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Cat Nap


Molly jane cat nap fantasy hd

Say hello to Molly Jane, this is her first update on Fantasy HD but man oh man that body of hers is like a dream! Tall and lean and sinuous with big bouncy breasts and of course a gorgeous face…she stars in this update called Cat Nap, which I guess is because her man was taking a snooze at the beginning of this scene. He woke up in a hurry though when this hottie got undressed, sliding that wet tight pussy down the length of his cock and bouncing up and down in a sort of sidesaddle action! I guess she’s just eliminating the middleman here because if the guy was napping this is exactly what he’d be dreaming about! Molly loves getting a nice big dick in her hole, taking this guy to the hilt as those big juicy breasts went for a nice bouncy ride. Molly ended up taking the guy’s load in her mouth and at the end of the video she let it go bloooob out, drizzling down off her chin as she looked up at us with those innocent eyes like ‘oh me? no I don’t have a mouth full of jizz, no way’! This girl is a very nice addition to the site if you ask me, she’s hot as hell with a mighty fine body and I hope they bring her back for plenty more fun.



X art watching with kaylee

Gorgeous lean petite brunette Kaylee here is one of the sexiest models on X-Art and if you’ve ever seen that site before you know that’s saying something! In this hot solo update she doesn’t need a big thick dick to have a good time, she’s spending a little quality time alone in the bedroom playing with that tight perfect pussy, lifting her legs up and masturbating knowing that we’re all out here watching her every move! As it turns out Kaylee is a bit of an exhibitionist, she doesn’t mind having an audience while she rubs that perfect pussy of hers…in fact it seems like it turns her on even more! She was watching some hardcore fucking on the tv and just enjoying every moment of it, sliding her hands all over that sweet tight lean body…this girl is an incredible beauty and the fact that she’s willing to share her sexiness with the world is pretty good fortune on our part! From her supermodel face to those perky breasts to her tight shaved pussy and of course her perfect ass, Kaylee will be in your dreams and she’d like it no other way.

Riley Reid


Hard x riley reid squirt for me master

Sexy skinny stunner Riley Reid looks amazing in her skimpy blue bikini at the beginning of this Hard X update called Squirt For Me Master…they always start things off with some glamour type shots of the girl by herself, looking sexy and sophisticated before heading inside for a big hard deep dicking they’ll never forget! Riley takes this guy’s big fat cock deep in her hole, riding him and getting choked while she fucks him and takes a finger in her asshole, moaning her way to orgasm and squirting all over the damn place until finally the guy hauls out a big load of cum right into her mouth and onto those perky little boobies of hers! Riley kept her bikini top on but pulled it down a bit to give easy access to those pert petite tits wiht her nipples standing out like eraser heads…this is a girl who just plain loves to fuck and it definitely shows in a hot hardcore scene like this!

World Class Blowjob


Lindsey woods on nubile films

They called this Nubile Films update World Class Blowjob but I mean honestly if you ask me Lindsey Woods is hotter getting fucked than sucking dick! She is an absolute stunner, her face looks like a supermodel and those perky breasts of hers and her nice tight firm ass are just plain perfect as she takes her man’s big dick in her tight wet pussy…don’t get me wrong, she does give this guy an incredible blowjob but I think it’s her skills in the sack that really set her ahead of the crowd! Nubile Films has tons of hot women on the site but honestly I’ve gotta say, I’d put Lindsey at the top or at least very near the top of the list…that body of hers is amazing but her face just really knocks things out of the park! She looks like a lot of fun too, teasing her man while wearing her sexy blue lingerie before moving her way down his body to grab his cock out of his shorts and lick him rock-hard before going for a ride. This guy’s got some serious meat in his pants too but Lindsey has no problems taking him in her throat or sliding that big thick dick deep inside her tight little wet hole!

Shy Southern Teen


Shy southern teen on gdp

This girl is a quiet one, there’s no doubt about that…she’s basically whispering at the beginning of her Girls Do Porn update but once she gets a bit more comfortable she opens up a bit. I guess it took her some effort to get to the shoot because she was having some boyfriend issues, he was not at all into her doing an adult shoot! She wanted the cash and wanted to have some fun as well so she headed to the hotel and met up with the guy for her very first adult video! She sounds like a Southern girl if you ask me, judging from her accent…you might think at first this girl is shy and innocent but the last guy she fucked was her ex-boyfriend’s best friend so she’s got a bit of a naughty streak to her! She’s hot as hell, too, a beautiful smile and seductive eyes, not to mention some incredible tits when she pulls off her top…holy smokes those teen boobs are fantastic! They’re surprisingly big for one thing, and firm and incredibly perky…she unleashes those beauties on the world as she sucks this guy’s hard cock, looking up at him with those big beautiful eyes (and those big beautiful breasts!) before undressing the rest of the way and hopping up on the bed. Most sites out there get lucky once in awhile and have a girl who’s actually hot but Girls Do Porn hits it out of the park each and every week I swear. I don’t know how they do it but they consistently have the most gorgeous amateurs on the net! This girl said her favorite position is doggystyle and she gets her fill of that here, getting on her hands and knees with that perfect tight little ass in the air as she gets her teen pussy worked…she’s seriously cute and her body is amazing, it’s awesome seeing this 19 year old get fucked and take a big cream facial to finish things off!



