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Kimberly Kendall


Kimberly kendall pf

Horny big breasted hottie Kimberly Kendall started out this Porn Fidelity update flashing those bouncy round boobs and that big juicy booty, but a little teasing isn’t going to do it for this chick…she’s a dirty girl for sure, and in fact this is Part 2 of the Porn Fidelity Dirty Girl series! Kimberly gets her big boobs grabbed by Ryan Madison and goes for a mouth-ride on his dick before hopping up and taking a nice hard ride on it! With her long dark hair and sweet sexy booty this girl is hot as hell and knows it, but I don’t know if she’s ever had a deep dicking like this one! Ryan Madison knows how to rock that sweet voluptuous body of hers, holding Kimberly down by the neck as he pounds away at her hole. After he shoots his load of cum inside her cunt for a nice creampie finish this hottie proves her Dirty Girl status by dipping a finger inside to sample the goods, closing her eyes in pleasure as she licked his cum off her fingertips!

Latina Euro Trip


Xpawn think mink

This hot Latina girl Amber showed up at the XXX Pawn shop to try to unload a coat, she needed cash with a quickness for a trip to Europe and figured hocking her grandma’s old coat was a good way to rake in some money. Unfortunately it turned out to be synthetic mink and was basically worthless! Fortunately the pawnshop guy had a ‘big heart’ so he offered her a different deal, he’d slide her some coin for her trip if she’d head to the back room with him to suck and fuck that big fat cock he’s got swinging in his pants! She was in a tight spot so of course she said yes, either that or she just has a soft spot for big dick…either way she made the trip to the back office and proceeded to rock that cock, bending over the desk with that cute Latina booty in the air to get her sweet tight college girl pussy pounded from behind before taking a facial! He made it rain money after making it rain cum on her, but this hottie definitely had to work for that plane ticket.

Jezabel Vessir Round and Brown


I think this girl Jezabel Vessir is like super hot, I mean big natural black titties like this how can you not love them? I however have already watched a scene of and well she doesn’t put that much effort into her porn scenes. She is kind of just like a dead fish and gives off that air that she doesn’t want to be there. Well I am happy to report that this newest scene that she did for Round and Brown is much much better. She still isn’t there yet but she is getting close. If she can just get that pornstar attitude she could be the biggest black pornstar in the whole world don’t you think? She has such a beautiful exotic look and I mean those titties of hers just couldn’t be any better. In this scene you get to see her taking a bath massaging on her big naturals and then she dresses up into a really sexy hot pink net outfit. It looks really good against her dark skin and she goes out into the living room where there is a big cock waiting to fuck her.

Franceska Jaimes With Toppings


Fucking with little pits of candy sprinkled on to syrup or chocolate sauce just seems dangerous to me and not even sexy. If that gets in her pussy I mean it’s not going to make it sweeter it’s just going to be like fucking sand paper or pussy with pebbles in it that doesn’t sound good to me. That’s what Bang Bros did in this scene though they put Franceska Jaimes in a whole bunch of toppings that would like go on a cake or something and then filmed a sex scene with her. Maybe because they were doing a creampie ending they decided to dress her up like a creampie, that work? Anyways if for some reason you have a food fetish you’re going to love this video, if you are just a normal porn watcher like the rest of us seeing Franceska getting cum inside of her pussy is the reason we’re watching it. Bang Bros doesn’t always do creampie scenes but when they do man are they good. The video just came out today so it’s as fresh as it gets, I hope you enjoy!

Jasmine Caro Private Tape


Well we all know porn isn’t really, well there are a few sites that are and this one I think isn’t going to be one. I say that just because I know this is Jasmine Caro and well she has done a ton of porn videos. So the setup is basically like this for Private Casting X. The guy puts out ads on Craiglsts telling girls they can make $2000 for a private casting. When they come to his hotel room he tells them that for $2000 cash they have to let him film them fucking and he isn’t going to show anyone, because it’s for his private collection. So I can kind of buy this I mean if Jasmine shows up to do a porn shoot and see’s it’s just a creepy guy that wants to make a sex tape with her she might leave like she does in this video. The guy obviously doesn’t keep the private he has a whole website with them and the videos are all actually pretty good. If you want to check out more video from .

Sophie Jay


Summer is about over now but we had some pretty hot days a month or so ago that’s for sure…during a heat wave gorgeous Sophie Jay here had these photos taken as she got nice and wet, pulling off her white tank top and letting those perfect tits out to play…she hosed herself down a bit, I get the feeling she had been doing so for awhile because her tanktop was pretty much see-through like a wet tshirt content top or something already! Sophie wanted to get naked and get wet though and she certainly did that, relaxing on a wooden picnic bench and getting that sweet round ass in the air before turning the hose on herself and drenching her breasts…her nipples were standing out like eraser heads from the cool water and Sophie just looked incredible!

