and fuck her husband in one of my favorite threesome scenes that Jessie has ever done. You can just tell she was having fun playing with Kelly’s huge natural tits and to see a hot MILF like Kelly and a gorgeous teen like Jessie fucking the same guy is just always hot to me. It’s like Kelly is teaching her how to fuck even though that’s probably not necessary I mean Jessie can ride a cock you guys know that!

Jessie MassageGirls18


Jessie Rogers Massage Girls 18

You know you have to be one hot ass model to get the top two updates on this site and Jessie Rogers is definitely that! This scene is from the world famous Massage Girls 18 site where Jessie is a little more tan showing some super sexy Brazilian tan lines. The scene has a lot of dick riding as well as some amazing ass hot of this sexy teen pornstar.

Jessie Team Skeet


I have a awesome gallery for you guys from Team Skeet. The scene is all done in point of view and let me tell you Jessie’s round ass looks great in POV I mean just look at that thing. It surprises me everytime I look at her ass because I just don’t get how a girl can have such a round ass and be so small. This gallery is hardcore you get to see Jessie giving head and then getting fucked. My favorite and probably any guy who has ever fucked Jessie Rogers is when she rides this guys dick reverse cowgirl, so so hot!

Jessie Elegant Angel


Elegant Angel Jessie Rogers

This scene comes from a new release from Elegant Angel called Cuties Vol. 3 and in that DVD you get to see all those cute girl next door teens that are in the porn world right now and one of those girls is Jessie Rogers. If you visit our site at all you know we love this girl and like every other scene she has done this one too is pretty awesome. You can just tell she loves to be fucked by how wet that pussy gets after it has been pounded for a couple of minutes I mean it audible!

Jessie Blowjob


Jessie Rogers Blowjob Fridays

Well it’s friday and you know what that means Blowjob Fridays on Bang Bros! The got a really hot pornstar for us this week her name as many of you will already know is Jessie Rogers. She is fast becoming one of the hottest pornstars on the Internet right now and with a ass like that how can she not be! This gallery is purely just Jessie getting naked and showing off her assets and then getting on her knees and giving the guy holding the camera one hell of a blowjob.

Jessie Naughty America


jessie rogers naughty america

Well I know I already posted a gallery of Jessie Rogers today and this perfect round ass but I figure you guys may as well get a extra helping of her and watch this video from Naughty America. It’s from a series they have called My Sisters Hot Friend, in which a guy fucks well his sisters hot friend and Jessie is that girl. I love while she is riding some cock that she likes to finger her asshole for the extra bit of pleasure, she is a real go getter!

March Treat Jessie


jessie rogers twistys

I don’t always post the treat of the month from Twistys but when it’s Jessie Rogers you know I am! This gallery has Jessie stripping out of a elegant little blue dress and showing us that perfect Brazilian ass. If you guys didn’t know yes she is Brazilian I had to find out what she was because I was just seeing her everywhere I just couldn’t figure it out by looking at her face her ass kind of gives it away though!

Jessie’s Round Ass


Jessie Rogers

I keep seeing this fine round ass everywhere and I thought why not post one of my favorite scenes from Twistys of her. This is Jessie Rogers for all of you who don’t know, YOU SHOULD! Jessie here has nice small little titties and just the best round ass you ever did see! The gallery is one of my favorite because in this one Jessie has very defined tanlines and I just like that on my chicks.

Jessie & Melisas


Jessie Rogers and Melissa Matters

This is a really hot lesbian sex scene from When Girls Play a brand new lesbian sex site from Twistys. I picked this one as my first gallery because it has Jessie Rogers one of our favorite models here on She has such a awesome round ass and seeing her get her pussy eaten out by the super cute Melissa is just hot as hell. Go ahead and check out all the amazing scenes that When Girls Play has to offer, I am sure there is something for everything on that site!

Jessie & Holly


Jessie Rogers Holly Michaels Teen BFF

I have a scene from Teen BFF for you guys that features my favorite model and probably yours too Jessie Rogers. She is having a threesome with the also beautiful Holly Michaels. Holly is that chick with all the right curves and Jessie is the fit girl with the perfect round ass I think the compliment each other nicely. This Teen BFF gallery is done in a very erotic style that they have been shooting in for a bit now so check out their stuff it is really top notch now.

Cruelty Party Jessie


Jessie Rogers Cruelty Party

There was so many good picture to choose from for this picture, its a scene from Cruelty Party and I hope by that perfectness of that ass you know that’s Jessie Rogers. I think I have posted every single scene I have found of this total babe for you guys so you all owe me a thank you! This gallery is really awesome because you get to see Jessie in total ecstasy as she is getting her pussy eaten out while being fucked, or rub it doesn’t matter this party has enough hands to touch every sensitive part of Jessie’s body.

FuckedHardGfs Jessie


Fuckedhardgfs Jessie

I have literally been posting every Jessie Rogers scene I find so this one when is kind of low quality for pictures because its all screen captures I am posting for you guys its from FuckedHardGfs. In this scene the guy is teaching the girls how to do the cork trick and then fucking them every once in a while. The girls eat each other out for some hot lesbian action as well. If you guys like amateur type porn and Jessie Rogers this is the best of both worlds enjoy!

