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Keisha Grey


Keisha grey porn pros pussy pillows

In case you’re wondering who to send a thank-you card to for this hot hardcore fuck scene, just write Porn Pros on the envelope! They’re presenting this update from the site Real ExGirlfriends featuring the lovely Keisha Grey as she relaxes in bed in her little bootyshorts and lacy white bra, showing off those big juicy perfect titties and her sweet wet pink pussy! This guy gives that cunt of hers a nice tongueing to make her moan before she takes over, sucking his big dick and then going for a ride on it sliding that sweet wet hole up and down with her perfect juicy ass bouncing with the rhythm! The name of the update is Pillows and Pussy and Keisha looks incredibly sexy…this girl is just incredible, her body is just made for fun and in honor of the upcoming Valentines Day she has her pubic hair trimmed into a heart! Keisha loves getting her pussy pleasured and this guy does a fine job of it with his tongue and that big thick dick of his…some women you can just tell they would be a blast to take a roll in the sheets with and Keisha is definitely of them! Beautiful face, adorable smile, sexy sweet body, she’s just got it all.

Lily XO


I don’t know why Lily XO looks so furious in these photos, maybe that’s just her fierce-sexy face or something…she’s got her fishnet bodystocking on and it looks fantastic on her of course, especially when she gets on her hands and knees wiht that sweet round ass in the air! Lily has sweet big titties, a nice juicy butt and apparently a whole lot of fury…she looks like if you hopped into bed with her right now she would absolutely tear you up and you’d probably be loving every sweet second of it! Sometimes you know you’re gonna be coming out of the bedroom with a few more bruises than you had going in and that’s just the way it has to be…well, Lily XO is one of those women who you know is gonna put you through the wringer!

Brittany Marie


This brunette babe Brittany Marie has a gorgeous girl-next-door look to her, she looks like she could be that hot neighbor chick who you always wave to but never got up the gumption to ask out on a date…well now you can see what she looks like naked, as Brittany slips off her tank top and that frilly skirt to show off her perfect round perky firm breasts and that sweet tight little ass of hers! She just looks stunning as hell, I don’t know if it’s her big beautiful eyes or those sexy hips or what but she does look nothing short of amazing in these photos. These shots were taken like out in a back yard, so going back to the girl next door thing maybe she’s out in her yard setting up her camera to take some timed self portraits while you watch out your bedroom window…I like where this is going!

Rita Ora


Well to be honest this feels like it’s sort of scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of celebrity upskirt paparazzi shots…Rita Ora is pretty hot there’s no doubt about it but like you can’t really see anything titillating in this shot of her performing with Iggy Azalea. She does have nice strong legs though, they look like they could pop your head off if you had your face between her thighs and she got a little excited! Between the two of them though I mean obviously you’d have to pick Iggy, she’s sexy as hell with those big tits and man oh man that round juicy booty of hers is like something out of mythology! These two make quite the pair, whether you dig their music or not you’ve gotta admit they’re pretty damn sexy. Next time though I hope if there’s an upskirt shot of Rita she’s like not wearing panties or something like that.

Cara Brett


Sexy gorgeous blonde Cara Brett is single-handedly bringing back the red one-piece swimsuit in this hot photoshoot! That kind of bathing suit sort of went out of fashion I think after the heyday of Baywatch but it’s women like this that are gonna bring it back to the forefront! Cara has incredible big round full fake tits and a stunning face, and of course that platinum blonde hair looks gorgeous on her too. She’s relaxing in the pool up on the rooftop of her penthouse suite, letting the top of her bathing suit slip down to get those huge boobs out to play! She seems like she loves em, staring down and playing with them and of course taking them for a dip in the pool to get those titties all wet and slippery and looking hot as hell.



It’s photoshoots like this one that make me really miss the Summer…it’s cold and rainy and shitty outside but in this photoshoot Yarina is hanging out on the beach, feeling the warm sun on her skin as she lets those perky sweet titties pop out of her wet top while she rolls around on the sand in the shallows! Actually this may well have been photographed in the winter, look at how pert those nipples are…she looks like she must be freezing cold! This brunette hottie has a great body, with nice long legs and a perfect ass and a sweet tight little pussy…she’s just sexy as hell and is about to blow someone’s mind if they go for a walk on the beach at just the right time!

Keisha Grey Anal


BIG DAY in porn, BIG DAY! The beautiful Keisha Grey has finally done it she is doing anal sex now and the first site to get her to do it is Hard-X. They must have paid her a boat load of cash to get her to take it up that perfect round ass of hers. She is one of our favorite pornstars here because of course that nice ass but man does she has amazing full natural tits as well. The girl has done so many scenes and she just never would take a butt fucking, she likes anal play and what not but she just never do it, that wait is over. She starts off in a black sling bikini that really shows off her curves and then she starts getting ready for her anal scene with oil and using a butt plug to get in the mood. This being her first anal sex scene you thing the guy would take it slow but that’s not how Keisha rolls. She let this guy have his wake fucking her pussy as hard as he wants while she just rubs on that hairy tight pussy of hers. In the end he has her up against the wall fucking her hard doggystyle and pulls it out of her ass and nuts all over that big beautiful ass of hers.