Monica Mendez


Remember this name: Monica Mendez. It’s the one you’re about to want to tattoo on your arm because you’re about to fall instantly in love (or maybe just lust) with this girl when you see these photos! She’s sporting a sundress in these photos but it might as well be a vest, her incredible huge titties spread the top of the dress wide open, there’s basically no way to contain those big breasts so Monica doesn’t really try too hard, she just lets them out into the sun and is looking absolutely fucking amazing! These photos are from Monica’s own website, just think about that for a minute…those huge breasts of hers on display in gallery after gallery and video after video! She’s not just a pair of tits either, she’s absolutely beautiful from head to toe all around. It can be a little hard to concentrate on anything else though with those boobies popping out, there’s no doubt about that.

Leelee Sobieski


I wasn’t sure where I’d seen this chick Leelee Sobieski before but then I realized, she was the daughter in Eyes Wide Shut, the weird quiet chick…perfectly cast for that if you ask me, Leelee seems pretty quiet and reserved from the looks of things. She’s hot as hell though, with that elegant confidence that comes from being a celebrity but not so well-known that she can’t just walk down a sidewalk in a city somewhere. If you saw this hottie your first thought probably wouldn’t be ‘hey I’ve seen her in a movie before’ it would probably just be ‘holy shit she is hot as hell’…I’m not fashion guru but she looks to have a pretty good sense of style too, either that or she has good sense in hiring someone with a sense of style. Either way she’s looking mighty fine!

Aimee Luis


This girl Aimee Luis looks pretty surprised to find us there as she hangs out on the patio, but doesn’t exactly look upset by the photographer standing there…instead she decided to put on a show, climbinb on top of the wooden chair and flashing those sweet titties, pulling off her little dress but keeping her panties and heels on, letting her thong slide over her sexy hips and flashing that gorgeous tight pert butt in these hot photos! This dark-haired beauty is hot as hell with a nice sweet body..her titties defy gravity and that ass of hers looks like it could deflect bullets, and couple that with a beautiful face like Aimee has and you’ve got a recipe for the best kind of trouble!

Justene Jaro


There’s something magical about an exotic beautiful woman in lingerie, and Justene Jaro looks absolutely increidble in this Alluring Vixens photoshoot! From that long glossy dark hair to her big soft full breasts to that seductve expression with her dark upturned eyes, Justene is alluring as hell and it’s pretty obvious why they chose her to be on the site. She pulls her top off and teases with those big breasts a bit, then tugs her panties down over her sexy hips to show even more skin, but never quite revealing that pussy or her nipples…just enough to drive all the guys wild, I suppose! She’s keeping it classy and glamorous and just sexy as hell all around.

Dharma Webb


Zishy with dharma webb

She flew out to LA from Philadelphia but sexy skater chick Dharma Webb brought her East Coast cool along with her as she rides around on her longboard on the beach, catching some sun before heading out onto the sand in her bikini to relax by the surf! The Zishy cameras were rolling as this cutie flashes and teases with her nice big titties, grinning at us and putting on quite the show for anyone who happened to cruise by! The beaches out on the west coast are a whole different scene than back east, with nice warm soft sand and blue skies and warm sunny days…perfect for a chick like Dharma to go for a cruise on her board, turning heads everywhere she goes with her sexy personality and even sexier voluptuous body! Dharma doesn’t seem to mind too much being watched either, she enjoys the attention and loves to tease a boy or two…you can tell she’s got plenty of experience doing that!

Chanel Preston Fourth Time


Mr anal chanel preston fourth time

This is I think the fourth time on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal for Chanel Preston, I think it’s safe to say she’s found a home for herself there! I guess this hottie just loves getting fucked hard and deep in that ass of hers, she just keeps on coming back for more and getting pounded harder and harder each time. You wouldn’t guess it probably if you saw this girl, you’d think she was just a professional model of some kind, but once her clothes come off and she starts to masturbate and get her ass warmed up a little with fingers and toys the wild girl in her cums out and she’s all about getting that booty drilled! If you have a hankering for seeing this hottie in her other appearances on the site I’ve got you covered, here’s scene1 and scene2 so you can check out the hard anal pounding your little heart desires. The only thing about this chick that gives me pause is the tattoo she has just over her pussy, it’s like swirly and squiggly and looks like a bush even when her pussy is shaved, it’s kinda weird if you ask me but if things get to the point where Chanel has her clothes off and you’re staring at her twat I don’t think a tattoo is going to slow the roll, know what I mean?

Flexible Fit MILF


Flexible fit milf on mom pov

Someone needs to clue this flexible fit MILF in on the use of aftershave lotion or something because she’s got some wicked razorburn where her bush used to be…that’s unfortunately one of the first things that jumped out about this chick, apart from those big fake tits she’s bouncing around! She also looks like she could take a man’s head off with those thighs of hers, she starts out doing the splits during her interview and looks like she spends about five hours every day in the gym or something…it’s a little intimidating if you ask me but hey I’m sure plenty of guys out there love a musclebound chick! She’s doing her first adult video on Mom POV and is ready to rock and roll, playing with her pussy and sucking the guy’s dick and getting that sweet round ass of hers into action as she goes for a ride on the guy’s funstick. You haven’t lived until you’ve been in bed with a flexible strong woman apparently, it’s a little something for your bucket-list I guess! This mature hottie gets fucked nice and hard before dropping to her knees to take a facial…I was hoping she’d do the splits while she got showered with cum but no luck there unfortunately.

