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Photo Shoot


Crazy college gfs photo shoot

This chick Cassidy Klein wanted to make a sexy photo shoot for her boyfriend as a surprise and her photographer buddy was more than happy to take the photos! Things got hotter and hotter as the shoot progressed, until eventually Cassidy was totally naked and getting pretty wet in the pussy…the lust was contagious apparently because the cameraman whipped out his cock and laid it next to Cassidy’s cute face, asking her to pretend it was her boyfriend! She couldn’t resist taking his cock in her mouth, sucking him off and licking that dick up and down…his photo assistant Natalie Monroe came back to the set and found the two naked and was pretty taken aback at first, but then got pretty horny herself and joined in on the fun for this Crazy College GFs update turning it into a hot hardcore threesome! I get the feeling that Cassidy’s boyfriend isn’t going to end up getting this photo shoot as a surprise present after all but if he does, the ‘surprise’ part is definitely gonna be there!

Lovely Lola


Lovely lola on black gfs

When this guy caught sight of his girlfriend Lola in the bedroom hanging out in her little pink panties and tight little white top he ran to go grab his camera to capture it on tape! She looked sexy as hell and was just taking some selfies for fun, but was a bit shy about making a homemade sextape like the guy wanted to do…after some persistence and ass-grabbery though she gave in and we got to see every inch of that gorgeous nubile ebony body of hers as she stripped down naked and spread her long chocolate legs! This horny hottie took that big dick of his nice and hard, moaning as he slid in and out of that tight wet cunt…she got her sweet round ass in the air so he could pound her doggystyle, and man oh man there’s just nothing better than a gorgeous black girl with her butt in the air, especially when she’s as cute as Lovely Lola here in this Black GFs update! Lola rode the guy ragged, taking his cock and having her way with it in a few of her favorite positions before the guy had to pull out and bust his nut, giving her a facial and frosting those nice bouncy titties as well!

Long Hair Don’t Care


Long Hair Don't Care

Listen guys I might be running out of names for these Girls Do Porn galleries so don’t mind my Long Hair Don’t Care gallery title please. The girl does have super long hair and it looks really hot when she is completely naked bouncing on this guys dick. She is a real go getter she wasn’t lying when she said she likes sex I mean she was totally engaged in this sex scene. She is like on of the few girls that just pretends like the camera isn’t there and she goes after it. She of course likes doggystyle as her favorite position what slut doesn’t and the guys are nice to her giving her a nice long doggy session in this video. The girl seems to have had sex a bunch of different places and has really tried it all she is quite experienced. She even likes anal sex. At first she didn’t like it but after a couple more attempt she has turned the corner. She does definitely enjoy a finger in her butt while she is being fucked, probably the reason she likes doggystyle so much. The video ends with her getting a facial something she has done in her private life and something she actually likes. Instead of being all grossed out about it like most these amateur girls though she takes the facial and then keeps on sucking this guys dick! That right there is a keeper guys. Lets talk about this girls body know she has these awesome full titties that are super perky, I mean super perky. Then her ass is fucking banging, one of those nice fit asses. The type of girl that goes to the gym and is there just to work out her ass. She knows she has a nice booty though because she got some lips tattooed on that ass, something for everyone to look at when her ass cheeks are hanging out of her bikini. Girls Do Porn is the only possible site you guys should join, it’s worth every penny that right there is the truth so join up!

Kelly Madison Mexican Exposure


Kelly madison mexican exposure porn fidelity

We’ve seen Ryan Madison fuck a billion other girls but it’s always nice to see him and his wife Kelly Madison gettin it on in a hot Porn Fidelity update! They headed to Cabo for a little fun in the sun and when he saw Kelly in her sexy little skimpy string bikini with those magnificent huge round juicy titties of hers just about bouncing out of her top, Ryan couldn’t help strip her down, gettin those big boobs out and laying Kelly down on the pool table to pound that wet MILF pussy hard and deep until he shot his load of cum inside for a creampie finish! Looks like they didn’t even manage to make it to the beach for Kelly to work on her tan, that bikini of hers was just plain too sexy for Ryan to handle! I hope they made it out to play in the sun at least a little bit at some point, otherwise they might as well just have stayed at home and put up a couple of posters of mexico to pretend it’s a window, and saved all that money on hotels and airfare! It’s been awhile since Kelly Madison did a scene on Porn Fidelity but hopefully we’re in for some more fun…those tits are just second to none and Kelly knows how to take care of a big hard horny dick!

Pen Returns


Pen returns on casting couch hd

Hey do you guys remember sexy redhead Pen from a little while back on Casting Couch HD? Well she’s back for round 2 and if you ask me she’s looking even hotter than before! Her initial nervousness is gone now that she knows the deal and she just wanted another helping of that big thick black dick that this guy is packing in his jeans. She’s still got that frizzy old school hairdo, she’s still got those big perfect tits, she’s still got that sweet round ass, but this time she’s ready to take on two dark cocks at once! I guess this guy Chris really turned Pen onto the wonders of black dick in her first CCHD scene, I guess that ‘you’ll never go back’ saying is 100% true in her case. Either Penelope is super slow in the head and doesn’t realize she’s not auditioning for a hiphop video but is actually just getting naked and getting her sweet ginger pussy drilled for Casting Couch HD, or else she’s just horny as hell and loves the idea of having two big black cocks pounding her at the same time. I would suspect the latter, given how ready she is to get those little white panties yanked down her legs and get to work sucking on both of those dudes. Penelope has a ball licking and sucking those two huge dicks, she had a craving for a nice deep dicking and she definitely got that not once but twice here as she gets plugged up in her pussy and her mouth at the same time until finally both guys bust a nice facial on her lips and into her mouth to swallow down. Hopefully Pen will be back for round 3!

