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Karissa Kane


Karissa kane on teen fidelity

She’s gorgeous, she’s exotic, she’s eighteen and natural, she’s Karissa Kane and she’s about ready to blow your mind in this Teen Fidelity update! With those nice perky teen titties and an ass you could just park your face on for a week this girl is a stunner from head to toe, and after meeting up in a park to spend an afternoon together she and Ryan Madison headed back to the Teen Fidelity house to fuck the night away! He laid her back on the bed, sliding his hands over those perfect boobs and then penetrating her tight wet little pussy to make her moan…Karissa couldn’t keep from throwing her head back in pleasure, moaning in ecstasy as Ryan fucked her to orgasm with that insatiable big dick of his before shooting not one but two loads of cum into her pussy for a creampie! This girl is a natural for Teen Fidelity, absolutely gorgeous with a nice sexy body and a sexual appetite that would make a fratboy blush. I can’t blame Ryan for wanting to pound that tight snatch of hers, just look at her in those cutoff denim shorts and tight top and see how how she is while still wearing clothes, then try to think if you’d be able to resist her wiles when she got naked and was begging for cock!

Tic Tac Toes


Brookes playhouse tic tac toes

Fans of the feet, time to felebrate! I mean celebrate. What I’ve got for you here is a photo and video shoot from Brookes Playhouse of the girl herself stripping out of her sheer lingerie thing and showing off her cute feet, not to mention those big perfect breasts and her stunning round ass, and then giving her lucky-ass boyfriend a footjob rubbing his cock up and down with her feet and between her toes until he came all over her tootsies! The name of the set is Tic Tac Toes…I’ve never been a huge fan of feet as a fetish but this girl has some undeniably cute feet to go along with the rest of that gorgeous body of hers. Brooke always has fun stuff going on in her site and updates multiple times a week, it’s like an adventure every time you head inside the members area and this girl is just plain red hot! There are plenty of sites out there that center around a solo girl but not too many like this one where the chick has a solo site but also gets into some naughty hardcore action with a real guy besides showing off and playing with toys and stuff. I guess Brooke is just a diamond in the rough!

Vanda Lust


Sexy blonde Vanda Lust is up to bat in this photoshoot from the DDF network! She’s cute as hell with a great butt and looks sexy in her little baseball outfit with stretchy little shorts and top…she even brought a baseball bat as a prop! I guess that’s about all I can say about this one…holy shit she just ramjammed that baseball bat into her snatch! I don’t know about you guys but I did not see that one coming…Vanda looks like she’s ready to knock in a few runs as she takes that big thick bat head in her hole, even getting on her back with her legs in the air like piledriver style, I’m not even sure how she managed to get into that position with that big thing sticking out of her pussy! I guess even if she doesn’t have any balls to play with, Vanda can still hit a home run.

Nasia Jansen


There’s a reason they call this chick Nasty Nasia…actually they don’t but I bet she can do some things in a dark bedroom that you wouldn’t dare talk about outside the house! This chick is fucking stunning as she relaxes in her bikini in a grotto for this Playboy photoshoot, taking off her top to unleash those big full breasts and then slipping off her bottoms to get completely nude. She’s got sexy exotic features, I’m not sure where exactly she’s from but those eyes of hers are just plain captivating…having a girl like this stripping out of a bikini in a setting like this is pretty much what dreams are made of, it’s like Playboy took fantasies and just made them come directly to life!

Teach Me Mommy 2


I don’t have any idea what the hell is happening at the beginning of this scene but India Summer invited Chloe Amour over to have a bit of a ‘business meeting’ with her stepdaughter and of course they ended up in a red hot lesbian fuckfest! All three of these chicks are hot as hell…if you’re into horny nubile teens, gorgeous exotic beauties or seductive MILF babes this video has it all, it’s called Teach Me Mommy Part 2 so obviously there’s a part 1 kicking around somewhere that I’ll need to track down for research purposes. Check it out as these three get naked and get down to business on the couch…they’re all sexy as I mentioned already but man oh man those titties of Chloe Amour look particularly perky and amazing here, it’s worth a watch for those boobs alone without even getting into the snatch munching! I guess sometimes it pays off to get your pussy licked by the boss’s stepdaughter, at least if the boss is as horny as India Summer.

Jaclyn Swedberg


This exotic hottie Jaclyn Swedberg looks like Cleopatra or some kind of princess in this red hot photoshoot…in fact imagine if Jasmine from Aladdin came to life, she would probably look a lot like Jaclyn here, maybe that’s why their first names are so similar! Anyway this chick has huge round juicy titties, a fantastic ass and a face that will stop traffic in any city in the world. She’s hanging out on a staircase, letting her silky red robes drop to the floor as she stands there pretty much nude and grabbing those magnificent big boobs! The little headpiece tiara type thing finishes things perfectly, she looks just plain amazing. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of Jaclyn Swedberg before but I guarandamntee that I’ll be looking her up on my favorite search engine in about five minutes! Well maybe a few more minutes, I have to finish perusing this photoshoot first…no need to rush.

