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Mrs Security Guard


Mrs Security Guard XXX Pawn

You guys are in for a mother fucking treat here! I got you a super hot Latina from XXX Pawn, she is a complete amateur because well this is a reality site. Basically what this guy does is he finds those desperate woman that are coming in to pawn something and tells them he will give them some money without having to sell anything. This chick is trying to sell her gun that she uses during work! I mean I am pretty sure you’re about to lose your job if you’re doing this but this chick is kind of short sided let’s be honest. The girl doesn’t speak much English I mean she is straight up Latina guys. She has that big fat round ass and she knows how to work it on this country bumpkins big dick. He takes her in the back and just gets her naked so he can look at her full titties and round ass and once she is naked you throw a little more money her way and she is totally down to suck his dick and fuck him. Even letting him film it isn’t a big deal because it’s for his “personal collection”.

Peta Jensen


Peta Jensen Porn Fidelity

We have our fourth installment of “Take Off The Condom” by Porn Fidelity and this time it stars a busty girl (hope you can see that) in Peta Jensen. This is just a well done scene I mean you got to watch all these episode that he has done episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3. So the whole setup of this is that Ryan is online and finds a ad that says the door is unlocked come upstairs and get laid condoms are provided. Well Ryan goes up there and he see’s a gorgeous ass on all fours face down ass up with writing on her ass saying to fuck this hole. Ryan puts on his condom uses the lube that is provided and is about to enter this amazing pussy when he decides he is going to get really risky. He takes off the condom and then goes to town. These two fuck in a bunch of different rooms and one point they end up in the bathroom and take a shower together. Ryan no only doesn’t have a condom on but he is cumming in this girls pussy multiple times, creampie after creampie. After he is done with her this horny girl Peta Jensen just cleans up her pussy, gets the cum out and then she gets down on all fours and waits for the next guy.

Melissa Pregnant


FTV Girls Melissa Pregnant

This is a little weird to through up on the old but hey I’m going to do it anyways. This is a scene from FTV Girls and it’s of a girl you guys should know well especially if you like FTV. She has been on a bunch of times and I have 4 different galleries I have posted of Melissa you can see those here 1,2,3,4. Alright so as you can tell Melissa here is pregnant and well she is making some more porn for FTV Girls. She gets naked and shows off her big buffy tits. Then she opens up her legs and uses some toys on that nice super tight pussy. She should be worried about how that is going to work because that pussy of hers is tight! Her nipples are also big and puffy and if you’re into prego chicks I don’t think it gets better then this. The video doesn’t let you into any of the masturbation FTV is keeping that behind the members area. But you get to see some of her naked body and of course her cool attitude. I forget this girls solo site that she used to have I definitely think she quit doing that, but she loves her some FTV and came back to give them something that many people don’t get and that’s a hot pregnant girl masturbating.

Leanna Decker


I’ve never been a huge fan of soccer but man if all the refs looked like Leanna Decker in this sexy photoshoot I’d have to change my tune! She also seems to be playing the lesser-known but greater-appreciated variant, Strip Soccer…anytime a game goes for 15 minutes without a goal she loses an article of clothing so basically she’s guaranteed to be naked by the end of every game! She’s showing off those big perfect breasts in this shoot as she blows her whistle, looking like she’d rather be blowing something else…or maybe that’s just my imagination. Leanna looks great in her striped socks and, well, basically that’s all she’s wearing at the end of this shoot! She’s got a great ass, great boobs, beautiful face and…oh wait that’s a football she’s holding, not a soccerball. OK that makes things like twenty times sexier.

Azzra Hughes


It looks like Azzra Hughes is certainly ready for you…she’s hanging out in her dressing room by the mirror trying on her sexy blue lingerie with thong panties, holding a rose in her teeth! The idea I get is that this beautiful blonde actress had her biggest fan in her dressing room, he gave her some presents and now she’s seducing him by stripping down to show off those big round titties and her sweet spankable ass! This girl is hot as hell and loves an audience, and that’s a fantastic combination of traits if you ask me…big boobs, sweet tight pussy, round juicy booty and a sultry seductive nature, Azzra is smokin!



I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some photos of this Malena girl before from W4B, but it’s kind of hard to say because she’s so damn hot and has such a perfect body that anytime you look at her your brain goes into a boil! This chick has an absolutely perfect ass and sweet perky breasts, not to mention that lovely face as she hangs out around this huge…uhh what is it, a tub? A massive hamper? A table? It’s hard to say but it’s got a candelabra on it and is up on legs, and apparently Malena loves hanging out in the nude on top of it! There’s also an elegant silver mirror on the wall so we get two angles of that perfect body at once, especially when she’s bending over like that and flashing her cute tight ass and pussy…Malena is incredible head to toe!

Miren Risiede


This chick Miren Risiede has a funny little lopsided smile but there’s nothing lopsided about those big juicy titties of hers! She’s hanging out in the nude for this hot photoshoot, grabbing her big boobs and flashing that sweet pussy with her little trimmed triangle of pubes…she’s got a great ass too and gets it up in the air for this photoshoot. She looks sexy as hell, just a beautiful babe hanging out naked on a huge fur blanket or something, rolling around and enjoying the feeling of the fur on her skin! Cute brown eyes, great butt, great tits, great legs, the only thing that’s awkward is that smile of hers…if a girl’s smile is the weak link in the chain I’d say things are doin just fine!