Teen Valentine


Passion hd teen valentine dakota skye

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen gorgeous exotic Dakota Skye on Passion HD, I think her most recent scene there was back in early December…well now she’s back and is looking of course fucking spectacular with that tight sexy spinner body of hers, slipping out of her little meshy white top and panties and flashing her tight pink pussy and perky petite boobies! She’s a Teen Valentine and is going to make your dreams cum true…at least she will if your dream is of a gorgeous blonde spinner with a tight nubile body and a taste for cock, that is! Dakota takes a nice bath here and her man shows up halfway through, scattering rose petals into the water and kissing her passionately before heading to the couch in the living room…Dakota gets busy sucking dick and driving him crazy before spreading those smooth sexy legs, taking his big dick deep in her tight little teen cunt to get a good hard fucking! I don’t know if Dakota is half-Asian or what but she’s got those beautiful exotic eyes and a unique look to her and is just sexy as hell from toes to tip!

Big Tits Deep Throat


Fhd big tits deep throat peta jensen

I would think the number of guys who HAVEN’T had a fantasy about a big tittied beautiful babe sucking cock and getting fucked would be just about nil…well, it’s coming true in this Fantasy HD update! I mean you can talk about big tits but when you start dealing with the chestpillows that Peta Jensen here is packing it’s a whole different ballgame! Peta starts things off licking a popsicle and then whips off her bikini top to unleash those enormous melons of hers…she’s seriously got some of the nicest big fake breasts I can remember seeing in a long damn time and trust me on this site I have seen a whooole lot of tits. This guy slides his cock into Peta’s mouth for a nice deepthroat blowjob, fucking her face and of course sliding his dick in and out between her boobs…I mean when you’re presented with a pair of incredible tits like these how can you not do some tittyfucking? He gives her pussy a nice deep pounding as well, sliding inside that wet shaved pussy of hers before busting a facial on her that frosts her pretty face from chin to hairline!

Renee Roulette


Tiny4k renee roulette

Man, talk about good things coming in small packages! That should really be the offiical motto of Tiny4k because these girls are cute little spinners getting pounded by the biggest fattest dicks they can find…for instance, newcomer cutie Renee Roulette here who shows off those perky little petite boobies with pierced nipples before taking this guy’s hard dick deep in her tight little cunt! Renee is cute as hell with that smile of hers, not to mention her nice pert butt and that pink wet pussy. Her man gets his big thick dick licked up and down and then gets his dick wet as Renee bends over with her butt in the air, taking him to the hilt and moaning as her pussy gets filled! I’m surprised she can even manage to fit that cock in her tight little hole, it’s quite the tight fit but somehow she manages. Just goes to show, put your mind to it and you can do almost anything! I know sometimes that little bon mot is used to encourage people to follow their dreams and work hard in school and stuff but hey, it applies to Renee stuffing a big fat dick in her little fuckslit too!

Silky Smooth MILF


Silky smooth milf on mom pov

This MILF is 47 years old, a mother of 4 and has one of the smoothest silkiest voices you’ll ever hear! She used to own her own business but recently sold it and now she’s ready to get out and have a little fun and doing her very first adult video on Mom POV is a hell of a first step! She’s got a favorite toy that she calls Sally that she says no other toy even comes close to comparing to…I don’t think she deploys Sally in this Mom POV scene but she does have this weird like vibrator-on-a-stick or something that she uses to buzz her clit while she gets her ass fucked! That’s right, this horny mature kinky-haired babe gets a good deep anal pounding in this scene, I guess she doesn’t mind pushing the envelope so to speak or else it’s just been awhile since she’s had such a good fucking and she wants to take things to the limit! Either way she gets drilled in that sexy wet pussy and also in her tight backdoor, moaning as the guy shoves his big dick in and out until finally busting his nut in her vagina for a nice creampie! Oh did I happen to mention that she’s got a pair of big bouncy full titties that jiggle and gyrate as she gets pounded? Well, she does!

The Studio Part IV


Colette the studio part iv

Get ready for two of the hottest women in the world! In the Colette update Mila and The Red Fox tied up Angelica to have their way with her…now we’re on to The Studio Part IV and this time Angelica and Red are teaming up together to take on Angelica’s lucky-ass boyfriend Ben! Their hardcore photoshoot had naturally gotten these two gorgeous girls all hot and bothered so when he showed up to pick up his girlfriend from the shoot they basically jumped on him, sitting him naked in a chair with his hands tied and taking turns licking and sucking and fucking his cock while he did his best not to bust a load every two seconds! These girls are both jaw-droppers, absolutely red hot from head to toe…it would be hard to pick which one is hotter, Angelica has the face but The Red Fox has the tits if you ask me…luckily in this Colette update we don’t have to pick, we get to enjoy them both!