Alexia Gold


Alexia gold on amateur allure

Gorgeous blonde Alexia Gold has some of the prettiest eyes I’ve seen in awhile, or maybe that’s just because she’s looking up at us with them while she deepthroats this guy’s cock on Amateur Allure! Alexia is a sexy stunning teen with nice full breasts, a great ass and a hunger for cock that just won’t get satisifed until she’s taken a load in her mouth and another on her sweet booty. Usually on Amateur Allure the girls swallow every load they’re given, but since the second splash gets on her ass Alexia doesn’t really have a chance to do that…she’s not about to be denied that salty treat though so she reaches back and scoops it up to lick it off her fingers with a smile! You wouldn’t think it to look at this girl but man she is a cum fiend…that innocent angelic expression of hers as she looks at you with that adorable smile and her big doe eyes is just a red herring; while she’s smiling away all innocent-like she’s got scenes in her head of her licking and sucking and riding your dick until you give her the load that she’s after! It’s the first time on the site for this horny teen beauty but I have a hunch it won’t be the last time on Amateur Allure for lovely Alexia Gold.



Allison backroom casting couch

So I mean when you’re dealing with a constant stream of amateur girls wanting to make their way into the adult business like you’ve got going on Backroom Casting Couch it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to not exactly hit a home run each and every update, looks-wise. Allison here isn’t exactly a beauty queen, I mean she’s not ugly so much as she is unkempt…she looks like she just walked into the studio from a windstorm with her hair all muddled up, but when she says she’s a self-professed slave this guy knows just what to do! Allison strips down to play with her pussy a bit and then give the guy a blowjob, but the real main event is when he bends her over on the desk and on the couch to fuck that very nice ass of hers from behind! She takes a hard anal pounding that makes her scream with a mixture of pleasure and pain, taking his dick from behind until he shot a load of cum inside her ass for an anal creampie! Since she’s a bit of a submissive and into a little BDSM and humiliation he sends her packing with her ass still frosted with cum in her pants, her head full of dreams of being a successful pornstar with that sweet cash rolling in.

Morning Workout


Passion hd kasey warner morning workout

Sexy athletic spinner Kasey Warner was just finishing up her morning workout routine, cooling off with some stretches and her man walked in right at the perfect time in this Passion HD update! She had that cute tight firm ass in the air in her sexy yoga pants and who could resist a sight like that? It takes a lot of work to keep a body this fit and sexy and Kasey loved working up a sweat each morning…but this time she got a little extra aerobic exercise in if you know what I mean! She stripped off her yoga pants and ankle warmers and got down on the floor, licking and sucking her man’s cock and then pulling her knees up to her ears to get that tight meaty pussy drilled. She put her flexibility and core strength to the test getting in all kinds of fun positions here, taking that big hard dick to the hilt in her wet hole and moaning with her perky titties bouncing up and down in the guy’s face until finally he couldn’t deny the power of that sweet pussy anymore and busted nut all over her for a facial finish to her first Passion HD hardcore fuck scene, and I’m sure it won’t be the last!

Kimmy Diedrick


Kimmy diedrick for zishy

We saw stunning Kimmy Diedrick one other time on Zishy, she was acting pretty crazy in The Arizona Room but now she’s hanging out by the poolside in her sexy skimpy bikini for a hot wet photoshoot called Swim Like Hell! This girl is absolutely stunning, she’s got a perfect tight little ass and nice perky breasts to go along with her beautiful face and that fun adventurous and slightly off-kilter personality! Kimmy goes for a dip here to get all wet and relaxed and then has some ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ on her way out of the pool, her bikini bottoms untying to flash that cute butt and almost flash her pussy by accident…Kimmy catches it just barely in time though so we get just a tantalizing glance before she slips into the jacuzzi area to relax in the warm steamy water! Heading back inside after her swim her bottoms are pretty much falling off, giving a nice look at that ass as she towels herself off and heads back for her hotel room. Another beautiful sexy Zishy style photoshoot in the books, I can’t wait for this ginger beauty to come back for more!

Mia Khalifa Monsters of Cock


You probably wouldn’t actually guess it but this girl Mia Khalifa is the most popular pornstar on the Internet! I haven’t even posted one of her galleries yet, that right there means I am slipping. So here is the first one I am going to post it’s of her most recent scene for Bang Bros, it’s from Monsters of Cock to be exact. She is Lebanese and I suspect why she is so popular is her exotic looks and then her nice big titties. They’re fake tits but man is it a well done boob job. She of course has a nice round ass as well or she wouldn’t be as popular as she is. She is the first Bang Bros contract girl that I remember so that’s pretty big news. They’re going to be having a ton of videos of her so stay locked on that site and you’re going to see more and more of her. I ran across of hers and that’s where this gallery is going. I figure if you guys like this girl you’re probably going to want to see all the videos she has done and this site does in fact have them all.

New Years Blow


Bryci new years blow

Now this is the way to ring in the New Year! Beautiful brunette babe Bryci is back to show off those big perky breasts, pulling her sparkling top down to unleash those beauties before taking her man’s cock in her mouth…this girl gives a magnificent blowjob and this is the perfect chance to check it out! She not only sucks cock well, she has those incredible beautiful eyes staring up at yus as she gives her man one of the hottest suck jobs of the year! They had been out celebrating the new year at a party but he just couldn’t tear his eyes away from those tits and that ass so they headed home a little earlier than they intended…Bryci gives him a sweet blowjob here in this video clip from her own site, and since she loves being watched she didn’t mind releasing a little footage to whet your whistle so to speak. And speaking of getting one’s whistle wetted, Bryci pumps a nice big load of cum out of this cock into her mouth as a reward for sucking him so well! This blowjob is in first person perspective too, so if you’re in the mood for a nice POV look at a beautiful woman sucking cock well my friend today is your lucky day.

