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Farrah Abraham


You know how when you get a new car it takes you a little while to learn how to park it and maneuver through traffic, like you’re just not used to the size yet? Well that’s what Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is going through with her new titties…she went and got a boob job, then celebrated by showing off her new tits in a blue bikini at a pool party in Vegas, but her bigger breasts ‘accidentally’ peeked out from that bathing suit while the cameramen happily snapped away.

Farrah Abraham Upskirt


Farrah Abraham is just still keeping in classy in this little up the skirt picture gallery I have for you guys from Taxi Driver. She is the most recently celebrity sex tape that has been released you can see it here if you would like. Farrah is only famous because she got knocked up when she was too young and starred on a MTV Show. She did figure out a way to become a millionaire, she just had to take it in the ass by James Deen. I mean it has to be the first and only anal sex tape we will ever see from a “celebrity” I use that word very lightly here.

Snooki Hot?


What the shit is going on in the world when this little Jersey Shore meatball is looking fit and shit. I mean her hottness level is getting up there but she is still super annoying. I don’t care how thin she gets and how much she changes because no matter what she is still Snooki from the Jersey Shore! Alright now lets all stop talking about her at let her go back to being some New York chick who we all laugh at as we walk down the street.

Kate Moss celebrity upskirt


She may be getting up there in years and her vagina might have seen more use than a taxicab floor but Kate Moss is still quite a MILF and do you remember how incredibly gorgeous she was in her prime? Well think of that when you take a look at this paparazzi upskirt shot…I’m surprised celebrity women still even wear short skirts…I guess when you have legs you’ve spent a life working on like Kate has you want to show em off, and her lacy little black panties are pretty hot I have to admit.

Kate Upton Topless


I would give my left nut to motor boat these titties. I don’t know if it’s the media that has made me love them so much or if Kate Upton really just have the best set of tits in the world. Whatever it is I am a fan, sign me up I want to see this girl naked! Playboy pay her whatever she wants I just need you to make it happen. I think they’re our only hope in seeing these tits so everyone let’s start writing Hef now!

Kanye’s Mistress


I was trying to find some pictures of Kanye West’s mistress and then I found the holy grail of galleries of her over at my buddies site. I must say if you’re going to cheat on Kim Kardashian he at least made it count! This girl is banging and she has all natural tits! I bet she is fucking half as crazy as Kim too. Can you imagine she was crazy to begin with a now she has those pregnancy hormones no thank you, I would rather just bang this chick.

Jamie Lynn Sigler


Jamie Lynn Sigler is knocked up! Nobody told me that shit and I had to find out from the Drunken Stepfather. Well now I can just clear those fantasies from the brainski. She doesn’t look too bad for a pregnant chick but I would much rather see her back in her fighting shape. Towards the end of the Saprano’s she was fucking so damn hot, I mean am I right or what?

Miley Cyrus Downblouse


Miley Cyrus knows what she is doing with this Instagram picture. She is teasing us by thinking we might catch a nipple by looking down her blouse but there is no nipples DAMN YOU! When did sweet and innocent little Miley Cyrus because like a badass? Short hair, shaved on the sites I am starting to think she is batting for the other team now or something. Don’t get me wrong I would still watch that but I think she was better when she actually looked like a chick.

Rihanna’s Ass Pic


Another day another pic of Rihanna showing off that banging body of hers. I know that Rihanna has a great ass but this picture I don’t think really does it justice. People are going crazy over it calling it amazing and what not but I am saying eh not that good. I have seen better from her and I expect better. If you’re going to pull this kind of publicity stunt Rhianna at least make it a good picture damnit all!

Maggie Grace


These shots of sexy celebrity actress Maggie Grace are from Californication but I think most people would remember her as Shannon from Lost…and it’s nice to finally get a good look at the goods! There’s a nipple slip shot (well, more of a downblouse but whatever) and a great still of her bare ass as she bends over outside by a swimming pool or something in the nude. She’s got an amazing butt, that’s for sure…thanks for finally showing it off, Shannon…I mean Maggie!

Hayden Panettiere


I think that Hayden Panettiere is looking for a whale to save or something in this picture from my bud over at Drunken Stepfather. He clowns on her a little bit and I will not do that because she dates a guy who will wreck my face and I like my face. So let’s just say that Hayden is looking mighty fine and I thought you guys would like to see it.