Maybe Yes


Maybe yes on x art

No your eyes aren’t tricking you and no you aren’t still asleep and dreaming, this is indeed the beautiful Caprice back for another red hot hardcore shoot for X Art! She and her man were asleep in bed but he was having some mighty naughty thoughts…he whispered in her ear what he was thinking about and wanted to know if she was down to clown, and her response was “Maybe…Yes!” which as you may or may not have guessed is the title of this X Art scene. Pretty clever of me to fit that in like this, right? Anyway, she was of course down for the idea of a hot roll in the sheets and was off to the races, getting her pussy fingered and then getting on her hands and knees to have her perfect slit and her ass licked from behind before her guy slid his cock inside, fucking that tight wet hole and taking her down to a sort of sideways doggystyle position to penetrate Caprice as deep as he could before shooting his load inside for a creampie…I just can’t get over how sexy Caprice is, she just gets hotter and hotter every damn time we see her!

Dillion Harper Giant Toy Giant Cock


Tiny4k dillion harper giant cokc

It takes quite a bit to satisfy a gorgeous pornstar like Dillion Harper here…she’s got some of the best tits in the industry, a drop dead gorgeous face, perfect ass and a pussy that demands attention! In this Tiny4k update called Giant Toy, Giant Cock Dillion shows the proper way to make that body of hers hum as she shakes her big boobs around, dances a bit and shows off every inch of her flawless body before her man shows up to do his thing! He licks her ass, grabs her titties and gets that pussy all wet and worked up before impaling her on his big thick cock! Dillion looks like she’s holding on for dear life as he rams her with that huge dick, making her boobs bounce with the rhythm as he fucks that tight beautiful spinner in all kinds of fun positions before shooting his load of cum into her mouth and all over her tits and face. Tiny4k has some of the hottest models in the business and in the full quality version of the videos in the members area the resolution is fucking incredible, it’s crystal clear HD and really does make you feel like you’re right there in the room!

Nude Jogger


It’s been a little while since we checked in with Ernie’s House of Whoopass, better known as EHOWA! Ernie busts out a fun and educational blog just about every day talking about whatever the shit he wants to talk about…and since he sprinkles in pictures of gorgeous naked amateurs here and there it makes for very stimulating reading so to speak! He also does a little scavenger hunt type thing now and again, such as the gorgeous nude babe walking around in public in the thumbnail up above…you’re supposed to figure out where in the world the picture was taken and I’d imagine that this one would be pretty easy given the signs and stuff behind the girl. I haven’t been able to make my eyes travel over in that direction far enough to read them though, I’ve been a little distracted for some strange reason. Man those tits are incredible and from what I can see, she’s got a drop dead gorgeous face too.

Kari Sweets


Check out these hot photos of Kari Sweets fresh out of the shower relaxing in her pink panties and button-up shirt! She looks like she’s having a blast just hanging out half-dressed, teasing us with those sweet titties and of course her famous round cute spankable ass…that smile is adorable, too! Imagine sliding your hand down over those hips, taking her little pink panties along for the ride and unveiling that sweet tight pussy as Kari grins up at you! She’s sexy as hell and looks like she’s ready for some fun as she takes off her underwear to hang out basically naked, waiting for some lucky guy pal to come along and take that snatch for a ride. She may have just gotten out of the shower and is all squeaky clean but she’s definitely coming up with some very dirty ideas!

Busty Bride Christy Marks


I know there’s a thing about ‘waiting unitl you’re married’ but man oh man can you imagine how hard that would have been for a guy dating or engaged to this gorgeous busty babe Christy Marks? At last she’s all wedded up and is in the bridal suite with flowers and her lacy lingerie on and those huge full bouncy soft titties of hers are ready to take center stage! Christy looks amazing in her white lingerie with thigh high stockings, especially when she unleashes those huge boobs and squishes them together with a grin. Just imagine diving right between those tits, burying your face between them and feeling her soft womanly curves as you introduce her to the wonders of married life! Either that or she’s just dressing up as a bride as a bit of roleplay fun and you two are about to fuck the hell out of each other like you do every night, no wedding required.



When you ask a guy what the most attractive, sexiest physical parts of a woman are he’s probably going to mention the obvious ones…ass, tits, face, legs, stuff like that. Well I just want to raise public awareness about a bodypart of a woman that is absolutely fucking hot when it looks good and kinda yeesh when it doesn’t and that is the hips! Jenn here for instance has holy shit fucking amazing hips and she is looking gorgeous as you can see. Well obviously that’s not JUST her hips contributing to that, she’s beautiful and has perfect big breasts and is wearing skimpy little panties and in this photoshoot is pulling off her lacy red shirt thing to hang out topless, but still I mean cmon, look at those hips! This girl is a fucking knockout. She’s pretty much just teasing us in these photos, we don’t get to see quite as much of that body as we all want but I mean hey that’s sort of the point of pictures like this, they keep your interest but leave a little to the imagination and leave you wanting more!

Sara & Daisy


The girl getting her ass licked in this scene really needs to make up what her mind is in porn. She has gone by Daisy Haze and Daisy Summers. I am going to go look up what her twitter account is right now put this thing to rest, please hold… Alright so her account is so I think that kind of puts this whole thing to rest, I now have to set that up right on the site. Anyways for all the extra work Daisy is making me do she is worth it. She is just straight up beautiful and seeing her have lesbian sex with Sara Luvv is really just fun. These girls are not making a lesbian porn, they’re just having lesbian sex. There is a big difference trust me. They’re all about pleasure in this scene and don’t really care about the camera. Both girls are really petite, with small tits but they have the same trait and that is they have these big ass for their petite body.