Karmen Bella


Karmen bella on exotic 4k

Prepare yourself for the bodacious booty and perky titties and of course the Luscious Lips of beautiful Karmen Bella in this Exotic4k update! This stunner has an amazing body with long sexy legs, those perfect boobs swinging as she rides this lucky guy’s big hard cock…I’m not even sure what nationality Karmen is, I would guess Brazilian? She’s got that sultry exotic look though and she loves getting her sweet wet pussy pounded, so she’s perfect for Exotic4k…the title of this update is Luscious Lips and she definitely has the soup-coolers to merit that title as she wraps her lips around this guy’s dick, driving him crazy with desire before giving up that sweet pussy! She looks incredible in her clothes and in her black bikini but even better completely naked with those long sexy legs in the air getting her snatch filled up with man meat. Karmen works this dude’s big dick with her hands and tongue and lips and cunt before he finally busts a nice facial load of cum on her that she picks up with a finger and licks off!

Teal Conrad


Teal conrad hotel hookup povd

It’s the first time on POVD for beautiful Teal Conrad and she’s making a hell of a first impression as she meets up with her friend’s boyfriend for a little forbidden liaison, a Hotel Hookup if you will! She strips down and shows off those perfect bouncy breasts and sweet firm juicy ass before sucking his cock and going for a ride, taking that big dick deep inside for this sexy hardcore scene. Teal is pretty amazing, she’s very athletic but has that big juicy ass and legs like a stallion…and she loves having a big hard cock buried in her wet snatch, that’s an undisputable fact! POVD is the ideal site for her by the way, she get a hard deep pounding and we get to experience it in first person perspective in incredibly high resolution video and 3d audio, making it feel like you’re the one she’s meeting up with on the sly in a hotel room, spending the day sucking and fucking your big hard dick! Every inch of this girl is sexy as hell and Teal loves to share her sexuality with the world…I just hope her girlfriend doesn’t find out that Teal has been banging her guy!

Miss Palestine MFC


Here is a hot tip right now guys head over and check out Miss Palestine on My Free Cams. You guys might remember her from her Girls Do Porn videos here on, one of the most popular girls ever for the site. Her first scene is here and the second is here enjoy!

Vanessa Rivas Returns


Vanessa rivas on zishy

We’ve seen beautiful Latina babe Vanessa Rivas on Zishy once before (her photoshoot was right here in case you missed out on it the first time ’round) and now she’s back, hanging out on the mean streets of Los Angeles just wandering around and taking some photos and of course flashing that sweet ass and her panties with some upskirt shots, as well as teasing us with those nice big round titties she’s packing in her top! Vanessa loves the city and loves exploring, taking her time wandering around some parking garages and bus stations and taking every opportunity she can to flash us, letting that little skirt ride up her hips with her panties peeking out. She finishes things off with some high-kicks, letting that sweet pussy of hers get a little time out in the open! Well actually she keeps her panties on but hey they’re pretty skimpy so it’s basically like she’s flashing that snatch for us. Zishy always lets the girls show their personality in their shoots as well as their beauty and Vanessa here definitely lets her inner self out for these hot photos!

Standing Still


Colette standing still with alina

Gorgeous athletic brunette Alina stars in this red hot update from Colette called Standing Still, getting into a little fun kink as she is tied up in a standing position with her arms over her head…her man rubs oil into her skin and lets his hands slide all over her body, massaging those perky titties until her nipples are standing straight out and rubbing her clit to make Alina moan and drive her wild! He used a toy to buzz her pussy, making her knees shake as she moaned and gasped before finally he gave her the cock she was practically begging for…anyone would love giving Alina a nice hard pounding but this guy takes his time, sliding in and out of that sweet dripping wet hole as she stood there quivering and moaning for more! He complied, fucking that tight hole and making her arch her back as she screamed in orgasm and he shot his load inside for a creampie before finally untying her hands and helping her walk to the couch…I don’t think she was able to stand on her own after a fucking like that!

Sandee Westgate Cock Worship


Cock worship on porn fidelity

Some women just absolutely love the D and that’s Sandee Westgate to a T…in this update from Porn Fidelity she gets into a little cock worship session with her boyfriend Jared, stroking and sucking on his big dick and lavishing attention on every inch, lathering him up in the tub. They took a hot steamy shower together and of course Jared ended up fingering Sandee’s sweet wet pussy and then sliding his sword into that sheath…she gets those huge round titties pressed against the shower glass door as she gets pounded from behind, moaning away before the two of them moved that hardcore fuck session to the bathroom counter! You’d think they would head to the bedroom or something but nope, the counter is where it’s at as Sandee lifts her legs up with her knees near her ears to get her sweet hole penetrated nice and deep, getting fucked for this red hot Porn Fidelity scene until she used both hands to pump out a nice big facial that she took into her mouth to swallow down! It’s a pleasure seeing a woman who loves a big hard dick as much as Sandee Westgate does, she’s been in a few other Porn Fidelity updates before and every time you can tell that she’s just in heaven when she gets her dripping wet hole delved.

