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Bath Time Slut


Chloe amour bath time slut povd

The one and only Chloe Amour is back on POVD and is looking hotter than ever in this update called Bath Time Slut…we start out from her perspective as she gets naked and hops in the tub to wash up but then when her man walks into the bathroom we switch to his point of view, all the better to see Chloe in all her hotness from head to toe! She looks awesome in the tub all dripping wet but even better in the bedroom as this guy introduces her to his big hard cock, and of course it’s all in super high resolution video and pictures in the POVD members area so you’ll feel like you’re right there in the room pounding away at this gorgeous sexy exotic pornstar! She’s got that beautiful face, a sweet round fuckable ass and nice titties that bounce up and down in just the right way as she gets that dripping wet pussy fucked. This is like her fourth or fifth time on the site, they just keep bringing her back and when you get a look at that skinny hot body of hers you’ll see why! If you missed out on her before I’ve got a couple of her past updates here and here, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands if you want to find the rest (they’re all here on though!).

Sabrina Banks


Sabrina banks for in the crack

I’ll tell you this much, if there was a pornstar I was wishing we could get In The Crack of, this girl Sabrina Banks would be pretty damn high on the list so I was stoked to see this photoshoot! She’s hot for one thing, with a sultry exotic look to her face and of course she has a spectacular body! Well, she does if you’re into perky little boobies…if you’re a fan of huge tits you might not be too into Sabrina. Even if her small tits aren’t quite your cup of tea take a look at this shoot, she’s got a fantastic ass and gets on her hands and knees to show it off before sliding a big blue vibrator in and out of her tight pink pussy! She loves to fuck herself and loves an audience, so getting us mere inches away is turning her on almost as much as she’s turning US on here. Beautiful girl, nice warm summer setting, this is a refreshing photoshoot on a cold crappy winter’s day if you ask me! Hopefully you guys agree. She also finishes things off by climbing a tree while still wearing her black high heels, which is pretty damn impressive!

Sara Jay Returns


Tonights girlfriend vanilla sara jay

I hope you’re buckled in because beautiful Sara Jay is back on Tonights Girlfriend, mixing Vanilla with Chocolate as she takes her man’s huge black cock in her pussy! This guy must have dished out a hefty wad of cash to get Sara to come to his hotel room and fuck his big fat cock all night long…actually maybe not, maybe she just got a look at his huge dick and was like SIGN ME UP! Either way, she’s looking sexy as hell in her pink lingerie that lets those big full bouncy breasts of hers jump around in the open…she spreads her legs wide open to get that wet pussy of hers drilled hard and deep, moaning away as she rides him! Sara won’t be walking in a straight line for a few days I’d assume but she certainly seems to be loving it as she takes that big thick dick in her hole. This is Sara’s second time on Tonights Girlfriend I think, although I guess I never got around to posting her first one. I am however posting THIS one, and you can thank me later, I’d assume you’re pretty busy right about now.

Casey Calvert Fourth Time


Mr anal casey calvert fourth time

There’s a reason they call Casey Calvert one of the queens of anal! She’s got a spectacular ass for one thing, is hot as hell but most importantly she just plain loves to get fucked in ass. That’s why she’s cum back for her fourth time on the Bang Bros site Mr Anal, playing around in her little blue running shorts that let her big juicy ass out to play…Casey has a good time goofing around and posing and just plain looking sexy before her guy pal showed up and introduced her to his big fat cock! Casey gets her big round ass pounded, the guy sliding his dick in and out of her tight balloon knot to make her moan and gasp and grin with pleasure. What’s that, you say? You missed out on some of her prior visits to Mr Anal? Well thank your lucky stars my friend because here, I’ve dug up her last couple of scenes right here and right here for you to enjoy. If those ones plus this new one aren’t enough you can just search for her name and you’ll see a bunch of her scenes and if THOSE aren’t enough just hold tight, I’m sure she’ll be back on Mr Anal for a fifth scene in no time!

Tub Love


Marina angel on gf revenge tubtime

Sexy Latina babe Marina Angel was getting ready to take a bath, stripping out of her purple bra and panties, but her boyfriend heard her in the bathroom and figured it was the perfect time to waltz right in with his video camera to record her! Marina was less than thrilled at first and tried to shoo him away but when he started stroking her legs and telling her how sexy she looked she started warming to the idea of making a sex tape, and soon she had his cock in her mouth for a blowjob and then bent over with her perfect ass in the air to get her tight teen pussy fucked from behind! This dude got to fuck that sweet tight hole of hers front and back and record the whole thing, including when he finally pulls out and shoots a load of cum into her mouth…too bad for her she cheated on him at some point and he was so mad he sent the footage in to GF Revenge to get a little sweet payback! Now that Marina is a full-fledged pornstar I’d imagine she’s not too angry about having another hardcore shoot online, so that worked out alright for her.

