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Feeling On Angelina


Feeling on angelina cagfs

I guess this video submission to Crazy Asian GFs was supposed to be a private anniversary sextape but for one reason or another it got sent in and now we all get to enjoy the fun! This site is pretty new but it has some of the hottest Asian cuties around fucking their boyfriends, usually in first person persepective…in this update called Feeling On Angelina this girl was getting ready in the bathroom in front of the mirror in her little panties and a tight pink top. I guess her guy pal liked the looks of things and he had his video camera out so he started recording, trying to talk Angelina into doing a sextape…she resisted a little at first but soon she was stripping down to show off that tight sexy body, flashing her perky titties and sliding her hands down to play with her pussy and masturbate! Soon she had his hard cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob before bending over with that perfect round smooth ass in the air to get fucked doggystyle before he pulled out and shot a load all over that beautiful nude body!

Ash Hollywood


Blacked ash hollywood

Gorgeous blonde babe Ash Hollywood was ready to go for a workout so she slipped on her tight spandex top and shorts, taking the opportunity to caress her perfect ass and run her fingers over her body…she started kicking it on the exercise machine, looking sexy as hell before going on a run with her guy friend who just happened to be packing a massive black dick in his shorts! When they ran to a secluded little area of a park they started making out and soon Ash had that big thick meat in her mouth for a nice blowjob in this hot Blacked update! She got her tight little pussy pounded hard and deep just how she loves it…it’s no wonder she’s in such great shape if she ‘works out’ like this a few times a week! This perky petite spinner gets her pussy stretched out as she moans her way to orgasm before the guy blasts her with a big creamy facial!

Kelsi Bang Bus


Kelsi Monroe Bang Bus

I was so close to taking the easy way out on this new Bang Bus update. I was just about to send you guys over to for like the 30th time but I decided to make my own! That’s right I am getting motivated the new year is almost upon us. So what goes down in this new update well a whole lot. First of all Kelsi Monroe has a fat ass, I mean damn every time I see it I just want to squeeze it. So the first time Kelsi gets a guy into the bus he has the smallest dick you have ever seen, he can’t get hard it’s a hot mess. I mean this guy at one point asks to start eating out Kelsi’s pussy and she is like no thank you. She wants nothing to do with him. Next guy that comes in is like a body builder super fit something Kelsi can get behind. She gives him a very good shot getting him hard by sucking his dick and then even getting a couple pumps by him. He can’t keep it hard though so inead of kicking him out Kelsi keeps the camera entertained while he jerks it hard. Well this douchebag doesn’t just jerk it until he is hard he finishes himself and cums all over Kelsi’s ass. She isn’t to impressed kicks his ass out. The next guy Kelsi finds is literally pushing a cart like a homeless guy. Kelsi doesn’t seem to care she gets him in the bus and starts to fuck him, when she is on top, he can’t keep it hard NEXT! The last guy has a nice hard big cock and Kelsi gets the fucking she was been waiting for all day and she rewards him by choking / deepthroating him until he cums in the back of her throat and on her face.

Happy Halloween


X art happy halloween threesome

Most adult sites put out a little something special on Halloween, usually with costumes and whatnot, but sometimes the link to the holiday is a little more vague…for instance in this X Art Happy Halloween update the only thing fitting the theme is the fact that The Red Fox has bright orange hair kind of like autumn leaves or a pumpkin or something, quite a stretch if you ask me. I don’t think anyone’s going to protest too loudly about it though; the update features two of the most gorgeous women around getting naked and fucking! I would think that most women would lose their minds if they came home and found their man getting his big fat cock sucked by a gorgeous redhead like The Red Fox…fists would be flying, tears would be flowing and the guy would probably lose his dick in the melee! Luckily for all involved Anjelica is not most women…she sees her man getting a blowjob from this stunning ginger and just strips down and joins the fun! This sneaky suckjob becomes a hot hardcore threeway as Anjelica and Red join forces to pleasure this guy and take care of each other at the same time, licking and sucking and fucking all at once until everyone gets what they want!

Jeri Lynn Returns


Ftv girls jeri returns

It’s been a few months since we last saw lovely Jeri Lynn on FTV Girls (her introductory update was right here if you somehow missed out) but she’s back for round two and she’s got a few naughty tricks up her sleeves! This chick looks like she’d be a bit shy and timid but man she loves to get kinky and takes it to some extreme lengths in this FTV update. Jeri gets naked in public of course, flashing those sweet titties and her nice round ass but she pushes it to the next level when she starts fisting herself in public and even fucks herself with a baseball bat! Back inside with a little more privacy and comfort she experiments with some double penetration, sliding a couple of big toys inside her cunt and even stuffing a double ended dildo in there until it completely disappeared! Pretty crazy stuff, this girl is just not afraid to push her limits from the looks of things…she’s a gamer girl too and shows off a little of her geeky side again in this update, playing with a sword that might just be Frostmourn. At least she doesn’t fuck herself with the sword, that would be just plain dangerous.