Slave Girl


Check out this sexy kinky blonde as she gets all gussied up in her leathers and mask…I like that top too, it’s like strips of leather connected by metal rings and ends up being like a chessboard or something. She’s also bound at the wrists and has her ass and pussy exposed, she can’t keep from touching herself so I guess she loves being all bound and helpless! This hottie (I assume she’s a hottie, you can’t really see her face because of the mask but from what I can tell she’s pretty) is helpless and tied up and horny as hell, can you imagine wandering into the bedroom and finding this babe all tied up with her pussy dripping wet as she looks over her shoulder, begging you with her eyes to fuck the hell out of that sweet tight hole? If you’ve got a thing for boots this girl’s got you covered too, she’s got her thigh high vinyl boots on to complete her look!

Throat Massage


Jenna marie throat massage fhd

In the mood for a little oral hotness? Beautiful blonde Jenna Marie sure is…she strips out of her tight stretchy pants and shows off those perfect breasts before masturbating, fucking herself with a toy to drive you crazy in this Fantasy HD update! She was driving her man crazy with that perfect body of hers, I mean who could keep a straight face when confronted with that vision of sexiness! Soon he’s whipped out his cock to give Jenna a nice throat massage, filling her mouth with his big dick and then pounding her tight wet pussy hard and deep. This is Jenna’s first time on the site but man oh man that body pretty much guarantees a return visit if you ask me! You can’t really go wrong with a stunning horny blonde with perfect tits getting naked and getting fucked…I know a lot of guys have fantasies about blondes and this is the perfect way to see them brought to life in a big way without causing any marital strife if you catch my drift. Jenna takes that dick from behind for awhile with that sweet tight butt in the air until finally getting the big cream facial she had been craving!

Tease Me, Please Me


Tease Me Please Me Jessica

This is going to make all of you very happy guys. This is a beautiful scene from X Art called Tease Me, Please Me and it stars Jessica. It looks like this guy is going to like tie her up and fuck her but he really just ties her up and then teases her. She has on these high heel black boots that I just love that she kept on during the entire scene. She has these super cute small titties and if you want to see more of her scenes just click here. The video I have cut for you guys is just a lot of Jessica riding on this guys dick. He is sitting on the chair and she is just giving him hell. I will spoil the ending for you guys, it’s a cumshot on her stock he is pounding her like you see in this image and he just pulls out and creams her just above her pussy. You guys know we love X Art here but that’s because we have a membership. So you need to buy a membership to know how awesome this site is. The quality of video you’re watching here is like 1/10th when you inside the members are, it’s just dogshit and I am embarrassed to give you this quality but hey it’s a lot of bandwidth if I gave you guys the good stuff.

Bubble Butt Babe


Marina Visconti Bubble Butt Babe

Marina Visconti is in her very first scene for Passion HD I can’t believe that but it’s true I checked. I think the problem is I thought her Casting Couch X scene and Fantasy HD scene were for Passion HD I just got a little confused which happens often to me. This scene starts out with Marina in a corset and some panties and Marina is looking dynamite. Those be breasts of hers and the corset giving her a banging hour glass figure, yea she was totally bangable. She is keeping her pussy nice and shaven and this guy is going to town on her. He licks her pussy for a good while until he is rock are and then gives her a good fucking. This is a much more sensual scene then you are used to with Marina. She usually has hardcore scenes, I mean I have seen her get double penetrated (just click on that Fantasy HD scene). The video ends with the guy kind of straddling her and then she sucks his dick and jerks him off all while rubbing his balls and then he just busts all over her big natural titties.

Fuck Those Titties


Pure Mature Fuck Those Titties

That big bubble butt of Ava Addams is back and looking better then ever on Pure Mature. This scene is her 9th time that Ava has been on Pure Mature if you want to see them all just check out Ava’s category. This scene starts off with this wack guy who is on the phone talking away while Ava has her big titties hanging out basically telling him “hey I want to fuck”. Well this dummy can’t get the idea so Ava gets completely naked, takes the phone with him and then drags him into the bedroom. She sits on his face and has those ass cheeks just devour his whole face. He lick son that meaty pussy for a long while and she sucks his dick getting him hard enough to penetrate that nice MILF pussy of hers. They fuck in a bunch of different positions and they’re all great. If you get her fuck behind like this you get to enjoy her perfect big ass, then you get her on her back and you get to enjoy her boobies. Which I say everytime are the best boobs in the business and I know they’re fake but they look so real!

Alison Faye


Alison Faye Teens Love Huge Cocks

As I mention in this gallery I love that Teens Love Huge Cocks is introducing us to newbies now! Check out this girl her name is Alison Faye and she is freaking cute. Nice petite body and she likes a finger in her butt while she is being fucked so she has some freak in her or something! I think there is some kind of “plot” about this video but I was not very interested in figuring it out I just wanted to see her fucked. I will make sure to scour the Internet and figure out if she has done anymore scenes for us. These two fuck in a bunch of position that I bet you Alison here hasn’t fuck in many of these. She definitely hasn’t ever had sex for this long with this big of a dick before her experience was just pure pleasure guys and you can see it all over her face. Just go ahead and buy a membership and watch the full video and tell me she doesn’t just love this dick, I think she had a couple of real orgasms throughout the video too. Which by the way some paper came out and said it’s impossible to have a penetration orgasm it’s all clitoral, so I call bullshit on that because this girl sure looks like she is cumming.