Shy Exotic Teen


Girls do porn shy exotic teen

Holy smokes…this girl is incredibly hot, I opened up this week’s Girls Do Porn update and I kid you not, two seconds in I went “DAYUM!” out loud and I wouldn’t be surprised if you did too. She’s a newbie who’s only 19 years young and she’s definitely a little nervous…she also mentions that she has a boyfriend who would be devastated if he knew she was doing this, maybe that’s why she’s a little shy. I’m not entirely sure what nationality this chick is but she’s got an incredible exotic look to go along with her supermodel-caliber face and incredible teen body. She watches some porn more for education so to speak than for personal enjoyment, she says she picks up new tips and techniques to try out with her boyfriend! Hot as hell, very natural feeling, this chick is somethin special alright…she was a little uneasy about the blowjob part of this scene since apparently she doesn’t do that too often but it sure looked like she knew what she was doing if you ask me! She kept her clothes on as she sucked this dude hard but you could tell already that she had a hell of a body, and when she strips down top hop up on the bed sure enough, this chick is smokin hot…she’s skinny and athletic, I don’t think she mentioned if she does any sports but I would guess she’s a swimmer or a gymnast with those abs. Oh and did I mention she has very nice and incredibly perky breasts? This girl is red hot from tip to toes…the Girls Do Porn guy starts fucking her in all his favorite positions, the girls always love the cowgirl ride and we do too because it gives us a chance to watch that perfect round ass in action! This sexy amateur gets fucked nice and hard (she says later on that it was a bit of a workout!) before dropping to her knees and getting a nice facial right across the eyes. The cumshot wasn’t exactly her favorite thing ever but she takes it like a champ before blindly hunting down a towel!

Love From USA


X art love from usa

This beautiful 19 year old from the Czech Republic is Katherine, and she’s ready for a little Love from the USA in this X Art update as she meets up with a handsome traveler at a bed-and-breakfast…they’d been flirting and making eyes at each other and finally had the house to themselves, taking the opportunity to chase each other around in their underwear and then passionately kiss on the couch! When Katherine felt his big thick cock stiffening in his pants she showed a little European hospitality, taking his dick out and sucking him with those luscious lips…he returned the favor, getting tongue-deep in her tight teen pussy before giving her a nice deep pounding! With those big perfect breasts and her nice tight ass Katherine is a stunner in any country in the world and looks fantastic here as she bridges international borders…Katherine gets that perfect butt in the air to get her pussy fucked from behind, taking every inch as she slips a finger into her ass for some anal pleasure as well until finally pumping a load of cum out of that cock and into her mouth!

Play Before Work


Passion hd play before work

This guy had plenty of paperwork and was concentrating on it when his lady pals Bella Danger and Sammie Daniels were behind him making out and stripping each other down…he didn’t even notice until they threw some panties at him, and then he decided a little play before work was just what the doctor ordered! Can’t really blame the guy though, right? I mean with these two hotties tossing their panties around and kissing and grabbing each others titties it would be hard to concentrate on anything else if you ask me. The girls have very different body types, Bella Danger is a brunette with a big round juicy booty and Sammie is a skinny blonde spinner with a tight little ass and perky petite boobies so they’ve got a pretty good range of tastes covered here! This guy gets to experience them both and so do we in this Passion HD threesome as they eat each other out like lesbians while the guy pounds one perfect hole after the other…Sammie in particular loves getting fucked doggystyle with that cute little butt in the air as she tongues Bella’s pussy, hot as hell. The fun only ends when the guy busts nut, shooting a facial onto Bella that also gets onto Sammie’s face, they love to share!

Snow Flake


Is this chick’s name really Snow Flake? Hahah, awesome. Anyway, she’s fucking gorgeous and has a great body, and in this photoshoot we get to see pretty much every inch of it! Snow is relaxing on an outdoor couch, lifting her knees up to her chin to flash her pussy and laying on her side to show off that perfect butt…this girl is sexy as hell and loves to get some sunshine on her naked body, that’s why she immediately stripped out of her pink top and that denim skirt to get a bit more comfy! Between her big bouncy breasts and that sexy pussy that she just can’t seem to stop rubbing, this girl gets a ten out of ten in my book…take a look and see what you think, you might need to check it out a few hundred times to be sure though! Looks like the rest of your day is pretty much mapped out, now.

Jennifer Ann


Jennifer Ann here has the kind of body that you see exclusively in dreams and lingerie catalogs…big round perfect tits, long lean legs with that thigh gap, a beautiful face (even though her eyes are a little unnerving sometimes) and a spectacular ass! Did I mention her big tits? Yeah I did but I’m about to do it again, they’re worth a second and third and fiftieth peek…big soft round boobs that look like they were sculpted out of smiles and unicorn giggles as Jennifer peels out of her candy colored bra and panties. In some of the shots it looks like there’s a mist or a fog rolling in or something, maybe it’s because Jennifer is so hot she’s causing condensation everywhere she goes! Apparently this shoot is from her own website, I didn’t know she had her own site but after checking out these sexy shots I might just have to take a look…

Talia Ingenue


Oh hey no big deal here just a fucking absolutely beautiful blonde naked in the woods with a sweet tight lean body and the cutest smile you might ever see in your life! This is Talia Ingenue and she looks a little like Taylor Swift if you ask me…she’s just traffic-stoppingly hot with her long wavy blonde hair and those sexy tanlines…I guess she spent some time on the beach in her bikini from the looks of things! Talia’s spending a little time here communing with nature, leaning against a tree trunk and stretching towards the sun like a little flower. If you’re having a crappy day at work or something or are just sad for whatever reason, do yourself a favor and take a look at this photoshoot, I can almost guarantee it’ll help cheer you up! It’s hard to stay in a grumpy mood when there’s a jaw-dropping blonde showing her boobies and smiling an impish little smile at you.