Lisa Ann and Co


When you are in a scene and one of the other co-stars is Lisa Ann it’s always going to be Lisa Ann and Co. Here she is teaching these two girls how to have proper lesbian sex. Keisha Grey and Allie Haze wanted to try things out before they actually got with other people. So the two friends undress each other and are just kind of fumbling around when Lisa Ann comes into the room and asks them what in the hell is going on. She takes her tone down however and instead asks them if they would like some help figure it out. So then Lisa goes ahead and teaches these two girls the ends and outs of lesbian sex. The reason I am posted this site for you guys is because it’s a brand new website that just came out and well everyone likes new porn. This is the first time I have seen a all lesbian site like this so it’s really unique. Watch the video and see if it’s up your alley and if it is then join up!

August Monsters Of Cock


Looks like August Ames can’t get enough of that black dick. It wasn’t too long ago that she was doing and here she is on Monsters of Cock one of the most well known interracial / big black cock sites in the world. The video starts off trying to make her into a “gaming” girl which for some reason some of you just really like the idea that these pornstars play video games. I could give a shit about that, but being that I do play some games I must say August here is a newb, she couldn’t shoot the broad side of a barn! The video the gets into well the porn site of it when this black dude comes up behind her and starts to eat her out from behind. They then go to the other room where August sucks him off and them jump on top to take that big dick from a ride. I really like August’s boobies but her ass does look super nice going up and down on a cock, she is definitely good at fucking! I mean she is pro at that, I guess those skills just don’t transfer over to video games HAHA!

Bottle Safety


Not only does Ernie’s House of Whoopass bring you the latest news and collect some of the awesome stuff that happens each and every day on this crazy planet of ours, they also give some handy health tips! For instance, a stainless steel drinking bottle can be safer than a plastic one because they’re non-reactive and don’t poison you with BPA or whatever plastic ones can have in the liner. I learned that and also got to see the above photo of a gorgeous amateur with nice big tits drinking out of just such a bottle as a demonstration! EHOWA has all kinds of whatever that they talk about in their daily digests, it’s always worth taking a look…be careful of today’s installment though, there’s a video of some jackasses getting whalloped by a train. Also today is voting day, if you’re an American citizen make sure you get your ass to the polls or you are forbidden from bitching about politics! Do your part.

Aaliyah Love


Aaliyah love on tonights girlfriend

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen sweet sexy blonde MILF Aaliyah Love in action but apparently this businessman had her on his mind and would accept no substitute when he called up Tonight’s Girlfriend! Luckily for him she was available and was willing to come by his hotel room and rock his cock for a nice big pile of cash…this guy was on a business trip and probably put it on as an expense or something anyway. Aaliyah put on her sheer thigh high stockings and got to work tantalizing and teasing the guy before taking his cock in her mouth and sucking him hard, then spreading her legs to get that pussy of hers drilled! The guy had been fantasizing about Aaliyah for years and now was his chance to finally get to pound that pornstar pussy and he was gonna make the most of it, bouncing her up and down on his meat all night long for this Tonights Girlfriend update as Aaliyah held on for dear life!

Kirsten Diatta


Kirsten diatta zishy

With that bright-ass pink skirt I don’t get the feeling that Kirsten Diatta is exactly averse to getting attention and in this Zishy photoshoot that goes double as she starts flashing her perfect round ass and prancing around with those thigh high white nylons on her sexy legs! Kirsten is gorgeous as hell and has a fun personality to boot…Zishy always brings out the best in their models and really shows a little of who they are and what they love to do rather than just focus on their tits. Not that they don’t spend plenty of time showing the sexiest bits of these women mind you, Kirsten flashes her perky titties and of course gets that perfect butt in the air as she rolls around in the grass letting her skirt hike right up over her back! This is Kirsten’s first sting on Zishy but she looks fucking stunning in these shots, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring her back for some more fun in the future. Those sexy pigtails don’t hurt matters none either!

Fit And Hot


Say you’ve got a little time to kill at work between meetings or something and you want to, I don’t know, look at some photos of sexy women and read about whether a tiger or a gorilla would win in a fight and then play some flash games. Well my friend all you need is Double Viking, they’ve got all that and way more (well I don’t know if they have an article about the tiger vs gorilla thing but hey it wouldn’t surprise me if they did)! For instance I found the above photo of that absolutely gorgeous and fit girl on the site…they have tons of beautiful girls and tons of fun stuff to read and learn about, it’s one of those sites that you should probably bookmark and check whenever the urge to do a little internet surfing hits you…you know what I’m talking about, when you don’t really have an agenda but you want to see something interesting somewhere.

Boob Job


Boob job on joymii

Stunning long-haired brunette babe Josephine is back on Joymii in this hot update called Boob Job and is looking hotter than ever! She doesn’t look like she’s had a boob job though so I guess the title is referring to her tittyfucking her boyfriend in this hardcore scene…those big tits of hers are already perfect, no need to go under the knife there that’s for sure! In fact this girl is hot as hell from toe to tip, she always heats up the camera in her Joymii updates and they keep bringing her back for more, thankfully. Watch her give her guy a nice leisurely blowjob as she plays with her pussy, then spread her legs to get that wet hole drilled before the guy slips his cock between her breasts and enjoys those soft pillowy boobs as he fucks her chest! She’s had a few incredible updates on Joymii, if you want a little example I’ve got this scene for you right here to enjoy…you’ll get plenty more good looks at those titties and her sweet round ass too!

