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Violett Train Sex


The MILF Hunter went a little crazy in this new episode he is fucking on a real deal train. I don’t think he has the budget to like rent a stage or something to fake a train ride so this has to be the real deal. He is fucking a amateur he met online at some dating site and she told him the only way she would fuck is if he did it on a train with her. She met him there he thought she wouldn’t show and when she did and wasn’t bad looking he was in quite a hurry to pay off everyone the car to get them to leave. The two of them fuck in a bunch of different position this one being the best where she just rides him hard up and down. They fuck standing up, sitting down all over the place and in the end she takes a facial frim him and then walks off the next stop. The MILF Hunter didn’t even have to ditch her, she ditched him she just wanted to check this off her old bucket list I guess.

Close Up Clean


Povd close up clean

Sexy stunner Dillion Harper was ready to hop in the shower and get all squeaky clean but first she grabbed one of her favorite toys from the drawer, stepping into the water where her man was already busy washing up! Soon she was getting her perfect tits rubbed and was dropping to her knees to get face-fucked in this hot POVD first person update called Close Up Clean….there’s not much in the world that Dillion loves more than a mouthful of big hard cock, unless maybe it’s getting her pussy filled up instead and that’s just what happens here! This girl’s breasts look amazing bouncing up and down as she spreads her legs and gets her hole slammed, giggling and moaning and gasping at the same time while she’s fucked! Just look how happy she is to get a big facial, rubbing that cock against her cheeks and lips and taking his cream into her mouth, and you’ll see why she’s been invited back time and time again on POVD. If you’ve missed the fun before I have a few of the scenes here, so check out scene1, scene2 and scene3 apart from this new one!

Summer Carter


Summer carter zishy

So normally when someone is playing basketball and says ‘and one’ it means they just made a shot and also got fouled at the same time so not only do they get the points for the bucket, they get a free-throw as well…since Summer Carter here is playing by herself I’m not sure how that could happen but hey, if she wants to name this Zishy photoshoot ‘And One’ she can go right ahead, as long as she shows off those perfect breasts and that nice round ass of hers like she’s doing! Summer is pretty cute but not like supermodel-hot if you follow me, but man those tits of hers more than make up for that, they are seriously fantastic as you can see in the thumbnail up above as she gets changed to play some b-ball! After shooting some hoops for awhile the sun starts to set and soon Summer was on the ground showing off that ass and teasing us with her sweet tight athletic body!

Dillion Harper


Dillion harper zishy all wet

I guess this is like the 4th time lovely Dillion Harper has been on Zishy but I think this is the only one I’ve done so far…those guys update really often so it’s not like I can get all the updates! I do what I can though, so I hope you enjoy this hotness as Dillion shows off in a bikini for this photoshoot called Gotta Be Fresh…she’s spending a nice hot sunny day outdoors, goofing around in her bikini with her big perfect tits pretty much falling right out, blowing bubbles and whatnot before she gets too hot and takes advantage of a nearby fountain to spray water all over herself, getting soaking wet and soaking right through her shorts before she decides to just get completely naked and explode the heads of any guys nearby who were lucky enough to glance over and see that perfect female form! Zishy always shows the personalities of their models as well as their beauty and this is a perfect example…I mean if there’s a model out there with a fun personality it sure as hell is Dillion Harper!

Sexy Bedroom Selfies


Nikki sims bedroom selfies

Sometimes when you see a hottie like Nikki Sims getting naked for photos and videos online (like she does for her own website) it doesn’t feel quite real, it’s like she’s some unapproachable goddess that doesn’t even exist in the real world or something. That’s why it’s a refreshing change when she does something like this shoot, taking a bunch of selfies with her phone’s camera on a timer and showing what she’s like on a day to day basis! Her big gorgeous breasts take center stage but it’s sexy as hell when she pulls her bikini bottoms a little open to give us a peek at that sweet pussy…the photo quality isn’t quite as up to snuff as normal but that’s to be expected, this shoot was done with just her cellphone and not like a professional camera setup with studio lighting and all that. Nikki is just sexy as hell all the damn time, is what I’m trying to say here!