Alex Tanner Freckled Face


Alex Tanner Freckled Face Ginger

I have been seeing more and more galleries of this cute redhead here, her name is Alex Tanner. This is her second time being on Tiny4K the other one was a episode called Beach Ball Babe. The video I have for you guys on this gallery is a little short but you know how I work after a little bit of time I will get a longer video on this gallery. So you might just want to bookmark it and check back every now and again to see if it’s there. You could also just not be a free loader and pony up some cash to join Tiny4K. If you pay attention I give you guys a site that . Just saying I mean why not right? So this video is actually like super high quality or something, it seems almost too smooth to me. You know those TV’s that have like the frame “filler” that makes everything smooth maybe this video camera has that. The scene is called Freckled Face Ginger and is not that appropriate that they name it that because after this video is ended she is more like a cum face Ginger. I couldn’t recommend this site any more if you like petite girls because seriously that’s all the find, they’re not messing around with the “tiny”.

Sabrina Banks & Alexa Grace


Alexa Grace and Sabrina Banks Passion HD

I don’t have new girls for you on Passion HD today I have some repeat customers. Sabrina Banks has done a bunch of scenes and Alexa Grace well this is her second. They’re out for a job and the see a guy they like the looks of so they tell him to turn around and he does and follows them back to their place. Where the two of them undress each other and start to do some nice lesbian stuff, licking nipples pussy that kind of thing. This of course gets him hard and he gets joins in on the threesome action. This is a great threesome because all parties are always involved I love the face sitting instead of just sitting off to the side, that’s when you know it’s going to be good. Both girls take turns getting fucked and getting their pussy eaten. At times Alexa will go down and start rubbing on the guys balls and he fucks Sabrina or she puts them in her mouth. In the end of the video both girls are sucking his dick. Well one girl is sucking on his dick the other one is sucking on his balls, he pulls out of their mouth and busts on both of their faces. The girls then do the whole kissing thing and eating the cum off of each other of course, I mean it’s a porn right?

Maci Winslett Girl Next Door


Maci Winslett Tiny4K

It’s funny because the only two sites I have seen Maci Winslett on is this Tiny4K scene and then a . So she pretty much as only been on “petite” sites right now. So that being said there is no arguing that she isn’t petite. She has a pretty nice ass for being so small and she shows it off in the beginning of this video. She then has a pretty intense sex session. I can’t tell if she is really enjoying herself or this dick is just a little too big for her. There are times where she has super serious face on and then other times she is cheesing like this. It’s probably a little of both… Like all of the girls that come onto Tiny4K Maci here gets fucked in some pretty cool positions, check out the pretzel over there, you don’t see that much! Then once again Johnny here picks her up into the air and really gives that pussy the business. This is a facial scene so if you want to see that girl next door face of hers cover up in cum like a slut go ahead and hit play!

Marina Visconti Anal


Marina Visconti Anal Casting Couch X

So we have all seen Marina Visconti before right? Well she is Russian and she did porn over there and porn sites here in America wanted her to come here so she did. She needed to find an agent though and she chose the Casting Couch X guy! This guy didn’t even need to fuck her because he already had sites lined up that wanted to hire her because she is so popular. A girl like this with big natural tits who loves anal? Yea that’s an easy still to most porn sites. He never even asks her if she wanted to do anal this day or not he just stops fucking that nice shaven pussy of hers and slides it in her butt and well he got to stay there the rest of the time. Marina is just a really sexual person in fact she loves to be gangbanged, which is pretty weird but hey when one dick isn’t enough why not have 15 I guess. The video ends with him pull out of her butthole and spraying down those big naturals and of course he gets some on her face. Marina being the nasty slut she is sucking on his dick after he cums finishing the scene with some ass to mouth.

Busty Buffy Yoga


Busty Buffy Yoga

Busty Buffy just has to get hit on like crazy when she is waking down the street. Her tits are seriously incredible I can’t even believe them anytime I see them. This video is all about those boobies as she is outside doing some naked yoga. It’s really erotica, with the slow music and what not. It gets weird at times but it’s a nice change up from the hardcore scenes she does. It lets you just focus on her and these amazing tits of hers. She is all oiled up giving herself a boob massage for a lot of the video then she finally stands up to give us a look at her tight little pussy and then turns around to show a ass that is also very nice. Then eventually she seriously just starts whipping out some yoga. Can you imagine if you were on your balcony and got a look at this it would probably be the best day ever. I literally can’t think of anything wrong with Busty Buffy here except for the fact that I think she doesn’t speak English so you never get much talking from her, which is fine because what if she was annoying or something? It’s a lot better this way I think.