Dillion Harper and Kendra Lust


Moms bang teens laws of attraction

Gorgeous busty MILF Kendra Lust is hot as hell but you definitely don’t want to mess with her! She’s giving her pupil Dillion Harper a few piano lessons and when she figures out Dillion hasn’t been practicing she gives her the hand of justice, spanking that perfect sweet ass to teach Dillion a lesson or two! It turns out Dillion’s been fucking her boyfriend instead of doing her piano practice so she’s in even more trouble…Kendra offers the two a choice, if they don’t want to get snitched on to their parents they’ve gotta get naked and invite Kendra along for the ride in this Moms Bang Teens update called Laws Of Attraction! This is part of the Reality Kings network of sites of course so you know you’re in for great quality and some hot steamy hardcore action, especially when stunning Dillion Harper is in the mix. She’s got a perfect body and Kendra just adds to that hotness with those huge tits of hers as the two take turns sucking and fucking that guy’s huge hard cock!

First Time Reverse Cowgirl


First time reverse cowgirl

This 19 year old cutie is ready to do her very first adult video in this update from Girls Do Porn! She’s hot as hell with a nice tan, beautiful face and a great attitude…she’s just in the mood for some fun and of course to make a little extra cash, but I have the feeling that the adventure and fun trumps the money for her! Despite her innocent looks this hottie is down for getting that tight teen pussy pounded and seems pretty excited to have everybody watching…she was mostly used to missionary before with her ex, I guess just straight up vanilla sex even though she says her favorite position is standing up doggystyle. She starts things out pretty quietly once she gets stripped naked, I think she just wasn’t quite sure what to expect because, get this, she’s never seen a porn video before! The guy from Girls Do Porn definitely introduces her to the concept in a big way, banging that tight teen hole of hers until her moans have gone higher and higher in pitch and she’s about ready to explode! Keep an eye out for when she’s on her hands and knees getting that cock from behind, her ass is absolutely incredible…she tries a few different positions for the first time ever and apparently really enjoyed the reverse cowgirl, which she had never done before. Girls Do Porn, always bringing the sexiest amateur hotties and always bringing something new to the table! They never disappoint.

Sunset Memories


X art sunset memories with kyalee

The golden glow of the sunset on Kaylee‘s skin instantly brings a feeling of relaxation and calm if you ask me…there’s just something about that time of day that gives a feeling of stillness and you can almost smell the fresh breeze coming through the window carrying the late summer with it. Kaylee was taking some time out of her weekend to explore her body, sliding her hands over her skin and pulling off her bra and panties to thoroughly enjoy her incredible breasts and pussy with her fingers in this X Art update called Sunset Memories! I don’t know how often someone would reminisce about a masturbation session though so you know there’s gonna be something more…sure enough, her man shows up and takes over where her fingers had left off, licking and teasing her clit while she closed her eyes and gasped in pleasure, arching her back and letting out little moans as he pushed all the right buttons! Soon he was sliding his hard cock inside, slipping effortlessly into that sweet wet pussy and bringing Kaylee to the peaks of pleasure for this sensual hardcore scene.

Putting On A Show


Passion hd putting on a show

There are some pornstars who you see a few times and then are like ‘eh, been there fucked that’ but then there are women like Dillion Harper here who just never get tiresome! She’s absolutely beautiful with one of the best bodies in the business if you ask me, and she’s putting on a show in this hot Passion HD update as she shimmies out of her tight stretchy shorts and thong panties to fuck herself with a big toy while she sucks her man’s cock at the same time! Dillion always looks fantastic in and out of clothes and this update is no exception…she also has an insatiable hunger for cock so she takes every opportunity to grab this guy’s crank, sucking his balls and pumping that dick before going for a nice hard ride and taking it to the hilt in her tight perfect pussy. The guy pounds away as she lifts up her legs, but nobody can withstand that beauty for long and soon Dillion was on her knees getting a nice big facial to shut things down. Just look at that satisfied smile as the guy’s cream drips down her chin onto those big perfect breasts of hers!

Romantic Sex


21 Naturals is actually a really awesome site the problem is that there are so many erotica sites out there now I just can’t keep up with them all. 21 Naturals is one of the ones that just slips through the cracks and every once in a while I really regret it. Especially when I saw this video over at my buddies site. She is riding this guy so good and it’s a very very romantic scene. The video is long and you get to really enjoy her nice petite fit body. If you like what you see I would just take the tour and look around. The reason I don’t post them a lot is because there are a lot of European models on that site and I just don’t know those girls that well. Plus it seems you guys don’t like them as much for whatever reason.

Kiara Mia Loves Tennis



Kiara Mia is a pro at everything she does including playing tennis. Alright she isn’t great at it but she isn’t that bad either, I saw her serve with a tennis ball stuck in her ass! That’s something right htere. Kiara’s ass is so big though you could get lost in that thing pretty easy, a tennis ball is nothing compared to it. She also has these big fake titties that are really well done, she is by far one of my favorite MILFs. This video just came out from Bang Bros today and it looks like this site only has the small video of it. If you want the I just click on that link. I like to give you guys just a taste especially with sites like Bang Bros because it’s just such a good deal to join their site. Once you join a mega site like this you will never want to go to free sites like this again, it just makes it all so much easier. We free sites are good for one thing though and that’s showing you the “new” porn that comes out each and everyday so keep coming back and checking us out!