Kelly Diamond


Kelly diamond blackz

The gorgeous and perpetually horny Kelly Diamond loves nothing more than getting her pussy filled up with a huge black cock, but in this hardcore update from Blacked she takes it a step further and takes this guy’s huge chocolate thunderstick deep in her ass for a hot interracial anal sex scene! She buzzes her clit with a magic wand vibrator as she gets her ass pounded, taking that big dick deep and hard in her back door and looking up at him with those gorgeous eyes of hers until he has to bust nut and shoots his load all over her pretty face for a nice facial finish. This girl is just insatiable for big black dick…we’ll have to see if she even goes back to getting her pussy fucked after sampling what it’s like to have her ass drilled like this! Well, maybe after a little while…I have the feeling she’ll be walking a little funny for a couple days here.

Dirty Girl Summer Brielle


Summer brielle on porn fidelity

Nobody does an office romance like Porn Fidelity…well maybe not so much ‘romance’ as an ‘office hardcore pussy pounding’! Blonde pornstar Summer Brielle met up with Ryan Madison right after her workout, got changed out of her spandex and headed to the office. After a few phonecalls and a bathroom break or two she was ready for a little ‘distraction’ by way of Ryan’s big cock so she got those huge titties out and showed off her sweet sexy body to drive him crazy and I guess it worked because soon she was getting bent over the desk and got pounded from behind, still wearing her thigh high stockings and garter belt! This horny blonde is a bit of a dirty girl, she doesn’t care who at the workplace sees her getting naked and getting fucked, she just knows what she wants and knows how to get it. This hottie looks great in her workout clothes, looks great in her business outfit, and of course looks great stark naked (or nearly so) as she gets drilled!

Needs Tuition


College Girl Needs Tuition

So this college girl brings in a antique book and she is looking to get a couple hundred for it to pay tuition. When she hears the XXX Pawn isn’t going to pay her the money she thinks her book is worth he throws out the idea of her being a exotic dancer. She thinks a lot of herself and rips him a new one and leaves the shop. She of course comes back later though because it wouldn’t be a porn if she didn’t. She agrees to give him a lap dance, booty shake that type of stuff. She definitely is good at dancing and looks pretty good during her strip tease you can tell she doesn’t do it for a living or anything. The shop owner pulls out the recorder to record the dance and she is freaked out by that but when he says basically no deal if he can’t film it she agrees. After the lap dance the pawn shop owner tells her that he wants to fuck her. She flips her shit again and starts telling him there is no way in hell she is fucking him but about 2 minutes later she is reverse cowgirl riding this guys dick. She just really needed some money and college girls love big dicks that just a fact. After he busts his load on her face he sends this bitch packing because he got what he wants.



Marilyn on ecg

Golden haired Marilyn here has an amazing rack, let’s just point that out right off the bat…beautiful round C-cup titties that are so perky a boxer could use them as speedbags, and Marilyn knows they’re fantastic as she cups and grabs and massages her tits throughout her Exploited College Girls video. Well I mean she does so when she has the chance, like when her hands aren’t occupied with holding this guy’s cock while she sucks it and while she isn’t on her hands and knees with that perfect round incredible butt in the air getting fucked deep in her pussy doggystyle and moaning her head off! This amateur hottie is grinning and giggling and just having a blast the whole time this is going on, and speaking of blasts she gets absolutely coated with goo as this guy shoots a huge facial load of cum onto her! Add to this chick’s hotness the fact that she gives a great blowjob with deepthroating and everything and you’ve got pretty much a perfect 10!

Tucker Starr


Tucker starr on ccx

We’ve seen gorgeous blonde Tennessee babe Tucker Starr on a few sites now so obviously her introduction to the porn world was a success! This is her intro video via Casting Couch X and she shows what she’s got going on, that’s for sure…this girl can suck dick like a champ and has a gorgeous tight body as she mounts up and rides the casting director’s hard cock, starting out nice and slow and working her way up to rapid deep rabbit-fucking! She moans and sounds like she’s really getting into it as opposed to just goign through the motions, it’s the energy behind those moans that really work in a girl’s favor and Tucker obviously loves what she’s doing as she gets that sweet tight pink pussy rocked! She ends up with a big creamy white facial of a cumshot and has a look on her face like “…wait, it’s over? Next cock please!” so it’s pretty clear why she’s been able to make a name for herself in the industry already. Can’t wait to see more from this hottie.