Make Em Sweat Part 6


Rahyndee james teen fidelity

Welcome to the 6th part of the Make Em Sweat series from Teen Fidelity…we’ve got the other five parts kicking around here as well but I’m not gonna go link all of them for you, I’ll leave it like a treasure hunt but here’s a start, I’ll make it easier by linking part1 and part2 for you guys. This time we’ve got beautiful Rahyndee James, a tight gorgeous teen with an ass you will not believe…well actually after you see how she likes to work out maybe you WILL believe it! Rahyndee loves to work up a sweat lifting weights and using the elliptical, but her favorite part is afterwards when she gets to hit the showers! She cleans up and gets all dripping wet and then heads right back to the gym room naked to find Ryan Madison and his big hard cock, getting pounded from behind with that perfect round butt in the air…that hard work of hers is paying off, that’s for sure! Next time you see a woman with an incredible butt just know that doesn’t just happen, that girl’s gotta work for it! Rahyndee looks great for Teen Fidelity here, hopefully she’ll do another shoot for them at some point, I’d love to see that ass in action some more and I bet you guys would too. Did I mention that she takes a creampie in this scene, getting Ryan’s big creamy load of cum shot deep in her tight wet little hole? You’re welcome.

Krissy Nasha


Now that is what I call a badonkadonk! Krissy Nasha stars in this photoshoot from Show Girlz Exclusive and is not shy about showing off that phenomenal big brown booty of hers after getting all oiled up and changing into the smallest g-string she could find…Krissy has an amazing body and if you weren’t already a fan of curvy ebony hotties this photoshoot might just turn the corner on that for you. She’s got legs like a stallion and a butt like a shelf…just imagine seeing this chick in the club (or in the bedroom) clapping those cheeks together and dancing around, twerking and blowing everyone’s minds in a five-mile radius! She’s got nice tits too by the way, she’s not just a big round bubble butt.

Nicole Aniston


Imagine walking into a hot coworker’s office one evening after everyone else has gone home and finding her in there with her hand up her skirt masturbating away, one leg on the desk…Nicole Aniston had thought she was alone at the office but evidently Phil from Accounting stuck around and man did it pay off! Soon Nicole had his big dick in her mouth and was doing a little collating, organizing his files by fucking his brains out right there in the cubicle with that perfect ass in the air! This is from the site Naughty Office and man there’s no office naughtier than one where Nicole Aniston works, apparently! She loves a nice deep dicking and doesn’t mind working a little overtime to get it…

Maya Milano


Sexy brunette Italian babe Maya Milano stars in this photoshoot from Scoreland as she gets those enormous natural breasts out of her lingerie, showing off those sexy soft womanly curves of hers! Maya looks like she loves having those big boobs, she’s always playing with them and squishing them together and licking her nipples as she gradually gets more and more naked for these photos…eventually she’s just hanging out completely nude except for her black necklace and big ol’ smile, looking sexy as hell! Can you imagine just burying your face between those huge titties as you fuck this hottie? If you’re not a fan of big breasts this girl Maya might just change your mind for you.

Leanne Crow


At first when I saw this photoshoot featuring Leanne Crow I thought she had just woken up or something and I was like dayummm this girl knows how to sleep sexy!! As it turns out though she did these photos for Valentine’s day which makes a bit more sense…I mean it can’t be too comfy having huge titties like those just barely kept in check by a little heart-shaped lingerie top, and what I thought was a sleeping mask is actually a blindfold so you can get Leanne all blindfolded and helpless and just let your fingers and mouth and dick do some exploring…now THAT’s a happy valentine’s day if you ask me! Leanne looks a little uncertain about her getup in a few of these shots, maybe she’s just worried those big natural boobs of hers are going to bust her top at the seams.

Great Tenderness


I’m not sure where the name of this photoshoot came from, they call it Great Tenderness…I guess it’s because this hottie is hanging out in the woods enjoying a peaceful afternoon in nature among the birds and trees and a lazy river. I have the feeling that if she met up with her boyfriend there on the riverbank it would be a whole lot less peaceful if you know what I mean! This chick is completely naked and has huge perfect titties, not to mention a very pretty face and a nice tight butt as well. I guess she has a bit of a hippy streak to her which could probably be pretty fun…there’s nothing wrong with a nice hard fuck in the dirt next to the river while the sun shines down on you!

Nadia Jay Round Ass


That is one fine black ass isn’t it? This girl has been on our site before I would tease you, you guys saw her on Exotic4K her name is Nadia Jay. She has a great body just a perfect ass on her as I mentioned but I also like her full perky tits. They’re also pierced which I am a big fan of. This girl is making her second appearance on Round and Brown () and once again she is riding this dick like a champ. She makes all black girl pround with the way she is terkin on this guys little cock. The guy over at Blackz cut the video perfectly because you get Nadia giving this guy a lap dance in little daisy dukes and you know that Nadia has done this before. There has been plenty of sex in the champaign room with Nadia and now she is doing it on the porn screen, watch her work fella’s she is amazing!