Jessie Massage Creep


Jessie Rogers Massage Creep

I thought this new scene from Jessie Rogers was going to be my number one gallery of the day but it isn’t and that’s just crazy isn’t it! Jessie Rogers is the hottest girl doing porn right now in my opinion she has like the best ass I have ever seen and as you can see she does hardcore. She is super cute and 100% Brazilian so very exotic looking. She is just 18 years old and her small tits are even more awesome just because of that bubble butt of hers wouldn’t you agree? This scene is very erotic and its from Massage Creep I don’t know if they’re changing up their style or what but I like this better then anything else they’ve done!

Ava S.


Ava S. FuckedHard18

This is probably going to be a tease more then anything else! Not because the gallery sucks or anything because let me tell you I made a great gallery but because I don’t know this girls name! All I know is what FuckedHard18 has told me and that she goes by Ava S. What does the S stand that’s what we need to find out! Hopefully she isn’t one of those new models that is only on Fucked Hard 18 and then is done, because that would be a crying shame. This girl kind of reminds me of Jessie Rogers before she got the terrible boob job. This girl has a serious big booty and cute little small tits. I think it’s a nice touch that she has some tan lines on her ass. She is a natural redhead you can just tell from that pale skin of hers and the “tan” she has just makes her look red not white. Stop trying to get a tan Ava redheads are meant to be pale!



I figure it’s and all I should post a ass gallery to support it. So that gallery is going to be one of my favorite booties on the Internet and that’s Jessie Rogers. Here she is in a brand new gallery that just came out today from Brazzers called Ass-Tastic English Lessons. I think Jessie was trying to teach this male student a lesson or two but ended up just telling him to fuck her in the ass he understood her when she said that an followed through pounding Jessie into submission.



Jessie Rogers Wicked Pictures

Here is our girl, Jessie Rogers getting DP’d for a scene in her very own DVD that you get access to when you’re a member of Wicked Pictures. The name of the DVD is Unbreakable and it’s like 8 or 9 scenes with Jessie Rogers in every single one. I picked this one of course because she is taking on two dick but more so that she is taking one in the ass! I love that ass more then anything it’s just so round and perfect, makes me want to bite it.

Make It Zippy


Holly Michaels Make It Zippy

Passion HD is going crazy for Holly Michaels! This is her second scene in less then like 3 days I think! The name of the scene is Make It Zippy because her and her boyfriend are suppose to be going out. He saw her putting on her little black g-string thong and her tight white dress and couldn’t help himself. He talks her into a quick fuck session where he busts his load as fast as he can because these two got to get going!

Holly Michaels in Deep Throat Weekend by Passion HD
Holly Michaels In Sexy Headlines by Passion HD
Jessie Rogers and Holly Michaels have a threesome on Passion HD

Perfect Ass For Sure.


Jessie Rogers Ass Parade

I am feeling pretty damn guilty not making this my number one gallery for the day I am not going to lie. Jessie Rogers round ass has never looked better then it does in this scene for Bang Bros. She tries on different panties and each pair looks better then the last and these blue and white ones just do it for me. You do get to see a lot of butt pictures of Jessie and then she does what we are all waiting for and that’s fuck a big cock. Jessie Rogers was on Ass Parade once before but this one is my favorite scene she has ever done for the entire Bang Bros network, what do you guys think?

Paradise Found


Jessie Rogers X Art

This is a X Art scene called Paradise Found because the location that Carmen (A.K.A Jessie Rogers) is getting fucked in. This erotic sex scene takes place on a doc that extends out into this beautiful lake quite a was. The scene starts off with Carmen getting her pussy eaten out and then she returns the favor. After they have exchanged oral favors they start to fuck and he ends up pulling out and putting his cum all over Jessie’s wet pussy.

Beautiful Music


jessie rogers beauiful music

I love this round ass pornstar Jessie Rogers more then any other pornstar out there right now! That’s why you will always see her galleries on this site and no other reason then that! This one is from Passion HD and it’s called Beautiful Music Together because Jessie is fucking her music teacher in this scene. Jessie is gorgeous while she is riding a cock and you guys will get to see a lot of that because I have a really long video on this gallery so just thank me later okay!

Body To Body


jessie rogers passionhd massage

Here is a beautiful erotic gallery from Passion HD which they call Body to Body. The sexy round ass model in this gallery is Jessie Rogers you guys should know her pretty well if you visit this site enough. Jessie sets up her massage table then calls her man over for a massage he will soon not forget.

Bubble Butt Carmen


Carmen X Art Sexy Bikini

This X Art gallery is simply awesome. You get to see Carmen (A.K.A Jessie Rogers) in a skimpy bikini that really shows off that perfect bubble butt of hers. Then in the video you get to see her having some of the most passionate sex of her life. The video original size is 1920×1080 it’s crystal clear HD and they shoot all their scenes as if its a movie! These guys really have to peers when it comes to erotic porn so check them out please!

Morning Fantasy


Leila X Art Morning Fantasy

I really like how X Art is doing their scenes now they’re almost like movies! This scene has Leila waking up in a bed and looking out the window seeing the guy of her “dreams”. He makes her nice and wet so she fucks her pussy with the only thing she has near her fingers.

Leila and Anneli Menage A Trois on X Art
Christmas Vacation With Leila and Jessie Rogers on X Art
Francesca and Leila a Wet Kiss From X Art
Leila and Faye Reagan in a X Art threesome

Striptease X Art


This is a awesome striptease from Carman A.K.A Jessie Rogers for you guys. The scene is from the very erotic X Art and they are doing like mini movies with all of their scenes now. So Jessie gives this guy a awesome strip showing him that perfect round ass of hers, but she just doesn’t leave him hanging she sucks his dick and then swallows his load like a good girl.

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