Top Of The Line


This lady is just hot as fuck isn’t she? Anytime I see a picture of Shae in my head I am like “DAYYYYOM”. That’s why I pretty much post anything that comes my way from her. This one is from Reality Kings and is once again for their Big Naturals site. As you can see they have her dressed to perfection with those straps making her boobs look even better then they are. I didn’t make this gallery so you’re going to another site but it’s worth it. For a couple of reason. The main one being that this guy has a shit ton of Shae Summers porn and that’s what you guys are going to want to see after you watch this video. She just came out with another video from Reality Kings but We Live Together a episode called . It’s not just her in it she is with 2 other real hotties just click on that link to see that.

Diamond Kitty Pitty Fucks


I am not quite sure if it was Bang Bros that setup this pity fuck or it was Diamond Kitty but someone did. This guy sent one of those two the most pitiful tape saying how he had been dumped and the only thing that would make him feel better would be fucking his favorite pornstar Diamond Kitty. First of all it’s a fine choice, I like big ass Latina’s too but I mean this guy should have thought about this before he signed on to it. He knew Bang Bros camera were going to be following him around and he know Diamond Kitty would be there. Well Diamond wanted to fuck and this guy gave it his best shot but he just couldn’t keep it hard. Diamond did everything she could giving him the reverse cowgirl ride, sucking on his dick but you just can’t help a soft dick I guess. It’s a pretty funny seen from a site that is no longer update on Bang Bros called Can He Score. They basically where just hooking up pornstars with fans that wanted to fuck them.

Kacy Lane


T4k kacys tight coochie

If you’re into cute little spinners and have seen gorgeous Kacy Lane before you surely have a hankering for Kacy’s Tight Coochie…well this Tiny4k update is aiming to scratch that itch as this petite horny honey gets her pussy pounded by this caveman looking fella’s massive cock! His dick has a strange color towards the end I noticed, maybe that’s why it’s so long…he has two dicks sewed onto each other or something. Anyway enough about that, let’s talk about Kacy! She’s got sweet perky little titties with nipples that could cut through bankvaults and an ass that I’m surprised doesn’t immediately toast any clothing she puts on with her hotness. Tiny4k always has sexy tiny little chicks and Kacy fits that bill like a charm as she takes this guy’s huge dong to the hilt in her sweet little hole with a moan until he shoots his load all over her for a nice facial finish.



Lori on net video girls

Now this is what I’m talking about…say hello to Lori, a gorgeous amateur who has dreams in her head of scoring a sweet dancing job for a hiphop music video but since this is Net Video Girls you know the job is just a sham and it’s all about talking the chick out of her clothes and onto this guy’s big cock! It’s easy to get distracted by Lori’s eyes though as she starts flashing those round perky titties, but the best is yet to come! After giving a great blowjob she gets completely nude, showing off her perfect round ass as she shakes her booty around a little! Since she’s already naked she figures she might as well get her pussy pounded and this guy is more than happy to provide it! I mean who wouldn’t want to fuck this beautiful brunette until she cums all over your cock and you cum all over her face! She takes a big facial at the end of this episode and from what I understand she’ll be back for more very soon so keep your eyes peeled and your pants unbuckled.



Brcc cassidy

Wellp, sometimes you get a gorgeous amateur with a perfect body who fucks like a dream and then sometimes you get a girl like Cassidy here who isn’t quite as up to snuff as she might be who gets fucked but then starts her period halfway through the shoot on Backroom Casting Couch. This guy isn’t about to let an opportunity pass by though so he spins her around and gives her a nice deep anal fucking that ends up with a creampie in her ass so it isn’t a wasted day! I mean let’s get things straight here this girl isn’t ugly, she’s just not like goddess material like some of the girls that show up on the site. Her tits are alright, her ass is ehh, she gives a decent enough blowjob, she just doesn’t quite have her ish together so I doubt she’ll be getting too many callbacks about this shoot if you know what I mean, even if this was an actual casting agency which it’s not. The guy just likes to fuck chicks and film it, at least we get to share in the fun!