High On Harley


Teen fidelity harley dean

Beautiful Harley Dean smoked a little doob in the car getting a good buzz on before heading over to the Teen Fidelity house to meet up with Ryan Madison…she got all worked up thinking about his big hard cock and by the time she got to the house her pussy was dripping wet! She pretty much tackled him as soon as she got into the house, kissing him in the hallway before getting her tight teen pussy licked and fingered and then pounded as only Ryan can do. Harley’s got that sweet tight ebony pussy and she loves to get it worked over, and Ryan’s more than willing to be the tongue and dick that does it! Watch this hottie get those perky titties grabbed and go for a ride on Ryan’s big hard insatiable cock…he brings her to the brink of pleasure and beyond as she takes that dick deep and hard in her hole, moaning her way to orgasmtown before Ryan has his own peak, shooting his load of cum inside her hole for a nice creampie! This tattooed beautiful black teen makes for a hell of a hot update, it’s called High On Harley and

The Studio II


X art studio II angelica

So you guys remember in the X Art update called The Studio Part I when Angelica and Mila fucked each other like lesbians in the dressing room, right? Well Angelica was still horny as hell after all that and decided to take care of her craving for cock with this lucky photographer…after posing for him for a bit they called a wrap to the shoot, at which point Angelica basically tackled him and grabbed his big dick out of his pants! He was already pretty turned on just taking pictures of this absolute beauty so he wasn’t exactly going to complain about her grabbing his lovestick, sucking him off before spreading those long lean legs and getting her tight Russian pussy pounded! Angelica is seriously one of the hottest women in the world if you ask me…her body is flawless and her face is angelic, and her libido is off the charts as well! She pulled up her shirt to show off those perky titties and took the photographer’s cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him up and down and then bending over with her tight little ass in the air to get fucked doggystyle. Angelica got fucked in that perfect tight hole for a bit until the guy was ready to pop, and then sucked his load out into her mouth to swallow down!

Creampie Delight


Passion hd creampie delight bella danger

So beautiful Bella Danger and her man were getting frisky and making out when he mentioned he was really in the mood for a creampie…well Bella tends to take things pretty literally so she was like ‘oh sure brb’ and headed out the door in her tiny little dress! She went all the way to the store and bought a cream pie with her cute ass peeking out of her skirt…she must have caused quite the stir as she walked around the grocery store! Soon she was back at the house though and took some of the cream in her mouth, sucking the guy’s cock up and down…Bella looked amazing in this Passion HD scene, she’s got an incredible body with those nice perky breasts and an ass like something out of a dream! This is her second appearance on the site, she was in a scene called Play Before Work with Sammie Daniels before but now in this scene she’s on her own and definitely has earned the spot, she’s fucking gorgeous and sexy as hell! She gets that tight wet pussy fucked deep until the guy finally explained what he had been talking about, he gave her a creampie delight as he busted his nut inside her hole to finish off this hot hardcore scene.

Sophia Winters


This girl Sophia Winters is like a ray of sunshine on a cold winter’s day…she’s hanging out barefut on the grass (is that real grass? it looks weird) in her little plaid dress looking just adorable, lifting her legs up a bit to give a tantalizing flash of those cute red thong panties. Soon she starts getting more naked though, flashing those big breasts and slipping her hand into her panties to touch that sweet tight little pussy of hers! That grin just keeps on flashing as she gets totally nude, her nipples standing out like eraser heads from the chilly wind blowing over her skin. Sophia doesn’t seem to mind though, she keeps smiling away and bending over on her hands and knees with that perfect ass up in the air like she’s ready to get her hole pounded doggystyle by some lucky dude!



Sexy sultry seductive tanned Tiffany here loves getting dripping wet so in this photoshoot she’s hanging out knee-deep in the waves, letting the warm water wash over her and soak through her sheer top! She’s letting those big round titties of hers get nice and wet, not to mention that tight pussy! Tiffany loves the feeling of the water against her skin and looks like she’s about to have an orgasm at any moment just being naked (basically) in public…can you imagine walking down the white sand beaches and seeing a gorgeous woman like Tiffany here rolling around in the surf, untying her top and unveiling those glorious big breasts of hers. I’m not even sure how those fake eyelashes are staying on to be honest, I’m surprised they’re not dripping down her face like those wacky-wall-walker things.



This girl had me hooked until I saw her name is Vxmpire…if you’ve been reading a lot of Anne Rice novels though this chick is going to rock your world! This photoshoot is from Suicide Girls and Vxmpire definitely fits their mold, so to speak…she’s hot as hell with a ton of tattoos and is relaxing on a gloomy afternoon in her tight tank top that you can pretty much see her puffy nipples right through! This edgy babe strips down to show off those sexy black strap panties, giving a nice view of her huge back tattoo as she rolls around on the living room rug. Vxmpire is sexy as hell, I just hope she doesn’t take herself too seriously as her name kind of implies! She’s super hot though so enjoy these photos. Nice big tits, fantastic round ass, this girl actually has some sexy womanly curves instead of being rail-thin like a lot of the heavily-tattooed pierced dyed-hair chicks on Suicide Girls tend to be!

Margo Russo


Get ready to have your appetite for big juicy round titties fulfilled because this photoshoot features lovely blonde Margo Russo and of course those breasts of hers! She starts out in her lacy white bra with her tits almost popping right out already, and soon she’s stripped down naked cupping her boobs and sliding her hands down her stomach to touch that pink pussy…Margo’s not exactly a natural blonde from the looks of things but it definitely suits her, she looks hot as hell here! Wouldn’t you loe to just slide your face or your dick up between those big soft fun-pillows? Margo loves to masturbate and definitely loves being the center of attention so this phtoshoot from Penthouse is right up her alley.