Uma jolie on ftv girls

Alright alright pick up those jaws off the floor, they’re getting dirty…if you can wrench your gaze away from those stunning piercing eyes to read this, I’m pleased to introduce gorgeous teen newcomer Belicia on FTV Girls! I guess her porn name now is Uma Jolie, and I guess she does have bits of Uma Thurman and Angelina going on in her body and in her face…here though she’s Belicia and at this point she was a total first timer being introduced to the world and the adult industry by FTV! It’s the perfect place for this hottie, too; you get to see her naked in public and exploring her sexuality and of course we get a look at every inch of that tight teen spinner body in high quality videos and photos! Of course the first thing you’ll notice are those spectacular eyes of hers, but Belicia is sexy as hell from head to toe…this girl has some kink up in her, too, she gets to explore it in this update as she flashes in public, fucks herself with a big cucumber, even fists that tight little cunt of hers and somehow she still has that angelic innocent look on her face as she does it! This is one of those girls that you just know could get away with murder, all she has to do is flutter her eyelashes and fix the judge with those eyes, maybe flash a little perky teen titty and she’s off the hook!

Kaci Lynn and Eva Notty


Naughty notty moms bang teens

This teen hottie Kaci Lynn just doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about any house rules! She wasn’t supposed to bring any boys home and sure as shit wasn’t supposed to fuck them on the couch, especially with their dirty-ass shoes on. That’s exactly what they were doing when Kaci’s stepmom Eva Notty caught them in this Moms Bang Teens update from the Reality Kings network, and as punishment Eva got to join in the fun and teach them both a thing or two about respect and also about how to fuck! Eva got those big MILF titties out and started sucking the guy off, giving Kaci some pointers and then the two were off to the races on that hard dick…they took turns getting their pussies pounded nice and hard,eating each other out while they got fucked for this red hot scene. I don’t know if I’d say that Kaci learned her lesson here but she definitely got some hands-on experience so to speak, and this guy friend of hers I’m sure couldn’t be happier! After all, he got to pound not only Kacy’s tight teen cunt, but also that wet shaved mature pussy that Eva Naughty Notty worked him over with…talk about a win-win!

Anastasia Sweet


Say hello to Anastasia Sweet, a gorgeous blonde with that gorgeous blonde pornstar look, you know just what the hell I’m talking about don’t even try to deny it. She’s also got huge fake titties and is dressed up as a cowgirl here, complete with a six-shooter that she swings around, tipping her hat and flashing those breasts…it looks like she’s giving you a choice, you can either get plugged or you can give this hottie the deep dicking she’s demanding! Anastasia looks like she’s permanently ready to go for a roll in the hay, what with that sweet round ass and shaved pussy and of course those big round fake-ass boobs! I wonder if she likes to keep that big old Red Dead Redemption hat on while she gets that sweet wet pussy railed from behind, her hands on the bale of hay looking sexy as hell? Only one way to find out, I suppose…

Sarah Randall


Well hello sailor! Sarah Randall here is all dolled up with her jaunty little sailor hat and those little shorts, not to mention that little striped shirt that lasts for about five seconds before her big juicy titties bust right out and in your face! Sarah’s got incredible breasts, no doubt about it. Huge natural boobs and a cute little sailor suit, get ready to get your deck swabbed by this hottie…she loves her some seamen if you know what I mean! Any other sailor terms I can toss in? How about if she raises your mizzenmast or something…alright alright no more, just check out this gorgeous cutie with the big fat titties and adorable grin. I’m pretty sure that right now you’re thinking about being out at sea with Sarah for months on end, her titties bouncing around as she loaded the cannons and battened down the hatches or something like that!

Pearl Bondage


Now this is something new for me…this hot Asian babe is hanging out in a pink room on a plastic chair indulging in a little pearl bondage. What’s that you say, you thought you misheard me? No sir, Pearl Bondage is just what this is…she’s got strands of pearls wrapped around her beautiful tight nude body, sliding between those big titties and one strand going down between her thighs rubbing against her sweet clit! Speaking of those big boobs, by the way, she’s got rhinestones or something stuck in a starburst pattern all around her nipples looking like sparkly snowflakes or something…wouldn’t you like to catch those snowflakes on your tongue? This hottie has a beautiful face, nice shaved pussy, perfect tits and a sweet tight firm ass, she’s just a stunner all over!

Stefani Knight


You know how some websites nowadays put these girls in some kind of crazy situation, they stuff em underwater with fake tentacles on or something or shoot them off into outer space through the magic of photoshop or whatever? Well anyways this is a refreshing change of pace from that nuttiness, we’ve got Stefani Knight here and she’s just a stunning brunette with big perfect tits and a nice sweet round ass showing off in the nude for Playboy! There’s just something universally sexy about a beautiful babe with a sexy body, especially when she’s got her perfect ass in the air with that long dark hair flowing down and cascading over her big boobs! I like her little sheer white panties, too, they’ve got some kind of weird little pearl strands or something looking hot as hell.

Lusty Fox


Sexy busty Lusty Fox was doing a little reading in the library, her thing was to hang around in the self-help section and pick up on horny hapless fellas! This dude for instance showed up looking for a book on how to talk to women and that was like handing a hunk of meat to a hungry lion…Lusty Fox knew just how to help this guy, she undressed and shows off her green bra and panties before dropping to her knees to suck his cock! She gave him a nice blowjob before getting her big titties out and going for a ride on his cock! You know why they call it the stacks in the library now right? Lusty is sure as hell stacked, if that’s any kind of hint…she loves getting a load of cum all over her big breasts, and that’s just how she finishes this guy off after fucking his brains out!

Malaysia Slick Gobbler


Check out this new black girl that just came on on Round and Brown her name is Malaysia Slick. So this is a pretty long video of this new girl if you guys didn’t know Round and Brown is a Reality Kings site. So this girl is really good at just ignoring the camera because usually you see a newbie in her first porn and she kind of just lays back and gets fucked by these stunt cocks. With the look on their face like “wow, I have never got fucked like this before”. Well this girl takes it to this guy, it makes it seem like he is the newbie I mean just watch her get on top and rock those hips back and form I mean damn this black girl is fine. She has a very slender body with a fit small ass and super cute perky titties I think you’re going to like her.