Tiny Latina Ava Taylor


Tiny4k tiny latina

It always surprises me that these petite spinners can take a huge cock so deep in their pussy, but that’s what this site Tiny4k is all about! In this episode tiny Latina hottie Ava Taylor is playing with some balls…on the pool table, get your mind out of the gutters you pervs. Actually you probably had the right idea too and so did her boyfriend because when he saw this tiny hottie prancing around in her itty bitty shorts he just had to grab that tight butt of hers, and soon she was up on the table getting her shorts and panties tugged off and was having her pussy and ass licked! If you love seeing tiny horny hotties getting plunged by huge hard cock you’re going to be all over this site, there are a bunch of petite cuties like Ava on it and they all get pounded by massive man-meat. Ava winces a little when she gets this big dick buried deep in her pussy but she keeps cumming back for more, bouncing up and down and taking it to the hilt…this girl must weight 70 lbs soaking wet but she takes that big dick like a champ, fucking this guy until he finally shoots a huge facial load all over her! So besides the fact that all the girls are itty bitty and all the cocks are huge on this site, their other calling card is that the footage is in incredibly high quality so it’s like watching the hardcore action through a window or something! This Ava’s second scene on the site, her first scene was with Emma Stoned and it’s red-hot so check it out here if you haven’t already seen it.

Alexis Adams Is Back


Povd alexis adams july4

What could be more American than life, liberty and the pursuit of pussy! That’s the name of this fun Independence Day (well, roughly) update from POVD as Alexis Adams and her man spend the day having fun in the sun splashing in the pool, hitting the waterslide and of course fucking each others’ brains out…Alexis starts things off with a bang as she strips out of her red white and blue bikini to show off her big perfect tits and that nice sweet ass as she runs around, then heads under the surface of the pool to give her man an underwater blowjob! I don’t know how she did it but that’s what happened…maybe she’s got some secret gills or something. After sucking his cock for a bit they headed to the rocky grotto where she got her pussy licked and then pounded by his big dick, although since this is POVD and it’s in first person perspective in incredibly clear and crisp ultra HD video it seems like your dick in front of you fucking this gorgeous horny pornstar! Alexis is a repeat customer for this site so to speak, she’s done a couple of updates already (scene 1 and scene 2) so this is lucky number three, and man it’s hot as hell.

Patriotic Pictures


Passion hd patriotic pictures

The 4th of July is coming up very shortly and it’s time to get out your red white and blue (assuming you’re American, that is)! Ava Mendes knows her man is getting all pumped up for the holiday and is ready to celebrate too so she puts on her red white and blue bikini, waving a flag to welcome him home for the long weekend! Soon she’s getting her clothes stripped off and is taking care of her guy’s big thick cock in this Passion HD update called Patriotic Pictures, although with that tiny little spinner frame of hers I’m not even sure how she gets that whole dick inside her pussy, it looks like she’d be split in half! This hot Latina babe is making her Passion HD debut in this episode and man she’s got a nice little body on her with perky little boobies, a meaty wet pussy and an ass that just begs to be fucked! This guy takes the opportunity to do so in this fuck-scene, sliding his thumb and then his cock into her tight backdoor to make her moan…with his big dick buried in that sweet ass it’s no wonder he had to shoot his load after just a few minutes, covering Ava’s cute face from chin to hairline with his creamy cum while she smiled and waved the American flag around! Happy Independence Day!

Quiet Busty MILF


Mom pov quiet busty milf

I think a lot of guys have the idea that when a woman gets a few years under her belt her body becomes sort of used up, her tits deflate and her ass gets saggy…well I’m sure that does happen sometimes but just because a lady gets more mature doesn’t mean she’s getting any less sexy and Mom POV is doing their part to show that! Updates like this one featuring this hot exotic 36 year old mama are doing a hell of a job on that regard…this chick Raquel is doing her very first adult film so she’s a little on the nervous side of course, you can tell from her introductory interview, but once her dress comes off she gets a little more comfortable. She’s a quiet, calm single mom who maybe hasn’t quite explored all her sexual desires yet but doing things like this adult film with Mom POV are definitely going to help that. She’s got magnificent massive titties and loves to take her time sucking cock, sliding her hands up and down this guy’s meat and giving a little wrist-twist…it’s always the quiet ones who know how to really work a dick! This hot MILF loves to ride on top so she got her big round ass in this guy’s face, sliding her pussy up and down on his cock until he shot his load inside that horny meaty pussy for a big creampie finish!

London Keyes


Gorgeous Asian pornstar London Keyes is going back to basics in this update from Happy Tugs as she gives this lucky dude the massage of a lifetime, with the happiest ending he could have imagined! This chick is beautiful for one thing with nice big tits and soft sensual hands that she uses to work his cock until he’s hard as a rock, then sucks and fucks him for the rest of his massage appointment! A handy-j after a massage is pretty commonplace but a blowjob and then a nice hard fuck where the masseuse is hot as hell and isn’t like 90 years old? Now that is somethin to see! Not that I’ve ever gotten a handjob from a 90 year old masseuse before, I mean if I had you guys wouldn’t judge me right? Uhm…let’s just move on. Did I mention this chick London Keyes has some great tits and a very nice round ass?