Caught Snooping


Caught snooping on passion hd

I’m not sure how much snooping was going on in this Passion HD update, so where they got episode name Caught Snooping is anybody’s guess. Maybe this guy knew his girlfriend Chloe Amour was going to come snooping into his bedroom so he set the scene, leaving her some presents like a vibrator and panties to let her know that HE knew! She immediately got the hint and started playing with herself, sliding that vibrator in and out of her wet pink pussy and moaning as she caressed her perfect perky breasts…the guy was quick to join in, offering up his cock to use as a lollipop and soon Chloe had her mouth full of dick, just how she likes it! Chloe always looks amazing on Passion HD with that exotic beautiful face and her incredible tight lean body, and she puts it to good use in this update as she fucks this lucky dude, riding him and sliding that wet pussy up and down on his meat until he shot his load in and on her snatch for a half-creampie half-cumshot finish! Looks like Chloe won’t have to do any more snooping to find some fun…

Naveen Ora


Tiny4k naughty little naveen ora

Beautiful naughty little Naveen Ora shows her stuff in this Tiny4k update for the first time, dancing around in her cute little top and white panties flashing her perky titties and rubbing her pussy through the fabric before getting naked, tugging her pussy lips and then taking her man’s huge thick dick in her mouth! Tiny4k has some of the cutest little spinners around and Naveen is a perfect example with her tight little body and cute firm ass, moaning as she gets that teen pussy stretched out by that big cock…she won’t be walking right for a few days I’m guessing but it’s worth it apparently to get a nice deep dicking! Naveen loves getting her pussy worked and we get to see it in incredibly high resolution with the Tiny4k cameras, they’ve got pretty much the top-of-the-line equipment to bring you every second of the action in super high detail and 3d audio and stuff to heighten the immersion, so to speak. If you really want to lose yourself in a scene and watch a cute tight teen spinner get her gash pounded, Naveen is ready for you!

Naughty Girls


Colette naughty girls

Ready for plenty of fun with a couple of very naughty girls? Veronica Rodriguez and Aubrey had been eyeing each other up for months and they’re finally getting the chance to put their fantasies into the flesh with this red hot update from Colette dot com! These girls are both incredible, with beautiful faces and perfect tight nubile bodies as they get naked and make out with each other, joined by their very lucky guy pal who gets to fuck both of them one after the other! These girls love kissing each other while one or the other is getting her pussy filled up with dick…either one of these girls would make for a magnificent hardcore update but getting both of them onscreen at the same time is even more amazing. It’s hard to say which one of these chicks is hotter, but luckily we don’t have to choose between them! Aubrey and Veronica get their pussies drilled nice and hard for this sexy hardcore threesome until the guy can’t take the hotness anymore, shooting his load over both of them for a shared facial cumshot.

Sophia Wilde


Sophia wilde on ccx

Sophia Wilde here is 21, she says she’s comfortable being naked on camera and actually loves walking around naked in her day to day life…she says she’d be down for a scene with two guys but apparently doesn’t want to lick pussy, so she’ll be a little specialized I guess in the adult industry unless she changes her tune on that one. I don’t think she’ll have any problems finding a couple of dudes willing to fuck that sweet tight pussy of hers though, she’s looking hot as hell in this Casting Couch X introductory scene with that sweet perfect round ass and those nice perky titties besides a very pretty face! As always with a CCX update we get a nice look at every angle of the new girl, and this tall drink of water is hot from every one of em…Sophia shows off that sweet firm ass and then bends over the desk, getting pounded doggystyle and spreading her long lean legs to get penetrated nice and hard before finishing off with a big messy facial! I don’t think I’ve seen Sophia on any other sites since this CCX scene but it’s only a matter of time, I can’t imagine she’ll have any problems finding work after this kind of hardcore hotness…I guess we’ll see!

Rose Belford


Rose belford on zishy

I absolutely love seeing a new redhead on the scene…and what better way to introduce a cute new ginger than on Zishy with great photography and the freedom of showing her personality as well as her good looks! This is Rose Belford, an 18 year old redhead with a tight sexy body, hairy pussy and quite frankly a bit of a disturbing bedroom. She’s got a dollhouse and plenty of stuffed animals and stuff like that all over the place, do most 18 year old girls have that? Rose could use a good trim down low but hey if you’re into hairy natural vaginas this girl is gonna rock your world! Rose is hanging out in her bedroom in her little sheer pink panties and a white bra that you can pretty much see her breasts right through…this is a great opportunity to be introduced to a cute ginger just on the cusp of adulthood, ready to leave behind the trappings of the past and move into a very exciting adult future! Seriously though, someone send her a razor or something to tame that fiery forest.