Cassidy Banks


Cassidy Banks Teens Love Huge Cocks

This is my first gallery I have made of this black beauty Cassidy Banks. I am pretty sure she is like half black half white or something like that, she is very exotic looking. She has the best tits you will ever see and she keeps her tight vagina shaven for us. This is a great scene just because of the site it’s on. It’s on Teens Love Huge Cocks a site that really puts out some great stuff. If you like petite girls fucking really big cocks then this video is for you. I hooked you guys up today with a long video from this scene because well I needed a long video for a change. I usually just give you a teaser because this is one of those sites that everyone should join at least once in their life. If you have never actually paid for porn you should try it. I know it sounds weird because there is so much free stuff everywhere (mostly here though right?). It’s just a different experience though when you’re in a members area, everything is clean, super high definitions and there is always tons of bonuses. I mean for example when you join Teens Love Huge Cocks you get access to the entire Reality Kings network of site. That’s a really huge network with so much porn you couldn’t even watch it all in your lifetime. This is a cumshot on the boobs ending scene in case you guys were wondering. Basically 75% of all cumshots are going to be on Cassidy’s chest that’s just how the porn industry is, you heard it here first.



>Sylvy Asian Sex Diary

I have never actually made my own Asian Sex Diary gallery before but I thought it was time for you guys. This is a hot Asian MILF that they found in France of all places. Or maybe they met in France or something I could see them being banned from a couple of Asian countries. It’s not exactly legal to film porn in these places. These guys are seriously straight up freaks too. Not only do they find random Asian girls but he like eats their pussies and he cums in a lot of their pussies. He probably has a bunch of knocked up woman running around Asia. This girl is pretty freaky too she is actually married and cheating on her husband while doing this film. The guys don’t ever show pictures of their faces to help it so they don’t get caught but in the video you can see this MILFs face. So as I mentioned she is a freak and you can watch the to see why. She licks on his asshole like I have never seen before. Then later in the video when he licks her asshole she lets him fuck her in the butt! I mean she just met this guy, is letting him film a porn and she lets him balls deep in her ass… If this isn’t a horny MILF I don’t know what is.

Exotic Seductive Eyes


Gdporn exotic seductive eyes

Man, just look at the smile on this girl…she’s an exotic 20 year old Latina cutie doing her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn, well actually I guess technically it’s her second adult video because apparently she taped herself on her phone giving her boyfriend a blowjob, I don’t know if that counts but hey, full disclosure. This girl loves sex and loves money and that’s a combination that works out pretty well with doing a scene in this industry! Girls Do Porn always has gorgeous amateur babes and this girl is no exception…as she’s giving her introductory interview she’s in these tiny little shorts and a cute leopard print top that shows off some cleavage, and you just know that when she gets down to business she’ll have a gorgeous body! Sure enough, after sucking cock for a little while she strips down and has a sexy tight body with nice perky boobs and a cute butt…but before we get to the actual sex, let’s talk about blowjobs for a second. Pretty much any girl can give a decent enough blowjob, like they can just sort of stick a dick in their mouth and suck it a little and great, no problem. Some girls though really put in the extra effort, licking up and down and playing with the balls a little and paying attention to how a guy reacts and this girl here is one of those, she obviously gives a fantastic blowjob! With those exotic seductive eyes of hers looking up it’s a wonder the guy didn’t bust a load in her mouth right then and there but somehow he withstood the temptation, giving her a nice deep dicking on the bed in all of her favorite positions…she seems to love riding on top the most but looks great any way she gets fucked! Finishing up with a nice facial cumshot, this hottie had a great time doing her first real video and I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back for a return visit…I know we’d all love to see it!



Shannon for ftv girls

It’s pretty common on FTV Girls for there to be a chick who loves to masturbate at home but uses a vibrator to get off, it’s a little rarer I think to find a girl who does things the old fashioned way, using her fingers to find that perfect spot to orgasm! That’s how Shannon here loves to masturbate and we get to watch her technique as she cups and caresses those nice perky round breasts of hers before slipping her fingers into her pussy and her ass to bring herself to some nice big natural shuddering orgasms. FTV Girls loves to bring out the personality of their girls and we’re treated to one of Shannon’s talents as she strips down and starts hoop dancing! If you haven’t seen it before, it’s like combining sensual dance with hula hooping and the result is pretty amazing if the girl has a body like Shannon’s…she has a pretty incredible ass and it looks even hotter than normal while she’s gyrating and moving her hips with that hoop spinning around her, very impressive. Fingers aren’t all she likes to play with though as we’ll see, she gives a vibrator a try and has a massive orgasm so she might just switch over to the modern world when she gets home from this hot debut shoot!

Calico Cats


Man, every time I head to this site Ernie’s House of Whoopass I learn a little something new…sometimes there’s big international news going on that Ernie talks about in his own inimitable style, and sometimes you learn a little about what a calico cat is. That’s where the thumbnail above came from, did you notice the calico cat on the bed? Yeah me either, at least not for a little while during which I was entirely fixated on those sweet soft beautiful titties that amateur babe is packing in her selfie. Apparently calico just means a cat has a spotted coat that is mostly white but partially tabby or black and oh man who cares, just check out those sweet sexy hips up there! There are some more hidden gems so to speak in every day’s writeup, the pictures always have at least something to do with what’s being talked about but usually breasts or asses are the focus and that suits me just fine.