Alexis Adams Through The Glass


Povd through the glass alexis adams

I’m pretty sure Alexis Adams has set a new record here, with her seventh (yep, 7!!) scene for the site POVD! They knew they had a winner on their hands and they’re definitely giving her some fun screentime in this new update called Through The Glass as we join Alexis in the bathroom while she takes a shower, with her licking the glass for some reason. Soon she was out of the shower and onto your cock in first person perspective, getting that sweet perfect pussy pounded with her big juicy firm full titties bouncing around like crazy! Alexis looks incredible as always, it’s no wonder they keep bringing her back for more red hot hardcore fuck scenes. Is it my imagination or do those tits and that ass of hers just keep getting hotter and more perfect with every hardcore scene Alexis does? I don’t want to list out each and every one of her previous POVD scenes but I’ll bust out just a few, you’ll have to do your own research for the rest. Here’s one hot scene and here’s another, you can use the search field up in the top right of this site to find other ones from this gorgeous horny hottie!



Jade on exploited college girls

One look at this gorgeous Asian babe Jade and you’ll see why she just about blew this guy’s mind in her Exploited College Girls update…she’s a stunner with a beautiful lean body, has nice perky b-cup breasts and a cute little ass that looks like a dream! Her pride and joy though is that incredibly tight little pussy of hers…when Jay slides his big rock-hard dick inside that wet hole he can barely keep from blasting her right off with an instant cumshot like a paper wrapper on a straw when you blow into the other end! Somehow he holds on and gives Jade a nice (albeit pretty brief, for him) hard pounding before finally blasting off and giving her a nice deep creampie. She could probably have pulled his cock right off his body with that tight little cunt of hers, but luckily she had mercy and resisted the temptation! This girl is certainly one of the hottest models I’ve seen on Exploited College Girls, and if you don’t believe me just look at those sweet titties of hers as she gets that vicegrip of a pussy fucked.

B Attacks Pen


B attacks pen on casting couch hd

Man, this sexy redhead Penelope aka Pen just can’t get enough on Casting Couch HD! She’s back for her third “audition”, you might remember her first two hot scenes…if you missed out somehow here’s scene1 where Pen got pounded by Chris’s big hard cock, and here’s scene2 where Pen got doubled up taking two huge black cocks at the same time! For her third time around, this chick B turns it into an Attack video as she turns the ‘audition’ into a full-on lesbian fuck scene. Pen knows pretty much how things go by now so it didn’t take B much time to talk her out of her clothes and onto her tits! B is a gorgeous ebony hottie with a blonde wig, perfect tits and a mighty sweet ass and pussy if you ask me…I guess Pen agreed because she had no problem getting naked and showing she knew how to take care of a wet cunt as well as a big hard cock. Casting Couch HD wouldn’t be the same without the girls both betting pounded though so don’t worry, they both get busy sucking and fucking that huge black dick of his! Pen has incredible big tits and a perfect ass, her bangs are pretty crazy when she gets fucked and look like they’re about to explode off her head! Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing this sexy busty redhead again for round four, you never know.

Alice Green Backdoor Babe


Passion hd backdoor babe

Get ready for some hot redhead anal pounding action as beautiful Alice Green returns to Passion HD, peeling off her panties and playing with one of her favorite toys…she slides it in and out of that sweet ass when her man showed up and found her, offering to replace her toy with his big hard dick if she wanted a taste of the real deal! Alice is a backdoor babe for sure and was in the mood for some anal love so she sucked the guy until he was rock hard, then lowered her tight pucker on his dick and rode him! That sweet round smooth ass of hers bounced up and down as she took him deep in her hole, moaning as he got harder and thicker and finally shot an anal creampie filling her up with cum! If you missed out on her first Passion HD scene you’re in for a treat, especially if you like the butt fuckin…Alice loves getting that ass pounded, apparently, she’s a big fan of anal bliss! I guess some girls just love getting their asses fucked, and the fact that Alice not only loves anal but is also hot as hell and is ALSO a sexy redhead means she just hit the triple crown of porn!

Yvette Nolot


Yvette nolot on zishy

Say hi to adorable Yvette Nolot as she traipses around the U of A campus in this Zishy photoshoot! This girl is cute as hell and has a sweet tight sexy body, which we get to see some tantalizing flashes of as she jumps around with her skirt flying up to show off that round ass and panties, and pops open her shirt to flash those perky teen titties! Yvette has that cute girl-next-door look and has a great time bouncing around, showing off her flexibility as she spreads those long lean sexy smooth legs…Yvette loves to flash her panties and doesn’t mind when passersby stare at her and in this photoshoot she’s getting plenty of attention. I don’t know why U of A doesn’t use this photoshoot as a recruitment brochure or whatever for prospective freshmen, I would think their enrollment would go through the roof!