Ava Addams


The legendary pornstar Ava Addams shows off her curves in this photoshoot, flashing her big juicy titties and then slipping off her skirt and panties to stand nude next to a statue! She and the statue both have pretty sexy hips but somehow it’s a billion times hotter on Ava as she stands there naked, not sure how that could possibly be. Ava loves being naked, she’s one of those women that looks amazing clothed or otherwise…usually someone leans more one way or the other if you get what I mean. Not sure what else I can say about these photos, she’s just fucking hot as hell and seeing these shots is guaranteed to give you a craving for the summer…warm sun and light thin clothing, I can hardly wait for this dumb winter to be over! Especially when it means that chicks like Ava with huge tits will be wearing tank tops and thin flowing skirts like this…

Crashing The Teen Party


Passion hd crashing the teen party

Teen hotties Kaylee Haze and Callie Calypso were having their own little lesbian love fest in the bed, rolling around and sucking each others perky titties and making out at the beginning of this Passion HD update but then this guy comes along and joins in, Crashing the Teen Party! I don’t know how somebody gets onto the invite list for a little party like this but man, sign me the hell up because these two girls are amazing! Beautiful and tight as a drum and horny as hell, Callie and Kaylee are quite the pair…they obviously love a little lesbian loving from the way they’re passionately kissing and eating each others pussy out, but they both really turn the heat up a few notches when this guy’s big thick dick comes into play! The girls take turns sucking him while the other one licks twat, then get into a red hot hardcore threesome fuck session as they both go for a nice bouncy ride! Watch these tight perfect pussies sliding up and down on that cock…it’s hard to even pick which of these two is hotter, they’re both gorgeous with great bodies so it’s all up to personal preference at this point I guess! I bet this guy was thanking his lucky stars that he came into the bedroom at the right time looking for his slippers…

Ship Mate


Kelly madison ship mate

Get ready to batten down your own hatches because Captain Kelly Madison is on the deck! You won’t be able to help standing up and saluting if you know what I mean because she’s got those magnificent huge tits popping out of her top…if the ship goes down you’ve gotta grab those titties, there’s not way they won’t float you to safety! Man it’s gotta be nice to never have to worry about drowning. It’s been a little while since I posted a set from Kelly’s own site so if you’ve been jonesing for some big breast action I apologize…the wait is worth it though, Kelly is looking hotter than ever and I love when she does a theme shoot like this! Kelly is a big fan of seamen and I would imagine that she’s an expert at saving drowing victims by now; guys are basically lining up to jump overboard and have her do a little mouth-to-cock resuscitation on them! If you love all things Kelly Madison make sure you check out her own solo site…she’s done tons of updates on Porn Fidelity of course but if you don’t really want that variety and just want Kelly she’s got you covered.

Dee Dee Lynn Returns


Dee dee lynn returns to zishy

Sexy stunning girl-next-door redhead Dee Dee Lynn is back on Zishy in this hot photoshoot showing a bit of a road trip she was taking in her new car! She had her cute short flowery dress and a pair of sunglasses and a full tank of gas and was ready to go find adventure…we get some fun upskirt shots as she plays around in the desert, running around and giving everyone at the rest area a peek at that perfect ass in her thong panties! This redhead is cute as hell with a nice tight body, it’s no wonder they asked her back for a second shoot here on Zishy…if you missed out on the first one don’t fret your little head, I’ve got it right here for you enjoy! Watch in this shoot as Dee Dee makes a stop at a pet store, flashing her big perfect breasts and playing around with some of the animals. It’s just a fun day out on the road having an adventure with a cute ginger babe with a sexy body, how can you go wrong with that! Imagine going on a day trip with this girl and seeing that butt peeking out of her skirt every time she bent over…lawdamercy.

Aaliyah Love


Aaliyah love on blacked

Get ready for a little 50 Shades of BLACKED in this hot hardcore scene as bubbly blonde beauty Aaliyah Love gets tied up and blindfolded while this guy slides his huge black dick between her lips! Actually I’m not sure how effective that blindfold of hers is, you can pretty much see right through it so it’s more like a veil than a blindfold. Anyway after she sucks that huge thick cock a little she gets untied and has her little thong panties slid down her legs, spreading her pussy and getting that cock poked into her nice wet hole! Aaliyah has had a thing for black guys for awhile so getting her hands and lips on this guy’s huge meat is a dream cum true for her…she gets that perfect round ass in the air and this dude likes what he sees, that’s for sure! He pounds away at that hole of hers, driving his thick cock deep in her pussy and making Aaliyah moan again and again as he tickles her insides…when he’s about to cum he tries to pull out but she’s not having it, she wraps her legs around him and keeps that big dick inside until he blasts a load of cum in there for a nice creampie! Aaliyah looks pleased as punch afterwards, look how proud she is of that load of jizz dripping out of her snatch!

Karmen Bella


Karmen bella on povd lotioned legs

This babe Karmen Bella has those long lotioned legs and this guy got to sample every inch of them, slipping her little panties down and then taking that sweet pussy of hers for a nice hard ride! Since this is POVD you get to see it all in hot first person perspective, seeing what it’s like to pound that sweet snatch of hers…Karmen got fucked nice and deep here, rolling over to get that big round ass in the air taking it doggystyle! This horny tall hottie had a taste for cum and she got her wish in this hot hardcore scene, taking a nice big facial that she scooped up and licked off her fingers, swallowing it all down with a smile while looking up with those sexy eyes of hers! This girl is smokin hot with an incredible body and she just can’t get enough of that man cream! It would be hot as hell to see her getting fucked on any site but especially on POVD, they take you right into the drivers seat so to speak and in the members area the videos are in crystal clear high resolution to bring you right into the action! This is Karmen Bella’s first time on the site but hopefully not the last, I don’t think any of us can do without that sweet pussy for long.

Selma Third Time


Selma third time on net video girls

Now this is interesting…this Net Video Girls update features something I don’t think I’ve ever seen on their site, namely a bed! Every other time they’ve had a model she’s had a seat on the couch and then gotten her pussy pounded there and on the floor but this time they’ve gone all out. I guess that’s because it’s Selma‘s third time on the site, so they figured they’d mix it up a little and make it special for this exotic hottie! If you’d like to check out the full trilogy make sure you watch the first two installments first, I’ve got scene1 and scene2 right here for you, you can thank me later. This sweet and incredibly sexy Latina babe is pretty hip to the scene now, she knows what these guys are up to and isn’t about to slow down now…in this NVG scene there was apparently a member on skype who was getting perhaps the best birthday present in the world, he got to ‘meet’ Selma here before she got into the swing of her third scene on the site! As it turned out she wasn’t wearing any panties on and as she shimmied out of her pants she mentioned that if the birthday boy was there in person she’d have an even nicer gift for him…what a woman! Selma gets those big tits out and goes for a hard ride on this guy’s big cock, sucking and fucking him in this red hot scene…it’s no wonder they brought this girl back again, she is just amazing. Selma takes that cock in her hole in all kinds of different positions before the guy finally shoots a load of cum in her pussy for a nice creampie finish, I don’t even remember the last time I saw that on Net Video Girls before!