Bait And Switch


Passion hd bait and switch

Usually when you hear the term Bait And Switch it’s in the context of something negative, like you thought you were getting one thing but ended up with something crappy…well in this case it’s a term of absolute hotness as this Passion HD update unfolds! Beautiful Abby Cross was busy making out with her man when she decided to kink it up a little, slipping a blindfold over his eyes as she started kissing and sucking his big thick dick…well, her girlfriend Dillion Harper was peeking in the door and tiptoed over, asking with her eyes if she could take over for a bit so she ended up sucking him off while he thought it was his girl Abby! Of course once the blindfold came off the guy realized what was up and an intimate evening with his main squeeze turned into a hot hardcore threeway fuckfest as he took turns pounding both of those perfect tight pussies one after the other until all three of them were moaning with pleasure and lust! He ended up busting his load all over Dillion for a nice facial finish and Abby proceeded to kiss and lick his cum off her her friend…this is Abby’s first update on Passion HD by the way, and she’s making quite a first impression here if you ask me!

Pure Massage


Sarah vandella on pure mature

When it comes to sexy mature MILF type babes, Pure Mature is pretty high up on the list of hotness…for a reason why, check out beautiful blonde Sarah Vandella getting those big round juicy titties of herse oiled up and rubbed in this hot update called Pure Massage, not to mention that sweet round ass of hers! This girl is magnificent and loves a good hard deep dicking so when she saw her masseuse getting harder and harder she couldn’t resist grabbing his big thick dick and using it like a microphone, sucking him off before getting that round booty in the air and taking his cock in her wet pussy doggystyle! Sarah gives this guy the full treatment in exchange for her nice oil rubdown, and I think he came out ahead in the deal about 2 seconds in…she is sexy as hell with those soft curves and sweet titties, not to mention her beautiful face looking up at him all seductively as he pounded away at her sweet hole! She finished things off with a happy ending, sucking a load of cum out of his cock to swallow down with a wink and a smile. This is Sarah’s first time on the site, she’s just starting to get into the MILFy era of her porn career and if you ask me she’s never looked hotter!

Forest Fuck


Busty buffy fucking in the woods

She’s baaack! And speaking of back, this girl Busty Buffy is sure as hell gonna have back problems when she gets older! She’s only 18 years old but has enormous 32G breasts, they’re fucking magnificent but man oh man that’s gotta be a challenge on the day-to-day. Her boyfriend certainly doesn’t mind though, he’s taken her out to the woods for a nice picnic which of course turns into a hot hardcore fuckfest when she takes off her top and unleashes those huge boobs on him! He rips his pants off and slides his hard cock in her mouth, sliding it in and out for a little facefucking blowjob action before grabbing those titties and fucking her sweet teen pussy…she’s got a great ass but I mean it sort of gets overshadowed by those breasts of hers, but trust me it’s back there somewhere. Buffy gets her pussy filled up with cock, riding her man as they lay on a blanket in the grass until finally he blasts his load on her…where else?…on her huge soft boobs! I wonder how many loads of cums he’s taken on those tits?

Natalie Monroe


Natalie monroe teens love huge cocks

At the beginning of this Teens Love Huge Cocks update, Natalie Monroe introduced herself and started talking about how much she DID love huge cocks, masturbating almost absentmindedly! She wasn’t there to just touch her pussy though, she can just as easily do that at her own home…her horny guy pal was there and was ready to work that sweet teen pussy of hers with his big meatstick! She tried to deepthroat him but there’s no way she could fit that thing in her mouth all the way without it bottoming out in her stomach, so she just sucked him as well as she could! Her pussy was dripping wet at that point and he started pounding away at that tight little hole, fitting as much cock into it as she could take while she moaned and grabbed those sweet perky titties of hers! This braces-clad teen hottie loves a good hard pounding and she definitely fished her wish here, getting her pussy stretched to its limit before the guy finally busted his load all over her face, dripping down off her grin onto those boobies as she lay there grinning and panting from the exercise!

Dani Daniels and Allie Haze


Dani daniels allie haze blacked

You couldn’t wish for a sexier pair of brunettes than beautiful Dani Daniels and Allie Haze and in this update from BLACKED they’re both wearing lacy black lingerie and are ready to team up and take on this guy’s huge thick dick! Dani has been on the site a few times already but this is Allie’s first time handling this guy’s massive meat, and she dives into the action with no fear! These girls both get to lick and suck the guy, making out and eating each other’s pussy whenever they get the chance, before laying back and taking turns getting their pussy filled up with that big thick cock! This has gotta be like a dream come true for this guy…not only does he get to fuck two girls at once, but they’re also both jaw-droppingly gorgeous and have perfect bodies! Dani and Allie both keep their lingerie on for the most part as he fucks them, making things even sexier…two of the hottest pornstars in the business teaming up and getting a heaping helping of thick dark meat? Sounds good to me and it sure as hell sounded good to Dani Daniels and Allie Haze from the looks and sounds of things!

