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Bring Me To My Knees


X art caprice bring me to my knees

I would bet dollars to donuts that if there was one chick on X Art who you would love to see tied up and blindfolded and bottomless it would be sexy little Caprice! Well lucky for you that’s just who’s tied to the ceiling in this red hot update called Bring Me To My Knees as she awaits her man, her pussy already getting wet in anticipation! He teased her a bit before letting her down to drop to her knees, sliding his cock into that sweet little mouth for a nice blowjob as she sat there with her wrists bound and eyes still blindfolded. He took off the strap covering her eyes so she could see what he was doing as he came up behind her, slipping his dick easily into that wet cunt and fucking her after tying her back up! Caprice is exploring her kinky side in this X Art scene, enjoying a bondage fetish she’s been thinking about and moaning in pleasure as the guy pounded her pussy and then her mouth, finishing with a nice facial that dripped cum down her chin as she looked up at him! Hopefully he let her loose after shooting into her mouth but hey who knows, maybe he left her tied up down at the bottom of the stairs there so he could have his own personal fuck-slave anytime he wanted a taste of that tight perfect pussy! Caprice doesn’t look like she’d mind that idea too much, that’s for sure.

Molly Jane


Porn fidelity molly jane

Once you spend a morning with Molly Jane you’ll never want to go back! She and Ryan were asleep together after a long night of sex but when Ryan woke up and found his hand on top of that sweet round ass of hers his insatiable cock was standing at attention and ready to go again! He gently woke her up as his hands slid over that sexy body of hers, cupping her huge natural breasts and getting her pussy nice and wet before penetrating her with his big hard prong…Molly was sleeping in just her white sheer top and a pair of panties, which stayed on for about five seconds once Ryan started caressing her ass. This girl is fucking magnificent, her tits are incredible and her face is lovely and that ass is a beauty as well and once she wakes up she fucks like a maniac in this red hot Porn Fidelity scene! Molly looks great burying that cock in her mouth with her long dark hair cascading down but really I have to say the hottest part in my opinion is when she is on top, riding him with her big tits bouncing right out of her shirt as she threw her head back in ecstasy! Ryan ended up shooting a load of cum deep inside that wet pussy of hers for a nice creampie finish, just in time for these two lovers to go right back to bed to rest up for the next time!

Do Me Blind


Colette do me blind

So obviously right now 50 Shades of Grey is all the rage in the theater and everyone is ‘discovering’ bondage and kinky play, so why not check out how a hottie like Maria does it in this Colette update called Do Me Blind! She starts off slipping a blindfold on herself and getting handcuffed on a chair with a black bra and corset and sexy sheer thigh high stockings, inviting her man to come over and have his way with her! He teases her with his silky tie, giving her goosebumps as he dragged the fabric across her skin teasing her tight slit with it and then with his fingers to drive her wild before slipping his cock betwen her lips. She gave in to the sensations, submitting to his whims and giving up all power as she accepted his cock in her mouth, then bent over at his command to get her pussy and ass licked from behind, moaning as he finally thrust his cock into that dripping wet hole! This is a red hot kinky bondage shoot from Colette, this girl looks amazing and the fact that she’s into a little sexual exploration makes her even hotter…let Maria make your fantasies cum true in this hot hardcore sex scene!



Just take a look at this sweet hottie Sasha and tell me she’s not utterly 100% fucking adorable! She’s absolutely beautiful for one thing with eyes that will be peeking at you in your dreams tonight I would guess, and when she strips out of her pink top and little denim shorts she shows a body that is nothing short of incredible. Perfect perky breasts, sexy hips, nice tight shaved pussy and a fantastic round juicy ass, this girl is a stunner from head to toe! Well actually in this photoshoot we don’t get to see much of her toes but I’d bet they’re cute as hell. Sasha here even has some sexy tan lines, I’m usually not a big fan of tanlines but they look great on those tits and especially on those hips…just imagine seeing how she got em, lounging in a bikini in the sun and enjoy the next hour or so of fantasy time!



Have you ever been out and about in the city and seen a girl with multicolored dreads and crazy punk clothes and thought man that chick looks kinda nuts but I bet she’s super hot underneath all that? Well now’s your chance to see how right you were as Yersat pulls off her striped Beetlejuice jacket and panties and shows off a sweet round ass and holy shit those breasts of hers…this dreadlocked edgy alternative babe is packing a pair of huge perfect round tits under that top, these are seriously some of the nicest boobs I’ve seen in a long time! If you don’t have to brush dirt off your chin from your jaw dropping after seeing these boobs I don’t know if we can be friends anymore, just saying.

Prince Yahshua


To be honest I’m not sure if this chick’s name is Yahshua or if it’s the dude’s name in this photoshoot from Throated…what I do know is that this girl is gorgeous and has big tits and a nice round ass and sucks a big thick dick like a champ! I thought for a second she had killed someone in prison, I thought she had a teardrop tattooed under her eye and apparently that’s what that signifies but looking closer it’s apparently an itty bitty little skull and crossbones. I can’t say I like the placement of that tattoo even being as small as it is, there’s something about face tattoos that I think just isn’t attractive. She does, however, love to suck dick apparently so she definitely had that going on in her favor!

Molly Jane


Sexy Molly Jane hasn’t been in the adult industry for all that long but she’s been making quite a splash and it’s easy to see why when you check out a video clip like this one! Molly’s got big perfect tits and she loves getting em grabbed and squeezed while she takes a big hard cock from behind…in this Mofos update she gets fucked doggystyle, her titties swinging and bouncing around as she moans her way to orgasm like the horny little slut she is! Molly is hot as hell, looks great in her panties and bra and even better when she strips down naked to get fucked. Cute little nipples on those tits, too; sometimes a chick will have big bouncy breasts but her nipples look like someone threw a slice of bologna at them…but not Molly!