Fashion model tit slip


I may not know fashion but I know what I like, and having some of the most beautiful women in the world walking down a runway in clothes that basically can’t help but show some boob definitely falls into the realm of things I like. Check out this shot of a gorgeous brunette walking the catwalk looking like she was minding her own business when some designer or other threw glue-covered pieces of fabric at her to make a ‘look’. Her very nice breast pops out and she doesn’t seem to mind much as the cameras clicked away!

Guess The Ass


Who does this nice little plump ass belong to? She is a Latin babe on a very popular TV Show that probalby most of you have watched. She is what I would consider a MILF she has a great ass as you can see but her tits are probably her best asset. That’s all I got good luck!

Xenia Deli


You probably can’t see it very well from this picture but if you view the big one on this gallery you will see a little upskirt action on a girl named Xenia Deli. Who the fuck is that you ask? Well unless you are up on you fashion models you would have no idea who she is. She is pretty popular over in Europe and shit but the real reason you are going to click on this gallery is because Xenia here is a chick that doesn’t like to wear panties. So if there is a upskirt with no panties that means you get to see a bald pussy that belongs to a famous chick, click away!

Lucy Pinder Hooker?


I just saw this over at my buddies site a friend of his sent him this profile on a hooker website and it’s Lucy Pinder. If she is actually a hooker then I need to start saving my money now because I am fucking this broad for sure. She is like omg wtf amazing is she not? I know it’s more then likely fake but just in case I thought I would pass this along!

Katie Price nipple slip


I guess she’s more of a big deal over in the UK but big boobs bouncing around and nipples slipping out are something everyone can enjoy the world over, am I right? Take a look at these paparazzi photos of Katie Price in her wedding dress getting ready to throw the bouquet on the beach when her huge tits bounced right out of the gown and let her nipples see a little unintended sunlight. Apparently she’s a celebrity for being a model, singer and ‘media personality’ which I think is a nice way of saying she’s famous for being hot and famous and, I would imagine, rich.

Emily Ratakowski


Emily Ratakowski decided that she should get in the spirit of Easter and post a naked bunny shot of her. I forgot to do anything for Easter for you guys so here it is a little belated but hey a supermodel naked, what more could you really ask for?

Saturdays Upskirt


You guys really got to read this Drunken Stepfather blog this guy is fucking funny. Here is my favorite article of the day where he talks about the shitty upskirt he found of some girl from a band called “The Saturdays”. Probably like 6 people know who I am talking about right now and that’s the point that he is making. What I really wonder is if this girl is hot or not. I mean from what I see right now I think she is but you have to see the face before any judgement can be passed.

Coco Working Out


You wouldn’t think that Coco hits the gm all that often because lets be honest here this girl is thick. Those tits are not really hers but man does it complete the package if you will. Big Ass, Big Tits there is no doub that she got a rapper as a husband! If you were to bait a hook for a rapper to bite on that’s exactly what I would put on there.

Christina Milian Ass


The beautiful Christina Milian is on spring break I guess. I didn’t know people with kids even had those but I guess Christina doesn’t give a damn. She is a actress if you want to know what she is all about you can read her if you want. There is way to much information about her on there I must say. She did a great thing though and decided to show all of her fans some great pictures of her ass. She has been told a lot about that amazing butt of hers and she isn’t afraid of showing it off as you will see.

Christina Milian nipple slip


I had to look up who Christina Milian is but apparently she’s a singer and actress…I guess not so much the kind of music I like but maybe you guys are big fans, or at least like to see a celebrity nipple slip on the beach! I don’t care who she is to tell the truth, if I saw a hot ebony honey like her with her nipple peeking out of her swimsuit like in these paparazzi photos I’d stop in my tracks and have to stare too. Anyone up for a chocolate kiss?

Dita Von Teese


This is Dita Von Teese is the chick that married Marilyn Manson just in case you were like who the fuck is this. She is only famous because she is one of those old school beauties and reminds people of the old strip tease days. I am way over those days and it looks like my buddy over at Drunk Stepfather is too, LOL he has some choice words for Dita here.

Rihanna Thong


I think I am going to have to start a fucking Rihanna section for this site! I mean she is also doing something crazy right? Here is her latest thing that she did. She posted this picture of her in nothing but a thong to her Instagram account. I wish she would show more but it is nice to have a celebrity who really just wouldn’t give you a fuck even if she has a pocket full of them.