Kate England


Kate england on teen fidelity

Ryan Madison made it about three hands into this game of strip poker he was playing with his stepdaughter Kate England in this Teen Fidelity update! Once her pants came off and he got a look at those cute pink panties of hers and the way her nipples were standing out under her shirt he was driven crazy with lust and before you know it he had his big hard dick in her mouth! This gorgeous blonde gave him a fantastic blowjob with her tank top still on before bending over on the counter to get that teen pussy filled up with his cock…Ryan gave Kate a nice deep pounding before shooting his load of cum in that horny teen pussy, making her moan and gasp with pleasure! Kate is a stunner, she’s got beautiful eyes and those titties of hers are pretty fantastic as well, especially with her nipples straining against the thin fabric of her shirt like that. The name of this Teen Fidelity scene is Daddy Poke-Her and she definitely got the better of her stepdad in this little game…I think Ryan was more than happy to provide the ‘inside straight’ if you catch my drift, making her teen cunt a ‘full house’ before giving her a ‘flush’ with a nice big creampie finish! She’s even got a great ‘pair’, to keep that little poker reference train a-rollin.

Chloe Amour Deep Inside


Tiny4k chloe amour deep inside

Who in this big dumb wide world WOULDN’T want to get deep inside Chloe Amour? Well I guess gay guys and hetero women might not want to but even that is debatable…this exotic beautiful babe is just incredibly sexy from head to toe and in this Tiny4k update we get to see every inch of that red hot body! This is her second time on the site, we saw her getting a sensual oil massage before but now she’s in an all-out fuck session with her lucky guy pal! Chloe starts off dancing the night away in her furry top and pink pants before stripping down, showing off that tight ass and those nice perky titties before taking her man’s big dick deep in her throat and then going for a nice hard ride! It’s hard to even believe she was able to take that big cock in her little hole but that’s just what happens here on Tiny4k and of course it’s all in incredibly high resolution video for you to enjoy so get your clicking-finger busy and get to it already! It’s always a treat to see beautiful Chloe Amour getting that pussy pounded, she always has a blast getting fucked and of course we always have a blast watching it happen.

Ashley Adams


Tiny4k ashley adams

Get ready for another adorable spinner getting naked and getting fucked on Tiny4k! This time we’ve got energetic teen slut Ashley Adams, she’s so full of beans she’s jumping all over the bedroom at the beginning of her debut Tiny4k scene, her big perfect soft boobs bouncing right out of her little shirt! Ashley looks incredible, she’s cute as hell and those tits of hers are seriously just plain perfect…they’re big enough to go for an amazing bouncy ride as she gets her little teen pussy pounded, but not so big that they fall down if you catch my meaning! Ashley enjoys every second of this hot hardcore fuck session, sucking her man’s huge thick dick before getting that sweet pussy licked and spelunked…she keeps her knee-high socks on as she gets fucked, which is pretty hot if you ask me. The guy ends up pulling out of her cunt and blasting his load of cum all over her face and onto those big soft tits, as a way to say welcome aboard the site to this hottie! Always nice to see another beautiful teen babe with big perfect boobs and a nice ass, especially when she’s overflowing with sexual energy like Ashely Adams here.

Sexy Therapy


Blonde MILF Wifey here is the hottest therapist you may ever have seen…I hope she’s not providing therapy for sex addicts because if so they’ll never break their addiction! Especially if she gets those huge full titties out like she’s doing in this video from her Wifeys World site, then getting nearly naked in her full body net suit and getting her MILF pussy pounded! She’s got these weird boxes covered with cow skin or something and she hops on top of them on her hands and knees to get her wet cunt drilled doggystyle, those huge breasts swinging with every thrust of her man’s big dick!

Layna Landry


Gird your loins for hotness as Layna Landry lifts up that skirt to show her sexy legs and skimpy little panties, showing off her gorgeous curves before grabbing her man’s cock for this Reality Kings shoot! He’s got a massive dick and Layna was just the babe to take care of it as she gets her big tits out and goes for a ride, arching her back like a contortionist as she gets fucked! From the look on her face you can tell she’s down for this big D and is having a blast, her huge boobs bouncing up and down as the guy buries that big meat stick to the hilt in her wet snatch. This girl is stacked in the back and the front and puts every inch to work getting pounded for this hot hardcore scene!

Rachel Williams


Check out this UK beauty named Rachel Williams as she slips off her sweater to unleash those incredible big perfect breasts of hers upon the world! She’s gorgeous with long dark hair, sexy seductive eyes and man oh man those tits are showstoppers. For the full effect of sexy you’ll have to imagine Rachel speaking with an English accent as she shakes those big melons and flashes that incredible smile of hers. She may have an ass like a plank of wood but she’s got all the curves she needs right there on her chest! Some women have it in the front, some have it in the back, some have it all over, but every woman is sexy in her own way…Rachel Williams just happens to be sexier than like 99% of the rest!

Khloe Terae


It’s nearly Valentines Day and beautiful Khloe Terae is showing her support for the holiday in this photoshoot from Playboy, relaxing by the pool in her sexy red bikini with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses as she plays around with a giant swan inflatable! Man, that thing looks dope…I’d imagine you could float around on a river on it and feel like you’re in the Lord of the Rings or something. Khloe isn’t doing any cosplay here though, she’s just relaxing and getting naked, showing off those big round probably-fake tits and her sweet firm ass! With her red sunglasses and red lipstick this chick pretty much personifies Valentines Day if you ask me.