Sierra Nevadah


Sierra nevadah morning selfies povd

This is the third time on POVD for beautiful tight blonde spinner Sierra Nevadah, and she just keeps getting hotter! If you missed out on her first two check them out right here: scene1 and scene2 and then head right back here when you’re caught up. We’ll all wait. Alright welcome back…now it’s time to check out Sierra in this update called Morning Selfies as she spends a sexy morning in her knee-high socks masturbating and taking some sexy pictures of herself to send to her on-again off-again boyfriend! He headed right over to give that sweet tight little cunt of hers a deep hard pounding and we get to watch all the hardcore action go down in first-person perspective in incredibly high resolution crystal clear video! Sierra looks amazing and her pussy looks tight as a vise as she rides this guy’s big dick, taking him to the hilt and spinning around to get that tight firm little ass in the air while he fucks her doggystyle! She gets fucked hard until finally the guy blasts a load of cum all over that pretty face of hers.

Random Hotel Sex


Dawn avril random hotel sex

Sometimes beautiful horny brunette Dawn Avril gets that old funny feeling and is in the mood for some random hotel sex! In this video from her own website we get to see in her in the hotel with some dude she just met, hanging out in her panties and then getting her sweet tight little pussy fingered and fucked! Dawn is hot as hell and isn’t afraid to walk on the dark side, so to speak…she’s got pentagrams around her neck and holds candlelight seances, they call her the Internet’s hottest ‘different’ girl for a reason! She’s sexy from head to toe, too…that tight firm round ass and sweet perky petite boobies (I think she’s gotten a boob job since then but I’m not sure) look great on her and of course she’s got a few piercings and tattoos to complete her edgy look. Also she looks like a lot of fun to fuck, she gets off on a one-night-stand here and this dude hit the jackpot! She rides him nice and hard, working that tight wet pussy on his cock and moaning her way to orgasm before he busted a load of cum all over her stomach!

Taylor Whyte Vacation


I have to say this new ATK Girlfriends site is pretty good. They take a different approach to shooting amateur porn then most people. They do what everone else does in that they get pornstars but ATK makes it so they go on like a vacation with the guy behind the camera. So the guy literally like hangs out with them for days on end and they really create some chemistry in the bedroom. I mean you have to imagine these two hang out and do stuff all day and then they go home and fuck every single day, they’re going to figure out what the other one likes. So in this one Taylor gets fucked 8 different times, and this video kind of gives you a taste of a couple of them. By no means do you get to see everything but you get to see her like giving him a footjob and other stuff, he finds that she likes her clit rubbed while she is riding because it makes her cum, so he does that over and over again and you really get to see Taylor Whye here having some pretty crazy orgasms on his dick.

Jada Stevens IR Anal


Jada Stevens here has a lot of Hard X scene guys, I just now realized that. This one I found over at my friends site I thought I had posted before but that one is totally different. This one is first of all a black dick that is fucking her and the bikini is way different. I think she looks better in this one I mean it doesn’t show off her body as good but those colors go really good against her tan sin. I like this hair better on Jada too, I don’t know when she went to it but I like the long dark hair. The video I have for you guys isn’t like super long or anything like that but I intend it to be. It’s for sites like Hard-X here I just think you guys would be better off if you just joined their site instead of always trying to find free stuff. That being said youc an probably find this video anywhere Hard-X doesn’t really protect their shit that good. The video is really hot if you like asses because the beginning just has Jada shows off her butt in a bunch of different ways from walking, to on a workout a machine. Something you wouldn’t expect to be hot but well it is. Then halfway through the video you get to see this big black dick fucking that tight ass as she rubs her meaty pierced pussy.

Fucking Field Day


Colette fucking field day jenna

Man oh man, these girls are having a fucking field day taking care of these two big hard cocks for this Colette update! I guess that’s why they called this scene Fucking Field Day, am I right? Jenna Ross and her good friend Tasha Reign are both in the zone here, sharing a big lollipop before sharing a couple of big hard dicks as well! They both love to lick and suck and fuck a big dick and these guys are more than happy to provide them in this Colette scene…at first I thought the girls were wrapping a big long piece of taffy or something around this guy’s cock but I guess it was just a handy piece of pink rope…Jenna is becoming a member favorite mighty fast on Colette, she’s been in quite a few scenes already and it’s super hot to see her getting naked and getting that tight wet pussy fucked alongside her gorgeous blonde MILF girlfriend Tasha with those big full titties of hers! Apparently one of these guys is Tasha’s lover outside of the site so it’s pretty cool of her to share his dick with her good friend Jenna. If you’re a fan of round perfect butts by the way Jenna is about to blow your mind, she’s got a fantastic ass!

The Studio Part I


X art angelica studio part i

Two of the hottest girls on X Art, Angelica and Mila, were going to be doing a photoshoot together but they didn’t even get to the set before they were all over each other! In this update called The Studio Part I the girls were in the dressing room putting on their lingerie for the shoot but they just got so turned on by seeing each other in the nude they started making out and sliding their hands all over those perfect titties and tight firm asses! This is a red hot lesbian scene and since they made sure to call it ‘part I’ I can’t wait until the next part comes out! For now let’s just sit back and enjoy these incredibly beautiful women getting naked and fucking each other, watching themselves in the mirror as they lick each others pussy and slide their fingers in and out of those wet holes. Angelica and Mila loves a little Sapphic pleasure and they look unspeakably sexy in this hot scene…perfect tits, perfect asses, perfect faces, make sure your monitor doesn’t melt from this hotness as you check out this update!