Fans of big juicy round titties prepare yourselves because I’ve got a photoshoot here that’s gonna blow you guys’ minds! Sexy Marina here is hanging out in her tiny little baby blue skirt and sheer top and a matching set of bra and panties, stripping on the couch and showing off those huge soft breasts of hers…this girl is gorgeous, she’s got a beautiful face and is just plain unstoppable once she deploys those huge bouncy boobies…she looks like she’s getting ready to go for an orgasmic ride and spend a little quality ‘alone time’ if you know what I mean but so far she’s just rubbing her vibrator over her nipples, making them get all pert and erect before she starts moving her way down southward!

Oily Anal Britney Amber


This is a nice anal sex scene for you guys from Britney Amber. I am not just posting this because well it’s rare that you see that big ass of Britney’s getting fucked I am more posting it to help you guys out. Brazzers is running right now where you can join for 50% off. If you guys don’t know this Brazzers is the biggest porn site in the world. So as you can imagine they produce the hottest porn there is on the Internet. They’re constantly having pornstars do things they usually don’t do like Britney’s anal scene here. There are other pornstars that they have got to do their first hardcore scenes and stuff along those lines. They also do like full production porn videos too, no other site does this. You know those porn videos that actually have a plot. I am not into it but I could see how some of you might be. The best thing about Brazzers is they know what is hot and so you never get a scene that you’re like yuck that girl isn’t hot. It just doesn’t happen because they know what the Internet likes and they give it to them.

Kayla Kiss Misses Football


I just now saw this gallery from Kayla Kiss and damn is she hot. Since football is over I am going to say she misses football like probably most of America so maybe this will help get you through it. She is dressed up in some of her favorite football jersey’s and then she is wearing these panties that she has hiked up so her butt cheeks are hanging out. It says “It Ain’t Going To Spank Itself”, which is pretty damn cute of her. Kayla has a body that you’re going to love, she isn’t one of those skinny bitches she has some meet on her and man is she a cool chick. She is one of the very few girls who actually runs her own website. So it looks a little rough around the edges it’s because she is a one woman show guys.

Janet & Riley


If you guys didn’t know Bang Bros has their own “stepmother” site it’s called Stepmom Videos I think I have mentioned that before. This is a nice long video and man is it nice quality. So like all these stepmom sites Riley Reid here is playing Janet Mason’s step daughter. She catches her fucking and then somehow some way convinces her step daughter and her boyfriend that they should let her teach them how to have sex. Well I can’t blame the guy for being all about it but Riley shame on you! Janet here is a juicy butt MILF who always keeps her tan lines crisp and she is just a master and riding a dick. I actually believe that Riley might have learned something fucking with Janet here. Riley has been around a super long time but still Janet has her beat there is always tricks to the trade.

Jade Nile


Jade nile on casting couchx

It’s been a little while sine 22 year old Jade Nile made this Casting Couch X update and she’s starting to get pretty popular in the industry by now so it’s hot as hell to see her all fresh-faced and excited about taking her first steps into the adult industry! She says she’s a hippy chick whose technique for dealing with life is ‘meditate, meditate, masturbate’ so you know she’s gonna be a handful of fun! Speaking of handfuls, her titties are pretty amazing…in fact this girl is gorgeous from head to toe, she’s got a beautiful face with nice big pretty eyes and a sweet tight pussy and an incredible round ass! Jade gets that pussy pounded in this hot scene, taking the guy’s cock harder and harder until she’s moaning her head off and cumming all over it with those titties bouncing around like crazy before the guy blasts a load of cum on her face and right into her mouth that she swallows every drop of with a smile as she looks up with those big brown eyes! The guy’s response at the end of her introductory clip was just “DAMN!” and it’s easy to see why he was blown away, this girl Jade is something special for sure and it’s no wonder why she’s getting so popular in the adult industry.

Milly Austin


Povd milly austin

This chick Milly Austin is brand new on the adult scene but from the moment you see her standing there in her jeans and boots and little shite top you know she’s gonna be a winner! Long glossy black hair, a beautiful face and holy smokes look at those fucking hips! Sexy as hell and in this POVD scene we get a first person look at just what it’s like to bang this hottie as she spreads her long silky smooth legs wide open and spreads her pussy to take that big hard cock as deep as it could go! Milly’s got a nice tight pussy and an ass you’ll lose your minds over, especially when she bends over with that perfect butt in the air to get her hole banged doggystyle…POVD is top of the heap when it comes to a first person perspective of a hot horny pornstar, especially when it comes to a new girl on the scene like Milly Austin! She looks like a lot of fun to fuck and has a good time in this sexy scene getting her pussy drilled, and what’s more is that she looks great doing it! Check this one out, I think you’re really gonna dig it.