First Solo Scene


Brookes playhouse first solo scene

Let’s have a big hearty hello for Brooke, she’s got her own solo site now called Brookes Playhouse where she’s sharing all kinds of sexy photos and videos of herself and some of her gorgeous girlfriends…keep an eye out, I’ll have more of them for you so just wait and see because this brunette is fucking gorgeous with big tits and a perfect tight ass and a nice pussy that looks good enough to eat! This is Brooke’s very first solo scene and she was a little nervous but once she started stripping down out of her blue lingerie and slipped her panties down her legs she warmed up and got a little more comfortable, showing off that perfect butt and then getting naked to fuck herself with one of her favorite toys! Brooke loves to masturbate and as it turns out loves an audience, so having everyone watch as she penetrated that nice tight pussy with a toy is driving her crazy…it might be the first orgasm she shares with us on Brookes Playhouse but I can guarantee it won’t be the last!



I think when you run across a girl who gives herself the name Shannyn it’s usually a bit of a red flag…it’s like an automatic asterisk that means she’s high maintenance! But hey maybe her parents just thought they’d get a little creative and that’s her birth name, who knows. What I do know is that she’s fucking gorgeous, and is hanging out in a shiny one-piece bathing suit that looks spectacular on her! I wish we got to see what’s going on underneath that little swimsuit but hey, maybe next time. For now we just get to enjoy the sight of those big tits just barely concealed under a thin layer of shiny slick material, and keep an eye out for when Shannyn turns around to show off that perfect ass of hers! Can you imagine the mindsplosion that would happen if you were hanging out on the beach or at a public pool and this gorgeous goddess strolled by?

Chrissy Teigen


I didn’t recognize Chrissy Teigen at first but hey I guess that’s because she wasn’t wearing a bikini…this chick has been in the SI swimsuit issue several years and was on the cover last week, if that jogs your memory at all! In this paparazzi type shot on the street Chrissy is walking around in a sexy little business outfit that has a slit in the skirt so high you get a peek at her little panties as she walks around! Some women are just incredibly hot in anything they wear, Chrissy could be walking around in a garbage bag and somehow it would look like high fashion…and man oh man those legs of hers, she’s got some gams going on that’s for sure! I wish there were more shots to this but as far as I know it’s just this one-off, so if you’ve got a thing for a little sneaky peeky at some pretty panties this one’s for you my friend.

Paula Shy


It’s the one and only Paula Shy unbuttoning her checkered top and letting those perfect titties out to play! She apparently loves the color green in this photoshoot, sitting on a green futuristic chair in front of a lime green wall and then on green sheets and every step of the way she’s flashing that sexy round ass and her tight little pink pussy for us. This is a shoot from In The Crack so you get to go right up close and personal to that sweet little snatch of hers…Paula Shy isn’t so shy about showing off her incredible body, she knows she’s got a winning hand and isn’t afraid to play it, slipping her vibrator in and out of her hole as she gets that tight ass in the air to masturbate for us! This girl is red hot in every scene she’s in, no doubt about it.

Daisy Haze


This chick has a damn boulder in her shower, how about that shit. I don’t know about you guys but I could barely sit down in my shower much less put a friggin boulder up in there. I guess that’s how life goes though when you’re Daisy Haze…this girl is smokin hot from head to toe and apparently she’s a fan of the Rebel Alliance so she’s got a geeky streak to her for sure. She’s also got some kind of molecular diagram on her wrist but I don’t know a damn thing about chemistry so who knows what that’s about, maybe you guys know. All I know is that Daisy here is smokin hot, has big beautiful titties and is masturbating with the shower head and her fingers in this sexy photoshoot! I hope she doesn’t stub her toe on her shower boulder getting out to towel off, though.

Jaye Rose


Now those are some magnificent sweater-puppies! Sexy voluptuous redhead Jaye Rose is hanging out here in her sweater letting it pop open to reveal those big juicy full titties…as the camera pans down it turns out she doesn’t have any pants on either, she’s just hanging out in her littel sheer panties and a pair of socks to go along with her sweater, doesn’t look like the warmest outfit in the world but man does it look fantastic on those curves of hers. Jaye isn’t one of those waifish rail-thin skeleton models, she’s got some nice womanly curves and a juicy ass that you’re going to lose your mind over, not to mention those big boobs! She’s a gorgeous smokin hot redhead with a hell of a body and I think we can all support that.

Mia Khalifa’s First BBC


I am posting this scene for a bunch of reasons but the main one is to show you guys that Mia Khalifa has her very own site now! It’s simple as that and if you want to see some of her free videos you can check out , or just stay on our in our Mia Khalifa section. This update is the actual first time that Mia fucked a big black cock. Other videos of her fucking black guys have come out before this one because they came out on other sites but this was the very first one. They went all out with it too. They didn’t get a stunt cock instead they went into a sketch neighborhood and picked up a guy off the streets. Kind of like a reverse Bang Bus almost. The guy made them head back to his place where he banged that tight little pussy that Mia has. She was super nervous about taking on this big cock, she had to go talk to the camera man multiple times throughout the video telling him that “she can’t do this” and what not. He was able to talk her into it and I think she didn’t might the big dick and the hard fucking. In fact since this she has fucked a lot of black guys so maybe the saying in true.