Jewels Jade Anal


Let’s be honest here this isn’t the first time that Jewels Jade has had anal sex. I have seen videos of it and plus you can just tell from how much she loves being fucked in the ass that this isn’t her first rodeo. The scene is all about that big round ass of Jewels there is some really great video in this Brazzers scene so much so that they even gave themselves a pat on the back. The name of this episode is “jaw dropping anal” and it’s just that. Jewels must like live at the gym because she has some muscles on her like no other MILF I have ever seen. She works out and keeps her body right which make seeing her naked all the more pleasurable. She also sports some awesome big titties that are pierced. The video might also be consider CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) just for the fact that the guy never actually takes off her pants instead he just rips a whole for his dick. Rather big hole I might add but he needed to get at her meaty pussy and of course that tight butthole.

Megan Rain


Megan rain casting couch x

Megan Rain will draw you in with her beautiful eyes and then keep you with her fun personality and incredible body…she’s fit as a fiddle and gorgeous and since she’s 18 years young she’s finding her way in the world and looking for adventure! Don’t think you can mess with this raven-haired hottie though, she’s very close to getting her black belt in Tae Kwon Do and could kick your head completely off your neck if you get lippy! Stay on her good side though and you’re in for a fun time as you can see from this Casting Couch X update as Megan strips down to show off those perky bouncy boobies and her sweet firm ass before sucking cock and getting her teen pussy pounded, moaning as she pulled her knees up to her ears and getting drilled before receiving a big facial that plasters her face from chin to hair…this chick is hot as hell and has a mighty bright future in the porn biz with that body and especially those eyes.

Fucking Your Girl


Fucking your gf on xxx pawn

I’m always surprised at the old busted crap people bring in to pawn shops trying to make a few bucks, usually asking for wayyy more than the things are worth. This couple for instance was trying to hock a busted up old-ass TV set that’s maybe worth a buck and a half! They weren’t about to pull the wool over this guy’s eyes though because this is the XXX Pawn shop and the clerk knows what’s gonna sell! He’s not interested in that dinosaur of a television but he is interested in this sexy edgy chick’s sweet pussy so he strikes a deal, the couple both headed to the back room and the guy had to watch his girlfriend getting naked and sucking the pawnshop guy’s massive cock…I guess these two must have been really hurting for cash! The dude even makes the chick’s boyfriend hold the camera while he fucks her in front of him, cold as ice but pretty funny…she’s got a nice tight sweet body too with a great ass and doesn’t seem to mind having this guy’s big thick dick in her mouth and pussy in this update called Fucking Your Girl.

Halle Von


Halle von teens love huge cocks

Gorgeous petite blonde Halle Von looks like she spends every afternoon at the gym so it’s no surprise she was swimming a few laps at the beginning of this Teens Love Huge Cocks update called Hott Halle! She’s got a tight little body but has a taste for huge hard cock so when her guy pal showed up and whipped out a massive crank she wasted no time before taking it in her mouth, sucking him until he was rock hard and almost too much for her to handle! She kept her bikini on for a good bit of the update which is pretty hot if you ask me, but she pulled her top aside to let those perky little titties out to play as she got her pussy drilled. She didn’t seem to have much problem taking that big fat cock in her pussy, even doing the splits on the guy’s meat as she rode him on the couch before pumping a huge load of cum out all over her face. This girl is smokin hot and lookin fine and after a pounding like this I don’t know if she can ever go back to a normal-sized dick!

Cassidy Banks Jiggling


The beautiful Cassidy Banks is on a site she has belong for a long time Big Naturals. She has done one other scene for Reality Kings, the Teens love Huge Cocks video she did. You guys probably didn’t know that Teens Love Huge Cocks was a site you get access to when you join Reality Kings. I always just send you to the Teens love Huge Cock tour just because well it’s so awesome. That site however is just one of many you get access when you join, there is a total of 40 different sites right now. So back to this Big Naturals scene they do a good job of really showing off her breast giving them a massage, and of course oiling them up. They do all this outdoors and then they go inside where Cassidy is given the dicking she has been looking for. Anytime you get a big titty girl like Cassidy here it’s always fun to see them on top riding dick because those tits just go bouncing around everywhere. She has some real hangers on her so they can get MOVIN! If you are still reading this then you’re going to get some a little more special! I have another gallery you can check out of Cassidy this time for Latina Sex Tapes check it out!

Alex Little


Alex little tiny4k

With her rockin tight teen pussy this blonde spinner Alex Little was a natural for Tiny4k…in this hot update she just got some new headphones or something because she’s in a world of her own, rocking out to her sweet jams and stripping down at the same time! I guess she must have been listening to some mighty sexy music because it got her all turned on as she got naked and masturbated, and when her man heard the commotion and came in to investigate she had him sit down and put the headphones on so he could listen while she gave him a lapdance! Soon she had his huge thick dick in her throat and then got her tight little teen pussy rocked out…this chick is seriously itty bitty, she’s gotta be under the 5–foot mark for sure. She won’t be able to go on very many roller coasters with you if you take her to the fair but hey, at least she makes any cock look insanely huge and she loves to fuck so this pocket sized cutie is a great addition to Tiny4k!