When I first saw sexy Celeste here I thought she was Sarah Silverman, she’s got the same strong eyebrows and big dark eyes and long dark hair…Celeste is fucking gorgeous in this Playboy photoshoot, she’s pulling down her top to show off those big perfect tits and lounging in her punk leather pants on the couch, then pulling those off as well to show her thong panties that cling to every curve of her sweet tight ass! Of course Playboy always has the hottest women in the world and they definitely kept that up in this shoot…if you’ve got a craving for a sexy rocker girl with a fierce attitude and amazingly hot body this chick Celeste will fill that need and then some!

Jenny (Chichi)


This is Jenny from Private Casting X but that’s not her real name. That’s her name for all those chumps out there that don’t watch 8 hours of porn a day! I know this bitches name and it’s Chichi Medina. One sexy ass girl that really doesn’t have that much porn out of her. The only other videos I can find so you may as well just go over there and check them at there is 3 as of now. So this was Chichi’s very first porn scene she though she was just answering an ad on craigslist of a guy who wanted to fuck girls and film them for his own personal enjoyment. That’s how a lot of these girls start, it pays the same and you don’t get all your stuff posted on the Internet. Well this guy doesn’t exactly keep his stuff private he has his own website Private Casting X as I mentioned earlier. So what happened is “Jenny” or Chichi whatever you want to call her saw that her shit was posted online and instead of trying to take it down which never ever happens she just embraced it and became a pornstar. She is a sexy little thing with a petite body, nice small titties and she is Latina I am almost 100% sure on that.

Yea, That’s Nice


I just saw this picture and figured that if I like all of you are probably going to like it. It’s of a girl you guys know she used to be called Ivy Snow but now I think she is all on her own and she is just known as Ivy Jean. So this girl really does run her own website and it looks like she isn’t going to let us porn sites use any of her videos so if you want to see her in video you’re just going to have to join her site. Just judging from all I am going to say that she doesn’t allow a lot of pictures anyways. The good thing about her though is she is really artisitic so every picture she does put out is like really really good. Instead of those galleries I post where like 50% of the images are all very similar I would say the same isn’t true here. In this scene she is wearing this United States flag bathing suit maybe? Anyways her ass looks fucking fantastic doesn’t it, she knows that booty of hers is banging, anyways check her out she is hot.

Ashley Graham


Ashley graham on porn fidelity

Well you know that Porn Fidelity is always flying in gorgeous glamourous pornstars but what do they do when they’re fresh out of hotties and have to make do with notties? Easy…Ryan Madison hits the streets and looks for some streetwalking ho to bring back to his motel room and drill! Actually this is Ashley Graham, she’s no streetwalker but she plays the part well wandering around in this Porn Fidelity update called Walk the Streets, getting her pink top and little black strappy panties tugged down before taking on Ryan’s unstoppable insatiable cock! Ashley looks up with those pretty eyes, her makeup smearing down her face from the tears of deepthroating that dick, before getting her huge tits out and spreading her legs to take that cock to the hilt. Ryan gives that pussy a nice hard pounding, holding her legs spread wide open to get as deep as he could into that hole…he shot a nice big creampie in her hole and then used a, um, pussy pump I guess, to bring his jizz back out of her cunt and drip it all over the carpet.

Curvy Southern MILF


Mom pov horny southern milf

Oh man I am so glad they brought this chick onto Mom POV! Unlike their previous upate this is a legitimate MILF, she’s 50 years old with three kids and looks hot as hell…she’s a Southern belle with an adorable accent and just about as country as they come, she sounds a little like Dolly Parton if you ask me and actually she mentions that very fact! She also has huge 34DD boobs so that’s a little like Dolly as well…she’s here to do her very first adult video and man, she did it up right. This horny hottie keeps her thigh high fishnet stockings on as she sucks this guy’s cock with her big tits out, then hops onto the bed and spreads her legs to get that wet meaty pussy drilled! Those breasts go for a mesmerizing bouncy ride as she gets fucked, swinging and bouncing with every stroke…I guess this babe has picked up a few tricks over the years, she gives this guy’s cock a run for its money for this red hot mature update before finally getting on her knees to get a big cream facial finish!

Krissy Lynn


Krissy lynn on pawg

It’s been quite a while since we saw beautiful Krissy Lynn on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal, in fact a couple years…now she’s back on the Bang and is on another one of their sites, PAWG to be specific which in case you didn’t already know stands for Phat Ass White Girl! Krissy definitely fits the bill for that title, she’s got an amazing big round juicy booty that already looked good enough to eat before this guy put some ice cream on it! It got things a little messy but man oh man that butt cannot be denied…it’s a wonder the ice cream even lasted for a split second, with the hotness of that badonkadonk! Well after getting icecreamed Krissy got down to work, bending over to get that pussy of hers pounded and then taking a nice anal drilling as well! She keeps her flowery top on for pretty much the whole hardcore fuck scene, letting those big tits bounce out of it as she got her perfect butt penetrated from behind. This girl just can’t get enough attention for her gorgeous ass, she loves having it played with so a site like PAWG that puts it on center stage is right up her alley! The fact that this guy is shoving his huge dick right up HER alley doesn’t hurt things either, she has a blast taking it up the ass and then getting his load of cum in her mouth.