First Time Anal


Misty gates anal first time

We’ve seen gorgeous Misty Gates play with her pussy before but up to this point she’s been a little shy about exploring that sweet tight little back door of hers…but get ready to buckle up and unbuckle down because she’s doing her first anal scene right here and you don’t even have to sign up for a membership or anything to get your hands on it! She released it as a zipset, which means that all you have to do is fork over a couple bucks and you get the uncensored video as a one-off, there’s no recurring fees or anything like that to worry about it’s just boom one and done. You’ll get to see Misty getting naked and playing with that tight little pink pussy of hers before busting out a big thick purple dildo, giving it a blowjob and then going to town on her perfect ass with her fingers and a buttplug and toys and just having a damn good time! This girl is one of the hottest on the web, no doubt…she’s got tons of personality too so she’s not just a pretty face and an empty head, she seems like someone it would be a blast to just hang out with and shoot the shit, play some video games and chill. The fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous and perpetually horny is just icing on the cake!

Denise Sky


Denise sky on in the crack

With a house this beautiful you’d imagine that a woman inside would be just as stunning and you’d be certainly right in this In The Crack photoshoot! Beautiful brunette Denise Sky shows off her dark hair and those sexy round breasts that are probably in the dictionary if you look up the word ‘perky’…this girl is hot as hell as she lounges on the beautiful luxurious bed near a spiral staircase. She doesn’t even need to pull off her panties to play with her pussy, she’s got an easy access panel in her crotch so she can dip her fingers into her hole any time she wants! I’m not really sure what good those panties are doing to be honest and I guess Denise agreed because she pulls them off and gets down to business, rubbing her pussy and playing with her clit and then fucking herself with a purple vibrating toy as we get nice up close and personal, In The Crack style. This is a little snapshot of luxury and paradise; just imagine having a house this amazing with a girl this stunning getting naked and masturbating within it!

Alice March


Alice march porn pros fleshlight surprise

This guy was trying out his new fleshlight while his girlfriend Alice March had fun masturbating next to him, I’m not really sure why he bothered when that tight perfect little snatch was right next to him! Sure enough, soon he put the fleshlight aside and got to work with his big thick dick fucking Alice nice and hard…she bent over with her nice round ass in the air, moaning as he pounded her hole from behind in this Porn Pros update called Fleshlight Surprise! I’m not sure what the surprise was, maybe he was just expecting to fuck his toy and not have a beautiful horny pornstar next to him rubbing her cunt and then sucking and fucking his cock, who knows! Alice gets her pussy drilled hard and deep, riding that cock until the guy busted his load onto her face and into her mouth for her to swallow down. This girl is a tight little spinner with nice perky small boobs, a perfect ass and she definitely loves to fuck! I’ve heard the fleshlight is a fun toy that beats just punching the clown but given the choice I’m sure any guy in the world would be all over that real pussy if Alice was around!

Ariella Ferrera and Angel Del Rey


Moms bang teens sweet takeover ariella and angel

Angel Del Rey is a gorgeous Latina babe with a horny boyfriend and that was just the way she wanted it! One day she was hanging out when her girlfriend called with some kind of emergency, like she couldn’t decide what shoes to wear with her new top or something so Angel headed over right away leaving her guy at the house. When Angel’s stepmom Ariella Ferrera saw him sitting there all alone she decided to go have a little fun and before you know it she had those huge tits out and his cock buried in her mouth! Angel came back home and found her stepmom sucking her man’s dick and was more than a little annoyed at first but soon she realized she was pretty turned on by it and just joined in on the fun! Soon both of them were licking and sucking and fucking that big dick of his and he was I’m sure mentally high fiving himself and thanking his lucky stars, looks like he’s dating the right chick! This scene called Sweet Takeover is from Moms Bang Teens, part of the Reality Kings network…if you like seeing hot horny teens as well as sexy Latina MILFs fucking a dude in a hot hardcore threesome this one’s for you!

Bonnie Rotten


Bonnie rotten returns to mr anal

Sexy horny pornstar babe Bonnie Rotten is back on the Bang Bros site Mr Anal, I guess she liked getting her ass fucked so much the first time around that she just had to cum back for more! She gets her wet horny pussy fucked and takes this guy’s big thick dick up her ass again…and if you had somehow forgotten or had never seen her first update this chick is a squirter so you know things are gonna get messy when she starts cumming on this guy’s hard cock! I don’t know if she’s gotten even more tattoos done since the last time she was on Mr Anal, but she definitely has a ton of em so it’s not like you’re going to mistake her for any other adult model. That ass of hers is incredible, by the way, she’s got a fucking magnificent booty and she loves getting it up in the air as she gets pounded doggystyle! If you like looking at artwork and reading while you fuck a chick in the ass you’re gonna be all about this girl, she’s got like a library of ink all over her body but underneath all that needlework she’s fucking gorgeous…I mean really the only tattoos she has that strike me as bothersome are the spiderwebs around her nipples, that would be just plain weird to see as you fuck this hottie but hey whatever she feels like getting on her body I guess, it’s her body. Bonnie gets her holes pounded in this sexy scene before taking a big load of cum in her mouth to swallow down with a grin…from that smile on her face and the look in her eyes I wouldn’t be surprised to see this chick back for a third time soon!

Bella Danger


Bella danger up the ass

It wasn’t too long ago that horny sexy Bella Danger had her first anal scene on Brazzers and I guess she loved taking it in the keister because she’s back for round two with this hot update! Bella looks sexy as hell in her stretchy gray yoga pants but it’s when she starts pulling them off that this scene kicks into high gear…that ass of hers is a fucking masterpiece and thank heavens she discovered the wonders of anal because an ass that perfect just needs to get fucked! Bella shows off her flexibility a little before bringing her man into the room, sucking his cock and then getting her knees to her ears so he could pound that big thick dick into her backdoor nice and deep! Bella gets fucked like crazy here and then moves from her ass to her pussy, getting each hole rammed before taking a big cream facial to finish things off. Brazzers struck a goldmine with this chick, she’s a horny hottie with an ass that won’t quit and she obviously loves to get fucked! Look at those nipples while she gets drilled from behind, they’re so erect you could carve your name in granite with them.