Mesmerizing Penis Massage


Mesmerizing penis massage on hegre art

This guy is enjoying a magnificent rubdown from a beautiful nude woman…Charlotta here is a great masseuse with strong talented hands and a body like a dream! It’s hard to imagine being relaxed with those big perfect breasts in your face but I guess the rubdown this guy is getting is so wonderful that he’s enjoying it on like ten different levels. This Hegre Art update is called Mesmerizing Penis Massage and it is pretty mesmerizing watching this beautiful woman stroking and rubbing and teasing the guy’s huge hard black cock, making it stand at attention and pumping and stroking the guy until he…well, you’ll just have to see! Seeing her lily white fair skin against his dark oiled body is already pretty erotic so having her give him an incredible dick-rub is just icing on the cake. Hegre Art always has the hottest massages, I don’t know where they found all these gorgeous masseuses, Charlotta here is truly a goddess!

Olivia Wilder


Pawg olivia wilder

Gorgeous babe Olivia Wilder is looking sexy as hell in her cowgirl boots…there’s something about a nice pair of boots that really sets off a girl’s legs and ass, especially when she’s got a big round juicy booty like Olivia is packing in this update from the Bang Bros network site PAWG! That stands for Phat Ass White Girl if you didn’t already know…if you’re in the mood for a chick with a round sweet ass this site is gonna have what you’re craving I guarandamntee it. PAWG always has gorgeous women on the site but man they certainly outdid themselves with this one, Olivia is absolutely stunning and that body of hers is magnificent…especially her butt, of course! She keeps her cowgirl boots on as she goes for a ride on this guy’s huge black cock, sliding that wet pussy up and down on his meat until he finally shot his load of cum into her mouth and dripped it down her chin!



Brcc miranda

Have you ever fallen in love with your barista, or at least fallen in lust with her when she hands you your morning coffee and bagel with a sweet smile and a twinkle in your eye? Well too bad, she’s being nice because it’s her job, don’t be a creepster. However, you can live out your fantasies via this Backroom Casting Couch update featuring adorable and incredible coffee slingster Miranda as she gets naked to show off that beautiful tight slender package and gets her tight little pussy pounded! Miranda is lovely, has a fantastic body, a great personality and a good head on her shoulders, plus she loves sex in all its forms so she gets into some hot action in this update including some anal and even taking a facial even though she doesn’t particularly enjoy them. Hopefully Miranda sticks around in this industry even though BRCC isn’t a real casting house…this girl is somethin special for sure!

Rahyndee James


Povd rahyndee james

I’m pretty sure this resort has rules regarding nudity in public or shared spaces but nobody was around, it was early morning and Rahyndee James was in the mood for a little Poolside Peek A Boo! She has an incredible body so she knew nobody would complain anyway, so she hopped on up onto a table and her man got busy oiling up and massaging that beautiful naked body of hers. This is POVD so it’s all in first person perspective, you get to take on the role of the masseuse as he rubs those big juicy titties and Rahyndee’s sweet juicy butt, licking that ass and pussy and then pounding her with your huge thick cock! Things get to the point where neither you nor Rahyndee care if anyone is watching what’s going on in the courtyard as you pound that tight little hole of hers, making her moan her face off as she gets fucked doggystyle and rides your dick to orgasm! Rahyndee takes a massive facial at the end of this POVD scene, taking a huge load of cum all over her lips and getting her eyes basically glued shut…and to top it all off, POVD brings you all the action in amazingly high resolution video!

Wrong Door


This poor dude is just trying to sneak into his girlfriends house and bang her the problem is he went through the wrong door. He ended up walking in on his girlfriends step mother Monique Alexander. Monique is pissed that her step daughter is sneaking around like this so she decides to teach Karlee Grey a little lesson. She calls her into the bathroom and tells her that she doesn’t need to sneak around like this but since she is she is going to make her pay. The first thing Karlee has to do is start eating her pussy because she is going to fuck her boyfriend and she wants herself ready to go for that big dick. So Karlee strips down and starts to eat on that hairy pussy of hers. All while Monique jerks off her boyfriend getting him hard enough to get in that tight MILF pussy. It hasn’t gotten much of a work out being married to Karlee’s dad so it needs to be moist. Then all three of them go back to Karlee’s bedroom where Monqiue fucks her boyfriend. She isn’t exactly super mean to Karlee because during the whole sex session she gives her some tips on how to really please her boyfriend. Tips that you can only learn from a hot MILF like Monique here. This scene comes from Bang Bros and is part of their new site they just started called Stepmom Videos.

Glistening Young Skin


Passion hd glistening young skin anissa kate

Stunning raven-haired Anissa Kate stars in this Passion HD update, meeting up wtih this guy for a nice long leisurely massage…she gets her beautiful body oiled up before the guy starts rubbing, squeezing those big perfect tits of hers and sliding his fingers between her pussy lips to make her moan and get her dripping wet and ready to fuck! She takes his big rock-hard cock in her mouth, sucking him off before laying back to get her pussy pounded in this hot update called Glistening Young Skin…those big boobs go for a nice ride as she gets fucked, bouncing up and down, but if you ask me the most seductive thing is her smoldering gaze as she looks up at the guy with her beautiful intense eyes before bending over to get drilled doggystyle and then riding his dick to orgasm! He shoots a huge load of cum on her face that she licks up with a smile, still staring up at him with that lustful look!