Nyla on casting couch hd

Got a hankering for a sexy gorgeous amateur Latina babe with a sweet ass and nice tits? Well you’re in luck my friend because that knocking you hear at the door is Nyla and she’s ready to do an update on Casting Couch HD! I mean she does think she’s auditioning for a spot as a dancer in a hiphop music video but we know better, and soon she does too…instead of auditioning she’s actually just stripping naked and getting fucked on video for Casting Couch HD! She had shown some of her dance moves but it’s not until she’s got this guy’s big black cock in her mouth that we see her real talents…watch Nyla suck that dick and spread her long legs to get that shaved pussy poundede! Keep an eye out for when she’s on her hands and knees with that big round perfect ass in the air…she has a tattoo on her lower back that says BOSS and yeah, that ass is pretty boss if you ask me! Nyla fucks like a maniac in this hot hardcore update, taking that dick deep inside her hole and going for a nice ride until finally he busts his nut inside her mouth for her to swallow down with a smile! She thinks she just kicked that audition’s ass but good luck to her if she thinks she’s getting a callback about any music videos. Coming back for another fuck session, though, now THAT is a definite possibility!

Just Watch Part II


Joymii just watch part 2

Beautiful brunette Alexa stars in this Joymii update, it’s apparently part 2 of the Just Watch series although I’m not sure I ever saw the first one. Alexa looks incredible here in her sexy black thigh high nylon stockings, grabbing her man’s big thick dick before he starts pummeling that pussy! She loves a good hard fuck and this guy isn’t exactly the most gentle lover around, ramming his big dick in and out and then fingering her like crazy to make Alexa cum…given the title of this update it lends us a sort of voyeuristic feel as we watch these two passionate lovers, although given the choice it would be super hard to just watch Alexa and not want to join in on the fun! Look at those beautiful perky breasts with cute pert nipples that stand out so hard they could cut through diamond…Alexa gets a good deep pounding in that sweet tight shaved pussy, so hopefully there will be a part 3 of this series so we can see what other naughty fun she gets up to on Joymii!

Abby Lee Brazil


Abby lee brazil on in the crack

Beautiful exotic babe Abby Lee Brazil looks stunning in her vibrant blue dress as she swishes it around, letting it ride up to flash that sweet round juicy ass in this photoshoot from In The Crack! She flashes her little thong panties, popping that ass out and enjoying the feel of the cool breeze on her skin…soon she’s entirely nude apart from her tall high heel shoes and relaxing on the patio furniture. Notice that her sweet Brazilian booty doesn’t even fit on the chair, it sort of sticks off the back of the seat or else Abby is just trying to give us the best possible look at that ass! Of course it wouldn’t be an In The Crack photoshoot if we didn’t get within sniffing distance of that sweet pussy and sure enough, Abby starts fucking herself and masturbating with her favorite toy and we zoom in to check out the action nice up close and personal! From the looks of things her cunt is tight enough to grab onto that toy and just hold it in place, it’s pretty amazing actually…just imagine sliding your cock into that hole, it would be like a hand grabbing it!

Penny and Daisy


Penny and daisy for ecg

It’s a rare day to find a threesome on Exploited College Girls…in fact I don’t even think I can remember a single other one! Two of the hottest updates in recent ECG history, Penny and Daisy, are teaming up to take on this hard cock in a threesome that will leave you sweating bullets! If you missed out on either of them, Penny has her solo scene there and here is Daisy in her red hot update just to catch you up on things. As you can see these girls are both hot as hell so you’re in for a special treat when the two of them get together to join forces like some kind of sexy Voltron! It turns out the girls were friends so the ECG guy had the very clever idea of bringing them both back at the same time and of course they had a blast…these girls went back and forth having orgasm after orgasm, making out and 69ing each other as well as of course sucking and fucking the dude’s hard cock and taking some nice anal poundings! Penny and Daisy both love eating pussy and both love getting fucked and Daisy in particular gets off on having her balloon knot poked so she was the recipient of the hot hard anal fuck session while Penny licked her cunt. To finish things off with a bang, Jay positioned both girls at the foot of the bed so they could both work his cock over with their hands and lips and tongues before finally blasting them both with a nice big creamy double facial to remember their special day by! I wouldn’t be surprised if these two horny hotties got together outside of the site as well after a session like this, they both love a little lesbian experimentation and obviously have a hell of a lot of chemistry between them!

Naomi Heart


Exotic 4k naomi heart

When you have the chance to get a Latina hottie like Naomi Heart in the bedroom and she says to you those three magic words, ‘oil me up’, you don’t say a damn word you just get to work! That’s what this guy does for this hot Exotic4k update, he rubs oil into that smooth skin of hers and then proceeds to work every inch of Naomi’s beautiful nude body. From those perky bouncy breasts to her tight fuckable pussy to that firm pert butt, this girl is a total hottie and she loves to fuck! She’s even got an interesting sexual position specialty, she likes to sit sideways on her man’s cock and go for a little sidesaddle ride…I guess it hits that g-spot of hers in just the right way or something. If you’re ready for a beautiful exotic babe getting oiled up and fucked this one is for you guys…this is Naomi’s first time on Exotic4k but hopefully she comes back for round two because this girl is seriously smokin hot! What she doesn’t bring to the table with her chest (she has small perky titties) she more than makes up for with that round perfect ass, so even if you’re not a fan of small boobs this one is definitely worth checking out.

Elizabeth Ostrander


Holy CRAP this girl is smokin hot. Elizabeth Ostrander here is a Playboy playmate, which should come as no surprise when you get a look at that face and that body of hers! She’s an absolute knockout who would look right at home on a fashion show catwalk as a model except for the fact that most of those girls are flat as a board, and Elizabeth Ostrander here has magnificent huge perfect breasts so nothing would fit her right! She peels off her sheer black top thing to unleash those perfect tits on the world, swinging her coat over her shoulder and biting her finger…it’s a hell of a move if you can pull it off and trust me, Elizabeth can pull it off just fine. One of the hottest women I’ve seen in awhile, no lie no exaggeration…do yourself a favor and check out every photo you can find of this babe.