Ariel Rebel


I was a little confused about this video clip from Sex Art to be honest…it stars Ariel Rebel so I was already onboard from the get-go, but like half the video is footage of a couple of light bulbs firing up and cooling down. Other than the bulbs though this scene called Incandescence looks pretty dope, Ariel is of course sexy as hell and she’s fingering herself like crazy here…apparently Ariel is supposed to be a doll or something too, my guess is that the idea is when the lights are on she’s a normal doll but when the lights go off she comes to life in a big way and masturbates. Well either that or it’s just sort pretentious? Could be. Anyway it’s a good thing Ariel is so hot because she’s showing off those sweet titties and her nice cute ass before sliding her fingers in and out of that pussy of hers!

Bella Danger In Deep


Well Bella Danger came out with this Passion HD scene today and I also saw that she had this We Live Together video so I was about to not post it but then I was thinking who doesn’t want to see this round ass girl getting her ass and pussy licked? I think nobody so we are doubling up on Bella today! This scene is with another girl that doesn’t really do lesbian scenes much her name is Staci Carr. The two of them have some kind of workout of something before hand so they’re in tight yoga pants and then well they get down to business. Both girls eat pussy but only Bella gets on top and rides a face. She knows that Staci here wants her face enveloped in her big ass cheeks so she gives her what she wants by getting on top so they can 69 each other. I don’t think either of these girls really have a real orgasms but they both totally enjoy having oral sex.

Wifey Late Night


You know what surprises me about Wifey’s World here? You never see her taking a creampie or anything like that I mean for gods sake they’re married and they just don’t do that. Maybe they did it to much in the beginning of their marriage or something. All you get nowadays is Wifey swallowing her husbands load, taking a facial or him squirting on her big natural tits like you see in this image. Don’t get me wrong those are all probably better then just cumming in your Wifes pussy but I find it funny. This scene is of a late night sex session the two of them had, they just set up a camera and they had sex like any married couple. Wifey is wearing that black full net body suit that she has worn a couple of times before. You get to see her warming herself up at the start of the video by giving herself a orgasm with a rabbit vibrator. Then in the end she jerks off his cock and rubs his balls for a huge cumshot on the big boobies.

Mandy Muse


Mandy muse for blacked

Ready to check out another gorgeous girl taking a walk on the wild side and getting pounded by a huge black cock on BLACKED? This time we meet Mandy Muse, a sexy brunette with a great ass and perky little titties and an insatiable lust for dick…well she met her match with this guy, she’s trying her best to accomodate that big fat black cock of his as she sucks it hard and then spreads her lean lily-white legs to get that wet pussy pounded, then guiding him into her back door for a nice anal pounding! She loves getting that ass of hers fucked and in this Blacked scene she’s pushing things to the limit…she can barely fit that cock in her backdoor but takes him as deep as she can, moaning as he impaled her holes one after the other with that fuck-spear of his. Mandy ended up riding his cock spreading her pussy wide open before dropping to her knees and taking a nice big creamy facial that dripped down her smile off her chin and onto her boobs! You can tell this girl Mandy is an instant convert to dark cock, it’ll be hard to go back to a smaller dick now that she’s tasted the ultimate in fuck pleasure!

Jada Stevens Returns


Jada stevens returns to hard x

This is the second update on Hard X for sexy pornstar Jada Stevens, I guess she liked the cut of their collective jib! If you missed out on it for some reason I’ve got it for you guys right here, make sure you check it out because that ass is out of control! In this new scene called IR Workout she’s hanging out by the pool in her skimpy little neon yellow thong bikini showing off that sexy perfect round ass and her sweet titties, all oiled up and shiny…her ass is oiled up enough that when she gets water sprayed on her it just beads up and runs off, like water off a duck’s back! She heads inside for the second half of the shoot, getting her pussy and ass drilled by her man’s big black dick…Jada loves getting a nice hard anal pounding and with a butt like she’s got, she has no trouble ever finding a guy willing to jam that backdoor with dick. She rides him nice and deep, taking his big dick deep in her ass before going ass to mouth, sucking a nice cream load out of that big dark dong!

Bisexual Perky Hottie


Bisexual perky hottie on mom pov

Welcome back to Mom POV, we’ve got a 29 year old hottie here…29 is a little on the young side for Mom POV but hey, this chick is a hottie with great legs and a sexy personality so who’s going to complain! She also doesn’t have any kids and doesn’t want any kids so I was a little puzzled as to why she was on Mom POV…maybe she’s a stepmom or something, I dunno. I would call shenanigans on her, I mean to be a MILF you have to be a Mom right? Well like I said, she’s pretty hot so I’m willing to slide her a pass for this one…plus she’s into chicks so she’d be down to do a triple-girl lesbian threesome, maybe she’ll be back for round two to get some sapphic sexy action going! For a chick who’s so into girls though she sure gives a mean blowjob…watch this hottie suck and lick that big thick dick like a champ here, taking it deep in her mouth before spreading her legs to get that shaved pussy pounded hard and deep! She rides the guy’s cock, sucks and licks him some more, and then gets on her hands and knees with her sweet round ass in the air to get her pussy fucked doggystyle, working that dick until he busted a nice facial on her lips!

Jade Nile


Jade nile for in the crack

I love seeing Jade Nile do work on any site she’s on, this girl is just plain gorgeous! She always reminds me of like the popular outgoing party chick in school who you always had a crush on but never got up the nerve to talk to, she’s got that sort of excited fresh-faced beauty and smokin hot body and in this photoshoot from In The Crack we get to explore every inch of it all up close and personal! Jade starts out on the table lifting up those long legs to spread her sweet pink pussy open, touching herself a bit before deploying a pink rabbit vibrator that tickled her clit and fucked her pussy at the same time. Her pussy and her ass are both perfect, which is very important when you’re zooming in to be like two inches away from her slit and can see every detail crystal clear! Jade looks sexy as hell and has a blast pounding her own hole with her favorite toy here…you can see the little balls inside the vibrator rotating, tickling and tantalizing the inside of her sensitive tight pussy until she’s basically moaning and gasping her head off and driving herself crazy!