They Like It Rough


Jenna colette like it rough

When it comes to sex for the gorgeous Jenna Ross and her lucky boyfriend, they like it rough and hot and passionate and that’s just the kind of thing that makes them such a hit in scenes like this one from the new site Colette dot com! Jenna has heated up some other sites as well at this point but man oh man it’s like meeting her for the first time every time she shows up with that perfect ass and her sweet perky titties…she started out this scene with things a little bit on the kinky side with some ice play as her man rubbed an ice cube on her nipple until it was hard enough to slice solid steel in half before getting her naked and fucking that sweet wet pussy on the silver couch! Jenna would make a hell of a bank robber wouldn’t she…she could just seduce a guard to get in the doors at night, knock him out and then rub ice on her nipples and cut right through the vault doors! Sounds like a hell of a summer blockbuster movie if you ask me…Hollywood, pay attention. Anyway, Jenna gets an awesome deep hard pounding in this hardcore fuck scene, taking her man’s cock to the hilt before dropping on her knees (still wearing her sexy thigh high stockings) and getting a nice big facial!

Energetic Brunette BTS



So it turns out that you guys really, really like seeing gorgeous amateur hotties getting naked and getting fucked on Girls Do Porn…who would have guessed that? Oh wait, everyone in the world would have guessed that because these are seriously some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen. Remember this chick, the energetic brunette with the adorable smile? That was the most recent time she was on but the very very first time she graced us with her presence was way back in May with this video. Well that update went over so well that I figured you guys would want a little BTS action from the shoot (BTS stands for Behind The Scenes if you’re not up on the lingo), so you can start putting me on your holiday thank-you card mailing list right about now. This kind of thing is perfect if you want to get to know the girls a little better…if you ask me it’s ten times as hot seeing a girl get fucked if you have a peek into her personality beforehand, that way it’s not just some stranger who happens to be cute if that makes sense. The guy had the camera going on this hottie during the drive to the hotel to film her scene and they were just chatting away, feeling totally natural and just getting to know each other a little. This girl even has a cute laugh…she just keeps getting sexier! If you want my advice, watch this BTS video and then re-watch her hardcore shoot, you can thank me later. By the way if you want even more Girls Do Porn fun make sure you check out their link!

Karla Kush Returns


Blacked karla kush two cocks

Beautiful horny blonde Karla Kush has been on BLACKED before and had a great time taking this dude’s huge black cock in her hole, if you missed it somehow I’ve got good news because it’s right here for your enjoyment, and now she’s back for a second helping! This time though she’s decided that one dick just isn’t enough so this guy called up his friend and told him he had this smokin hot blonde at his place with her perky titties out and the guy of course hurried right over to join in the fun! Karla gets her fill in this scene as she takes both of those big black cocks at once, with one in her mouth and one in her pussy simultaneously for a fun hardcore threesome. I’m surprised Karla’s tight little body didn’t get split in half by these two dongs working her hole, but somehow she managed it and had a great time taking care of both of these dudes. Obviously they had a great time too fucking this skinny pretty blonde, taking turns pounding her until they both busted a load of cum all over that face and into her mouth! Karla ends up doing a little ski pole action with a dick in each hand and looks like she couldn’t be happier about the whole thing.

Enjoy The Ride


X art enjoy the ride julie

Everyone loves sex but sometimes you don’t really want to take charge of the situation so much, you just want to kick back and Enjoy The Ride a little am I right? Well my friend that’s just what this X Art update is all about, featuring the incredibly gorgeous Czech babe Julie as she gets those surprisingly big breasts of hers out…I say surprising because she’s pretty petite otherwise, with a sexy slim little waist and a nice firm tight ass. Her big boobs look amazing though, no doubt about it…she just has her man lie back on the bed as she pulls his big fat cock out of his pants, sucking him while grinding her pussy on his lips and then riding him like a cowgirl! He gets a great view of that perfect ass as she fucks him, sliding her wet pussy up and down on his meat and moaning as he reaches around to grab those tits of hers. This guy must be on cloud nine as he gets his big dick taken care of, just laying back and admiring the view as Julie rode him nice and deep and hard until she came on his cock, right before he shot his own load all over that nice wet pussy!

Paris Hilton


Man, remember when Paris Hilton was a thing? It was a major league headline when she flashed her snatch getting out of one of her limos…now it’s no big deal but hey, it’s still a celebrity flashing her little pink panties and Paris is undeniably still hot if you ask me. Sure she’s pretty much the definition of an attention-whore but she’s got nice legs and wears sexy panties and apparently doesn’t mind too much when people get a glimpse up underneath her little skirt, so enjoy the view! This photo isn’t exactly the greatest quality though, it looks like a paparazzi photographer shot it through the hazy windshield of her car as she got in or out. Paris has little fishnets and lacy pink panties that are just barely covering that famous pussy of hers!

Elizabeth Ostrander


Drop dead gorgeous babe Elizabeth Ostrander might be absolutely fucking lovely but she does seem to have problems putting on and taking off her coat because she does so like twenty times in this photoshoot. Underneath she’s wearing pretty much nothing though and has huge perfect titties so I’m not exactly complaining, know what I mean? These photos were taken for Playboy which is no surprise, they have some of the hottest girls in the world if you ask me and Elizabeth here looks amazing…big boobs, stunning supermodel face and did I mention she has big beautiful boobs? Oh I did…trust me though they’re worth mentioning again and again. At first she takes her coat off and puts it back on while wearing a sheer little black number, then later she takes her coat off and puts it back on while totally naked underneath!