Rhianna No Upskirt


It looks like Rhianna is having no more upskirts done she is all done with that as you see she is a total pro at not giving up the cooch now. She pulls down her sweat shirt and gets in the car like a lady. I can totally see why Chris Brown likes him some Rhianna not only can she take a punch but she also keeps it classy.

Miley Cyris nipples


Hasn’t Miley Cyrus used up way more than her fifteen minutes of fame yet? Well she is pretty damn hot, I’ll give her that…in these paparazzi photos she’s caught with her nipple basically peeking out from her skimpy dress, although I think she’s wearing pasties or something. At any rate she looks pretty sexy with that hairdo, not to mention the sparkly dusting of fairy magic she has all over her skin.

Miranda Kerr


Not quite sure if I am suppose to know who this Miranda Kerr chick is. The Drunk Stepfather usually posts famous girls so I am just going to assume that. She might just be some model that Purple Magazine picked up but once again I don’t know. There are some things I do not about her though. That is she is hot and she has a great body, so just enjoy and don’t worry about all the other stuff just like I did.

Kelly Brook


The Drunk Stepfather has a couple hot pictures of a busty model that many of you over in England will know. Her name is Kelly Brook and she knows that she is a sex symbol so she gives everyone want they want to see on her Twitter account. Having a little nipple slit as well as some close of cleavage pictures. If you like celebrity smut you got to keep going to this guys site he has it all!

Dania Ramirez


It’s a mystery to me who Danie Ramirez is but apparently she’s pretty famous, in that she’s up by the wall at a red-carpet even having her photo taken. I don’t know if she forgot what flashes do or if she was intentionally going to sort-of show off her titties to everyone, but she’s wearing a black top that is basically see-through when the camera bulbs pop! Ready for some celebrity boobs?

Megan Fox Esquire


What the fuck happened to Megan Fox? Remember when she was like the shit and everybody wanted to fuck her? Now you just don’t here or see her anywhere. I guess she is posing in sexy ass pictures now to help pay the bills. Which I am fine with I just wish she woudl bare all if you will. This one comes from Esquire and it’s posted over at my buddies site.

Beyonce GQ


I don’t know where I read it but I think it was Gawker or something that said this Interview that Beyonce did for GQ made her seem like a straight up crazy person. I am pretty sure all these famous people are a little crazy, when everyone thinks you’re the shit it probably just goes straight to you head and fucks you up. There is one thing going for Beyonce though, she might be crazy but damn she has a great body!

Kate Upton


I mean come on guys those breasts are so amazing and you can’t deny it. Kate Upton is one of the hottest woman in the world not because her face is super hot or anything like that, it’s just that those breasts have so much jiggle in them that they have put us all into a trance. I am very much okay with it though I just want her to get naked for playboy already or something.

Sofia Vergara


Those awesome huge tits that Sofia Vergara had was spotted on the beach in Miami. I mean you could probably view her tits from outter fucking space they’re that awesome. What is uncool about this little video and pictures that the Drunk Stepfather has is that she is in a one piece bikini! I mean if I am not going to beable to see you naked at least show me a little skin Sofia!

Mila Kunis


Can you guess who’s tits these are? Well don’t read the title you fucking cheater! That’s right these boobs belong to Ashton Kutcher… Err I mean they are attached to Mila Kunis but Ashton is all of up those according to the celebrity blogs. The Drunken Stepfather just posted a sexy little gallery of Mila that she did for a magazine check it out, she has quite the body.

Arianny Celeste


If you don’t like UFC I know that you will at least like Arianny Celeste! She used to be a stripper, ahhhh those were the days! But then Dana White “saved” her and now she parades around the UFC ring during the end of rounds. She is drop dead gorgeous there is no two ways about it but I definitely would rather see her at the strip club naked then at a UFC event where she is being hoed out in skimpy ass clothes.

Lady Gaga Topless


I know a lot of people make fun of Lady Gaga but she’s looking pretty hot in this photo by Terry Richardson if you ask me…maybe it’s because she’s standing next to the botox cryptkeeper here but man she’s looking good. The fact that her titties are showing doesn’t exactly hurt either, know what I mean?

Holly Madison


I wonder if the photographer told Holly Madison to crouch down so he could get a nice shot of her with her dog or if he just straight out said “Hey I want to get a picture of your huge titties in that sexy revealing dress of yours, can you crouch so I can see your breasts better?” because I bet she would have done it. She’s just considerate that way.