Jasmine Andreas


This girl Jasmine Andreas looks a little like Jasmine from the movie Aladdin in a sexy Femjoy photoshoot with a Middle Eastern flair…she has a veil that she swooshes around and not much else on in terms of clothing, looking gorgeous as hell with those big perfect tits on display! In a few of the pictures it looks like she’s bellydancing or something and if anyone saw Jasmine Andreas bellydancing in the nude I’m pretty sure their heads would immediately explode so for the good of the world and the safety of the photographer I hope she was just doing a pose instead. A beautiful girl in a beautiful photoset with an incredible nude body, get ready to have your eyes just about bust out of your sockets!

Isabella De Santos


Gorgeous Isabella De Santos loves cars and loves seeing what’s under the hood…and guys love to see what’s under her hood and what gets her motor revving, if you catch my drift! If you’re a little slow on the uptake, what I’m saying there is that guys love to fuck her brains out and when you see this Latina hottie get those perky titties out and shake that big round perfect ass before impaling her pussy on some big hard cock you’ll understand why. This girl is magnificent whether she’s wearing tiny little daisy dukes or a bikini or nothing at all as she gets her pussy drilled whiule bent over the hood of a car in this Brazzers hardcore scene!



When I saw the name of this photoshoot I was like oh no get ready for dirty hippy titties but then there was this ray of sunshine on your screen right now and all was well with the world! This girl Taliah is an absolute knockout with perfect tits, a nice tight shaved pussy (no hairy hippy bush here) and a sweet ass that she shakes around as she plays among the trees…she’s not a tree-hugger, she just likes to be naked in nature and hey who doesn’t like that? Taliah grabs her perky boobies and stares us down, daring us to watch her masturbate and I am pretty sure we’re all up for that challenge. Bring it on, Taliah!

Lily Allen


I thought the name Lily Allen sounded familiar so I looked her up and nope, never heard of her before. Maybe you have though, she’s a musician from the UK and apparently her deal was that back in 2005 she put some of her music on Myspace and it just blew up and now she’s a pop sensation or something. She’s also cute as hell which is why it’s mighty nice of her to let her nipple peek out of her top like this! I guess it’s not really intentional, more of a celebrity nip slip I guess, it looks like she was performing on stage and didn’t realize the zipper on her top was slowly sliding down to reveal one sweet titty peeking out…and man, how about that nipple? It looks pert enough to carve through steel, just the right size to fit in a mouth!

Layla Summers


I always liked the idea of having a couch outside by a pool, seems like a great place to lounge around if you can manage having one without it getting soaked. I mean you can’t just toss any old couch into the backyard and expect it to stay in good shape, trust me, that doesn’t work out well…but Layla Summers here did it up right with a weatherproof couch that she loves to lounge on in the nude, or in the case of this sexy photoshoot, while she strips out of her hot lingerie and panties to play with her pussy while the sun shines down! This girl is hot as hell and horny as all git out and she doesn’t mind being watched while she diddles her skittle.

Esperanza Is Back!


I am not sure if Esperanza Gomez is back or if Brazzers just sat on this film for a very long time and is just now releasing it. I remember when Esperanza first came out into porn she was everywhere but I haven’t seen a new video of her in some time now. This one is brand spanking new it just came out today and I hope that it means that she is back. This video is like a full fledge porn. It has a story line and everything. It reminds me of , with Esperanza being Antonio Banderas. This bar owner has heard stories going around this little Argentina town about a woman with a guitar case walking into bars and killing people. So when he see’s this sexy vixen walk in he immediatly pulls his gun on her. She isn’t there to kill anyone though so she disarms him first by rubbing on his dick. She likes what she is feeling so Esperanza stays a while and fucks this big dick. I love this Latina MILF she is just one of the best and I hope you guys notice that heart shaped hair above that puffy pussy of hers. Can you imagine undressing a woman and seeing that, you know you’re going to be in for a good time.



Sherry on brcc

Ready for a little cushion for your pushin’? Backroom Casting Couch is hosting a cute curvy bespectacled girl named Sherry in this update and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to show she can make it in the industry! If she thinks she’s going to get a lot of callbacks from this ‘audition’ though she’s pretty mistaken; the guy calls himself a casting director but really he’s just a horny chump who loves to fuck amateur babes and put the footage up on BRCC for us to enjoy! Sherry gets those big juicy titties out and shows her nice round ass, playing with her meaty pussy a bit before dropping to her knees to give the director a nice blowjob, keeping her glasses on just in case he busted his load then and there. He held off though, he wasn’t about to waste his cum by shooting in her mouth! He ate her pussy out a bit and then gave her a nice hard fucking, sliding in and out of that wet pussy before finally blasting his load inside for a creampie finish. I don’t think he told her he was about to cum either, which might have been a bit of punishment for her not letting him give her an anal pounding with a sexy butt like that!

Fucking Goddesses


X art fucking goddesses

Sometimes a set will come out on X Art and you’ll see the title they give it and just scratch your head but with this lesbian update featuring Anjelica and legendary little Caprice they don’t beat around the bush, they know these two are fucking goddesses so prepare for two of the hottest women in the world getting naked and getting lesbian on X Art! Caprice gives Angelica a little striptease just to set the scene, sliding her panties down over that cute butt and shaking her titties around before joining Angelica on the bed, exchanging kisses and then exchanging licks! Angelica stands up and Caprice kneels below, licking and tongueing that perfect pussy from below before getting into a red-hot sapphic 69 on the bed. Either of these women are more than enough to blow any guy’s mind (or any girl’s mind, probably) so having the two of them together making love is a site to behold! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen two more perfect bodies together than these hot lesbians doing it up proper on X-Art.