Sophia on exploited college girls

This chick Sophia has a big round juicy booty and a big appetite for cock as she makes her introduction to the porn world via Exploited College Girls here! She’s an absolute horndog and starts things off by telling some of her sex stories as she does her hair, describing how for example one time she was the meat in a brother-brother sandwich. I’d say that makes her just the right type of girl for ECG, wouldn’t you? Sophia undresses and hops on the bed, showing off a ton of tattoos and her perky little titties before sucking this guy’s cock and then bending over to get her wet amateur pussy drilled! She had been playing with herself the whole time, dipping her fingers in and out of her cunt to drive herself crazy and get the juices flowing. That big round ass of hers looks incredible when she’s on her hands and knees and we’re watching in first-person POV as the guy pounds that pussy from behind…she gets a nice hard pounding in this scene, finally dropping to her knees to take a big facial frosting! Now I mean let’s not dance around it, this girl isn’t gonna win any beauty contests anytime soon but hey when her face is buried in the pillows and that big booty is up in the air she’s pretty hot!

Megan Rain


Megan rain on ftv girls

This vision of absolute hotness is Megan Rain, she’s an 18 year old spinner with beautiful eyes, perky tits and one of the nicest tightest butts you’ll ever see! Well she might be older than 18 now but in this FTV Girls shoot she was a fresh faced 18 year old teen cutie and went by the modeling name Meagan. She looks like she’s an innocent little girl next door type but don’t let that cute angelic smile fool you, this chick is down for some kinky fun! She puts that tight little teen pussy to work in this hot update as she shows off naked in public, spreads her pink naughty bits wide open, fucks herself with some of the biggest toys FTV Girls has to offer and even gets into some fisting! Somehow after all that her pussy is tight as a drum, I don’t even get how that’s possible but man oh man this chick is somethin else. FTV always has incredibly high quality and well done photos to go along with the HD video, I know you guys are all about the vids but trust me this site has some amazing photography, you’ll get to explore every inch of Megan’s sweet tight spinner body from her dark hair and beautiful green eyes to her perky teen boobs all the way down to those cute petite feet as she has a good time pushing her sexual boundaries and introducing herself to the adult industry in a big way!

Lunch Date


Pure mature lunch date

This guy had a Lunch Date with gorgeous raven haired Nikki Daniels but they didn’t seem to be doing too much eating in this Pure Mature update, unless you count pussy as a main dish! Instead they headed to the house on their lunch hour and hopped into the tub together, getting all wet and making out before heading to the bedroom to make sweet passionate love! Nikki’s got that nice big round ass and her sweet perky titties that bounce as the guy pounds away at her sexy hole, taking that MILF pussy for a ride before shooting a facial onto Nikki that drips down her chin and also into her mouth as she licked up every drop from his hard cock. Nikki has been on the site a few times already and it’s always a treat to see her cum back from more, this mature beauty has an amazing body and it deserves to be taken care of so I’m glad Pure Mature is doing its part! Usually when I think of a horny MILF I’m picturing like big kinda saggy titties but not Nikki, her rack is tight and firm and bouncy as hell…and the same goes for her sweet ass! Can you just imagine having this horny hottie in front of you on her hands and knees begging to have her cunt railed doggystyle like she’s doing in this sexy hardcore scene?

One Night Only


One night only dillion harper

Now appearing, for One Night Only, the perfect ass of incredible hottie Dillion Harper in your face! Actually through the magic of Passion HD it can be every single night if you want it to, she’s done a ton of amazingly sexy hardcore shoots for PHD and this one is no exception! Dillion starts out all classied up in her sultry black dress, lifting up the hem to flash that booty and tugging down her top to let those big round perfect tits out to play before going to work on her man’s hard cock! This girl is just pure sex…even while she’s sucking dick she just can’t help but gyrate, sliding that pussy and ass up and down as she licks him hard before getting absolutely drilled! I love seeing Dillion fuck and I know you guys do too…some chicks just seem to be going through the motions, taking a dick while daydreaming about what they’ll do with the money they’re earning for that day’s shoot, but then there are girls like Dillion here who always give it their all and as far as I can tell are genuinely enjoying every moaning second of the action! It just makes things that much more sexy, if you ask me.



I love seeing a beautiful woman of color showing off every inch of her body and that’s just what we’re getting with Simone here in this Hegre Art photoshoot! They have her sexy ebony skin all oiled up and shining in the lights as she hangs out completely nude, grabbing those perky breasts and kneeling down to show off her sexy round ass and nice tight pussy. Simone is gorgeous enough that she doesn’t need props or a fancy setting or anything like that, in fact she doesn’t even need a background from the looks of things! She’s just hanging out naked in a white room rolling around on the floor and shining like a beacon as the cameras clicked away…who doesn’t love seeing a beautiful woman showing off her amazing tight athletic naked body?