Big Breasted Babes


Who doesn’t like checking out a bevy of big breasted babes showing off their huge tracts of land? These amateur hotties have huge tits and they don’t mind showing em off as you can see in these shots! They put their sore backs to work letting those huge boobies out to play…it’s hard to pick a favorite among these hotties but man oh man the chick in the top right in the suspenders might just be the winner if you ask me. The girls are sexy as hell in all the photos though, we might have to have some hands-on judging to really get down to the bottom of this question I think. And hope. Can you imagine being in a room with all these ladies when they’re topless and just going from breasts to breasts motorboating your way to ecstasy? Yeah me too.

Josie Lilly


There are some names that just automatically make you think of a beautiful woman…every Josie I know is hot as hell and the same goes for every Lilly, so when I saw this chick was named Josie Lilly I knew we were in for a treat! Sure enough, this brunette is drop dead gorgeous with big bouncy titties as she hangs out in a field, enjoying the sunshine on a warm summer day. It might be winter now but you’ll feel nice and warm as you watch Josie stripping out of her pink bra and panties to show off that sexy sultry bombshell body! We just can’t get enough of those big full breasts and Josie seems like she’s enjoying all the attention she’s getting…nice day for a picnic or just a little sunbathing apparently!

Sharon Lee More Public


Looks like Bang Bros is just having a great time with Sharon Lee because she has been on their Public Bang site 3 times now. The first time it was . The she let this guys big dick fuck her in her round ass in public. Then in this one she does anal once again as well as you can see in this picture getting her cameltoe pussy fucked too. These are not like super public places you don’t really see anybody walking in the background but still Sharon is just letting these guys raw dog her ass without any lube or anything, well maybe some lube her ass does look quick oiling when she is riding this guy with his dick in her ass. Sharon is a really hot girl that you would never suspect would be such a freak but this girl is a freak. She has a beautiful face, perfect natural titties and amazing pussy and a round ass I mean she is just the perfect girl. Plus she is Asian and everyone has a thing for an Asian girl right?

Kate Drops By


If you guys don’t know about Wifey’s World they almost always have a story line in every single sex scene they do so it’s just tons and tons of role playing. This role that Wifey is playing is she is playing Kate her “sister”. Well Kate and Wifey’s husband have a long standing relationship that they hide from Wifey. Well Kate shows up because she knows her sister isn’t around looking to get laid from her husband real quick. Wifey’s husband gives her a really good pussy licking with some great views you will see in the beginning of this long video. Then she gets fucked as you can see here and Kate loves her ass rubbed with a finger while she is being fucked doggystyle unlike Wifey. In the end she jerks him off and gets her huge titties covered in cum. It’s a really good scene guys especially if you like really really hot MILFs.

Dillion Carter


Dillion carter on povd

Apparently Dillion Carter had a good time on her shopping trip…she picked up all kinds of stuff, including some new panties that she couldn’t wait to try on for her lucky boyfriend when she got home. She put on a little impromptu fashion show for him in this POVD update, letting him check out some of her new wares and of course also giving him a nice look at those big soft titties of hers! Soon Dillion was getting her pussy licked and then filled up with his huge cock, and since this is on POVD it’s all in first person perspective so you can get immersed as if it’s your dick sliding in and out of that sexy wet pussy! Dillion is a newcomer to POVD but I’m sure she’ll be back, this chick is sexy as hell and her body is hot beyond belief…get ready to pound that sweet hole and get that tight round ass bouncing up and down as she moaned and screamed her way to orgasm before dropping to her knees and taking a nice big facial finish! New panties always turn her on and here we can see just how much…

Double Penetration Yoga


Fantasy hd dp yoga

A fit toned body like the one Lola Reve has doesn’t just happen, it has to be kept up by plenty of exercise and stretching, so she’s been doing yoga…she has two yoga instructors who come by to make sure her form is correct in this Fantasy HD update and when they get a look at that perfect tight little ass of hers in the air as she busts out some cat poses they taught her a few of their more advanced maneuvers such as the Double Salutation Pose and the Reverse Tongue Twister! Basically what I’m saying is that Lola got her pussy pounded by both dudes at once, if you hadn’t caught my implication there. I guess all the yoga worked because she’s able to take care of both dicks simultaneously, lifting up her legs in the air to spread her tight cunt open while twisting around to suck that other guy, licking his cock up and down and making a whole lot of fantasies come true at once! This is the kind of workout Lola likes, if I’m guessing right…I also get the feeling that she’s the favorite pupil for these two guys, assuming they actually ARE yoga instructors and didn’t just start hanging out with a hot blonde babe in tight workout clothes hoping for exactly this scenario to happen! One cock in the ass giving her an anal pounding and one in her wet pussy, that’s just what Lola had in mind.