Anna for exploited college girls

It’s always a bit of a variable when a new girl shows up at Exploited College Girls to make her first adult scene, sometimes they’re just a trainwreck or chicken out when it comes down to it, but then again sometimes you get a girl like Anna here! She’s a cute 22 year old blonde with a thirst for cock and an ass that demands to be fucked…and if you’ve seen ECG in the past you know they don’t exactly shy away from anal! If a girl is up for it this dude is all about giving her a backdoor bang and Anna here was definitely up for it. She’s skinny as hell so hopefully she uses whatever pocketfull of cash they gave her for this update to go buy a few cheeseburgers…somehow though even with her skinny frame she’s got a nice round ass, making that tight pucker back there even more of a tempting target. Anna also sucks cock like a champ, her gag reflex seems pretty much non-existent so she’s able to deepthroat that cock more or less effortlessly. There are girls who tolerate anal and there are those special few who LOVE anal, and then on top of that stack there are the golden girls like Anna who like it so much they orgasm from it! She gets her pussy and face fucked but you can tell she’s really craving a nice hard anal pounding and the guy is more than okay with getting to that dessert, pounding away at her balloon knot until she goes ass-to-mouth and sucks out a nice big load that frosts her from chin to hair!



Net video girls lena

This hot bubbly brunette Lena is a stunner from the instant she opens the door at the Net Video Girls studio! She showed up expecting to audition for a modeling spot on a calendar shoot but if you’ve ever seen Net Video Girls before you know that there’s no calendar at all and it’s all a method of getting hot amateurs naked and fucked on camera! Lena is a little nervous at first having cameras all up in her face right off the bat when she expected to just have a little interview, but soon she warms up and gets into the swing of things. She’s down to flash her panties and bra a little, showing her pink underwear before spreading her legs and playing with her pussy, masturbating through the thin fabric…it seems like she gets pretty comfortable with the situation pretty quick, I guess at a point she’s just like ‘well I’ve come this far, why not’ and that’s just where the NVG guys want her! Soon she’s got the guy’s big thick dick in her mouth as he records her, getting a fantastic blowjob and then taking that sweet tight amateur pussy for a ride with her sweet round ass in the air! Lena looks amazing with those big brown doe-eyes and nice perky breasts, not to mention her beauitful butt…she ends up getting a nice big facial, but hopefully she’s not expecting a callback about the calendar gig! Sometimes the models on Net Video Girls come back for a second or even third round of ‘interviews’ so we’ll see how that goes.

Fifty Shades of Patty


Fifty shades of patty

So as I’m sure you already know, Fifty Shades of Grey is blowing everyone’s minds in the theaters…a lot of women are having their first explorations into the realm of kink and that’s always nice! In this update from Sexy Pattycake‘s own solo site though we only get to see about five shades of grey…she has grey panties, grey stockings, a grey (well, silver) dildo and of course she gets covered in grey paint moaning her head off! Patty is all tied up getting her pussy teased and fucked with that dildo, making her cum already before things even get nice and messy…Patty’s always up for a messy adventure and gets coated wiht paint that she rubs all over her big round titties and her sexy round juicy ass! I’d hate to have to wash those sheets after this sloppy scene but this redhead vixen does look foxy as hell and is apparently loving every second of it as she gets her body worked over! Whoever is wielding the vibrator doesn’t even bother taking her panties off, he (or she) just pushes the fabric aside and gives that sweet tight pink hole of hers a few teasing strokes just to make Patty shake and gasp and moan! It’s Fifty Shades of Patty if you ask me…I’d be a whole lot more likely to go watch that movie, that’s for damn sure.

Petite Chick Returns


Petite chick returns on girls do porn

Man I love when a chick has so much fun on Girls Do Porn and is so hot that they bring her back for another round! Not only does it mean she’s above and beyond in terms of hotness, but also that she’s going to be pushing her boundaries a bit to keep things popping for a second round! This girl has been on the site once before and if you missed it, you can check out her first scene right there in that link…now she’s back and is ready to rock and roll once again! This 20 year old cutie is a nutritionist so you know she takes good care of her body inside as well as out; it’s important to eat right if you’re going to be using up a bunch of energy doing things like, say, getting fucked on camera! This hottie slips off her dress as she gets to work on this guy’s big dick, licking him and taking as much into her throat as she can manage…it’s pretty obvious this girl is in love with dick, some girls just suck cock like they’re trying to get it over with but not this petite chick, she takes her time and gets her hands involved as well as her lips and tongue. The real action though of course is when she gets naked and hops up on the bed, showing off those perky petite boobies and her amazing tight firm little ass…we get plenty of great looks at that butt as she gets fucked doggystyle, moaning and holding onto the sheets for dear life with those boobs bouncing around! This girl is just amazing…perfect little tits, perfect ass, beautiful face, I’m so glad she came back for another round on Girls Do Porn and I bet you are too. As I mentioned, when a chick comes back for a second shoot on the site she always pushes herself a little bit and for this cutie, that means taking a load of cum deep inside that tight little pussy for a great creampie finish! She loves taking this guy’s wad in her hole too, letting it drip down from between those flower-petal labia as she tried to catch her breath afterwards. Another red hot hardcore update from GDP!

Valerie White


Valerie white on teen fidelity

Ryan Madison headed out to the ranch and found horny hot blonde cowgirl Valerie White in her tight little jeans and a button-down shirt that let her sweet perky titties show as she teased the ranch-hands! She took a break from her fun and headed inside with Ryan, making out and getting her jeans tugged off so he could eat out that sweet tight little pussy of hers. Valerie has some nice riding skills that she’s picked up over the years on horseback and she shows them off using a nearby saddle before putting them into practice as she took that big hard cock in her hole and rode it up and down like a racehorse jockey! She got her pussy drilled nice and hard here with her nice round ass in the air, taking Ryan’s cock to the hilt and moaning like crazy as he fucked her in this Teen Fidelity update…finally he shot his load of cum deep inside her hole, I guess that’s why they titled this one Country Creampie! At first it sounded like a quaint farmhouse treat but it’s a little more literal than that…Valerie loved taking a blast of juice in her cunt, and it definitely made for one red hot Teen Fidelity hardcore fuck session! I love the smile on this girl too, she seems like she’s just always got a fun bubbly sexy personality, maybe that’s how she caught Ryan Madison’s eye in the first place.