Massage Me Part 2


Teen fidelity kacy lane

Sweet skinny tight teen Kacy Lane was in the mood for a nice massage but had to get ready for it first, namely by shaving her pussy until it was nice and smooth and soft! She had heard that Ryan Madison gave a hell of a rubdown so she headed to the Teen Fidelity mansion and hopped up on the table, ready to get her cares rubbed away…Ryan poured hot oil on her and started sliding his hands over her tight body, letting his fingers creep down between her thighs to tickle that pussy until she was moaning and writhing around…then of course he proceeded to pound her tight hole rough and hard and deep! Once Ryan gets going he doesn’t mess around and in this update he gives Kacy the fucking of a lifetime…the name of the set is Massage Me Part 2, which is kind of funny because Massage Me Part 1 was on Porn Fidelity and usually they don’t let their updates go across like that. Oh well, I’m glad they did because this teen spinner is hot as hell and it’s nice to see her getting a good deep dicking and creampie!

Holly Heart


Porn fidelity holly heart

If you’re a little worried from looking at that thumbnail up there don’t worry, busty blonde pornstar Holly Heart doesn’t have a big masculine hairy arm, it’s just the way she’s riding Ryan Madison’s hard cock with his arm wrapped around her that’s making a sort of optical illusion. Anyway, Holly is starring in this Porn Fidelity update called Take The Condom Off Part 2 as she gets a call from Ryan, heads over and immediately starts going for his cock! Apparently she’s a callgirl or something in this scene and he must be one of her best customers, she’s more than happy to head over to his house and take care of his cock. In fact she gets so turned on while he pounds her pussy that she asks him to take off his rubber so she can feel his dick inside her and take a load of cum in her pussy! Maybe not the best move professionally for a callgirl but hey, Holly knows what she wants and is gonna get it one way or the other in this hot hardcore fuck scene! If you missed Take The Condom Off Part 1 I’ve got it linked for you right there, it’s pretty damn hot too.

A Day with Dillion Harper


Life selector day dillion

I mean come on, who wouldn’t jump at the hint of a possibility of a chance at spending a day with Dillion Harper? She’s one of the hottest girls in the adult business and Life Selector is bringing you right into the bedroom with her! What’s more, you get to choose exactly how things go down all day long, from the time this hottie wakes up naked in bed in the morning to the time she hits the hay. If you want to get some breakfast in bed she’s all over it, carting in some treats and juice still completely nude, her perfect breasts bouncing as she walks…want to follow her into the shower as she sprays water over that sweet tight ass? Grab those titties and give her pussy a nice dousing? It’s all up to you…and of course you get your cock sucked and get to fuck that perfect wet pussy again and again, and since you’re the one making the choices every time through the video is like a whole different experience! That’s what Life Selector is all about and with girls this hot that makes for a hell of a day.

Holly Michaels


Playboytv holly michaels

Have you been missing Holly Michaels lately? Maybe you just have a hankering for some big perfect breasts and an ass you could eat off of, well my friend Holly has got all of the above and more and is looking just fucking incredible in this Playboy TV video clip. I mean of course you’re going to get great quality video from Playboy with a gorgeous model but they went above and beyond in this hot scene, Holly is a dream come true as she strips down and makes hot passionate love with her lucky guy friend! He grabs those big boobs of hers and slides into her sweet tight wet pussy from behind, making Holly moan and gasp as she impales her hole on his meat again and again. I think the name of this series from Playboy TV is Digital Diaries but I could be wrong on that, so don’t quote me…just sit back and enjoy this stunner getting pounded.

Morning Pleasure


Phd morning pleasure connie carter

The sun had just risen over the ocean at the beginning of this Passion HD update called Morning Pleasure as beautiful brunette Connie Carter gazed out the window, letting her hands drift down to softly caress her big full breasts…she enjoyed the morning breeze wafting through the window before eyeing her man who lay still asleep on the bed. Connie decided it was high time for him to get up and fuck her brains out so she woke him up in the best possible way, by sucking his cock until it was rock hard and then going for a ride before laying back and spreading her long legs, getting pounded nice and deep and making her big tits bounce to the rhythm! If you ask me the hottest moment is probably when she was getting fucked from behind while the guy pulled her hair back like a horse’s reins, slamming her wet hole onto his cock before he shot his load inside for a big messy creampie!

Cock For Breakfast


Pure mature cock for breakfast dava foxx

If there’s one thing beautiful MILF Dava Foxx loves it’s a little breakfast in bed but she doesn’t want pancakes or toast or anything like that, she just wants some cock for breakfast! Her man delivers in this Pure Mature update, licking and grabbing her big round tits and teasing her clit with his tongue before feeding her that big thick dick of his, fucking her face and then her wet pussy one after the other! This is Dava’s first Pure Mature shoot but she’s got a fantastic MILF look, and that body of hers is just smokin hot…she gets a good deep dicking here, spreading her legs and then bending over with that sweet butt in the air to get fucked doggystyle with a thumb up her ass before finally getting a nice big facial cumshot that gets all over those huge boobs of hers as she flashes that grin at us!