Remember back in the day when you used to watch Baywatch and whack it to all the hot lifeguard chicks in their tight red swimsuits? Well, Brandi is here to bring you back to that time as she hangs out in hers, looking amazing in that skintight lycra or whatever it’s made out of….her nipples are poking through and her ass looks phenomenal as she slips her little denim shorts off. I don’t see a beach or sand or even water of any kind to be honest, it looks like she’s sitting in a wheat field or something but hey who gives a rat’s ass, this chick is hot as hell and looks great in a bathing suit! Can you imagine running your hands up and down that smooth fabric feeling every curve of her tight sexy body while her long hair is blown across your face by the wind, feeling her pressing back against you? I bet you can now, you’re welcome.

Brooke Lima


Man oh man. Where do I even start with this chick Brooke Lima? At first when I saw these photos I just had to laugh, that exploding supernova universe picture in the background is so ridiculous it’s funny…the more I looked at the photos though the more I dug em, it’s like those movies that start out terrible, then they’re so bad they’re good but by the end of the movie you genuinely enjoy it! That’s the case here as Brooke poses in outer space in a little red lingerie number, letting the comets and asteroids whiz by as she strips down and grabs those nice perky breasts of hers. I’m not sure why she’s in outer space but hell, this makes me question why every other solo model doesn’t make their pictures interesting like these ones!

Kelly Brook


If you know your UK actresses and are into hot chicks with huge tits you probably know all about Kelly Brook but did you know she is a fucking maniac? Well she’s actually not I’m sure but man she sure does look like one in this paparazzi picture as she comes out of her car…she’s flashing a little glimpse of those sexy pink panties of hers but more importantly she looks like she’s about to devour a dozen children or something! I’ll be honest I had to look her up to find out who she was but once I saw some pictures of her in that Piranha 3d movie I knew…she’s the hottie in the bikini with the big perfect breasts, in case you didn’t recognize her face! She looks like she’s got a billion dollars in the bank from these photos, too…fur coat, jeweled handbag, dripping with gold, this chick is rich and super hot and famous, hell of a combination.

Jasmine Caro


This chick Jasmine Caro is gorgeous. There, I said it, and I’d say it again. She’s posing here for Penthouse so obviously you’re in store for a dose of the pink…man, remember when seeing a chick’s inner pussy was like unthinkable in most men’s magazines and stuff? Now it’s no big deal…how times have changed. Anyway, this is Jasmine Caro and she’s showing off those big round perfect titties and her nice tight ass as she relaxes on the patio furniture outside and on a fur rug someone tossed onto the patio as well! They’d better bring that inside before it rains or it’s going to be a tragedy in the making. Jasmine is a stunning brunette with a sexy healthy body and looks great as she poses and plays with her pussy and grins at us!

Sweet Juice


This is actually a We Live Together scene with two girls and I don’t even know which girl this is LOL! The two girls in this scene are Jenna Sativa and then a girl that just goes by one name Goldie. The two girls do like a little photoshoot before they go to the bed room and eat each other out. Now with We Live Together you will almost always see the girls eating each others asses out and I think that is going to happen till the end of time. The two girls seem to like having sex in the 69 position. The brunette is one the one that likes to have her face sat on and have the other girls pussy smashed in her face. The two of them get after it for a long long time untile their pussies are just too sensitive to even continue.

Feel My Ass


Colette feel my ass caprice

I love seeing a new update featuring Caprice…she is just downright perfect from crown to toes, and she always has been! Little Caprice has never not looked stunning and every shoot she does just seems to keep getting hotter and hotter…for instance, take this update from Colette called Feel My Ass! Caprice and her man Marcello are having a little fun in the living room, exploring new things and luckily for us the cameras were rolling the whole time. She takes his cock in her ass for some passionate anal loving, fingering her tight pink pussy at the same time until she came all over his cock! Tell me the truth now, have you ever seen a more perfect pussy and ass than Caprice is packing in her jeans on a daily basis? This girl is made out of dreams, there’s no doubt about it. I love that she keeps her little anklewarmers on too the whole time she’s getting fucked…Colette hit a home run with this one as Caprice rides her man to orgasm and we get to enjoy every second of it!

Super Cutie


Super cutie on x art

If there’s one girl you could describe as a Super Cutie without being made fun of it would have to be Aubrey here! In this X Art update she’s showing just how sexy she can be, relaxing and rolling around on the bed in her flowerly little lacy panties and bra. Aubrey was having naughty thoughts all day long and couldn’t wait for a little alone-time in the bedroom, peeling her panties off and sliding them down her long lean legs to give her access to that tight perfect pussy! Aubrey loves a nice hard pussy pounding but sometimes you just want to take care of things yourself, so to speak…Aubrey is flawless from head to toe and she gives that sweet tight pink snatch of hers plenty of attention with what looks like a tiny version of the Magic Wand vibrator! Her nipples are standing on end as she turns herself on more and more, masturbating and moaning her way to orgasm as she lifted up her knees to her ears, spreading those soft pussy lips as she buzzed her clit!

Aidra Fox


Aidra fox on blacked

Man, this girl Aidra Fox is just amazing every time she comes on a site…and in this Blacked update, she’s not the only one coming, that’s for sure! She’s got her sexy black lingerie on at the beginning of this update, complete with garter belt and sexy thigh high nylons and thong panties…this dude loves a pair of huge soft titties so Aidra was a little bit behind in that regard so to speak but man, once she turned around and he got a look at that perfect round sexy ass of hers he knew he had a winner on his hands! She took his massive black dick in her mouth as well as she could manage, sucking and licking him until he was rock hard and stretching her mouth wide open, and then spread her legs wide open to get that sweet tight wet pussy filled to the brim with throbbing hard dark meat! Aidra flipped over on her hands and knees with that perfect firm sexy butt in the air, giving the guy a vision of loveliness to stare at while he drilled that pussy of hers from behind before shooting his load of cum all over that beautiful face of hers.