Body Poetry


I always love seeing what Ernie’s gonna write about on any given day…on his site Ernie’s House of Whoopass he varies about as wildly as you can vary in terms of his writing material, and to keep things interesting the things he writes about relate to elements in the photos of hot amateurs flashing tits and ass that he has linked! This one for instance regards this hot blonde with a Langston Hughes poem tattooed on her ribs…well, sort of. Turns out she got the words wrong and Ernie called her out on it! Shame that she had to go through all that and got the poem wrong; getting your ribs tattooed is a whole other beast than like your shoulder or arm. Ernie also has some fun scavenger hunt type things too, he’ll post a picture and challenge his readers to email him and let him know where the picture was taken and stuff, pretty cool little distraction. If you like to learn about random shit and like to see hot naked amateur chicks while you do it, check out the ol’ EHOWA!

Yoga Cleavage


There’s something magical about a pair of tight stretchy yoga pants on a fit girl’s body, especially when you pair that with a fantastic set of tits and that’s just what this amateur brings to the table right here! This shot comes from Double Viking, they’re one of those sites that sort of collects cool stuff from around the web and aggregates it, collecting not only pictures of gorgeous amateur chicks but also articles about cool stuff. For instance, I just took a peek and saw one about how to cook a perfect steak…now obviously the steaks I cook myself are perfect already but hey who knows, maybe you could use a tip or two about manning the grill, always worth a look! Double Vikinig also has some fun and mindless games if you just wanna kill a little time while the boss is out of the office or something, this site pretty much has it all. You won’t find a ton of nudity sadly but any time you’re in the mood for like bikini shots of real women this site is gonna be your best friend!



Brenna on backroom casting couch

This chick Brenna made quite the impression in her first hardcore scene on Backroom Casting Couch! For one thing she’s hot as hell with nice big natural tits and sweet curvy hips (not to mention that gorgeous round ass of hers)…she had been trying to make it as a mainstream model but it wasn’t quite panning out the way she hoped money-wise so she made the leap to adult and we get to enjoy the results! Brenna stripped down and spread her legs on the couch to get that pussy eaten out, moaning and closing her eyes in pleasure as the guy gave her clit a nice tongue-flicking before laying her back on the desk to pound that tight wet hole of hers. She got her pussy rocked for a bit and then was introduced to the pleasures of anal with a nice deep pounding in her back door as well…well, it was pleasure for the guy at least! Judging from the sounds Brenna was making and her facial expressions she may have not been the biggest fan…as it turns out she also hates getting a mouthful of cum, she can’t stand the taste but that little nugget of information came a little late so to speak as the guy blasted her right in the mouth with a nice big creamy load to ‘enjoy’! Hey, that’s the name of the porn industry game though, Brenna.

Selena Santana


Exotic4k sultry selena santana

Have you ever seen high heeled shoes with a zip on the heel? Well you’re about to, so get ready for that…that’s what Sultry Selena Santana has on her feet as she waltzes her way into the scene here on Exotic4k in her site debut! This horny seductive Latina babe has fucking fierce eyes and eyebrows and you can tell she knows exactly what she wants and is used to getting it…Selena starts things off with a little booty-shaking dance, making those cheeks bounce and giving her titties a nice jiggle too before oiling herself up and inviting her man over to eat out that pussy and get his big hard dick deepthroated! Soon she was furiously rubbing at her clit while he pounded away on her sweet hole, fucking that Latina pussy as she moaned her way to orgasm! I don’t know how this guy managed to hold back his load as he fucked her from behind with that round perfect juicy ass up in the air in front of him but he somehow kept it together, giving her the nice hard fucking she was needing until finally dropping her down to the cushions to shoot a big creamy facial to finish things off! This is Selena’s first update on the site but if this performance is any indication she’s about to get pretty popular in this industry.

Cock Cuts


Passion hd cock cuts sierra

I really don’t know what the hell Cock Cuts means but that’s the name of this Passion HD update…it starts out with the guy lifting some weights as his tiny blonde girlfriend Sierra Nevadah looks on in her black thong panties and little mesh top with her perky little boobies peeking out the bottom of it, and what guy wouldn’t work out extra hard with this hottie watching him! She rewards his exercise with a nice blowjob, licking and sucking his cock while grinding her tight little pussy on his lips before getting that wet cunt pounded! She had her skinny legs up with her knees by her ears to get that pussy drilled as deep as she could manage, keeping her knee high tube socks on because hey why not they’re fucking sexy. Sierra has a surprisingly nice ass for a skinny little spinner and we get to see it up close as she rides that cock, fucking the guy and grabbing her titties as she moaned her way to orgasm before pumping and sucking a nice big load of cum out of his cock onto her face and into her mouth!

Summer Home Coming


Summer carter homecoming

We saw beautiful blonde Summer Carter on Zishy once before in this update called And One but now she’s off the basketball court and is getting ready for the Homecoming Dance, showing off her sexy little black dress on a beautiful sunny day! Summer has a hell of an ass and she lifts up her skirt to show it off, flashing that round juicy butt and giving us some nice upskirt views as she teases the hell out of the Zishy photographer. I have the feeling that her date isn’t even going to make it to the dance, not when he gets a look at that sexy ass and her nice perky round titties when she flashes like this! Zishy is great at showing the personality of their models in these sexy photoshoots, and they keep things exciting by teasing and showing a little glimpse of the goods here and there without giving away the farm so to speak, getting all gratuitous like so many other adult sites do. Summer looks magnificent and beautiful and has a fantastic body so it’s a win all around!