Aly Monroe


Aly monroe on casting couch x

Give a nice big welcome for 18 year old California hottie Aly Monroe as she makes her first steps into the adult industry with Casting Couch X! She loves vollyball and it’s done some great things for her body, just take a look at that spectacular tight ass of hers and you’ll see what I mean. Aly wants to be an interior designer which is a good sign, she’s not looking to the porn industry as the end-all be-all of her career and has a plan for the future…for now though I’m glad she’s decided to take the plunge, and speaking of plunging this guy gives that sweet teen pussy of hers a pounding as he plunges his cock inside, making those titties bounce (she has slightly puffy nipples by the way and usually I’m not into that but on Aly they look amazing) with every stroke as she gets that snatch rocked. If you like hot teen volleyball players and sexy tight blondes getting fucked how could you go wrong with Aly here!



Melody casting couch hd

Beautiful Melody here just showed up for the hell of it to this Casting Couch HD audition, she heard they needed a backup dancer for a hiphop music video and since she loves dancing she figured why not! She has that sort of nerdy sex appeal going on, especially when she hikes up her red polka dot dress to show off a very nice ass as she shows she’s ‘got what it takes’ to get the job…too bad there is no job to be had, Casting Couch HD just gets hot amateur babes naked and fucks them on camera! Melody has a fucking stupendous body so when she starts getting naked the fake casting director is more than happy to introduce her to his big black dick! Melody takes off her glasses and starts sucking away, taking his big meat in her mouth before getting that perfect ass in the air and taking every inch of his cock in her wet pussy doggystyle, moaning like she’s about ready to take the roof off the joint!

Trick Or Treat


Nikki sims halloween

It’s Halloween and Nikki Sims has outdone herself again…I’ve seen a lot of costumes in my day but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a sexy Phantom of the Opera before! More like Phantom of the Hot-pera if you ask me…anyway Nikki is about to hit the streets for a little trick or treat action, and I hope she brings a few extra pillowcases because any house she shows up at is sure to just dump all the candy they have into her bag when they see this getup! Her huge tits look incredible and that beautiful face of hers is still hot even half-concealed by her mask as she plays with her lacy black parasol, spinning it around and just barely covering those big nude breasts of hers…she just looks amazing and is definitely more Treat than Trick in this hot shoot! Did I happen to mention that she has sexy thigh high nylon stockings going on that look incredible on her lovely legs?



Ecg golden

This first timer is Golden, a cute and curvy 21 year old who says she loves anal sex and gets super strong orgasms from it…well if you know Exploited College Girls you know she’s speaking their language! Golden gets her tight pussy fingered and gives a nice blowjob but it’s pretty obvious Jay can’t wait to slide his hard cock in that juicy round booty of hers…soon enough he’s banging her ass from behind ready to give her a nice anal pounding! That big (but as the ECG guys say, not TOO big) round ass of hers is a thing of wonder, she loves to get fucked from behind but bit off a little more than she could chew with this guy…she took his big cock in her ass but soon couldn’t quite swing it any more so the guy has mercy and switches over to her dripping wet pussy, fucking her hole until he shot his load inside for a nice creampie. For someone who loves anal sex as much as Golden does I’m surprised she couldn’t handle a big hard dick, maybe she just got a little shy from being put on the spot for this hot hardcore scene.

Meet Kasey Warner


Kasey warner teen fidelity

Gorgeous Kasey Warner was a hot, popular high school chick who had just turned 18 and was the girl all the dudes were into…she had no time for high school boys though, she had her sights on bigger and better things…namely, the big rock hard cock of Ryan Madison! In this Teen Fidelity update he takes her to prom (oh man can you just imagine a middle aged dude like Ryan taking a high school chick to prom? People would be so skeeved out) and dances the night away, making all the awkward high school guys jealous…Kasey could feel Ryan’s cock already stiffening against her body so they left early, heading to a motel to keep the party going! Ryan never got to fuck the Prom Queen when he was in school himself so he takes the opportunity now, stripping this hot teen down and pounding that tight wet pussy of hers as he pins her down and holds her by the neck until finally shooting a big creamy load in her pussy. Kasey loves a nice creampie and Ryan was more than happy to frost her hole in this hot Teen Fidelity scene, bouncing her tight little ass up and down on his fuckstick as she moaned and screamed her way to orgasm!

Emily Grey


Emily grey amateur allure

You might remember seeing Emily Grey on Amateur Allure one other time but back then she was sharing an update with Claire Heart (you can see it right here by the way)…this time she’s back and is doing her very own update, and with that heart-stoppingly gorgeous face and amazing tight petite body she definitely deserves the spotlight! Emily is seriously probably the most beautiful girl in the adult industry right now, I’m calling that right now…call me crazy if you want but there’s something about those freckles and her lovely brown eyes that is just amazing. She also has an insatiable taste for cock so she starts out this Amateur Allure scene with a dick in her mouth right off the bat, rubbing and fingering her tight pussy while she sucks this lucky dude…soon masturbating just isn’t enough so she climbs onto the guy’s lap, riding his cock and fucking him with that perfect pussy with her high heels still on! Emily looks absolutely incredible riding dick, moaning away and sliding her hands over her perky little titties as she gets fucked until the guy finally shoots a load of cum into her mouth for her to swallow down with a smile!