Tight Slender Teen


Tight slender teen on girls do porn

This teen’s parents were a little worried about her doing her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn…actually I guess that’s a bit of an understatement, they called the cops to come bang on the door of the shoot! All was well and the chick managed to let everyone know she was fine and safe and was doing what she as an adult wanted to do…and when we get a look at this 19 year old blondie I’m sure everyone is going to agree that she’s made a damn fine decision! She is stunning, from those big beautiful eyes to her cute smile and then of course those perky boobies and her long skinny sexy legs and sweet sexy round ass! This girl is quite possibly the hottest chick on Girls Do Porn in quite awhile…I was going to say ‘ever’ but seriously they just keep bringing in some incredibly gorgeous models! If you’ve got a thing though for a tight slender teen with a perfect ass and perfect perky breasts this girl is going to seriously blow your mind. She starts out with a nice blowjob and then strips down, showing off every inch of that incredible teen body including sticking that sweet round ass right in our face! Her pussy is tight as a drum too and she gets it pounded like a drum as well in this update…there is no site on the net with women as hot and horny and sexy as Girls Do Porn and this blonde goddess is a perfect example of that. She looks like she’s great in bed, too; keep an eye out for when she’s riding this guy’s big thick dick in reverse cowgirl, we get to see those beautiful breasts bouncing ever so slightly as she slides that wet vagina up and down…the guy holds onto her arms to steady her and she throws her head back in ecstasy, moaning as she gets fucked! From her tight tummy to those cute breasts to her long lean legs to her beautiful face, there’s just seriously not enough great things in the English language to cover how sexy this blonde amateur is. Hopefully she doesn’t catch too much guff from her folks after she finishes this hot hardcore fuck scene; it would be great for this chick to come back for round two at some point in the future!

Jenna Sativa


Jenna sativa on ftv girls

So as I’m sure you’ve noticed, FTV Girls tends to have gorgeous girls week after week but trust me, this week’s update is something extra special. Jenna Sativa here has an incredible body from head to toe, from her beautiful innocent fresh face and long flowing dark hair to those big perfect breasts to her sweet round ass and sexy legs, this chick is a stunner in every way! Pretty green eyes and a beautiful open infectious smile complete the combo platter of hotness as she gets naked in public (an FTV Girls classic), showing herself to be surprisingly extreme for a first-timer…she gets pretty daring with the public fun, even playing a little topless tennis and fucking herself with the handle of her tennis racket right on a public park bench! You get to see Jenna dancing around shaking her juicy booty, fingering herself anally, even masturbating with the hell of her shoe and she just looks stunning every step of the way. You may have seen Jenna on a couple of other sites since this update but if you ask me her FTV Girls scene is the hottest she’s done so far…I don’t think she’s even done anything hardcore yet but from the looks of things she’s got a pussy built for sex as she fists herself and then masturbates with the massive FTV Monster toy with those big full breasts bouncing as she closes her eyes and pounds herself to a moaning natural orgasm!

Deepthroat Lover


Chloe amour passion hd deepthroat lover

Gorgeous exotic babe Chloe Amour is at it again! Chloe has been polishing her cocksucking skills, not that they were lacking before, and is eager to put them to the test so when her man walks into the bathroom while she’s taking a nice bubble bath in this Passion HD update called Deepthroat Lover she welcomes the opportunity! He washes her back but from the swelling in his pants she can see he’s got other things on his mind, so they headed to the bedroom for a nice long afternoon fuck! Chloe got her pussy eaten out and then dropped down to give his big hard dick a nice deep suck, which apparently he loved every fucking second of (as if he wouldn’t, with a girl this gorgeous on the end of his dick)…soon she was riding his cock, taking it to the hilt in that tight wet pussy and moaning as she bounced up and down with her perfect ass facing him! Chloe has always been sexy as hell but somehow in this scene she looks even hotter than normal, not sure what it is but see if you guys agree with me. She’s just on point with her fuck skills and that body of hers just keeps getting hotter…she’s fit but not, you know, OVER-fit if you get what I mean. Skinny but not TOO skinny, she’s like that just-right bowl of porridge in the Goldilocks story and you’ll want to eat her right up!

Aidra Fox


Sexy seductive vixen Aidra Fox (that’s pretty appropriate just so you guys know, the word vixen actually means a female fox so it’s perfect for Aidra) is showing off that sexy booty of hers in this Brazzers shoot called Always Ready, and man she’s making that title come true for sure. SHe’s always ready for a nice hard fuck and when she peeks in a window to see her friend jerking off she heads right in and hops on his cock with those sweet bouncy titties jiggling around! He’s more than happy to give her pussy a nice hard pounding in the kitchen, of all places, but I guess it’s pretty roomy and she gets bent over the countertop she she has something to hold on to, so I guess it works out. Aidra is fucking gorgeous and really you guys need to check her out right about now, especially if you’ve never watched her getting pounded before! Sexy as hell with a great body and a beautiful face, killer combination if you ask me.

Sarah Rae


If this photoshoot doesn’t make you want to say Yes to boobs I don’t know what will! It might not be the most varied photoset you’ve ever seen but damn if those aren’t some magnificent huge titties. Sarah Rae is letting it all hang out as she shows those massive melons, so if you’re not a fan of big juicy soft warm bouncy jiggly incredible tits you should probably give this one a miss, although if that’s the case I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Sarah looks like she’s having a blast, too…she’s got some Yes Boobs stickers over her nipples and is rolling around on the floor and squeezing those tits together, juggling them around and just having fun! Speaking of having fun, can you imagine stuffing your face between those boobs and having a motorboat party? Or tittyfucking her while she licks the tip of your cock? The possibilites are endless when you’ve got a cute busty fun bubbly girl like Sarah Rae in the ring!