Horny Kinky MILF


Horny kinky milf on mom pov

At 34 years old this chick Roxy is a bit on the young side for a MILF but hey she’s got three kids so she fits the bill! This chick loves sex in all its forms and loves to play around, she teaches women how to squirt and apparently loves glory hole rooms so she’s no stranger to pleasuring a big hard cock and that experience definitely comes in handy (or comes on facey) in her first adult video here on Mom POV! Most women list doggystyle as their favorite sexual position but this horny Mom loves being on top…I guess she just likes that feeling of control! This babe has lots of fun with this shoot too, doing a little upside-down blowjob action with her pussy in the guy’s face as he stood, and then fucking herself with a massive thick dildo, before getting down to business! She sucks cock really well and of course looks hot as hell wrapping her legs around this guy to pull him inside as deep as he could go…she’s got a great ass too which we get to see as she rides the guy, bouncing up and down! The guy notices it too and ends up bending this horny kinky MILF over to give her a deep anal pounding which she was practically begging for…she takes that dick in her ass nice and hard, moaning as he plumbed her depths before blasting off and frosting her with a big cream facial!

Angela White


Angela white from blacked

Most of the women they get on the site BLACKED are slender little wisps but this time we’ve got gorgeous curvy Angela White in the house! She knows how to take care of a big fat cock and puts those huge soft titties to work, taking this guy’s slab of meat in her mouth and slipping it in between her boobs for a little tittyfucking fun…when she gets on her hands and knees with that big round juicy ass in the air you can see she’s got more cushion for the pushin’, getting that sweet wet pussy pounded! This guy has a thing for horny hot white girls and Angela has a thing for massive cock so this is a match made in heaven…Angela is hot as hell to begin with and seeing her getting nailed doggystyle with those big fat tits bouncing and swinging back and forth with every stroke is like ten times hotter. The dude fucks that tight shaved pussy of hers nice and hard and deep, rearranging her insides with that thick dick until finally laying Angela on her back and straddling her chest to bust out a load of cum all over her pretty face and onto those sweet titties too!

Deep Throat Work Out


Passion hd deep throat workout adriana

There are gorgeous pornstars like Russian hottie Adriana Chechik who just plain love sucking cock but it’s not like that skill just appears out of nowhere, it takes a lot of practice! That’s why she’s doing a Deep Throat Work Out in this update from Passion HD, to keep in fightin’ shape to so speak. Adriana starts out in her yoga pants stretching out and getting her flex on, when her guy pal shows up…soon he’s got his big hard dick buried in her mouth, sliding it deep into her throat and licking her pussy at the same time in a little 69 action before getting Adriana on her hands and knees for a hard quick doggystyle pounding! Check out how perky those nipples of hers are as she gets pounded, this girl could cut through bank vaults with her little eraserheads…she’s a cockfiend to the core and gets every inch of her sexy spinner body worked in this PHD scene, finishing things off by taking his load of cum in her mouth savoring every drop!

Smooth and Tight


X art smooth and tight with maya

In this hot solo scene from X-Art we get to explore Maya‘s smooth and tight slender beautiful body as she relaxes on a cushioned little satellite looking chair, spreading those sexy legs and letting her fingers wander down her sweet perky breasts over her tight abs and down between her thighs to delve into the mysteries of that perfect tight little pink pussy! Some women need a lot of fanfare and makeup and wardrobe and exotic locations and props to make a sexy shoot but not Maya, she just needs herself and it’s already heating up the camera to the smoking point! From her long glossy black hair to that incredible body all the way down to her cute feet this girl is a knockout and she loves to masturbate, and from the looks of things she likes having an audience too! That works out pretty well for everyone involved…who wouldn’t want to sit back and relax and watch a girl as stunning as Maya get naked and show off her tight smooth nubile body as she flicks her clit til she orgasms?

And An Anal New Year


Colette and an anal new year with misty

I’m a little late on the punch for this one but I don’t think you guys are gonna complain too much when you get a look at this chick Misty! Colette wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas And An Anal New Year and did it in style with this horny beauty! Misty and her man had just celebrated the beginning of 2015 with a glass of champagne and some fireworks and were ready to make their own fireworks happen with the first sex of the year, and thankfully the Colette cameras were nearby and ready to roll! Misty has an incredible body with perfect perky breasts and a gorgeous ass, and it’s that sweet spankable butt of hers that her man was fixated on…that’s why after he ate out that tight perfect pussy and got his cock sucked he bent Misty over, guiding his dick into that tight pucker and going for a nice deep anal pounding! It’s a good thing Misty loves having her ass fucked, she took that dick like a champ and came back for more, riding him and moaning her head off with those sweet breasts bouncing to the rhytm until finally he pulled out and blasted a load of cream all over that ass!