Snap Shot


Pure mature snap shot laura bentley

Beautiful blonde MILF Laura Bentley was goofing around on her phone taking sexy pictures of herself with her big tits out while her boyfriend played video games…when he finally tore his eyes away from the screen and saw what he was doing his afternoon plans changed right away! Laura looked sexy as hell and he was more than willing to help her out with a snap shot or two using her phone as she got more and more naked, then getting into the action himself as he licked and tickled her sweet wet pussy before fucking her nice and hard. I wonder if she was just taking those pictures to send to him anyway, that would be pretty funny…but I guess it would be even better if she was taking them to send to one of her sexy girlfriends to convince her to come by and have a little fun later on! This Pure Mature update could go either way but for now just having Laura around is more than enough, she looks amazing getting her snatch pounded and

Alli Rae and Dakota James


Dakota and alli on blacked

Ever have a hankering to watch two absolutely gorgeous blondes get their tight little pussies railed by a huge black cock? Alli Rae and Dakota James are hanging out together…as it happens, Alli’s idiotic ex-boyfriend was cheating on her (I hope it was worth it, jackwagon…Alli is a fucking stunner) and Dakota was trying to talk her into some revenge sex! Dakota had been fucking this fella for a little bit and knew he’d be just Alli’s type and sure enough, when the guy showed up he was right up her alley! After a couple of photos Alli was 100% down with the idea so the two dressed up in salt-and-pepper colored lingerie to get ready for him…he about dropped his jaw on the floor when he showed up too, finding a couple of sexy little blonde knockouts ready to take his big fat dick for a ride! The dude was more than hung enough to take on both of these hotties and in this BLACKED update he makes Alli forget she ever even HAD a boyfriend…I can guarandamntee that he never fucked her tight wet pussy like this dude does! The girls take turns licking and sucking and fucking that huge dark dong until he finally blasts a load of cum for the girls to share.

Shae Summers and Ava Addams


Shae and ava moms bang teens

Shae Summers here was in a bit of a pickle…she had a boyfriend she liked but he just wasn’t doing the trick in the bedroom taking care of her needs, so to speak! She was having a sit-down with her stepmom Ava Addams and telling her about the problem, and Ava had the idea of inviting the guy over so she could give the two some tips and pointers from her sexperience in this Moms Bang Teens update called Learning Curve from the Reality Kings network of sites! The guy was more than happy to get these two hotties naked, pounding Ava’s hot wet MILF pussy and then Shae’s tight teen hole as they kissed and licked each other…the two lovely ladies took turns sucking him off and taking his big dick deep and hard until all three of them were brought to the peaks of pleasure and Shae took a nice big facial of cum! She is an absolute stunner by the way, with those nice big tits and that sweet round ass…and of course Ava is legendarily sexy, we get to see both of them naked and in action as they both get fucked here!

Yhivi Taking Control


Teen fidelity taking control

This gorgeous hipster babe is Yhivi, a newcomer to Teen Fidelity with a sexy body and an amazing smile! She was just goofing around climbing trees in her little schoolgirl skirt when Ryan Madison found her, swinging her around and giving that sweet round ass of hers a spank or two to tease her before carrying her inside for this hot TF update called Taking Control! These two love to have fun and in this update Yhivi has a ball getting her pussy licked and getting a mouthful of Ryan’s big hard cock…it was all fun and games outside but once they got indoors Ryan gave her the pounding of her life, holding her against the wall as he drilled that wet pussy from behind! Yhivi loves a nice hammering but this was almost more than she could handle, but she held on for dear life as Ryan put her through the wringer…she gagged on his big thick dick, moaned and cried out in pleasure as he penetrated that wet hairy pussy and finally took a big load of cum in her snatch for a nice creampie finish! Yhivi got the full treatment here so to speak, she won’t be walking right for a few days but she definitely got a little after-school education courtesy of that big insatiable dick.

Jaclyn Taylor


Porn fidelity party all ngiht

Well January is like halfway over already but let’s take a peek back at New Years Eve, Porn Fidelity style! Ryan Madison was hanging out with Jaclyn Taylor and they were supposed to head out to a big fancy shindig but when he got a look at those big titties of hers he talked her into sticking around at the house and having their own sexy party all night long! He brought her to the floor and they started making out and fucking right then and there, before heading to the bedroom to get a little more comfy…when midnight struck Ryan popped his cork, shooting a big load of cum in Jaclyn’s mouth for her to swallow down! This girl’s sexy as hell in her lacy panties and crazy strapped up garter belt, it’s no wonder Ryan lost his mind and popped wood when he got a look at Jaclyn getting ready in the bathroom half-dressed! Those huge juicy breasts of hers are like face-magnets apparently, Ryan couldn’t help but dive face-first onto that chest, licking her nipples and then sliding his big hard cock in her wet pussy to make her moan and gasp and ring in the New Year in a big way!

Bronze Boobies


These two Latina honeys were just relaxing on the beach when this dude from Reality Kings showed up and offered them a big stack of cash if they would flash those sweet titties! They of course accepted and when the guy saw how perfect those tits were he invited them back to his hotel room for a nice hard pounding…the girls were hard up for cash and were in the mood for a nice deep dicking so they were more than happy to get into this hot hardcore threesome! These chicks not only have sweet boobies, they also have spectacular asses…nothing hotter than a couple of gorgeous Latina babes showing off those big round booties as they suck cock and get pounded! The girls work that big hard cock of his until finally he shoots a nice load all over both their faces as they share a facial to finish things off here!

Emma Leigh


Sexy busty stunner Emma Leigh was relaxing by the pool in her crazy bikini but after taking a dip and getting wet she found out she was getting wet in her pussy too so she busted out a big black vibrator to fuck herself with! That bikini is nuts, it’s covered with little pink spikes, can you imagine feeling that against your face? It would be a battle between weird-feeling spikes and amazing-feeling titties…Emma’s rack is magnificent! She gets naked in this photoshoot so we get to see those big boobs and her sweet round ass, sliding her dildo up between her big titties before sliding it inside her tight shaved pussy…she can hold the toy between her boobs without using her hands, which is a pretty good party trick. I’m not sure when she slipped on those knee-high boots, if she got into the water wearing them she’s gonna be squishing at every step! This photoset has a bunch of surprises in store, there’s something new to check out every time you look!