Meghan Leopard


This chick Meghan Leopard picked the right name given the leopard print tattoo she has on her hip…well either that or she actually is named Leopard and picked the tattoo based on her name, either way. She is absolutely fucking gorgeous and stars in a Playboy cybergirl photoshoot here, showing off those perky breasts and her nice tight firm ass! How did she get that perfect butt, you might be asking? Well apparently according to her she does MMA and it keeps her in great shape…I’m guessing she just works out and punches the bags though without getting into actual bouts, or else she’s got great reflexes and has never been popped in the face because she is just flawless! Absolutely beautiful face, perfect breasts, perfect ass, sounds like Playboy material alright.

Party Girls


Now this is what I call a party! These amateur babes are all hot as hell and have nice big titties, this must be like the regional championship round or something for their wet t-shirt contest league because there isn’t a dud in the herd…which one do you think should be the winner? I’m having a hard time deciding between the brunette with the huge fake titties and the chick with the dyed pink hair and big bouncy natural breasts. The brunette looks like she’d enjoy an evening of beers and a Motley Crue concert but the other chick looks like she’s just more personable and natural, apart from her fake hair. Best of luck to both of these hotties though, this is one hell of a tshirt contest as these amateur chicks busted out those big dripping wet breasts and flashed their nice round booties too!

Spencer Nicks


Say hello to beautiful Spencer Nicks here, she’s got nice bouncy titties and a beautiful round ass as she relaxes on a nice comfy looking bed…not sure about the shiny pillows though, those are a little weird looking. There’s nothing weird about Spencer though, unless you count the little hearts covering her nipples! I thought they were like photoshopped on or something but from the looks of things they’re actual little stickers or whatever…I guess Spencer didn’t want to just give away the farm so to speak. She doesn’t leave a ton to the imagination though as she pulled off her little lacy nightie, flashing that perfect ass and 99% of her big breasts, smiling away with that bright-ass red lipstick grin of hers!

Esperanza Gomez


I am not really interested in the theme of this Brazzers scene I am more interested that Esperanza Gomez is back! Is it just mean or does she look a lot like , every time I see her I think that. I thought for sure Esperanza was done with porn but like so many other girls here she is again. This time she is fucking Danny who probably has the biggest cock on Brazzers and she is loving it. She rides him up and down from tip to balls squating on him like this, no wonder her thighs are so big she does this every day! She does it all while she is in these huge platforms too, what a hot MILF. Brazzers almost every day comes out with a new MILF scene I mean I check out the MILF sites cause that’s kind of my thing and I almost always see new Brazzers scenes starring MILFs. If you don’t think Esperanza here is a MILF I will give you that, she could pass as like a “babe” to me. How many different categories are there of woman anyways, lets just get one thing straight she is hot and that’s all that matters.

Remy & Lola Try Anal


This is a new scene from Girls Way scene where you get to see two girls trying anal. Well Remy LaCroix has definitely tried anal before but Lola Foxx this is a first. Lola also has a really nice butt as you can see in this image, Remy’s of course is awesome as well. Remy being the pro she is teaches Lola how to enjoy anal sex. You just have to use a lot of lube and this position is the best for anal occording to Remy here. She uses a glass dildo on Lola and slowly works that butt until she is relaxed enough for Remy to eat her pussy and toy her ass. The scene isn’t all about Lola though Remy makes sure to get hers. She just wants her pussy eaten out and ass licked though, doesn’t really care for the toy. Probably because Remy knows what a real dick feels like. This Girls Way site is a whole network of all lesbian porn, so if you like lesbians you like Girls Way simple as that.

Taking It All


Taking it all nubile films

Blonde pornstar vixen Samantha Rone has pretty much never looked hotter if you ask me…there are some chicks that just seem to keep getting hotter and Samantha is one of em! She stars in this Nubile Films update called Taking It All and she is sure as hell making the title make sense as she bends over the bathtub and gets her pussy filled up with her man’s huge hard dick…she had been taking a bath when her man found her and it’s no wonder that the sight of those beautiful perky breasts and her big round perfect ass got him all turned on. Soon he was pounding away at that tight wet pussy, even lifting her up in his strong arms as he impaled her again and again! Ignore the fact that his cock looks like it’s neapolitan with its weird color scheme, Samantha sure doesn’t seem to mind. This guy pounded her hole nice and deep for as long as he could but couldn’t resist shooting his load of cum into her hole for a nice creampie finish! Samantha loves taking a big load of jizz in her pussy apparently, getting creampied is basically her favorite thing.

Be Italian


Joymii be italian with alexa

Alexa was in the kitchen chopping up some peppers for her homemade spaghetti sauce when her man walked in, finding here there chopping away wearing her apron and not a stitch of clothing underneath it! He couldn’t resist grabbing that sweet tight ass of hers, his cock poking out of his pants…soon he was sliding into her tight wet hole from behind, fucking her as she went from cutting a mushroom to sucking and licking his mushroom head in this Joymii update called Be Italian! Alexa has an incredible body, it’s no wonder he wanted to fuck her right when he caught a glimpse of her hotness. This brunette beauty is always down for an impulsive pussy pounding and you can tell how turned on she was when you get a look at those rock-hard nipples of hers! Perfect perky little titties, a nice round ass and a mouth made for sucking cock…this girl Alexa is lava-hot for Joymii! Hopefully she doesn’t have the spaghetti sauce on the burner still though, it would be a shame to ruin her dinner as she got pounded.