Addison Belgium


Addison belgium on blacked

Ever have a hankering to give a hippie chick a nice deep pounding? Well I guess this guy did because he brought Addison Belgium to the house and gave her a pounding with his massive black dick! Addison keeps her flowery headband on for as long as she could but eventually it gets fucked right off of her and she moans her way to orgasm, taking every inch of that huge cock as she bends over, her perfect round ass in the air for him to stare at while he fucks her doggystyle. Blacked has a way of pairing up these lily-white blonde beauties with these dudes packing massive dark dongs and the results are nothing short of incredible! Addison is all about the flower power with peace and love and she’s definitely getting a piece of love in her flower with this Blacked scene…alright that one was a bit of a stretch, sorry. She is hot as hell though.

Anya Ivy


Porn fidelity anya ivy

Have you ever been to a stripclub and just been so turned on by watching those dancers that you just wanted to pony up and take one of them home to fuck all night long? Well you don’t have to worry about the cost or risk of that now because Ryan Madison is ready to fuck a stripper in this Porn Fidelity update! Beautiful exotic dancer Anya Ivy was hired for a private dance at the Fidelity mansion and she was pulling out all the stops, shaking those huge tits and that perfect round ass in Ryan’s face and grinding her pussy on his lap…she felt his cock growing harder and soon the music was over and she had his dick in her throat! She gave a nice deep blowjob before spreading those legs to get her pussy slammed, moaning as he penetrated her shaved wet hole while her long glossy black hair swung and those big tits bounced to the rhythm. A stripper would have to know some pretty serious sexy moves and Anya puts them to work here, dancing on Ryan’s meat and sliding her cunt up and down until finally he bent her over the bed and pounded her doggystyle until he shot his load in her hole for a creampie finish!

Ashley Fires Cheats


Ashley Fires rushes home early with her mechanic boy toy so she can get banged before her husband comes home. As she is making out with him in their kitchen she gets a call from her husband. She tells her boy toy to be quiet while she takes this and gets on the phone and talks to her husband. She directs the guy where to go and finishes up lying to her husband and goes into the bedroom in sexy stockings and her little red panties. She let’s this guy face fuck her because well what benefits are there to fucking a older chick unless they do some real freaky stuff. Ashley gives a super sloppy BJ and then she gets what she wants a hard fucking from this really hard young cock. In the end to be even a worse wife then she already is she tells this young stud to just cum right in her pussy, that is one dirty birdie right there!

Spilling Out


I tell you what, give this hottie a few more drinks and something is gonna be spilling out! It’ll either be her cocktail onto the floor from dancing a little too hard, or those big perfect tits of hers will come spilling out of her loose tshirt or dress or whatever that is! This picture comes to you courtesy of Double Viking, they basically aggregate a ton of stuff like funny photos, articles about cool shit, flash games to distract yourself from a boring work day with, and of course lots of pictures of beautiful amateur girls and celebrities and who knows what all. This particular girl looks like she’s at some kind of fancy party that has gone on into the wee hours, and man oh man her tits look amazing in that outfit. I don’t know what I did wrong but I never seem to get invited to these types of parties with gorgeous half-naked fashion models cavorting around with their tits popping out of their outfits, it’s just plain not fair. Well, at least Double Viking is there to back us up!

Halloween Fright


I know I know, with a title like Halloween Fright you probably expected to see a photo of some college girls in sexy nurse outfits making out or something and not a couple of MILFy hotties flashing their tits. They’re pretty great tits though huh? Anyway this photo is from EHOWA, better known as Ernie’s House of Whoopass, and today’s collection of awesome is mostly about horrific shit that has happened on Halloween! From a dude who poisoned some candy in the 70’s to people accidentally dying and their friends not realizing for hours because they thought it was a halloween prop, Ernie has collected some true and truly awful things that have happened on what is basically the best holiday of the year. It’ll put a tingle up your spine and then you’ll get a tingle in your pants when you check out some of the pictures like the one above! Ernie loves to have little find-the-object type things where he’ll talk about an item and then post tits with that item in the background but he also has challenges like the one above where, given no other clues besides the photo, you have to figure out what town or location the picture was taken. Pretty tough, considering the distraction factor of those beautiful boobs.

Jada Stevens PAWG


Jada stevens pawg

I can’t believe Jada Stevens hasn’t been on the Bang Bros network site PAWG before…like, I seriously didn’t believe it, I went through and checked my archives a couple times to make sure of it! This girl is just made for this site, her ass is absolutely incredible and she loves to get fucked with her butt all oiled up and in the air, moaning as her pussy is drilled over and over. This hottie has a beautiful face, nice big tits and of course that juicy booty and she definitely knows how to work em, check out her other sets in our archive right here and you’ll see what I mean! She’s visiting her guy pal’s house which overlooks a valley and is hanging out on the patio, whacking golf balls and then doing a little sunbathing and showing off that big badonkadonk before giving her man a nice blowjob! His huge cock isn’t satisfied with just a nice suckjob though so soon she’s riding his cock, bouncing that booty up and down as it shines in the sunlight from the oil that he had rubbed onto it. Jada ends up taking a nice mouthful of cum to finish things off for this hot scene, but keep your eyes peeled because I’m sure she’ll be back on PAWG soon!