Amateur Tits


I’m not so sure I understand this persistent trend of amateur girls willing to show off their tits and ass and pussy on camera but keeping the face anonymous. I mean on one hand I get it, you want the thrill of exhibitionism without your friends and neighbors recognizing your face, but on the other hand it’s not like they won’t recognize the bedroom or your tattoos or whatever anyway! Oh well, at least we get to check out some sweet amateur titties like the lovely pair being shown off by this girl, as well as her admittedly fantastic ass and a pussy that just begs to be fucked from behind as she bends over for us!

Keisha Grey


If you’ve seen sexy pornstar Keisha Grey before it probably wasn’t as quiet and seductive as this Digital Desire photoshoot…it’s just Keisha being her own sexy self in a lovely fishnet sort of knit top with long fringes that she slips out of to show her huge perfect breasts and that nice smooth ass, just relaxing on a big leather couch in the golden morning sunlight! Keisha loves a good hard fuck as much as anybody but sometimes a girl’s just gotta have a quiet morning to herself and nobdy knows that better than this chick.

Alyssa Arce


When I first saw these photos I was like hooooly shit who is this celebrity and what show is she on so I can watch it all damn day! I thought she was like one of those UK TV personalities that we see paparazzi photos of all the time but who I never recognize…well this is Alyssa Arce and she’s a Playboy playmate and has been in FHM and lots of other men’s magazines, which really is no surprise because man oh man just look at those tits of hers! Her nipples are poking through her bikini top as she walks around on the beach, probably blowing up heads left right and center as she walks past guys (and I’m sure ladies too) looking absolutely novahot. She looks like she’s a little snobby maybe though, it could just be her expression when she saw paparazzi guys taking her picture, I can understand that.

Cody Milo


This girl Cody Milo is rocking the hell out of some pink lingerie in this Hustler photoshoot, especially the top which is like a little pink shirt with long fringes coming down like some sort of gypsy beaded curtain, which she brushes aside to show off those huge round titties and pinch her own nipples. The pink curtains hanging down in the back add to the effect and it makes the whole shoot look like some sort of I Dream Of Genie deleted scene, and this girl Cody is definitely making some wishes come true with those sweet boobs and nice shaved pussy of hers! If the TV censors went crazy over and exposed bellybutton (did you ever notice in that show that Genie was never showing her navel?) they’re going to really flip their wigs now that she’s spreading her pussy and giving us a nice look at her bodacious round ass!

Jada Stevens Interracial Anal


It’s just another day in porn land with another Jada Stevens anal sex scene this time it’s interracial. It’s not the first time she has done this in all in fact Jada loves a big black cock especially in that perfect ass of hers. This is kind of different though just because of the site it is from. It’s from Blacked a really high quality interracial site that is one of a kind in my opinion. You should just take the tour and see all the well known pornstars they have on their site. This gallery isn’t exactly long in any way but that’s because Blacked is one of those sites that doesn’t really give us porn sites much content to work with. I don’t go and steal stuff so I can only work with what I got and it’s a couple of pictures and a video. It’s a trailer so you get to see what goes on in the full video and it looks like Jada gets a nice sloppy sex session that she loves. She is gagging all over this guys cock as she deep throats him and then she lets him in that ass with only her spit. He plugs away at her bubble butt just fucking it like it is a pussy because Jada here can handle it. She can not only just handle anal Jada is one of those rare bread of pornstars that actually likes taking it up the butt.

Cut Once More Please


X art cut once more pleaesw

Sometimes when you see a video like this X Art update you wish you were the director and could basically rewind the girls as often as you want…and these girls are incredible! This is basically the Three Musketeers of sexiness as Caprice and Kaylee hop into bed together to make out and get naked and then are joined by mysterious Ukrainian goddess The Red Fox to complete the little triumvirate! These girls love to play together almost as much as they love getting fucked by a big cock…they’re not 100% lesbian but you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell that after checking out this scene as they kiss passionately and fuck each other with a big thick pink vibrator, all three of them getting pleasured one after the other and coming to huge orgasms until all three of them are weak in the knees, and yet the fucking and licking and kissing still continues. And then of course once it cums to an end, you can put on your director’s hat and yell Cut! Once More, Please!