Charlie Chase


It had been a long, grueling week at the office and Charlie Chase knew her boss was at the ragged edge of his last nerve so she decided to have a little fun and let him blow off some steam at the end of the week, letting those huge titties of hers pop out and making his cock pop out of his pants! This horny blonde sexpot got fucked on his desk in this Brazzers hardcore scene, taking that big hard cock in her dripping wet hole while she shoved those huge tits in the dude’s face. She makes one sexy secretary in her garter belt and thigh high black stockings, especially with her boobs popping out of her top and this guy had obviously been dreaming about pounding that sweet hole of hers for a while now because he got down to business with a quickness! Looks like Charlie is due for a nice big raise, maybe even an office of her own with a comfy pull-out couch in it just in case they need to do some late-night ‘brainstorming sessions’!

Maria Venus


Man, this Maria Venus chick is so airbrushed in this photoshoot she oughta be on the side of a van or something! She’s damn hot too with nice big titties, so either she had like bad skin that day or Alluring Vixens just loves that super smooth look or something, I don’t really know. Those boobs of hers are pretty magnificent, Alluring Vixens doesn’t give away the farm so to speak so they make sure to get women with big, nice looking tits and that’s something that I would bet we can all agree on. Maria Venus is pretty hot even when she looks angry, which she does in nearly all of these photos…maybe that’s just her ‘sexy’ look, it would be interesting to see how she behaves in the bedroom if her go-to sexyface is to be angry and agressive!

Brooklyn Chase


In this hot update you get to see one of Brooklyn Chase’s most innermost fantasies…she’s always had a thing about big black dick and now she gets her chance to take one on for size so to speak! In this scene this gorgeous busty babe is playing a little strip basketball with this dude…luckily for him she’s not too good at the hoops and is trying to shoot over her head and stuff! She strips down and we get to see those perfect 32G breasts…that’s right I said 32G, holy shit those boobs are amazing. So she’s got big tits and he’s got a big dick so it’s like a match made in heaven as she gets on her knees and starts sucking him off! Those huge titties go for a nice bouncy ride as she gets fucked on the couch in this red hot hardcore scene…she has to hold on to them for dear life as this guy pounds that wet pink pussy with his big dick!

Show Off


Pure mature show off olivia austin

Some women are pretty modest about their bodies but some are like Olivia Austin here who love to show off what they’ve got! Her man was relaxing in the bed and she came into the bedroom to give him a nice striptease, grabbing those big juicy titties and rubbing her pussy to make his cock hard…soon he had her bent over and was fucking that cunt from behind in this Pure Mature update, showing that MILF snatch a thing or two! This is Olivia’s first scene on Pure Mature but she’s got that sultry mature sexy look to her so I’d be mighty surprised if it was her last…I’m sure all of us would love to see her back sooner rather than later, too; she’s got those ncie big boobs and obviously loves a good deep pounding! She gets her meaty pussy drilled forwards and backwards by this younger dude’s big dick until he finally blasts a nice creamy load on her lips that she licks up with a smile while looking up at him. She’s got an incredible body so it’s no wonder she wants to show it off here and he’s more than happy to be the audience for the show!

No More Waiting


Natasha white no more waiting fantasy hd

On a site like Fantasy HD you know you’re going to have your fantasies cum true and I guess this time it’s this horny pool cleaner’s fantasy as cute little spinner Natasha White comes out and offers him a little lemonade on a hot afternoon…she had been lusting after him for months and now it was time to take on that big thick dick of his in this hardcore Fantasy HD scene called No More Waiting! She grabbed his dick and started sucking him off, that huge cock barely fitting into her mouth…she’s got that cute toothy grin and is having a blast sucking and fucking that huge cock here! This is Natasha’s second update on the site, if you missed out on her first one it was called Frosting On Top so if you fall in lust with this exotic cutie you have a whole other update to have fun with. Natasha gets her tight little pussy pounded, taking it deep and hard until the guy blasted a creamy load of cum in her snatch for a creampie that she squeezes back out! From her nice perky round breasts to that tight pink pussy and a cute little butt with a big birthmark on it, this girl is striking and sexy as hell, she looks like she’d break in half if she got fucked by a big dick but apparently that’s not the case because this guy gives her a huge pounding!

Helena De Sesa


Helena de sesa on zishy

Now, I know the high-waisted shorts are all in style now but I seriously don’t get why they’re popular…it’s like momjeans but cutoffs and if you ask me they’re fucking hideous and are a damn shame when they’re worn by a chick with a great ass like Helena De Sesa here! She starts out in her uglyshorts but hang in there fellas, soon she slips them off and reveals a very sexy little bikini as she hangs out by a hotel pool. Apparently, according to the Zishy photographer they got interrupted by a security guard but unlike 99% of the time this guy was cool and let them keep shooting, even keeping watch for them so nobody would stumble on them while the guy shot these red hot photos of Helena in her little swimsuit! She teases us like crazy but that’s the Zishy style…Helena has those nice sweet big round tits that look amazing in her bikini especially when she grabs them with both hands. She’s also got a nice round juicy ass that she flashes, pulling her bikini down to give a tantalizing glimpse at that sweet butt before heading inside to take a shower! Zishy shoots always show the girl’s personality as well as her hotness and we get a nice look at Helena’s shy but still adventurous inner self here in these very sexy shots that keep a little to the imagination.