Apparently Sabine here has modeled before in black and white but now she’s showing off those huge titties of hers in glorious full color! Those boobs look like you could dive right into them but if you head facefirst for her chest be careful, her armpits look like they’re full of sandpaper stubble and you might end up getting half your face ground down to a nub if you miss your trajectory! Sabine looks pretty proud of those huge soft ripe titties, she’s got a kind of exotic sexy look to her and wears her skirt with a swagger, lifting up her arms to cancel out some of the effects of gravity on those big knockers of hers. If you like big tits and pretty ladies, well my friend this photoshoot might just tickle your fancy and unbuckle your pantsy.

Pale Doll


I’m not sure if Pale Doll is this chick’s modeling nom-de-plume or if it’s just a description but it’s pretty accurate either way! She’s skinny as a rail and looks like she’s never ventured outside (or else she lives in Seattle) wiht her pale fair skin…she’s also got a fantastic ass and we get a nice long look at it in this hot photoshoot! This hottie strips out of her little black thong panties and her sparkily top, showing off that tight firm butt and her perky titties with her black pearl necklace draped over her creamy skin. That pussy of hers looks tight as a vice too, so be careful sliding any fingers or cock or tongue in there! She certainly looks like she’s ready for exactly that to happen, too…she’s got her legs spread and is pulling her tight shaved pussy open with her fingers as she fantasizes about getting fucked by some lucky dude! She even keeps her high heels on, I guess it’s just more comfortable that way for her.

Candy Richards


Sexy ebony hottie Candy Richards is looking incredible in this Show Girlz Exclusive photoshoot, showing off those sweet titties but especially that huge round firm ass of hers! She’s got a spectacular booty and knows it, pulling off her little thong panties and bouncing around for this hot photoset. That big bouncy chocolate badonkadonk is like a dream cum true if you’re into sexy womanly curves…Candy looks sweet as her name implies, throwing some smoldering glances over her shoulder as she teases us with her fat black ass! Sexiness is universal and Candy certainly knows how to bring the hotness. That butt of hers looks like you could just curl up and take a nap on it, can you imagine how comfortable that would be? Sweet dreams indeed!

Kayla Simple & Clean


This is just kind of a change of pace for the site because it’s a girl I have never posted before. Her name is Kayla Kiss and she has a great rack on her. They’re fake titties but man it’s a great boob job there is no denying it. Just taking a look at her galleries it looks like she cams a lot and she pretty much does everythign you want a solo girl to do. There is a gallery of her with a , I mean you see her masturbating and you just can’t deny this thick big titty body is beautiful to look at. On top of the great boobs she has an amazing pussy and a sweet round ass, all in all a great babe to get to know.

Missy Martinez Anal


You got yourself a high quality anal scene right here from Brazzers for you guys and it stars an amazing round ass pornstar named Missy Martinez. I don’t know what it is with girls who like anal and they almost always have great pussies. Another girl that comes to mind is Jynx Maze same thing, great pussy but always does anal. In fact she has done a anal creampie scene today that you guys should check out. Alright back to this scene guys so Missy isn’t just doing anal for like the last part of the video it literally starts out how you see in this image. Missy gets her ass all oiled up and then she sits on his lap so you can get an idea of just how deep that dick of his is going. Then she slips it in her ass and starts giving him a ride. They go in a bunch of different position and then he is always in that ass. He doesn’t cum inside of her though instead he pulls out and nuts on her face and it’s a huge facial too.

Fashion Fantasy


X art fashion model fantasy

If you’ve ever seen a fashion show or seen a gorgeous model in a catalog and fantasized about seeing her naked and working her pussy over, this X-Art update is for you! It features absolute knockout Mila as she lives out a Fashion Fantasy, teasing us with a flip of that dress as she shows a glimpse of her perfect tight little butt before laying down in front of the crackling fireplace and pulling her clothes off to explore and caress her own body! She masturbates to orgasm and looks completely beautiful from beginning to moaning gasping shuddering end…on a site known for their hot models Mila is a cut above! She could seriously look right at home in a lingerie catalog or on the catwalk in a fashion show and here she is getting naked and fucking her sweet wet perfect pussy for us…she’s not self-conscious about having a camera on her while she fingers her hole, I guess all her modeling shoots have prepared her and given her plenty of self-confidence!

Workout Partners


Kacey jordan workout partners passion hd

Beautiful blonde Kacey Jordan is ready to work up a sweat in her second Passion HD update…after her workout she was cooling down and stretching on her yoga ball but when her man saw her he couldn’t resist grabbing that sweet ass of hers and kissing her passionately! Kacey wanted his cock then and there and whipped it out of his pants, sucking and licking him before getting that tight little pussy of hers pounded in this hot scene called Workout Partners…I’d say this counts as their daily aerobics workout! Kacey was in one other update on the site called Sexy Pillow Fight, check that one out when you have a few spare minutes but make sure you watch this new update, Kacey is looking sexy as hell with those perky little boobies and that sweet pussy as she bounces on her guy’s big dick, and he bounces on the yoga ball! Looks like it’s almost time to hit the showers and you can bet these two will be right back at it soon enough. Kacey here has a bit of a weird tan though, not sure how she swung that…either she spraytans or just didn’t bother moving around much as she hung out naked in the sunshine!