Samia Duarte Doing Anal


I am not really sure why this Samia Duarte chick is on a MILF site but I’m just going to go with it because the video is dope. As you can see from this picture Samia is doing an anal sex scene for Brazzers. The video starts off with some nice rave music and then Samia giving the camera a nice ass show. Rubbing it down with soapy water and then she gets out the oil and really get it. I mean she wanted to get the oil everywhere because she knew she was doing anal so she bangs her ass and all that. Then the video cuts to her sitting down on this guys big dick and giving it an anal ride you just have to see. She is really good at anal in fact I think ever scene I have seen with her has her getting fucked in the butt. Maybe that’s why she has such a perfect little pussy because she never lets anyone fuck it. I mean she can let that ass take a pounding I mean it’s just crazy. I for one though would skip that round booty and fuck that pussy I mean it just looks juicy!

Karla Meyers Returns


Karla meyers floor show zishy

Brace yourself because stunning redhead vixen Karla Meyers is back on Zishy in this hot photoshoot called The Floor Show! You’ll see soon enough why it got that name as Karla gets down and dirty on the carpet, rolling around with that perfect butt in the air and throwing some naughty looks over her shoulder at us. This girl is a stunner, she has an unusual look but the more you watch her the sexier she gets…maybe it’s those big natural breasts of hers or that sweet round smooth ass but there’s just something incredible about this ginger hottie! It’s like when you see supermodels, more often than not there’s something captivating and slightly unusual about their look…Karla definitely has that going on and in all the right places as she lets her hair down and lets those panties slide down her long pale legs for this hot Zishy shoot! If you missed out on Karla’s previous shoot for the site don’t fret I’ve got it right here for you guys, so enjoy this knockout with the knockers.

Eva Saldana


Casting couch x eva saldana

Cute exotic teen Eva Saldana had played volleyball and soccer and stuff in high school before meeting a bad boy or two and getting into, well, “other stuff” as she puts it. She made the decision to give the adult industry a whirl after thinking about the freedom of travel coupled with the promise of easy money so she got those perky little titties out and got her mouth filled up with cock at Casting Couch X! Eva gives a great blowjob and looks sexy as hell with those dark seductive eyes of hers as she bent over to get pounded from behind, with that juicy round ass in the air…she’s pretty quiet with a soft breathy moan that’s sexy as hell and she obviously loves a nice hard pounding as she rides on top of that dick before the guy blasts a load of cum across her face! I don’t know if she’s taken facials before or not but she didn’t seem to mind getting that ooey kablooey across her eyes and nose, grinning up at the guy before heading to the bathroom to grope for a towel.



Casting couch hd anastasia

It’s always fun to see how into it these girls get when they think they’re trying out for a dancer spot in a hiphop video…they think they’re gonna shake their ass a bit and then spend some time with a rich rapper like 2chainz or Lil Wayne or something but we know they’re just getting naked and getting fucked for our benefit in these updates from Casting Couch HD! Meet Anastasia, a cute white girl with a taste for big black dick…she has an amazing ass and puts it to work here, lifting up her little skirt and sliding her panties down to shake that juicy booty before getting a mouthful of cock, licking the guy’s balls and ass too. I guess she’s down for pretty much whatever it takes to get the gig, if only there was a gig to get…oh well, we get to see Anastasia riding that big dick and bending over doggystyle to get pounded before sucking out a nice creamy load!

Saturday Eve with Nikki


X art saturday eve nikki

It’s a rare Saturday Eve when beautiful Nikki isn’t out on a date or out gallavanting around the town, but sometimes a girl’s gotta take a little time out for herself! In this X Art update she’s spending some time in her bedroom getting reacquainted with her own body, letting her hands drift over those perfect boobs and slide between her thighs to masturbate and play with her sweet tight pussy and ass! This girl is absolutely gorgeous, there’s something angelic about her that’s hard to put a finger on…I think it’s those soft seductive eyes of hers but Nikki is just a dream and she loves sharing that perfect body with the world. Might nice of her, I say! She’s a Czech beauty and takes her time sliding out of her little panties as she rolls aroudn on the bed with those ever-so-slightly-parted plump lips looking like soft kissable pillows…anyway try to not fall in love with Nikki here as she gets naked and plays with her pussy!

Agent Provocateur


Eva lovia agent provocateur

I don’t think anyone is going to be fooled by Miss Eva Lovia and her innocent angelic expression, I think anyone who gets a good look at this girl is going to know she loves to get down and dirty! Apparently she’s training to be an Agent Provocateur but before she can winnow out any state secrets from a foreign ambassador she’s got to work on her subtlety…she just looks gorgeous and horny as hell at all times! In this photoshoot she’s stripping out of her flowery lacy lingerie and slipping a hand between her thighs to dip her fingers into that sweet tight wet pussy, masturbating for us before turning around to face the mirror and practice her facial expressions…it’s still a win-win because when she spins around that puts her perfect round ass with those sexy tan lines right in front of us!