Ariana Grand


Ariana grand on amateur allure

Say hello to Ariana Grand, a beautiful brunette with nice sweet titties and a fantastic ass, not to mention a raging hunger for cock! Actually you may have seen her since this shoot was done, for some reason I’m only just now getting around to posting her Amateur Allure shoot but she’s done some stuff for other sites in the meantime and is hot as hell in all of them. This was pretty much her first steps into the adult industry though so you get to see this fresh-faced pornstar-to-be showing her stuff here! She takes on two cocks at the same time, going right for the double trouble, sucking them both and licking all those balls before getting fingercuffed, taking one in her pussy and one in her mouth at the same time! Ariana loves sex and has a great time getting double pounded and taking not one, not two, but three big loads of creamy cum in her mouth to swallow down! She keeps her little red dress on for pretty much this whole shoot, lifting up the hem to reveal that tight pussy and sweet round ass and dropping the top to let thoes perky titties out to play for this hot hardcore Amateur Allure threesome.

Waiting For Her Man


Passion hd waiting for her man corinne blake

Brace yourself for hotness because we’ve got another newcomer to Passion HD doing a red hot hardcore scene! Beautiful blonde Corinne Blake stars in this scene called Waiting For Her Man which is a title I heartily approve of, not only because Lou Reed was awesome but also because Corinne is hanging out pretty much naked with those huge tits bouncing around masturbating and getting all turned on while she waits for her fella to show up! Eventually he does get to the house and of course when he finds his gorgeous girlfriend basically naked rubbing her wet pussy and with that sexy seductive look in her eyes he pretty much rips his trousers off to get that cock into action! Corinne takes his big thick dick in her mouth, sucking him off and then bending over to get that sweet round ass in the air to take him to the hilt in her dripping wet pussy. This chick gets mighty intense when she gets fucked, you can see what I mean in that thumbnail up above…look at that expression, she looks like she could break a cock off at the stem with her pussy as she gets pounded!



Alejandra on net video girls

Give a nice warm welcome to another hot Latina babe on Net Video Girls showing her amateur hotness…Alejandra is here with her big tits almost falling out of her dress already right off the bat when she comes through the door! She’s there for a calendar audition but little does she know the only thing she’s about to do is strip down and get fucked on camera for the site! She’s ready to show what she’s got to be a calendar girl but best of luck with that, there’s no calendar. This is pretty standard for the site but this particular update is special…what happens is this Latina babe is joined by Lane, who has already done her own update on the site and is willing to ‘help out’ showing the ropes to a newbie! The two of them start sucking this guy’s big thick dick, Alejandra is a little nervous but the fact that there’s another chick there sucking cock helps break the ice a little so to speak…well the two of them are giving him a blowjob when a THIRD girl comes in and joins them! Soon this is a hot hardcore foursome with all three girls naked and sucking and fucking and eating pussy and just having a blast…and speaking of blasts, they all end up sharing a facial load between em to finish off this hot scene.

Eva Lovia White Lace


I should play like guess these boobs and pussy series on the site, that’s really a good idea but I am too lazy to make that happen I think. This girl right here just started doing hardcore does that help you out at all? Well if that doesn’t then nothing will her name is Eva Lovia and this gallery of her is for her personal site. I could have posted a hardcore scene of her but sometimes I like to just see a girl naked and Eva is definitely a girl I just want to see naked. She has nice small tits and I love her hairy pussy too plus you guys don’t even get to see it here she has one of the best asses on the internet. Plus look at her tan lines for that pussy I mean she takes care of this body of hers, I mean at this point it’s her money maker. Another reason I posted this is because she did come out with another hardcore scene . She hit the streets and found a girl to come back to a hotel room and have a threesome with her. Along with a bunch of random people showing her their private parts.

The Rave


Ccgfs with karlee gray

I know you guys have seen raver girls partying half-dressed and fantasized about seeing them totally naked and getting fucked…well now’s your chance to see those fantasies cum to life as Crazy College GFs brings you this hot update called The Rave! The party had ended but the afterparty was getting into full swing as these hot college girls and their boyfriends spilled out into the parking lot and kept things rolling…the girls were shaking their asses and titties and looking hot as hell, especially this hottie Karlee Grey here! She didn’t mind being naked in public or being recorded sucking her boyfriend’s cock, licking and sucking him up and down before he just turned her around, tugged her panties down and started banging that sweet tight wet pussy right in front of the whole crowd! Everyone went apeshit of course, cheering them on and dancing and these two loved the attention…he pounded her hard and deep and then blasted his load all over her pussy to finish things off with a bang!

Ride Em


Mai rider on crazy asian gfs ride em

Sexy Eastern babe Mia Rider was hanging out in the living room exercising in her little shorts and knee high socks, stretching out and getting in a little yoga when her boyfriend snuck in to record her! He couldn’t resist getting a closer look at that sweet round juicy ass of hers as she bent over and got caught, but after a little initial shyness Mia decided to let him keep recording her! Soon she had those huge soft boobs out and was tugging her panties aside, getting her pink wet pussy fingered and fucked in this Crazy Asian GFs update called Ride Em! Mia got pretty turned on by all the attention and her pussy was dripping wet as she got pounded, her legs spread wide open as she fingered her ass and got fucked at the same time. Crazy Asian GFs loves bringing the hottest Asian babes to the table, showing some sexy situations…Mia looked hot just stretching out in her sexy shorts and things got even better once she got naked and took that cock to the hilt in her wet hole!