This tight blonde babe Chloe was pretty worried that people would be seeing this video from Private Casting X, but luckily for her the guy gave her his word that it would be kept top secret and wouldn’t get released into the wilds of the internet. UNluckily for her, the guy was a total liar and of course he sent out this video for everyone to enjoy…Chloe was trying to make him come as fast as she could apparently, she stripped down to show off those sexy perky breasts and that nice tight ass as she got her pussy played with, then started sucking the dude’s cock for a nice blowjob! That pussy of hers looks tight as hell, it’s a shame we don’t get to see her get fucked but she does give a hell of a nice suck job on this dude.

Camping Sex


Oh man if I were to imagine what it would be like for Roc and Shay to go on a camping trip it would probably be exactly like this! Tent wide open and the two of them fucking like crazy on top of a leopard print silk sheet inside with Shay’s fat ebony ass bouncing up and down on his cock…Roc looks like he’s about ready to either bust his load at any second or is about to pass out from the sensations, it’s a little hard to tell from this video clip. These two love to get naked and fuck whether it be in the city or out among nature in a swanky little tent, and they always love an audience to come along and watch!

Ariana Grand


Beautiful brunette newcomer Ariana Grand stars in this hot photoshoot as she and her man make love right on the dining room floor…Ariana looks sexy as hell in her white top and little white shorts but even sexier when she strips down naked, grinning as she took her man’s big thick dick in her mouth to suck him off and then climbing on top of him to slide that meat into her sweet tight shaved wet pussy! With that long brown hair and her sexy seductive eyes and of course that adorable grin, Ariana is a knockout before she even gets naked so the fact that she loves to suck and fuck dick is just icing on the cake.



Gorgeous Ardelia was hanging out in the bathroom in just her towel, relaxing and looking hot as hell for this Met Art photoshoot…this girl is absolutely beautiful and when she drops her towel be ready for your jaw to drop to the floor at the same time! She’s got sweet perky titties, a perfect shaved pussy, legs for days and a spectacular ass as she spins around and shows off every inch of that flawless nude body…she ends up sitting on the floor underneath the sink so apparently she’s pretty tiny, she almost looks like a plumber or something under the pipes like that! She’d make a mint as a plumber if she had an hourly rate, by the way…nobody would ever want her to leave the house!

Brooke On Vacation


Brooke Wylde is having a good time doesn’t it look like it? She is on a vacation with ATK Girlfriends and man is it hot. It’s a lot different from any other porn site out there because they basically get pornstars to go on a vacation and they film everything. Everyday of course she gives up that pussy multiple times but they also get to go out and see the island they’re on or what not. So the sex is a lot more intimate then you’re use to. This scene has a bunch of different parts from the vacation as a whole so if you skip around you might get a little confused. It’s a really long video but that’s because there is multiple videos in this one video. You get to see Brooke doing a bunch of different sexual stuff and then of course you get a lot of her personality. I think it’s a cool site that you guys should check out but first go ahead and watch some of this video or if you have a lot of time to waste then watch the whole thing. Brooke is one of my favorite pornstars just because she orgasms so easy and then her tits are seriously just amazing are they not?

Kimberly Costa


Casting couch x kimberly costa

Perky perfect breasts, great round ass, stunning face with beautiful eyes, long legs for days, this girl Kimberly Costa is a stunner from head to toe and everything in between! In this Casting Couch X update this 19 year old Florida babe introduces herself to the world of adult videos, saying how excited she is to be getting into this ‘porn stuff’! I thought at first that she had like a little French maid’s outfit on but that’s just her lacy headband, which she keeps on her noggin as she gets naked and gets down on this dude’s hard cock. Kimberly has, as I mentioned, fucking perfect medium-sized perky full firm breasts that have those sweet gumdrop nipples we all love! She shows some of her favorite positions here on CCX, from getting pounded doggystyle to riding that dick with her sweet titties a-bouncin’. Given her skinny long legs and petite frame I’m surprised that ass of hers is so juicy and round but man oh man this chick has a great butt! I know how you guys like seeing these chicks with their booties in the air and you’ll be dreaming about this one for awhile is my guess. I know she’s been on a few different sites since this Casting Couch X update was made, so if this is whetting your appetite take a look like right here and see what else this cutie is up to.

Rise And Fuck


Rise and fuck on gf revenge

It’s great to see in these updates on GF Revenge how the girl gradually gets talked through the different stages of a sex tape, from just complimenting the girl on her ass to grabbing her to talking her into just flashing a boob to getting naked and then finally to just flat out fucking on camera! This guy was a master at it as he talked his hot girlfriend Terra out of her little shorts and onto his cock…she’s got those sweet perky titties and her ass is definitely fucking fantastic, he wasn’t just saying that to get into her pants it’s actually true! All the complimenting and groping and the excitement of flashing her nice titties got Terra all wet in the pussy so by the end of this update she was all over the guy’s dick giving him a fantastic first-person blowjob and giving up that snatch with her ass in the air…he fucked her hard and deep before busting a load in her mouth! I’m a little curious what happened in their relationship to make him send the footage in to GF Revenge after telling Terra it would only ever just be between the two of them…

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