Stripes And Buttons


Sexy pattycake stripes and buttons

Have you ever met a girl who just liked to wear whatever crazy clothes struck her fancy on that particular day no matter how much of an eye-fuck it turned out to be? That’s kind of the feeling I get about this chick Sexy Pattycake, she has some of the most eye-bending outfits that she wears but dammit she’s just so gorgeous and sexy that nobody would ever want to say anything to her about it! In this shoot for instance she’s got like a stripey shirt on with a sort of polyester overalls that is also a skirt with sparkles on it…whatever, who cares, this redhead is just hot as hell and nobody gives a rat’s ass what she’s got on. She does have big perfect tits and a sweet round juicy ass and loves to show them all off…Pattycake has tons of personality to go along with her sexy voluptuous body and it works out to be a winning combination if you ask me! You never know what she’ll be up to next or what she’ll have on but you always know she’ll be hot and will be having a blast, so just join in on her adventures and forget all you thought you knew about fashion!

Bella Danger


Bella danger first anal on brazzers

Man, every time we see beautiful Bella Danger get into a hot hardcore fuck scene it’s like ‘cmon just look at that big round perfect ass, do some anal already’! Well my friends I am here to say the wait is over, we finally get to see Bella taking a big hard dick in that pucker from behind in her first anal scene here on Brazzers! Bella starts things off in her sexy thong bikini, showing off that beautiful curvy body as she poses by the swimming pool before getting oiled up and naked, taking her man’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob to get him rock hard before slipping that dong into her backdoor! Turns out Bella loves getting fucked in the ass and she gets that bouncy badonkadonk slammed in this hot Brazzers scene, bending over with her peaches in the air and moaning as she gets drilled by this lucky hung fella. Looks like a nice beautiful sunny day but this guy just has eyes for her moon if you know what I mean!

Zoey Monroe


Zoey monroe anal squirt hard x

I love how the girls on the site Hard X go from a bubbly happy sunny glamour photoshoot to an all-out fuckfest over the course of about five seconds! Sexy Zoey Monroe here for instance was hanging out poolside in her blue and pink bikini, grinning up at us as she relaxed in the warm sunshine before slipping out of her swimsuit and onto her man’s big hard cock! She got that wet pussy drilled and her titties sucked before guiding his cock into her ass, lowering herself onto it and moaning and gasping as she managed to squeeze every inch into her balloon knot for a deep anal pounding! Zoey is one of those chicks that just gets hotter the more mussed up her hair gets and the more she gets pounded so by the time she’s on her knees at the end of this fuck scene getting blasted with a facial that ropes across her cheek she just looks incredible! Add to that the fact that her nipples are at that point hard enough to carve her name in a rock and you’ve got a winner of a hardcore anal session. Look at that expression on the dude’s face in that thumbnail up above, that about says it all doesn’t it!



Felicity for ecg

Prepare your socks because they’re about to get blown off by this chick on Exploited College Girls, the drop dead gorgeous Felicity! She’s beautiful, has a downright perfect body, she loves to dance and has big natural tits that look incredible in clothes and out of them…she also is a huge fan of sex and her enthusiasm certainly spills over into the bedroom as you’ll soon see! A lot of the amateur girls they get on ECG are cute or have nice bodies or sometimes both but it’s pretty rare to get a girl who goes above and beyond on both of those…Felicity is one of those rare exceptions so sit back and relax and enjoy because you’re getting some of the cream of the crop here. This 22 year old hottie starts off with a little dance to show off her cute animal print bra and panties before unleashing those big glorious breasts and that sweet tight firm ass, sculpted by yoga and dance to perfection! After stripping down naked Felicity takes this guy’s big dick in her hole, moaning her way to multiple orgasms as he pounds that sweet tight pussy before she climbed onto his lap, riding him nice and hard with those big tits bouncing in his face like a pair of dreams…no man on Earth can withstand that for long and soon he’s blasting a huge facial all over those lovely features of hers…easily among the top Exploited College Girls updates of the past few months.

Karissa Kane


Karissa kane on povd

Get ready to hop into the driver’s seat once again with another red hot scene from POVD…this time we’ve got exotic beauty Karissa Kane in a scene called Staying In Eating Out! She started out playing with her pussy and we get to see what it looks like from her perspective, looking down at those sweet big perfect tits as she touches her pussy through her panties…Karissa plays with herself for a bit and hten is joined by her man who is more than happy to provide a nice big cock for her to ride! She gets really into it, slamming that sweet wet pussy up and down on the guy’s cock with those big boobs bouncing up and down like jumping jacks before she finally pumps a nice big load out of that dick right into her mouth to swallow down. Karissa is a beautiful bouncy bubble babe with an amazing body and we get to see what it looks like to pound that pussy with her perfect ass in the air, thanks to POVD! Plus, in the members area the video quality is incredible…crystal clear super high resolution and 3d audio, it’s an immersive hardcore party in your pants and you’re invited!

Multi Cultural


X art serena aubrey multi cultural

Welcome to a multi-orgasmic and multi cultural threeway courtesy of X-Art featuring beautiful Serena and Aubrey! Brunette beauty Aubrey looks incredible but she might even be surpassed in this hot hardcore scene by redhead stunner Serena! These two absolute beauties get busy with their mutual guy pal, some lucky son of a gun with a big thick dick who happened to be in the right place at the right time, getting both of these girls naked at once and getting his crank worked! Aubrey and Serena licked and sucked his dick simultaneously, then took turns going for a ride on his cock…check out that ass Aubrey is sporting as she bends over on her hands and knees, getting fucked doggystyle while making out with Serena. Perfect tits all around, gorgeous faces, beautiful sweet tight asses and pussies, these girls are both fucking glorious and they each get a nice pounding by this guy in a red hot threesome scene! Looks like these girls are having a cock sucking and fucking competition and everyone gets a gold medal if you ask me.