Claudia Quattrone Returns


Zishy quiattrone 2

We’ve seen beautiful Claudia Quattrone once before on Zishy and she’s back and is looking hotter than ever! She’s got that sexy glamour look even when she’s just hanging out like this in her sheer white top and little panties and socks…some women just have that sexy sort of aura about them and Claudia definitely fits into that category! The name of this photoshoot is Sun Wrestling, I don’t know how much wrestling she’s doing in these shots but she is basking in the sun like a cat at first…after that she does a little meditating and then relaxes on the couch, getting those big perfect breasts out and sliding her panties down her thighs to flash a little tantalizing look at that sweet pert ass and her adorable tummy! This girl is sexy as hell and the whole shoot gives the feeling of a relaxing sunny quiet afternoon, and what better way to spend an afternoon than hanging out with a hottie like Claudia Quattrone?

Lisa Ann Returns


Lisa ann returns to pawg

I thought for sure Lisa Ann had done some updates before for this site PAWG on the Bang Bros network and sure enough, she was in one quite awhile ago taking it up the ass right here…well now she’s back and is putting that big round juicy booty to work once again! She’s a thick busty MILF with a big round ass, huge round tits and big plump lips ready to suck this guy’s big dick and guide it right into her wet pussy with that bodacious booty up in the air. The guy loved slamming into her hole from behind, slapping against that spankable ass and making Lisa moan, her huge boobs swinging and bouncing with every thrust of his hard cock. She’s had plenty of experience shaking and working that butt of hers and is pulling out all the stops here, showing why she’s a natural for the title Phat Ass White Girl! She doesn’t get into any anal fun in this episode sadly but she does love playing with her ass so she fingers her pucker while the guy rails her pussy, it’s pretty hot.

Games For A Pearl Necklace


Pearl necklace games xpawn

This hot sexy blonde came into the XXX Pawn shop to try and hock her ex-boyfriend’s XBox and some games and stuff, apparently she was pissed that he paid more attention to his games than he did to her! She had her eyes on a pearl necklace on one of the shelves but the price difference was pretty big…the guy invited her to the back office to show her on the computer what the price delta was and of course once they were in private he started putting on the ol’ moves! He convinced her that the price difference would shrink in a hurry if she would be willing to get naked and show off those big juicy titties and suck and fuck his huge cock! She was pretty horny and sexually frustrated so she got to scratch that itch so to speak at the same time as getting a nice new pearl necklace, so she got her big boobs out and gave him a nice blowjob, then undressed to lower her ass and penetrate her wet pussy on his big thick dick! He gave her a bonus pearl necklace after fucking her for awhile, just to let her know how much he appreciated her business!



Madison on backroom casting couch

So Madison here is one of those girls who wants to get into the adult industry not to strike it rich or anything like that, but for the thrill and hotness and adventure of it! Well, Madison sure came to the right place because Backroom Casting Couch isn’t exactly a legit casting company, they just get amateur pornstar newbies in the door to get naked and get fucked without ever delivering on the promise of a callback from any real porn site companies! Pretty sneaky, but the girls just get stars in their eyes sometimes or, as in the case with Morgan, they just want to get a good deep hard pussy pounding. As it turns out Madison gives an absolutely incredible blowjob, the BRCC guy described it as possibly the best head he’s ever had on the site which is some pretty tall talk given some of the chicks that have been on here! She’s a tall drink of water with a pair of nice perky titties, a cute face, a great butt and of course the aforementioned blowjob skills! She hasn’t even been with all that many guys, I guess she’s just a natural at oral pleasure…after she gets that sweet pussy of hers pounded nice and hard and taking a little anal fucking as well she pumps a load out, sucking the guy until he cums like a freight train to finish off this Backroom Casting Couch oral masterpierce!



Morgan on exploited college girls

I have never seen a pair of tits this big on a chick in an Exploited College Girls update, these are one of a kind…or two of a kind, I guess, since it’s a pair! Meet Morgan, a sexy amateur blonde with a cute face, nice round ass and, buckle up for safety, 36DDD titties that look incredible! Some chicks have huge boobs but they look terrible once they’re out of the bra, sometimes the breasts are hanging down to their knees or maybe they just have some huge weird looking areolas or whatever, but not Morgan here! Her tits look incredible in and out of her clothes and she obviously loves them, squeezing them together and playing with them in her ECG introduction interview…she knew the guy was staring and was almost mesmerized by them too obviously, she kept talking about how big and soft and bouncy they were and I’m sure if she had told the guy to walk off a cliff at that point we’d be down by one cameraman! Morgan strips out of her red bra and panties to start things off here, getting her pussy buzzed with a vibrator bringing her to orgasm already and trust me when I say, this girl is very very turned on…you can hear how wet her pussy is as the guy pounds away at her hole, making her moan as those big gorgeous tits of hers went for a hypnotic sort of a dance with every thrust! Finally she came again on top of his cock before he pulled out and hosed her down with a big cum facial.