Double Dog Dare You


Double dog dare you on nubile films

When someone gets double dog dared, you know some shit is about to go down…especially when youre talking about girls like Megan Rain and Rahyndee James! This guy double dog dared them to indulge in their lesbian fantasies with each other and these girls got right to it in this Nubile Films update, making out like crazy and grabbing each others sweet titties while the guy watched, enjoying the show. Soon they wanted a little extra fun and invited him into their hot little rendezvous and as you might imagine this guy had a raging boner by that time so he was more than happy to turn this lesbian kiss-fest into a hardcore threeway fuck session! The girls took turns licking his huge dick up and down before getting their sweet tight pussies pounded…but of course they don’t stop making out just because they’re getting fucked, if anything they get even more into each other! Rahyndee and Megan are both absolutely fucking gorgeous and they get those pussies licked and fingered and fucked hard and deep…Rahyndee has slightly bigger boobs than Megan but they both have great tits and both love getting fucked and love eating pussy in this hot scene called Double Dog Dare You!

Scarlett Fever


Scarlett fever tlhc beaver fever

Sexy young Scarlett Fever looks pretty innocent but just you wait until she gets her hands on this guy’s huge thick dong! Scarlett loves a big fat dick so it’s no wonder she found herself on Teens Love Huge Cock, part of the Reality Kings network of sites. She loves stretching out that tight little cunt of hers and this guy is packing some serious meat in his pants, so she’s in for quite the treat! Watch this honey take off her shirt to rub those perky little titties before lifting her knees up to her ears, still wearing thick knee-high socks to keep her toes warm while she gets fuckede! This guy is merciless with that huge dick, making Scarlett gasp and moan and hold onto the sheets for dear life…before he starts fucking her she says she wants to see how far into her little teen vagina she can take his meat and I guess she wins the prize because she manages to squeeze that cock in to the hilt and is even able to deepthroat it! Scarlett gets pounded hard and deep in this scene called Beaver Fever before pumping a load of cum out of the guy, taking it into her mouth and swallowing it down like an ice cream treat!

Midnight Passion


Midnight passion on x art

Time to get back to basics with X-Art as two of the hottest models on the site meet up with a mutual guy pal and spend a hot and passionate evening having all kinds of naughty fun with each other! In this update called Midnight Passion we don’t see any outlandish settings or crazy costumes or anything like that, just two incredibly gorgeous women getting naked and having a fun sexy time. Aubrey Star and Jenna Ross have always been attracted to each other so having a chance to make out and eat out each others pussy while their guy pleasure them both with his big hard cock is basically a win-win-win all around! Aubrey and Jenna both have spectacular perfect asses and nice perky breasts to go along with those beautiful faces; Aubrey’s eyes in particular are going to melt your heart and stiffen your cock with a single smoldering glance! The girls start out on either side of the guy, leaning over him to kiss each other while he watches and gets turned on like never in his life…soon all three of them are naked and the girls are taking turns licking and sucking his cock (actually not even taking turns sometimes, they’re just both doing it at the same time) before getting those dripping wet pussies fucked before pumping out a huge load that turns into a double facial that they share, looking up at him with a couple of the sexiest smiles you’ll ever see!

Customer’s Wife Wants The D


Xxx pawn customers wife wants the d

I always like to see an asshole get a little comeuppance and in this update from XXX Pawn that’s just what happens…a couple came into the pawnshop and the guy tried to pawn off his wife’s earrings and ring despite her protests, getting all beligerent when the XXX Pawnshop owner shut him down! The guy got thrown out on his ass and the wife was allowed to stay…she was pretty upset so the guy invited her to the back room to calm down, though I’m sure the fact that she was smokin hot didn’t hurt! She wanted a little payback and what better way than by sucking and fucking this dude’s huge hard cock and finally getting one over on her jackass of a hubby! This customer’s wife wants the D and you know what they say, the customer’s wife is always right! Well it’s something like that. She’s a horny brunette MILF with nice perky titties and a sweet ass and she’s horny as hell, just wanting a good hard pounding to make her day all better! The guy is more than willing to provide the cock if it’ll give her a little bit of satisfaction in a marriage that from the looks of things isn’t going so hot.

Outdoor Orgy


Colette outdoor orgy veronica jenna aubrey

When I first took a look at this Colette update called Outdoor Orgy I almost called shenanigans; it sure looked to me like these horny hotties were naked and fucking in the living room on the couch and not outside at all! Then I realized the living room WAS outside, you can see the grass and everything…and anyway who would care if the title is weird, you’ve got three amazing beautiful women here naked and having hot hardcore group sex! Sexy Aubrey Star, Veronica Rodriguez and of course Jenna Ross are three of the most gorgeous women on Colette if you ask me and they’re having a blast in this smokin hot orgy along with a new chick, a sexy tight blonde whose name they haven’t even come up with yet on the site…watch Aubrey licking Jenna’s ass and pussy while getting her own cunt pounded doggystyle by some dude who is at the time making out with Veronica, it’s hard to see where this fuck train starts and where it ends but it’s sexy every inch of the way. I would imagine that this is pretty much a normal afternoon at the Colette house, the women just wander around nude all the time and are down for a nice hot hard fuck any time of the day! At the end of this sexy scene we get facials galore as the girls share all the cum these guys are pumping out…sharing is caring and these ladies definitely care for each other!

Flowers And Candy


Passion hd flowers and candy morgan lee

It was Valentine’s Day and this guy wasn’t about to let it go by without giving his sweetheart Morgan Lee a tasty treat! She got some flowers and candy, that old faithful V-day gift, and she was more than happy to return the favor by taking his big hard dick in her mouth to lick and suck him hard and then getting that sweet exotic pussy of hers pounded! Morgan Lee is gorgeous with a nice round juicy ass, bouncy little perky titties and a slightly squeaking moan that is undeniably sexy as hell while she fucks this guy…finally he shoots a load that she takes right in her mouth, gazing up at him with her beautiful almond-shaped eyes! It’s nice seeing a girl enjoying herself while she’s being fucked and Morgan is definitely having a blast here, rubbing her clit while she gets that wet snatch drilled nice and hard…but hey, that’s just how Passion HD rolls I guess! This is Morgan Lee’s very first update on PHD, but she fits right into the style of things if you know what I’m saying…I was actually pretty surprised to find out that this is her site debut, she just seems like a natural!