Cat Fight


X art cat fight jenna

When was the last time you saw a couple of gorgeous girls fighting over a guy and his cock? Well get ready for one of the hottest cat fights you’ll ever see in this hot X Art update starring Jenna Ross and her beautiful blonde rival Aliyah! This is Aliyah’s first X Art scene and from the looks of things she’s bound and determined to take her place in the hierarchy of hotness so to speak, vying with the gorgeous Jenna to see who gets the privilege of sucking and fucking this lucky dude’s big hard dick. He’s more than happy to let these two hotties duke it out, he just takes turns sliding his cock into one mouth after the other until the girls learn to share, making out and licking pussy like lesbians while the guy fucked both of them in turn! This rivalry turned into a very hot hardcore threesome here which serves to illustrate an important life lesson…that lesson of course being that if you have two beautiful women who both want to suck and fuck you, if you use a little patience they’ll both get naked and take turns. Not exactly something you’ll learn on Sesame Street, is it?

Redhead Willie


As I’ve mentioned before I love how the site Ernie’s House of Whoopass tends to talk about a story and then ‘illustrate’ it with a photo that technically fits the discussion but the focus is obviously something else…for instance this time he’s talking about Groundskeeper Willie and the fight for Scottish Independence and demonstrates who Willie is with the photo you see above! If you squint you can see Willie is on the screen but if you didn’t catch it at first I forgive you, that girl in the foreground has an absolutely perfect ass that looks great in her sexy little red panties. Ernie’s brings pretty much any bit of news of commentary that the guy feels like, but the big issues of the day are generally touched on so basically what I’m saying is that you no longer need to ever watch the news, just head to Ernie’s and find out what’s going on in the world…and also check out some sweet lady butts.

Marathon Massage


Passion hd marathon massage

When she decided to start training for a marathon lovely Whitney Westgate knew she’d have to put in quite a bit of work, and after one of her long intense workouts she felt like having a relaxing and soothing massagage and in this Passion HD update we get to see how it all went down! Marathon Massage is the name of this update and Whitney took her time stretching out and peeling off her tight workout shorts and top before getting her body oiled up and rubbed down, enjoying the sensation of the maseuse’s talented hands sliding over those perfect breasts and her tight firm ass. Whitney loves getting her body caressed and apparently the feelign was mutual as the masseuse’s cock started getting stiff in his pants! She noticed of course and soon she had a mouthful of cock, sliding his big dick down her throat and getting her pussy played with before lowering her hole on his meat for a nice hard fuck. Whitney rode his dick for awhile, I don’t know if that was doing the trick of relaxing her after her workout but hey sometimes an athlete has her own special routine she has to do…in Whitney’s case she enjoys a nice deep pounding and a facial of creamy cum!

Subculture Slut


Tiny4k subculture slut

Say hello to sexy pretty brunette spinner Chloe Riley in this Tiny4k update called Subculture Slut! Chloe dances to the beat of her own drummer so to speak, putting on her headphones and shimmying around the house in her bra and tiny little denim shorts looking sexy as hell…she got pretty hot doing that though and had to cool down a bit by stripping nude, and that’s when her lucky boyfriend showed up! Some girls have great tits but their nipples look like slices of bologna that have been left out in the sun for a few hours but not Chloe here, she’s got perfect nipples and a tight little ass that she loves to show off! With all the dancing she does it’s no wonder her butt is so tight and sexy…I guess her man thinks so too because he starts licking her ass and pussy, bending Chloe over as she starts moaning and getting her pussy nice and wet! She sucks that big thick dick of his and then takes it in her tight little pussy, trying her hardest to fit that big piece of meat in her tiny hole. Practice makes perfect and I’m sure this guy is more than happy to help Chloe working out how to take care of that pussy!

Ashton Devine


In the mood for a nice interracial fuckfest? This hot ebony babe Ashton Devine stars in this video clip as she spends a little quality time in bed with her lucky boyfriend who is pretty much as white as a guy can get, he’s almost as pale as the pillows! He’s got a good sized cock though so Ashton Devine is more than happy, sucking and pumping his dick with her mouth before hopping up on top and going for a nice hard ride…that shaved chocolate pussy of hers gets a good hard pounding while her sweet titties bounce in the guy’s face with her pierced nipples glinting in the light! Ashton is a bit of a spinner with a small tight little body and she gets it worked by this dude as he pounds away, bending her over with that perfect ass in the air.

Layla Sin


I sure hope you guys aren’t tired of seeing gorgeous blondes stripping down and showing off their big tits and nice round spankable asses, because Layla Sin is here to rock the camera and she’s looking sexy as hell! The photoset is called ‘naughty maid’ but honestly I don’t see anything about a maid in the pictures, usually in those kinds of photoshoots the girls have a black and white French maid’s outfit on or something but Layla here just strips out of her panties and top and spreads her pussy, playing with herself and cupping those big boobs and sitting on the cold stone floor with her long smooth legs in the air! A hot horny sexy blonde just never seems to go out of style, am I right?

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