Selma on net video girls

Alright well call me crazy but when a chick shows up at Net Video Girls and describes herself as a ‘good girl’ you just know she’s gonna get her pussy pounded am I right? This chick is a gorgeous Latina hottie in a cute little pink dress that shows off her sexy legs and is in my opinion one of the cutest girls they’ve had on the site in quite a long time. I mean when you’re dealing with a site like this who gets all kinds of amateur girls showing up to try out for their calendar gig or whatever other fake job they’re hawking, you get some chaff along with the wheat if you know what I mean…but of course sometimes you get an absolute stunner with a girl like Selma here! She really, really wants to get that calendar girl job and is willing to do what it takes, even if it takes her well beyond the limits of what a ‘good girl’ should probably be doing with strangers! She tugs off her little pink dress and hangs out in her black bra and panties, then strips down even more to show she’s got the body to make this calendar something special…when the cameraman’s cock starts getting harder she can’t help but grab it with a smile, showing just how far she’s willing to go as she licks and sucks him off! Those titties of hers are gorgeous, as is her big round juicy ass as she gets naked and gets that tight shaved pussy rocked before pumping a load of cum out into her mouth to swallow down!

Jaclyn Swedberg


All hail the Queen! Well at least that’s how Jaclyn Swedberg looks in this Playboy shoot if you ask me, she’s got that regal look to her not to mention her enormous beautiful titties that she unleashes on her subjects! Who would dare to refute an order from this chick, she’d have guys jumping through the flames for her if she hinted that it would make her happy…and from the look on her face she’d have no hesitation in chopping someone into bits who tried to defy her rule! Anyway Cleopatra here, I mean Jaclyn Swedberg, is at the bottom of a flight of stairs slipping out of her bra and panties and looking absolutely jaw-dropping…gorgeous face, perfect ass, long sexy legs and of course those big full round breasts, she’s an absolute dream come true but hey I guess that’s why Playboy is still around after all these years, they know how to bring a guy’s dream to life in a big way!

Colleen A Denove


At first glance I thought whoever put this photoshoot together was going to be in big trouble but after looking up the details it appears everything is on the up and up, Colleen here just has a young fresh face and those perky little titties and it’s a little worrying at first! Have no worries though…feel free to enjoy these shots of this tight little teen spinner as she strips down and hops into the tub to spray herself down and play with her bald pussy! The name of the photoset is Colleen A Denove and I don’t know if that means Denove is her last name or what…alls I know is that Colleen is gorgeous, young and perky with tanlines and a sweet tight little ass and sexy shaved pussy! She’s itty bitty too, check out how much room she has to spare in that bathtub…it’s been a long damn time sinc I could fit into a tub with that much clearance, I don’t know about you guys. This pocket sized hottie looks amazing in it though, especially in that second to last picture in the set where she’s like laying on her back with her arms up behind her head…man oh man.



This is a photoshoot of Ariel in some crazy-ass thigh high white stockings, tugging on her pigtails and flashing those round perky full breasts! That’s gotta be a wig, right? I mean if not that hair is down to like mid-thigh which is just crazytalk. I’m actually not exactly sure what’s going on in this photoshoot, Ariel is looking pretty fine but she’s laying on like a red blanket covered with a bunch of gold…I don’t know what they are…Christmas ornaments? In the title of this photoshoot they say that Ariel is thinking of her wishes so dammit I’m just plain confused now. Is she supposed to be cosplaying as someone in particular or are they saying that these little gold ball things can grant wishes or who knows. It’s worth checking out the pictures though, seeing as how Ariel is spreading her legs to flash that shaved pussy of hers as her pearl necklaces and long-ass Rapunzel hair flow over her firm round tits.

Jenna Jayden


You can never have too much of a good thing, that’s the motto of Jenna Jayden here! She’s a BBW blonde with massive soft bouncy titties, big huggable curves, long platinum blonde hair and a libido like you would not believe! She’s a curvy chick for sure, can you just imagine having those big breasts pushed onto your face or buring your face between those thick meaty thighs? Jenna is a hottie with a body and knows it’s just a little more cushion for the pushin’, among other rhymes! In these photos from Scoreland she slides out of her lingerie, peeling her sheer black panties off and letting her hands wander down her tits over her belly and between her pussy lips as she plays with herself. Those eyes of hers are seductive as hell, too, if she gets a good eye-lock with you you’re just plain done, I hope you didn’t have any plans for the rest of your day because you belong to Jenna Jayden now body and soul.

Lucia Sitavancova


If you’re a fan of huge tits and big round juicy booties, well, I’ve got some bad news for you…Lucia Sitavancova here is not currently in possession of either of those traits, but she is absolutely gorgeous with her long glossy dark hair, perky petite titties and tight long lean legs! She’s posing her for Playboy and is spending the afternoon getting naked on the deck of a palatial estate, lounging on the couch and kicking her legs around…she sort of reminds me of a Bond girl for some reason, not sure why she’s giving that impression but she just has that sophisticated seductive appearance. She did a great job shaving her pussy, too, it’s clean as a whistle!

Franceska Open For Biz


That is one nice ass isn’t it? I am always happen to take a view of Franceska Jaimes beautiful booty especially when she is taking a dick in that perfect round ass of hers. Here Franceska is again on a Public Bang scene from Bang Bros. She is open for biz out in public with this guy she lets him fuck whatever hole he wants her ass, her face, her pussy she doesn’t care she just wants to get freaky in the streets. Franceska starts off in these yoga pants and she is walking around showing her butt that she works out on the regular. The camera guy didn’t want to see that tight ass in clothing though so he went ahead and ripped the ass out of them so they could see her walking with her butt hanging out. Then once the butt is out they of course want to see her titties and then next thing you know Franceska is on her knees getting this guy hard so that she can get fucked. She does some squirting in this scene as well I mean there isn’t really much she doesn’t do LOL. If you want to check out her other Public Bangs she as done you can go to these sites I didn’t make a gallery for either… The and then , enjoy!

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