Melissa Ray Krouh


Have you ever sat in one of these little satellite chairs and actually been comfortable? I don’t think it’s humanly possible, but Melissa Ray Krouh here looks pretty cozy in this one out on the lawn! Maybe she’s part cat or something and can curl up enough to fit perfectly on the thing…all I know is that she’s pulling off her skirt to hang out totally naked, lifting up her leg to give a little peek at that hairy hippy pussy of hers! If you’ve got a thing for a chick with a hairy ass crack this girl Melissa is going to be your dream cum true…personally I wish she’d bust out a razor at some point at least in that back crack so to speak, but hey to each their own am I right? This girl is cute as hell though and has perfect perky breasts, so even if you think hair is gross on a girl this chick is gonna rub you the right way so to speak.

Carla Brown


Sexy babe Carla Brown here is into phone sex…remember when that was a big thing? I’m sure it’s still around but I’m sure it’s nowhere near as popular as it was, say, before the internet came around! Back in the day when you would call the toll number and talk to some chick about what she was wearing and how much you’d love to slide your cock into her sweet tight little pussy you were probably imagining that on the other end of the line there was a scene kind of like this with a cute girl like Carla rolling around in silky lingerie on a fur rug, letting her nightie slip down to show those perky little breasts. In reality it was probably a whoooole lot different but hey no need to even talk about that, just keep on assuming that this little fantasy is the real deal.

Emma Mae


If there’s one thing that never, ever gets old in the world of porn it’s a chick in a sexy schoolgirl outfit! Emma Mae here was doing a little studying when her guy pal showed up and started making comments about those legs of hers, lifting up her skirt and touching her pussy through her panties…Emma was down to clown so she slipped off her top, showing off those perky titties before taking the dude’s dick in her mouth for a blowjob! She kept her little plaid schoolgirl skirt on as she mounted up and went for a ride on his crank, sliding that pussy up and down on his meat…she also kept her glasses on, I don’t know if she needs them to see properly or if she was just afraid she’d be getting a facial and wanted some eye protection!

Raylene Richards


It’s not exactly the holiday season anymore but don’t tell Raylene Richards, she might put some clothes on! Raylene is dressed up as a sexy Santa’s Helper, showing off that red lingerie like she’s unwrapping a present…she’s got a sweet big round ass and some nice big full titties too, to get your jingle bells a-jinglin! I’ve gotta admit she’s got a bit of a mannish face, maybe it’s the almost non-existent eyebrows or something that’s giving that impression. If it bothers you just stare at that body, she’s sexy as hell from the neck down in her thigh high red stockings and lacy little red thong panties! Winter might be on its way out but for Raylene every day is Christmas Eve from the looks of things. She really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Elizabeth Ostrander


This absolute knockout of a woman is Elizabeth Ostrander and she’s of course posing here for Playboy, showing off those big full perfect breasts and her angelic face as she wraps a coat around her shoulders…other than the coat she’s entirely nude, so maybe she was getting a little cold. I’m sure we could figure out a better way to get Elizabeth all toasty and warm besides a flimsy little coat! Anyway this babe is incredible, she’s got gorgeous reddish blonde hair and of seriously those tits of hers are fucking perfect…that’s a term I try not to throw around willy-nilly but in this case I’d say it’s justified, wouldn’t you? Playboy knows a thing or two about finding gorgeous women with amazing bodies, apparently…who woulda thought?

Grind Girls


Thought you guys might be open to a really hot lesbian sex scene today. The girl you see here that is traight up muching on this pussy is Carmen Caliente. She is playing the part of an assistant to Vanessa Veracruz. When they’re about to wrap it up for the day Vanessa asks Carmen if she is seeing anyone. Carmen has that look on her face like this is a sore subject and then tells Vanessa she just can’t find a good guy. Well Vanessa doesn’t want her to want to find a guy she wants her to find a girl and she gives her that suggestion. Along with the suggest that she could be that girl. Carmen is open to it and the two of them share a hot lesbian sex session together that neither one of them are going to forget.

Out Doing Each Other


This scene from Dancing Bear just came out and you get to see two chick that are just trying to out do each other. This girl things she has it won by sitting there and sucking on this male strippers cock that is until the other girl takes off her panties, hikes up her skirt and gives this cowgirl a fucking ride! The craziest things happenw hen you have horny woman, in a male strip club amoung their friends. The best part of this video though is probably around like the 6 minute mark I think . He picks up this hot asian girl and lays her on her back and then puts her ankles behind her head then pile drivers her on the stage while all these chicks look on. It’s pretty crazy and if you think this one is crazy thing you’re going to watn to see all the scene that Dancing Bear has done. This is one of my favorite sites if you like real amateurs sucking dick. You don’t get to see a lot of fucking but when you do it’s always good.

Maci Winslett


Tiny4k maci winslett tender teen

Beautiful Maci Winslett is a Tender Teen with a tight nubile body and a mouth made for sucking cock…she starts out this Tiny4k scene sucking on a popsicle and shaking that sweet tight butt of hers before getting naked and slipping her fingers in her hole, stretching her pussy out with a toy before her man showed up and took over with his big thick dick! Tiny4k loves to get a sexy skinny spinner together with a huge cock and let them go at it and Maci loves every second of it here…watch this horny little hottie work that cock with her pussy, getting her ass in the air to get her hole pounded from behind, she seems to be a big fan of the ol’ doggystyle. We’ve seen Maci once before on Tiny4k right here and she was just as hot, putting those skinny sexy legs to work wrapping around her man to bring that cock into her wet hole as deep as she could manage!