Newbie Anal MILF


Mom pov newbie anal milf

At 45 years old this sexy MILF is making her very first adult film here on Mom POV…she’s a little nervous in her introductory interview but soon gets a little more comfortable, talking about her daily masturbation habits and the fact that she feels like she’s way more sexually active at 45 than she was in her 20’s! After getting a look at the way she sucks cock and gets pounded I’d have to agree with her…she’s got an incredible round juicy ass and nice big tits and is sexy as hell from head to toe! She strips down to her g-string and drops to her knees, sucking that cock until he’s hard as a rock before spreading her legs to get that shaved pussy drilled! This mature hottie always loves getting her ass filled up with dick and Mom POV was the perfect place to head for a nice anal pounding…after getting her mouth and pussy and ass fucked in quick succession this horny busty MILF dropped back down to her knees to finish the job, pumping a nice big load of cum out of that hard cock to coat her from chin to hairline for a nice facial ending!

Candace Mazlin Returns


Candace tight schedule on zishy

We saw our first glimpse of beautiful blonde Candace Mazlin on Zishy a few months back (the photoshoot is right here if you missed it) but now she’s back and is rocking the hell out of this pair of tight black sheer stretchpants! Candace has one of the nicest asses around and is defending her title in this photoshoot called Tight Schedule, peeling her pants down a little to flash that butt and slip a hand inside to play with her pussy! I guess she loved getting her picture taken so much she got turned on and just had to masturbate…we get some pictures of Candace stretching out and doing a little yoga, which I guess is how she manages to keep that sweet tight firm figure! Zishy always brings out a girl’s personality in their shoots, that’s one of the things that they always do really well…between that and the gorgeous amateurs and the high quality photography they bring it’s easy to see why they’re getting more and more popular even in this era of streaming video and whatnot! If you’ve ever seen a hot babe on the street in stretchpants and wondered what her ass might look like, well now you can put that mystery to rest because Candace is doing just that!

Alexis Rodriguez


Alexis rodriguez for blackede

Stunning Latina babe Alexis Rodriguez here thought she was just going in for a photoshoot that was gonna be a little bit sexy but not outright naked, she had on her jacket and glasses and a red onesie that looked like a swimsuit but with a thong ass. Well, the photographer started getting turned on by her posing and she saw his enormous cock stiffening in his pants and she just couldn’t help herself, she had to try some of that dark meat! The guy was more than happy to put down the camera and grab that round perfect ass of hers, playing with her titties before getting his big black cock sucked…Alexis could barely fit the thing into her mouth and that got her so turned on her pussy was dripping down her legs! She hadn’t experienced a cock this huge before but went right in, sucking and licking and stroking and fucking it in this hot update from BLACKED! She got her shaved pussy drilled to its limits before getting a huge cream facial that dripped down on her cheeks…all she could do at that point was just lay there in exhaustion, happy and satisfied and ready for round two!

Jade Nile


Povd jade nile check pussy

Just to make sure, when you guys watch POVD scenes you’ve got headphones on right? The sound is just so much better…they use 3d audio for like a surround sound experience to go along with the super high resolution video for immersion fun. Anyway, this update features the beautiful Jade Nile in her first POVD scene, playing checkers with her man on a boring afternoon…I guess the guy won because she started throwing the pieces at him, but they had a bet going and she was gonna honor it! Check that pussy of hers as she strips down and shows off, spreading her legs and finger-fucking herself before giving her man a nice deepthroat blowjob and then going for a ride, taking every inch of his big fat cock in her sweet pussy. It’s all of course in first person perspective too so you can make like it’s your cock sliding in and out of this beautiful pornstar, making her gasp and moan and give a little YES YES YES action…Jade is hot as hell and has nice big perfect tits that bounce around in just the right way as she gets pounded, making this scene a definite winner! Check it out, try not to crank a load onto your monitor if at all possible, pain in the ass to clean.

Bella & Nikki


Bang Bros is really putting on quite a good show with this product. It’s Stepmom Videos and the videos are seriously top notch. Nikki Benz here is trying to suck out some semen from her step daughter’s boyfriends cock before Bella is out of the shower. Well Nikki doesn’t make it happen even this MILFs blowjob skills couldn’t make this guy cum. Anyways it turns out better for everyone because Bella here is gets in on the action and Nikki here hasn’t go her pussy eaten out better then this ever. I bet it’s every MILFs dream to be involved in a threesome like this. It’s not just porn for us men, it’s porn for these lonely MILFs guys! Stepmom Videos is the hottest new site that has came out from Bang Bros and this video is a great example of why this site is really good. If you guys do decide to to actually buy a membership to this site make sure to check out the pictures from this update because you’re going to see Bella here in a gymnast outfit. She has such a great ass and just in general she is hot as fuck isn’t she?