Kat Dennings


If you can’t remember who Kat Dennings is don’t feel bad, I had to look her up too…she was in Thor is where I knew her from, but she’s just plain hot as hell and here you have a big collection of photos (some candid, some posed) showing her best assets. Namely, her big lovely breasts! She looks a little pale and undead in some of these but that’s the latest fashion I guess.

Amy Poehler


Sometimes the paparazzi can make an error in judgement with the best of intentions in mind…for instance, they wanted to get a hot photo of admittedly cute blonde actress Amy Poehler but instead they got these. She does have a pretty see-through shirt on so you can see her cleavage and bra but man, don’t look any further up than that.

Michea Crawford


Well apparently the Drunken Stepfather thinks this chick is the next big thing her name is Michea Crawford. Do you think there is any relation to that other model with the last name of Crawford. Who really cares though I don’t even care enough to Google it. This girl doesn’t get naked in any of the pictures she is in, but she looks hot and that’s all I really care about.

Rosie Jones


You have to read this post that the Drunken Stepfater posted uner Rosie Jones hand bra picture. It’s just really funny made me laugh so it will make you laugh. Rosie Jones is a girl I have no idea who she is but man does she have a nice rack. I am sure I could google her but let’s be honest it really doesn’t matter.

Beyonce Mom Cleavge


God this Drunk Stepfather slays me sometimes! You guys need to start reading his blog shit is just funny. Here is Beyonce showing off some mom ceavage. She was hot once upon a time but it looks like that kid made those boobies a liitle more saggy then they once where! Anyways enjoys and then make sure to take a look around that site it’s awesome.

Rihanna GQ


Rihanna knows the sure fire way to get into GQ magazine and that’s with these sexy nude pictures that are not really her nude… I kind of like that new tattoo that Rihanna got under her breast it’s sexy. If I didn’t think she was such a dough head because she wants to be back with that douche Chris Brown I might actually like her but, I know better.

Kinky Sex


I guess this photo shoot of insanely hot brunette lesbians Rosie and Holly comes from Nuts Magazine…they’re all decked out in hot vinyl fetish gear with leashes and collars and chains galore. It’s not like they need it though; with looks like that they can enslave any man or woman they desire in about 2 seconds flat! Watch these sexy babes show off their big perfect breasts as they explore the kink side of sex.

Chrissy Teigan


I don’t actually know how famous this hoe bag is but I know that she really wants to be famous! Her name is Chrissy Teigan and she is married to someone that probably like 15% of you know. His name is John Legend he plays that music that you bone your girl to, and that you probably got for free. Anyways besides the point! Just check out Chrissy wearing a super skimpy bikini and enjoy because this girl has quite the body on her.

Nancy Delolio Upskirt


Alright I had no idea who Nancy Dell’Olio was before seeing this paparazzi upskirt shot but now I know she’s a lawyer who married the manager of the England national football team, which we in the States would know better as ‘soccer’ or better still as ‘that one sport with all the running’. She’s not looking super hot to me but if you’re into MILFs and you’re a fan of hers, you do get to see a little peek at her panties!

Khloe’s Nipple


If you guys missed the episode where Khloe Kardashian was basically showing off her nipples then here ya go! I know that nobody watches that god forsaken show so I may as well just hook you guys up so you don’t have to go through the brainless bantar just to see a Kardashian nipple!

Fashion Show


Just in case you missed the Victoria Secret 2012 Fashion Show I thought I would hook you up with the best parts. Well I am not going to hook you up but the Drunk Stepfather is. It’s the only time of year you get to see serious super models pretty much naked I mean look at this girls panties she may as well be wearing nothing!

Kim Kadashian Bikini


With the elections over I thought it would be appropriate to post a Kim Kardashian gallery as she is all that is wrong with America probably. She is doing a little bikini shoot for some magazine her reality camera’s are probably hiding in the win. Anyways enjoy this huge ass and big tits, its how she became famous.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Leigh Anne Pinnock


OK I’ll bite, who the hell is Leigh Anne Pinnock? Hang on while I look her up. OK, I’m back…she’s apparently a singer in a band called Little Mix from the UK, kind of like the Spice Girls I guess? Anyway in this paparazzi upskirt shot you get a little glimpse of her panties so if you’re a big fan of that band I guess you might find it kind of titillating.

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