Anya Amsel


Anya at the store on zishy

Beautiful tall vegan hottie Anya Amsel stars in this Zishy photoshoot as she and the photographer headed to the store to have a little fun! Anya got naughty flashing that perfect ass in the parking lot as she bent over to pick up a piece of paper and ‘accidentally’ let her skirt ride up, then went inside and flashed her sweet perky titties and flipped up her skirt again to show off her panties! Anya loves having a little harmless fun and had a great time making this normal everyday shopping trip into a hot naughty photoshoot…Zishy always has great high quality photos and loves to let a girl’s personality shine through instead of just showing her outer beauty (although there’s plenty of that too!), and we get to see Anya in all her glory here. This daring vixen even tugs her panties down to flash that tight perfect trimmed pussy of hers! She is hot as hell, with legs like a gazelle and a face you’ll fall in love with immediately. Looks like she found the perfect site to shoot for!

Controlling Carter


Controlling carter on gf revenge

It was this blonde chick Carter Cruise‘s first day at her new job and she was pretty nervous about it…her boyfriend found her getting dressed and had his video camera out already, which she certainly didn’t appreciate! He wanted to film a little frisky action but she was in a rush and blew him off, just not in the way he wanted if you catch my drift. He found her a few minutes later half-dressed on the floor doing her makeup with her tights barely covering that round sexy bodacious booty of hers! The guy couldn’t resist grabbing her ass and the more he felt her up the more turned on she got until finally she agreed to a quickie, taking his dick in her mouth for a blowjob and then getting that pussy fucked! We get to see every second of the action in this GF Revenge update, keep an eye out for when Carter goes for a ride on that cock in reverse cowgirl style with that big round ass facing him…it’s a red hot fuck scene and it’s always fun getting a little glimpse into what these hot amateur girls have going on in their lives!

Rahyndee James


Rahyndee james on tonights girlfriend

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen beautiful Rahyndee James but she’s ready to jump right back into your heart with this update from Tonights Girlfriend! This guy called up TG and requested the pleasure of Rahyndee’s company for the evening, making a special request that she hang out in her bra and panties instead of a set of lacy lingerie which is the norm…apparently Rahyndee looked just like his old roommate’s girlfriend and she used to prance around in her panties knowing it was driving this dude crazy! Well now he gets to live out his fantasies, pulling off Rahyndee’s little panties and giving that sweet tight pussy of hers a nice deep hard pounding! Rahyndee has a perfect ass and loves riding a big thick dick, so she took her time and gave this guy’s cock a run for its money…this beauty took that dick in every position the guy could come up with before he blasted a nice cream facial onto her chin!



Kendra for backroom casting couch

Gentlemen (and ladies too, probably!) start your engines! You’re about to have your doors blown off and your pants torn off by this bodacious blonde beauty Kendra and her magnificent 32E tits as she makes her first appearance on Backroom Casting Couch. This gorgeous MILF is just made out of sexiness apparently from her beautiful face to those bouncy big breasts to her nice round ass. With this body I’m surprised she hasn’t made a play for the adult industry before but hey better late than never am I right? She’s hoping the BCRCC guy will be able to make some good contacts for her and shop her tape around, but little does she realize he’s just recording a nice hot fuck session for his site and is only in it for the pussy! Kendra gives his cock the ride of his life, getting that sweet wet snatch penetrated with her big boobs bouncing with every thrust…I’m surprised he was even able to hold his load together after a few seconds in that sweet hole of hers, but he gives her a nice hard pounding bent over the desk and shoots his wad inside her for a creampie finish she won’t soon forget! He leaves open the possibility of bringing her back to help out with a little ambush of some new chicks but I guess that would involve giving away his little ‘secret’…maybe she already suspects that he’s not a legit casting director though, and anyway to team up with this chick would be worth it!

Sexy Shower


Brooke marks in the shower

The one and only Brooke Marks is back and she’s taking a nice warm shower, and to make it even more alluring she’s got on the skimpiest little g-string she could get and a thin flowing top that gets almost entirely transluscent when it gets wet! Brooke sprays down her entire body, getting dripping wet in more ways than one and bringing us along for the fun in this photoshoot! I know some of you guys don’t want to spring for a full membership to a girl’s site so this is the perfect solution if you ask me…it’s a standalone zip set, so you don’t have like a monthly bill to explain to the missus or anything like that it’s just a one-and-done thing where you’ll get all the uncensored red hot and steamy action of this absolute beauty getting wet and wild in the shower in high resolution video! Brooke’s ass is a thing of legend and you get up close and personal in this zipset, especially when she gets down on the tile floor on her hands and knees as the water sprays all around her. With previews like these just imagine how hot the actual video is, and of course those little obscuring stars and pixellations are nowhere to be found! Isn’t there a drought in California, by the way, I hope Brooke doesn’t get in too much trouble for taking this nice long shower!