Leggy MILF Swinger


Mom pov leggy milf swinger

This 34 year old hottie has legs for days, a beautiful face, long dark hair and a fantastic ass…apparently her voyage from home to the Mom POV studio was a bit of a bit of a hassle with flat tires and cop troubles and so on, but she made it and man I’m glad she did! She starts things out just lounging on the bed in a tiny blue dress to show off her long gorgeous legs. This horny honey has a ton of fun, she isn’t letting a couple of kids slow her down so she’s been having a great time in her 30’s! She and her husband are swingers, they love having parties with other couples and apparently she likes to walk around naked at parties introducing herself with “I like to suck dick!” and as you can imagine, that tends to go over pretty well. She loves playing with guys, with girls, she’s juust sexually open and enthusiastic and hot as hell! Apparently this leggy MILF swinger has a friend coming by Mom POV not long after this shoot to have some fun too, so maybe we can look forward to getting this hottie back with a friend for a threesome. This hottie starts things off stripping down and giving the guy one of the nicest blowjobs I’ve seen in a long time, licking him up and down and enjoying the hell out of it! She wraps her legs around the guy and gets her sweet wet pussy pounded, then guides the guy’s big hard cock in her tight ass for a nice hard anal pounding. Finishing things off with a big cream facial, this hottie is one of the sexiest updates I’ve seen on Mom POV in a good bit, take a look and see what you think.

Sexy Oil Rubdown


Passion hd sexy oil rubdown

Apparently word is spreading about the sensual deep tissue massages that can be had at the Passion HD massage studio, otherwise known as the dining room…beautiful brunette newcomer Lexi Dona wanted a Sexy Oil Rubdown so she headed in, making out with her masseuse to get things started so to speak! She dropped her towel to show off those sweet perky full breasts and perfect ass, laying on the table for the guy to pour warm oil on her nude body and rub her stress away! Soon Lexi had a mouthful of the guy’s cock, sucking him off while he ran his hands over that tight pussy, making her moan with desire before pounding that wet hole! Lexi loves a nice hard dicking and getting fucked after a massage is like a dream cum true for this hottie…Lexi holds her legs wide open to get penetrated as deep as the guy can muster, moaning and letting her perky breasts bounce to the cadence of his thrusts until finally the guy blasted a massive facial on her that frosted that pretty face from chin to hairline!



Ecg lexi2

Some girls get self-conscious about their bodies and want to keep things under wraps so to speak but then there are women like sexy little goth spinner Lexi here! She’s got a set of fake tits that she obviously loves and probably the sexiest thing in the world is a woman who loves her body. Lexi shows off her blowjob skills as she gets those big titties out, licking and sucking the guy and taking him deep in her throat before spreading her legs to get that tight little pussy drilled! Her favorite position of this Exploited College Girls update is when she sits on the guy’s lap, riding him and bouncing her tight little ass up and down as she takes every inch of that meatstick in her hole. The guy rocks her snatch front and back and left and right before getting pinned to the bed and fucked to orgasm…she cums all over his cock and I guess the guy got so turned on that he was ready to bust a nut too, giving her a huge facial that dripped off her face onto her big fake boobs!

Olive Southard


Olive southard on zishy

Ready for a little look into the world of Olive Southard? It’s a lazy Sunday in the Suburbs and Olive is doing a little shopping…she’s an adorable amateur with a cute smile, pretty eyes, great legs and nice big tits. She also loves teasing and flashing and that makes her perfect for Zishy…check out the fun as Olive relaxes on a public bench outside a stripmall, lifting up her long legs to give a tantalizing glimpse of those cute little panties with some upskirt looks…then she heads to the park to relax on the grass, letting her dress ride up and teasing with her pussy and that sweet round ass of hers! Olive even lets her big tits peek out a little and looks sexy as hell…one of the things Zishy does great is to keep some things in the imagination, it can be a little frustrating at times but really it’s way sexier if you ask me than if the girls were just flat-out naked and showing every inch of their tits and pussies and whatnot! I do wish though that we got to see a little more of Olive, she’s got a great body…maybe next time.

Peyton Rain


Nice heart shaped ass is smiling at you guys right now LOL. This is a new black girl I wanted to share with you guys I found her over at my favorite black site. Her name is Peyton Rain and she has a perfect tight pussy as you can see here and man that ass of hers is amazing. The girl is making her first porn appearance for a site we all know and love Round and Brown. You probably should know that it is part of the Reality Kings network so you get access to it and a bunch of other sites. There isn’t much to this video it’s a hot girl showing off her named body and then she fucks a guy simple as that. It’s a cumshot ending, she has her ankles on his shoulder and he is must pounding away and he had to pull out quick and then cum on her tits / stomach.

Josie Jagger


Josie jagger on exotic 4k

Some women get a little self conscious or uncomfortable in front of the camera, and then there are women like Josie Jagger here! She becomes an absolute Shutter Slut anytime someone points the camera in her direction and hey why not, she’s got a lot of hotness to show off! In this Exotic4k update she teases the camera, sensually moving that beautiful body around and playing with her big boobs and shaking that juicy ass before getting naked and oiling herself up! I guess her plan worked if she was trying to seduce the cameraman because soon he’s all over that pussy of hers playing with her clit and sliding his big fat cock in her mouth before giving her a huge deep pussy pounding! That ass provides some nice cushion as he drills this hottie, sending those big bouncy soft breasts for a ride as she moaned her way to orgasm. This is Josie’s first time on Exotic4k but she’s a natural for the site, I’m not even sure what nationality she is but she is incredibly sexy and that transcends any national borders if you ask me! She gets her shaved wet hole pounded and filled up with dick as she wraps her legs around the dude until finally he gives her a cream facial to finish things off. Exotic4k always has incredibly high resolution video and high quality photos and this update is no exception, check out the crystal clear action and see what you think!