What A Woman


What a woman

We’ve seen Josephine on the site before like in her scene called A Quick Romp, but she’s one of those girls who just keeps getting hotter every time she comes around! This Joymii update is called What A Woman and it’s no surprise that they’re talking about Josephine with a title like that. She is absolutely gorgeous and her body is made out of dreams and smiles as she shows off her big full bouncy breasts and that sweet tight firm ass, taking her boyfriend’s hard cock in her mouth to suck him off and drive him wild! Josephine’s long dark hair acts as a perfect bridle for the guy while he fucks her from behind, holding on as he slides in and out of her hole while she rubs her clit with her fingers. She and her man are putting this white chair to work here with Josephine riding his cock and bouncing her breasts right in his face…he fucks that sweet wet hole until finally shooting a load all over her stomach!

Chloe Amour Oiled Up Booty


Exotic4k chloe amour

If you haven’t checked out this new site Exotic4k yet this is the perfect opportunity to do so…the always-gorgeous Chloe Amour is rocking the camera with her oiled up booty and that insatiable pussy of hers as she takes this guy’s big hard cock to the hilt, riding him and moaning her head off until the guy blasts a big creampie into and onto her snatch! Exotic4k always has beautiful women with that exotic look and it’s always filmed in incredibly high resolution crystal clear video, and the more clarity the better with women like Chloe Amour here. She’s got that amazing nude body and really knows how to rock a cock, and in this hot hardcore update she pulls out all the stops! Did you know that saying ‘pulling out all the stops’ refers to organists pulling those little knobs to get the most volume? It’s pretty fitting because you’ll be pulling your knob too, working that organ and cranking up the volume.



Ftv girls sophia

I don’t think I even put it on this site but if you’ve been keeping a close eye on FTV Girls for awhile you might remember this chick from an update about a year ago when she modeled with her friend Cortney…back then this girl was known as Sophie but over the past year I guess she’s matured a bit and now she’s Sophia! She also had a kid, as amazing as that sounds when you look at that tight little teen body of hers, and she’s still lactating so if you’ve got a fetish for breast milk you’re about to lose your mind! Sophia gets into some very hot and pretty extreme situations in this new FTV shoot, she flashes in public of course (an FTV classic move) but also gets busy with some truly massive toys in private, sliding some of the biggest dildos FTV Girls has to offer into that teen hole of hers, not to mention doing some fisting and getting a hand from the lovely assistant! Cucumber stuffing, vagina gaping, this girl is red hot and the fact that she can squeeze some milk out of those perky titties is just fetish icing on the cake.

Double Your Pleasure


Double your pleasure on passion hd

Get ready to double your pleasure and double your fun thanks to Stella Ann and Marina Angel in this Passion HD episode! These two lovely lesbians get together and turn on the heat, kissing passionately and stripping each other down to the bare essentials, licking and fingering each other before their guy friend shows up and turns this Sapphic twosome into a hot hardcore threeway fuck session! Stella and Marina both look incredible with their tight nubile bodies and this guy gives them both a nice deep dicking, fucking the girls one after the other before unloading a big double facial all over them! I think this is Stella Ann’s first time with another woman on Passion HD, she definitely has a taste for it though so I’m pretty much certain she’s sampled pussy plenty of times before. These girls both seem equally happy with a mouthful of pussy or a mouthful of cock and they definitely get satisfied on both counts in this hot scene.

Aimee Jackson


If you’ve got a hankering for a real woman with real big titties you could do a whole lot worse than Aimee Jackson in this XL Girls photoshoot, that’s for sure. She’s taking a shower and invited us along for the fun, knowing we’re down for some big boobs and fun…watch Aimee demonstrate how she cleans her tits, pouring oil on them and getting them all moisturized and stuff and massaging them while the water cascades down! I don’t know if she needs an assistant for that part of the procedure but if so I hereby volunteer myself at any point on any day. Those big breasts are just plain incredible.

India Summer


Brunette knockout India Summer is hot enough that she usually takes charge of a sexual situation and has no problems in getting guys to do what she tells them to do, but this time she’s up for total submission and has to just let things happen as they will! Starting out blindfolded she is introduced to her Master by means of a big fat cock sliding down her throat and soon theyr’e off to the races…India tries all kinds of fun stuff like being tied up, ballgagged, caged, bound to a rack and even takes an anal pounding while she’s there helpless with that tight ass in the air! India’s not used to giving up so much control but she does so willingly here, trying her best to please her Master until he blasts a massive load all over her face and tits. Then, back into the cage she goes to wait until the next time he wants to play!

Lezley Zen


Lezley Zen cuts a very sexy silhouette in this hot photoshoot as she gets those big juicy titties of hers out and takes care of her man’s thick cock, licking and sucking him from balls to the tip of his dick and grabbing her own big boobs at the same time! Hopefully she doesn’t use her teeth quite as much as the thumbnail I grabbed makes it look, otherwise this dude’s gonna be out of action for a while after fucking her mouth like this. Lezley gives the guy a nice deep passionate blowjob until he shoots his load of cum on her face…it’s not a huge load but if you look at his balls you’ll see why, those are some tiny-ass cojones that dude’s packing! But hey, he’s face-fucking a gorgeous horny busty pornstar so who’s laughing now?

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