Lena Attacks Keira


Lena attacks keira on nvg

Keira showed up at the Net Video Girls studio and just waltzed her way right into the guy’s apartment like she owned the joint! It took the guy a second to get a grip on the situation and regain a little control, because that’s his way of guiding the models towards the right direction in these kinds of updates. Maybe it was a bit of a defensive tactic though; Keira seems a little nervous heading to some stranger’s studio and having a camera in her face right off the bat! That’s where Lena comes in…she’s done a video for the Attack series before and that’s what this one is as well, she’s ready to teach Keira the ropes of being on Net Video Girls! Both of these women are absolutely gorgeous…Lena of course is a bubbly brunette with a sexy body and Keira is a bit more of a redhead with long sultry legs and a tight firm ass! They hit it off pretty well and Keira soon warms up to the situation, letting Lena pull her skirt up and play with her ass and pussy…soon they’re both licking and sucking this guy’s big dick, giving him a nice double-blowjob and then taking turns getting fucked! I don’t know if Keira had this quite in mind when she showed up but she sure seems to be having a great time…I wouldn’t be surprised to see this hottie doing her own attack video at some point, we’ll see!

Lady Of The Law


Tyler michaels on gf revenge

Her first shift as a security guard was over and Tyler Michaels was ready to have a little fun! She knew her man had a thing for girls in uniform so this Lady Of The Law decided to take some sexy selfies as a surprise for him. He had a little surprise of his own in store though as he showed up with his video recorder to get footage of Tyler getting changed in the locker room for his…um…personal use. She was down to make a little private sex tape, getting on her knees in the locker room to take his huge thick dick in her mouth for a nice blowjob, sucking him off and then bending over the counter with her sweet ass in the air to get that tight wet pussy pounded doggystyle! Tyler might have some funky looking titties but her ass is amazing and she’s got a damn cute face…apparently she also had a dude on the side or something because her man broke up with her and to get a little payback sent in the footage of this hot sexy rendezvous to GF Revenge!

Mia Malkova Anal


Mia malkova on hard x

It hasn’t been super long since Mia Malkova got fucked in the ass on camera for the first time and I guess she really dug it because she’s back on Hard X in this red hot update, putting that big round perfect butt of hers to work as she takes an anal pounding from his big thick dick! She pulls off her stretchy strappy little swimsuit and heads inside to meet up with him, and when she whispers that she wants him to knock on her back door he about tackles her in excitement! Mia gives him a nice blowjob, looking up with those big pretty eyes of hers before getting her own browneye penetrated by his finger and then graduating to his big dick. She goes for a nice hard anal ride, sliding that gorgeous round butt up and down on his cock while he basically holds on for dear life and savors every hot hardcore second of it…nobody can take that kind of treatment for long though and sure enough, soon he pulled out and shot a big creamy load of cum onto that sexy round juicy ass of hers.

All That Booty


Black gfs kennedy all that booty

This ebony hottie Kennedy has a dream of someday being on the dance team for a professional sports team in Miami that will be left unnamed just in case! In this BlackGFs update she starts out doing a little interview to introduce herself…she asked her man to record her and she shows off some of her skills, doing some exercises and stuff to display her athleticism and fitness. The guy was pretty turned on watching her, as well he should be, and was able to convince Kennedy to turn things into a little private sex tape for him after the interview! She was down to clown and stripped down to be totally nude, showing off that sexy fit body with her big round perfect brown ass in the air…she saw his cock getting harder in his pants and soon had him in her mouth, licking and sucking that cock and taking him balls-deep in that dripping wet pussy! He fucked that snatch of hers nice and hard, particularly enjoying having all that booty in the air in front of him while he pounded her doggystyle until finally pulling out and busting his nut all over her face and those perky titties. Hopefully he didn’t forget to edit the sextape part out before sending the interview to the team, but he definitely made the right choice sending the footage in to Black GFs for us to enjoy!



Alyson on exploited college girls

If you’re in the mood for a pair of big natural juicy titties this chick Alyson is about to make your day with her Exploited College Girls update! Alyson’s a fairly MILF-looking 25 years young with big double-D’s swinging in front of her and a smile that just makes the sun rise. She’s not the most drop dead beautiful girl they’ve ever had on but just has this sunny disposition that makes this scene a joy to watch as this horny amateur strips down to the bare essentials and has multiple orgasms before she even gets face to face with Jay’s big hard cock! Big tits, huge shaking orgasms, cute face, nice soft ass, what more could there be…oh how about a very enthusiastic deep blowjob? She gives him one of those, deepthroating his dick before getting flipped over and pounded doggystyle and reverse cowgirl for even more orgasms! Jay was getting a little jealous of all her cumming so he figured it was high time for one of his own, fucking that hole a bit more and then blasting her with a big facial that sprayed all over those huge soft perfect breasts as well! Hopefully the chunk of change she made for doing this hot hardcore Exploited College Girls update will pay for some bras, I’d imagine she goes through them like most people go through chewing gum!

Lena Attacks Selma


Lena attacks on net video girls

So you’ve probably by this point seen how Net Video Girls does its deal…they bring in amateur women for a ‘calendar shoot’ audition, which in reality is an excuse to get them naked and get them fucked on camera for NVG, right? Sometimes after a girl goes through the process and figures out what the deal is they come back for what they call the Attack series where they provide a little extra helping hand or tongue to break the ice, so to speak…this chick Lena who we just saw recently in her own shoot is back and ready to talk this girl Selma into having some fun on the camera and with her body and cute face she doesn’t have much trouble talking this new hottie into showing off her sweet titties and round ass, sucking the cameraman’s cock and then getting her pussy pounded in a red hot Net Video Girls scene! Both of these women are incredibly sexy, they’ve both got great bodies and by the time the new girl is naked they’re both down for whatever happens as they make out like lesbians before taking turns sucking off this dick and getting pounded!

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