Nicole And Veronica In Hawaii II


Nicole veronica part ii in hawaii

The girls are back in town! Beautiful bisexuals Veronica and Nicole are here in Part II of their Hawaii adventure on FTV Girls and are looking incredible…if you missed out on their first update together I’ve got you covered, check out Hawaii Part I right there! This time they’re taking Waikiki by storm as they hang out in their skimpy bikinis making out on the beach, go for a nice long hike into the jungle getting back to nature as they relax in the nude, and of course spend plenty of sexy time together in private kissing and caressing and fucking each other with their fingers and tongues and vibrator toys! These girls hadn’t really met before this Hawaii trip but it sure looks like they hit it off in a big way if you ask me…they’re both gorgeous, Veronica is a busty blonde babe with sexy hips and big juicy titties and of course Nicole is a stunning brunette with soft pouty lips, perfect breasts and an ass you’ll be dropping your jaw over. They’ve become a hell of a lesbian team and have chemistry for days…I’d be hard pressed to pick the hottest scene with these girls but I’d have to say when they’re in the middle of the forest in the nude with those perfect butts in the air would probably get my vote. I always love when FTV Girls takes the models on a trip to some exotic locale like this, it’s a nice fresh change of pace but the girls still get to masturbate to orgasm and show off their sexy bodies in public in that inimitable FTV style!

Eva Notty Blows It Up


I wouldn’t want this woman to be my mom but I would want her to be my girlfriends! So Eva Notty comes home and she see’s that her daughter is moving out. She grabs her boyfriends home and says what the fuck is going and and learns that she is leaving. Well Eva Notty isn’t really going to let that fly so she tells her daughter that she better get her ass home or she is going to fuck her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is standing right there when she says that and sure enough her daughter calls her bluff. Well you don’t want to call this MILFs bluff because she is too hot and has all the right curves. No man, I mean no man can deny this thick MILF a fuck when she wants one. So this guy tries to resist her but merely pulling out her big puffy titties got this guy to cheat on his girlfriend and he is no longer going to be living with her. Eva always gets her way, that right there is a fact I bet. This scene is brought to you by Brazzers so if you like it make sure to check that out.

Poolside Massage


Passion hd poolside massage

I never thought I’d see the day where I described Tali Dova as being in second place but I’ve gotta admit, in this Passion HD update called Poolside Massage she sort of takes second fiddle to the hotness that is Ariana Marie! But then again I mean who wouldn’t. These two aren’t competing though, they’re both stunners and are ready to take a massage instruction course by this waterfall and pool…their instructor is thanking his lucky stars as he gets them both naked and they take turns oiling each other up and rubbing and caressing each others perfect perky breasts and those sweet tight pussies too! Soon the girls are getting mighty turned on and the guy’s cock is bulging out of his shorts so they bring him into the fun, sucking him off and then getting fucked by that big thick cock one after the other! Passion HD always brings the heat but this hardcore threesome is a cut above the rest in my opinion…maybe it’s just the sexy lesbian chemistry that exists between these two horny hotties as they eat each other out and get fucked and share a facial!



Ashley for casting couch hd

Sexy amateur Ashley here started things off on the wrong foot when she showed up at her Casting Couch HD audition like 3 hours late, maybe that’s why she looked so apologetic throughout this whole update! It probably also worked out in favor of the fake casting director because Ashley was willing to show she was sorry for being so unprofessional and had to make up for lost ground so to speak, so talking her out of her clothes and onto the guy’s big thick black dick was a snap! She had been auditioning for a dancer gig in a hiphop video but once her clothes came off she was basically auditioning to be this guy’s cock-warmer for the afternoon…this platinum blonde has a hell of a body with pierced nipples on her perky titties and a fantastic ass, so the dude takes his time fucking that pussy from behind so we can get a nice view of her sexy round booty! Ashley did a great job getting fucked, she looks like a lot of fun, and ended up taking the guy’s big load of cum in her mouth to swallow down to finish off this update. By the end of her session she might realize the hiphop video thing was a red herring but who knows? Sometimes the ladies love the deep dicking they get so much that they come back again to help show a new girl the ropes, so to speak! Hopefully Ashley will be back, I know we’d all love to see that ass again.

Anal MILF Swinger


Anal milf swinger mom pov

We’ve got a true MILF here today…she’s 51 years old, significantly older than most of the women on the site, but this woman is beautiful and open and sexually adventurous, not to mention horny as hell! She’s a good friend of the Leggy MILF Swinger we shows you not long ago from Mom POV, and hopefully they’ll be into doing a set together sometime! For now though this 51 year old beauty is on her own…she introduces herself and talks about some of the things she’s into, such as living in the Swinger lifestyle and having fun with rope bondage (she brought her handcuffs with her to the shoot!) and just talking about some of the sexy things she likes to do. Soon though it’s time to get down to business so she strips down, showing off a pair of surprisingly perky breasts and a nice round juicy ass as she drops to her knees, giving that big dick a nice blowjob! I don’t think she gets her handcuffs involved but it’s a red hot hardcore fuck session as she gets that nicely trimmed pussy of hers fingered and pounded before oiling up her ass and taking the guy’s dick in her back door for a hard anal pounding as well! Mom POV is the perfect site for this swinging hottie and I can’t wait til she comes back for more fun.

The Crush


Aries crush on black gfs

This curvy ebony hottie Aries was just hanging out on the bed working on some homework or something with her titties bouncing around in her tank top…she looked cute as hell and I guess her boyfriend thought so too because he grabbed his video recorder and started begging her to do a sextape with him! Aries wasn’t interested at first but he kept persisting, complimenting her on her hotness and of course on her tits, asking for just a peek at those boobs and her big round sweet ass…after flashing a little for the camera she started getting into the idea and soon she was getting that shaved black pussy of hers pounded with her juicy boundy titties dancing around with every thrust of his hard cock! The footage got sent in to Black GFs for this update called The Crush, either he just had the bright idea to send it in for fun or she got off on the idea of the public watching her get naked and get fucked, I guess either way is equally likely. She took his cock between those big soft breasts and eventually he busted his nut all over her tits, can’t say I blame him for that one!

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