Karissa Kane


Exotic4k karissa kane

Get ready to experience Karissa’s Bouncin Booty in this hot Exotic4k update! This is Karissa Kane, a gorgeous exotic babe with big full bouncy titties, a sweet round ass and an insatiable libido! She starts things out twerking and dancing around, shaking that ass and looking incredible…she’s still jiggling that big round ass in the air when her man shows up, ramjamming his big thick dick into her mouth and then fucking that tight wet pussy to make her big titties go for a nice bouncy ride! This babe is pretty new on the scene so to speak but she’s already making quite a splash if you know what I mean. Karissa goes from wearing a warm beanie hat to totally naked in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, bending over to get that sweet pussy drilled from behind doggystyle, making those nice big full tits bounce to the rhythm. The real star of the show though of course is that big round perfect ass of hers, that’s why it gets the title of this Exotic4k update! She knows she’s a star too, which is why she has star-shaped pasties over her nipples at first. This girl is just voluptuous and beautiful and sexy all over so it’s pretty sweet to see her getting pounded nice and hard!

Molly Jane


Molly jane for ccx

It’s always nice to get another gorgeous busty babe in the adult industry, especially a fresh-faced 21 year old like Molly Jane here! She loves sex and is of course down with the cash so she figured getting into the adult industry would be the way to go and from the looks of things she made the right choice! Molly’s got nice big bouncy titties and an amazing butt, just wait til you see this girl undress and you’ll see what I mean…man what a body on this girl. I’m not sure about the little princess-braid she’s got wrapping around her head but hey if that’s the only questionable spot on a girl then you’ve got somethin special! Casting Couch X loves bringing girls right into the thick of things and Molly gets a royal pounding in this hot hardcore fuck scene, the guy slamming his cock in and out of that sweet pussy and making her huge boobs bounce around like crazy before blasting a nice facial on her!

Cassidy Ellis


Cassidy ellis black label on zishy

We’ve seen beautiful exotic Cassidy Ellis once before on Zishy, if you missed out on it check it out right here, but now she’s back and is ready to blow your eyes out of their sockets again! Usually on Zishy they do a whole lot of teasing without showing all the goods but in this photoshoot Cassidy is just hanging out totally nude and looks like an absolute dream! She’s got huge perfect tits, a fantastic sweet ass and the face of an angel as she walks around the house, feeling the sunlight through the windows pouring onto her smooth skin and looking wonderful. I’m not sure about those little yellow shoes she puts on at one point but if you let your eyes wander northward from those banana boots you’ll get to see that incredible ass and those big breasts of hers too! The name of this photoshoot is Black Label and this girl is definitely top shelf whiskey, so to speak. Always a treat to see Cassidy doing her thing.

Kalina Ryu


Kalina ryu in the crack

Check out stunning Asian babe Kalina Ryu as she invites you In The Crack, spreading those legs and her sweet pink tight pussy and letting you get inches away from her snatch! Kalina starts fucking herself with a purple vibrator, sliding it in and out of her pussy and bending over to show off that gorgeous big round ass of hers. If you’ve got a hankering to see a beautiful pornstar masturbating and getting within sniffing distance of her cunt this photshoot is for you! She keeps her blue strappy blue high heels on throughout this shoot, I can’t say I blame her because they look might nice on her…she seems to enjoy an audience too, with that huge grin on her face as she pulls her pussy lips apart to give a nice look at her pink bits! It’s hard to see if she’s enjoying it more when she finger-fucks herself or when she slips that vibrator in and out of her hole, either way it seems like she’s having a blast.

Paris Attacks


Paris attacks on nvg

Well, some girls take quite a bit of convincing to take their clothes off when they’re doing a fake audition for a nonexistent calendar shoot and some not so much! This chick is one of the latter in this Net Video Girls update…it’s part of the Attack series and beautiful Paris is the Attacker which is a fine, fine choice if you ask me! You’ll remember Paris from before when she did her own hardcore scene, she did a red hot update and now she’s back and is on the flip side of the coin so to speak…this update is purely a lesbian scene, there’s no dick involved at all so if you’re one of those guys who only likes a porn scene when there’s no cock involved this will be right up your alley. I think Lane is the name of the victim…er…prospective model in this update, it sounded like that’s what the guy said when she came through the door. Paris took no time flat before she had her tongue in the chick’s mouth, I mean can you blame her for just assuming there would be no resistance? Who would turn down a hottie like Paris when she offered to make out…well these two hotties had a hot kissing session before the chick got naked, showing off a very nice ass and pair of titties as she got on her hands and knees to get that sweet tight pussy licked up and down! Soon both the girls were totally nude and were all over each other while the guy recorded it…Lane might not get to be in a calendar but I’d have to guess she’ll be pretty popular on Net Video Girls after a smokin hot Sapphic scene like this!

Spread Wide Open


X art wide open with veronica

Beautiful exotic Veronica Rodriguez was getting ready for a classy night on the town with her man…she was putting on makeup and getting dressed when he walked in but when she gave him that sultry seductive look she does so well they forgot all about date night and started ripping each others clothes off! Veronica had forgotten how big this guy’s dick is and it was a bit of a stretch for her (pun definitely intended) to fit it in that tight Latina pussy of hers. She got it spread wide open though and managed to slide his big thick meat inside and once it was in they were off to the races! This X Art scene is hot as hell but really how could it not be with a girl this stunning taking center stage? Every scene Veronica Rodriguez has done for the site has been amazing and this one is no exception as she gets that perfect ass in the air, moaning as he slides his cock in and out until finally pulling out barely in time and blasting a load of creamy cum all over that pussy.

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