Au Paradis


X art au paradis

What’s your idea of paradise? Well if it’s hanging out on a comfy bed with one of the most beautiful women in the world as she gets naked and rolls around smiling and laughing and showing off an incredible nude body, this X Art update featuring the gorgeous Mila K will be like a dream cum true for you! I guess no matter what your idea of paradise is, this is a hell of a beautiful girl and she’s incredibly sexy so really the question was pretty irrelevant. Mila looks amazing in her sheer white panties and knee high stockings, looking up at you with those beautiful eyes of hers and biting her finger as she thinks about whatever it is beautiful women think about when they pull off their panties and play with themselves. Basically what it comes down to is that Mila is smokin hot and this update is called Au Paradis, so I hope you enjoy it.

Stars And Stripes


Nikki sims july 4

It’s nearly the 4th of July and Nikki Sims is showing her patriotism with her tshirt of Old Glory, letting the stars and stripes wave in the wind as she relaxes in the sun by the pool! In this photoshoot from her own website she kicks back on her deck-chair, then pulls off her little denim shorts to show her sexy red thong panties clinging to her sweet round ass, then goes the whole nine yards pulling out her favorite vibrator and rubbing her pussy right through the fabric and running her hands all over those big soft beautiful breasts of hers! Nikki is always sexy as hell and her body somehow just seems to get hotter and hotter with every photoshoot she does, but maybe it’s her glowing spirit of patriotism that really brings this one to the next level. All I know is that as she masturbates she’s making some fireworks go off a little early if you catch my drift.

Bad Kitties


Briana lee extreme bad kitties

Mrow! Ready to play with a couple of bad kitties, courtesy of Briana Lee Extreme? Briana and her girlfriend (whose name I unfortunately don’t know off the top of my head) are dressed up in kitty costumes, or maybe it’s just lingerie with cat ears or something, who knows, all I know is that these two gorgeous horny lesbians are getting naked and licking each others’ pussy in this hot photoshoot! Briana usually plays by herself in these photoshoots but I’m glad she has some friends who come by from time to time to help her out…these two hotties love playing with each other from the looks of things, sliding vibrators in and out of each other and making out and grabbing those big titties and just plain having a ball!

Kelly Diamond


Kelly diamond sex boss pov

Imagine you’re stuck at the airport with a six hour layover or just mired in a traffic jam that’s obviously not going anywhere for awhile, what do you do? Well you could listen to some dickhole doing a podcast, you could just stare mindlessly out the window or hey, here’s an idea, you could bust out your tablet and experience the fucking hotness that is Sex Boss POV! This is a pretty new site but I dig the idea, basically you have these utter hotties telling you how they want you to fuck them and you get a nice POV view of the action as they show off those perky titties and perfect asses and order you to pound their wet horny pussies with your cock…sounds like more fun than counting the number of blue cars around you on the highway, doesn’t it? This particular scene features the stunning Kelly Diamond with her amazing boobs and that sweet round smooth ass that she shakes in your face before taking a big fake dick into her dripping wet hole, wishing it was the real thing…if you enjoy it when a chick takes the intiative sometimes and lets you know just how to fuck her and what she wants to happen, Sex Boss POV is gonna scratch that itch for sure. Add to that the fact that all the girls they have on the site are completely fucking gorgeous (like Kelly Diamond, obviously) and you’ve got a recipe for win if you ask me!

Dakota Skye Poolside Stretch


Tiny4k dakota skye

When I first heard about this new site Tiny4k that only shows horny little spinners getting fucked by huge cocks I just knew that Dakota Skye would be on there doing her thing and sure enough, here she is! You know when she heard about that site being made she was all over it, this girl definitely loves a big hard cock in her tight hole and what’s more, she took the site’s first creampie in this update! I’m pretty sure it’s the first creampie at least, I think all the others have been facial cumshots so far. Anyway Dakota is getting a nice oil massage by the pool at the beginning of this update but when this dude started getting his hands on that tight little body of hers he knew he had to have it so he started licking that asshole and pussy while his huge donkey-dick got stiff! Dakota was definitely down to party when she got a glance at his slab of meat, spreading her legs and moaning with pleasure as she got her sweet little hole spelunked…this girl has a perfect ass and those nice little perky boobies, not to mention a gorgeous face with a bit of an exotic look to her, I always assumed she was like half Asian but it’s hard to say. All I know is that her pussy is quickly becoming legendary and this guy is giving her a Poolside Stretch for sure with his big cock as he bounces that horny spinner up and down on his stick before he shot his load inside her hole for that creampie finish she was craving!