Fuck Me Harder


Colette fuck me harder

Having these two hotties making out and getting naked like lesbians together is already plenty of goodness for a fun update but Colette takes it a step beyond in this scene they call Fuck Me Harder! Riley Reid and Anikka Albrite got into some naughty fun together, stripping each other down to show off those tight sweet bodies as they kissed and caressed and explored with their fingers and tongues and lips…the heat got cranked up though when their guy pal joined in on the action, turning it into a hardcore threeway! Colette has some of the sexiest women in the business, oftentimes they’re from the Czech Republic or somewhere else in that area but Riley and Anikka are both from the good ol’ US of A! They’re both sexy as hell, so whether you’re into brunettes or blondes they’ve got you covered…perky titties galore, two sweet perfect asses, nice tight wet pussies, what’s not to love about this terrific twosome? They certainly seem to get along well together, sharing that cock as the guy pounds them one after the other and then blasting them both with a nice facial finish!



Chelsea for casting couch dh

It’s always nice when a site like Casting Couch HD has a chick show up who has a nice sexy curvy body…a little extra cushion for the pushin never hurt anybody, know what I mean? I think too many of these sites end up using amateurs who have basically supermodel type bodies, like rail thin with petite boobies and thigh gaps you could throw a baseball through. Chelsea here has nice thick thighs, a big round juicy ass, sweet big bouncy titties and a fantastic attitude! She showed up ready to be a backup dancer for a hiphop music video but when the guy explained that she’d be expected to be a ‘companion’ for some of the rapper stars that would be around and that she’d have to show she had what it takes to make them happy, she was down to do whatever! She undressed, sliding those sheer panties down and then taking the guy’s big thick hard dick in her mouth before getting her nice wet pussy pounded! This guy Chris loves to give these chicks a nice working over with his big black cock and Chelsea takes every inch as she gets on her hands and knees with that sweet butt in the air. She got fucked nice and hard here before getting back down on her knees, getting a nice big facial that dripped down onto her big breasts!

Candace Leilani


Candace Leilani here is beautiful and elegant and sexy as hell, but would you expect any less from a Playboy cybergirl of the month? I never really liked that title much by the way, it makes it sound like the girls are half robots or something. As cool as that would be, it’s not quite as sexy as a 100% flesh and blood hottie, so it’s a good thing the title doesn’t match the content. Candace here is hanging out on a plush shag carpet (are those still around? crazy) in her white high heels and that’s about it, showing off her huge perfect breasts and sweet round ass, not to mention her sexy shaved pussy as she spreads her legs and slides her hands over her skin! Glossy black hair, gorgeous face, amazing body, this girl’s something special alright and it’s no wonder Playboy is featuring her on their site.

Destiny and Aspen


It’s always nice to see a couple of girls team up for a photoshoot only to find that they have a hell of a chemistry and sexual attraction! Destiny and Aspen here had never posed together before but in no time they were helping each other out of their clothes and kissing and exploring their bodies with their fingers…they threw some shy smiles towards the camera but I get the feeling they were just waiting for the photographer to leave the room so they could figure out just what was in the cards for this newfound connection! Man, check out those perfect perky breasts these girls have…they both have amazing bodies, it would be a pleasure to see just one of them in the nude like this so having both at once is like having dessert for dinner (but without the tummyache)!



I don’t know if this can even be classified as a miniskirt to be honest, it’s more like a belt that Cassandra pushed down a little to partially cover that sweet butt of hers! I guess she agreed because soon it was just not even necessary, she ended up sliding it all the way down her legs to reveal that booty in all its glory, not to mention those sweet perky breasts of hers after she popped her bra off! Cassandra looks sexy as hell in her bra and skirt but she’s one of those girls who looks even better out of clothes than in them, if you follow me. Some girls just lose a little something when they’re in the nude, like the clothes are supporting or shaping or something and then the truth comes out and whoops! Not the case with Cassandra here though, she’s proud of her body and it looks fantastic, it goes great with that long sexy soft dark hair framing her lovely face.

Kate Winn


This girl’s nake is Kate Winn but the winner is whoever gets to sit across from her on the public transportation she’s taking! Looks like a bus or train or something, it’s hard to say, but it is very public and Kate is just going to town after lifting up her legs and letting her skirt ride up to show her lack of panties…she flashes that sweet shaved pussy a bit before letting her fingers wander down to play a little hand-hockey with her clit, masturbating as the train traveled right through town for anyone to see! This blonde hottie is classy and fashionable and apparently horny as hell, the kind of girl you always dream of seeing play with herself in public! Hell of a way to spice up a boring commute, that’s for sure.

Charli XCX


I guess I’m not all that up on my British pop stars because I had no idea who Charli XCX was…it’s pretty obvious she’s a performer given the microphone in the picture but I didn’t realize she was a pretty big deal in the UK. All I knew was that she was singing on stage and wearing a cheerleader outfit with her skirt flipping up to give a little flash of her white panties and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that! I don’t know what it is about cheerleaders, they just always have had a sort of magical sexual allure…it’s a surefire way to crank up the sex appeal. This Charli XCX chick looks like she could actually be a cheerleader too, she’s got those strong legs (I’d guess she’s a dancer as well as a singer) and long glossy way dark hair, not to mention a hot face and some spunky attitude as she pops her booty out like that!

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