Beige Shower


Tessa fowler beige shower hottie

The incredibly stunning Tessa Fowler must have an entire room full of trophies and memorabilia from wet t-shirt contest victories, and like any champion she doesn’t just let things happen she goes out and gets em and never stops working! That’s why she’s in the shower in this shoot from her own website, spraying down her biege camisole and getting those huge perfect breasts of hers soaking wet. She’s got that big Wet Tshirt Titty-Off going on this weekend at Big Al’s Tavern and isn’t about to let some hussy off the street walk off with the title! Honestly I don’t think Tessa has much to worry about though, those breasts of hers are made out of dreams and unicorn giggles…huge, soft, full and perfectly shaped and, from the look of things, totally natural! Add to that the fact that she’s got an absolutely beautiful face and Tessa Fowler is just a steamroller of sexiness ready to crush any competition.

Britney Amber


Britney amber on pawg

I was wondering when it would be time for the gorgeous Britney Amber to show up on PAWG, part of the Bang Bros network…and now her time has come! Speaking of coming, Britney has no problem getting the jizz tap flowing so to speak, pulling off her little striped dress to show off that big round juicy ass and her nice big soft breasts, sucking this guy’s huge thick dick and then getting her butt in the air to get her pussy drilled from behind! Britney loves a nice hard pounding, keeping her high heels on for almost the whole time as she gets fucked, pulling her little pink panties aside and riding that big thick lovestick to orgasm. The guy holds out as long as he can but nobody can withstand thbe power of that wet pussy forever and soon he was unloading into her mouth, shooting cum between her lips as she wiggled that bouncy round ass. PAWG stands for Phat Ass White Girl if you didn’t already know, and Britney here pretty much personifies every part of that acronym!

All Filled Up


Colette all filled up tori

If you aren’t already aware, Colette who is part of the team at X-Art has launched her own site and it’s already getting off the ground with a bang! This was the very first update on Colette’s new site and it features the incredibly lovely Tori Black in a hot solo masturbation scene…she looks classy as hell in her dress and high heels, looking like a supermodel on a calendar shoot or something but this hottie has a naughty streak a mile wide! She was in the mood for a little fun on this shoot so she grabbed a big black dildo and started rubbing her clit with it and fucking herself…the photographer loved what he was seeing and when Tori noticed how turned on he was getting behind the camera she turned up the heat, grabbing yet another big black dick and sliding that perfect ass down onto it while she fucked her pussy for a little double penetration fun! Tori is all filled up in this hot shoot and looks like she’s loving every second of it, sliding those toys in and out until she has a nice big orgasm on camera for us. Hell of a fine start for a new website if you ask me!

Harley Dean


Exotic4k island beauty harley dean

Fasten your safety belts but unbuckle your pants belts because I’ve got a doozie for you guys today from Exotic4k! Gorgeous Island Beauty Harley Dean stars in this update as she shows off that incredible body, unleashing those sweet perky bouncy breasts and her unstoppable round bubble butt before taking this guy’s big hard dick deep in her throat, licking him up and down and staring up with those beautiful brown eyes…she’s apparently pretty flexible too, lifting her long brown legs up and holding her knees by her ears to take every inch of that big dick in her tight wet pussy! Exotic4k has some of the hottest babes around and in glorious ultra high-resolution videos and pictures, and Harley here is among the hottest of them if you ask me! She loves getting pounded too, you can tell by that big grin she’s got on her pretty face as she holds her legs in the air with that big dick buried in her hole. She gets fucked nice and hard before dropping to her knees and getting a big cream facial that drips off her tongue and chin to finish up her E4k debut!

Anal Bliss


Passion hd anal bliss

When this guy started making out with his girlfriend Alice Green in the bedroom he couldn’t keep his mind off that perfect ass of hers…she was in the mood for a little backdoor fun too apparently because she busted out the anal beads, slipping them into her tight pucker one by one before taking his big hard cock and getting that sweet tight wet pussy penetrated in this hot Passion HD update called Anal Bliss! This redhead has an amazing butt, there’s no doubt about it…just a scientific fact. I was a little surprised that Alice didn’t get fucked in the ass by this guy’s big dick though, I really did expect him to slip it in from behind but she sticks with the anal toys and leaves the cock to the pussy…she does end up getting a creampie though which is red-hot, always nice to see a gorgeous redhead babe getting pounded and taking a load of cum in her tight wet snatch!

Ariella & Dillion


I like this Mommy’s Girl scene because well Ariella Ferrera is just one of my favorite MILF. The whoel video can get a little creepy just because Dillion Harper keeps calling her mom, I mean nobody calls their stepmom mom by the way. This isn’t like all those other stepmom videos because well there is no cock involved here it’s just pure lesbian sex and that right there is beautiful. This is the only site that teams a MILF with a younger pornstar like Dillion there are tons of videos just like this and I am sure I will post more, it’s one of the better pure lesbian sites out there right now. They have a “network” site that you get access to called Girls Way when you join you get access to that entire network. Ariella in fact has a couple of scenes in that network so if you lik eher go ahead and join it’s pretty cheap to join.



Exploited college girls toni

This cute short haired teen is Toni, and she’s making her way to Exploited College Girls to film her first adult hardcore scene! You know, it’s nice when chicks show up at ECG for the paycheck and the promise of a future in the adult industry, but it’s ten times hotter when the girl is doing it because it just sounds like fun! That’s what Toni here is up to, she loves getting a hard cock in her pussy and man with a cute tight body like hers the pleasure goes all around, so to speak…this teen is hot as hell, especially that sweet round bubble butt of hers! She gets a good hard pounding in this sexy update, even getting a little surprise squirting in when she rides that cock in just the right way for her sweet bushy pussy! That’s right, she’s not clean shaven like 99 percent of the girls in the porn industry nowadays, she has a little natural hair down there and it looks great on her. Toni gets a fantastic pounding, bending over to get her pussy filled up with cock doggystyle and then taking a big load of cum in her hole for a creampie finish!

Facial Craving MILF


Milf craves facial on mom pov

Evidently from what they say in her interview this 49 year old MILF has been on Mom POV one time before but I couldn’t find it right off the bat…they just have a ton of updates so it’s hard to track down some of these horny mature babes, sorry about that! She has a penchant for taking a big creamy load on her face though, that’s for sure…she loves a big facial and practically begs for one in this sexy hardcore scene! She gets those big juicy titties out of her top, tugging off her panties and wrapping her tanned legs around this dude to slide his big hard cock in her hole. She’s dripping wet and ready for a nice big pounding, riding the guy and bending over with that big round ass in his face to get pounded doggystyle before getting the creamy cum facial she had been asking for! I don’t know if she loves the feeling of jizz on her face or just plain likes the taste (she says it tastes like coconut but that might just be her tanning lotion) but she definitely gets off on facials. Oh and by the way, keep an ear out for how badly she butchers the word ‘importantly’ in her interview, I was giggling hard.

Jillian Janson


Jillian janson on in the crack

Beautiful Jillian Janson stars in this photoshoot from In The Crack, bringing us right up close to that perfect pussy as she strips out of her sexy black dress…the real star of the show though is her sweet round ass if you ask me! She’s got an incredible butt and I guess In The Crack agreed because they got her to stick that ass in the air, penetrating her tight little pucker with a big glass toy and making herself moan with pleasure. Jillian has an ass so clean you could eat off it, and she loves to play with herself whether people are watching or not…she fucks herself anally for awhile but doesn’t neglect that tight pink pussy, keeping her high heels on as she masturbates and we get to zoom right up close to the action, getting nose-deep in that balloon knot as Jillian grins back over her shoulder at us! Now all that’s needed is a dude with a nice big dick to fuck her from behind like she obviously is craving in these sexy pictures…

Object Of Desire


Erotic x object of desire

Red hot blonde Mia Malkova is the Object Of Desire in this hot update from EroticaX…she was hanging out in some very sexy black lingerie when her man started kissing her, tantalizing her with his hands and lips before breaking out the riding crop and giving Mia a few smacks to drive her crazy! She moaned and her pussy got dripping wet and the guy wasted no time before taking care of that, sliding his big hard dick in Mia’s mouth and then pounding her perfect tight wet pussy, making her sweet perky titties bounce with the rhythm! This is a seriously smokin hot scene, Mia is incredible from head to toe and has never looked hotter…if you’re into rail-thin waifs with flat chests and ribs poking out everywhere you might be a little disappointed but if you love gorgeous women with amazing tits, round perfect butts and sexy hips you’re going to have your eyes popping out of your head! Mia

Hot Haitian Girl


Hot Haitian Girl From Girls Do Porn

You guys are probably super pissed at me for not posting my standard Girls Do Porn over the weekend. I am SORRY, it is what it is though you guys just got to get over it I am making it up now and you guys will like me again trust me. Well it’s not really my doing Girls Do Porn crushed it once again with this super sexy Haitian girl. How do I know she is Haitian I have no freaking idea I just throw shit out there and see if it sticks sometimes. This girl has a great body on her, she is short with these amazing full perky titties. They’re really just amazing, trust me I have seen a lot of tits and this girls is nice. When she whipped off her shirt I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t think she had that under her little black dress, not going to lie. Seeing those perfect titties bouncing all around as she is fucked is always fun as well. Of course she has a great ass any girl with any ethnicity has a nice big booty wouldn’t you say? Let’s just start that stereotype now. You can tell this girl didn’t know what she was getting into with this porn. She thought it was just going to be like all the other one night stands that she has had in her life, WRONG. She gets that tight shaven pussy of hers fucked harder then she has ever had it fucked before. At least for quite a long time they fuck her in her favorite position. It’s not doggystyle (shocking I know) it’s when she is on her back with her legs in the air, I just call that missionary but what do I know. There really isn’t a bad part of this whole video but there is another “new” thing about it. It seems like Jordan the guy who has guided us through this paradise of hot woman is no longer the camera dude! There is a new guy doing the interviews now, half you guys won’t even notice though because you just skip straight to the sex. I am a Girls Do Porn pro though and I noticed it right away.

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