Sweet Before Awakening


X art sweet before awakening

If you don’t recognize this blonde cutie named Kim it’s because she’s only been in a couple of X Art updates so far including the one I’m linking right here which was her introductory shoot. This girl’s got those incredible eyes and a fantastic body that any boy (or girl) would dream about, so it’s only fitting she’s on this site which has some of the hottest women in the world! In this update called Sweet Before Awakening she and Jake are just hanging out in bed talking about the girl they both have a crush on, gorgeous Keira who we’ve seen before on the site. They both want to get into bed with that hottie and just talking about it turns them on so much they just have to start fucking each others’ brains out right then and there! Hopefully soon Keira herself will show up and make this dream threesome cum true, but for now enjoy this beautiful girl taking care of Jake’s big hard cock.

Sexy Silhouette


Fantasy hd sierra nevadah

Blonde spinner newcomer Sierra Nevadah definitely has a sexy silhouette as she starts out this Fantasy HD update with a slow, sensual dance in front of the window…there isn’t much in the room to distract you from the view, the walls and furniture are a stark white (it must be a nightmare to keep that room clean!) and when Sierra is revealed she nearly matches the decor with her light blonde hair and fair skin! She gives this guy the striptease of his dreams, dancing for him and slowly starting to touch him here and there – first on the arm just brushing her fingertips over his skin, then a light hand on the leg, working her way up to his crotch where she sees his cock stirring in his pants! This girl is trying to make her way into the adult industry in a big way so she needs to show she’s got what it takes, and in this Fantasy HD hardcore scene she gives it her all! Sucking cock, showing that tight little ass, getting pounded doggystyle and missionary and even getting a piledriver on the floor, this horny little minx makes this guy’s day mighty special before he shoots his load all over her cute face. Sierra might not have the supermodel good looks that some of the other girls have, but she’s definitely got a sexy presence and definitely has spunk (besides the spunk that’s dripping down her chin)!

Anal With Ava Addams


Anal With Ava Addams

I don’t really know about joining a male pornstars site but James Deen may have just changed my mind with his. It has like a real edge to everything. He has a couple of different section on his site this one is the behind the scenes section with pornstars. The pornstar I chose was Ava Addams he has a bunch but I want you to see this one because Ava ia doing anal in it. The other sections are like polished porn video and then you have like featured content which since his site just started he has one and it’s called 7 Deadly Sins. The videos give you an idea of what the sex is like behind the camera. He will just set up the camera in his bedroom and have hot sex with pornstars, and I think it’s really hot tell me this isn’t one of the better Ava Addams videos you have ever watch, I dare you!

Chica Wants To Come Together


Here is a hot Latina housewife I think you guys will want to see. Her name is Chica and she has ran her own personal site for a long long time now and it’s still going! This video is a little old but she is sucking off this guy and using a Hitachi on her pussy at the same time. She wants to “cum together” the mythical thing you see in well some porn’s, but mostly in the movies though. The video isn’t super long but the video is cut good enough so you guys can see what you’re getting into when you join her site. I am pretty sure that Chica is married because well she wears a ring and it’s the same cock in every video. She actually doesn’t fuck anyone else from what I can see on the tour and the tour gives you a good example of what ever video is. Because it’s a husband wife combo you get to see all kinds of cum shots but from the looks of it she loves swallowing and getting a facial more.

Sexy In The City


Xart sexy in the city

The one and only Caprice would be a head-turner anywhere in the world, so it’s only natural that she would head to a city filled to the brim with beautiful women…namely, Sao Paulo, Brazil! She and her man are out there for some relaxing and vacation-time but the X Art cameras came along to capture some of the action as they got Sexy In The City! In this hot hardcore scene Caprice was lounging on the bed stark naked playing on her phone when her man walked into the bedroom, and seeing that perfect ass in the air who wouldn’t get instantly turned on? Soon they were both in bed nude and Caprice was giving him a helkl of a blowjob, this girl really knows how to work a dick…she sucked and licked him up and down before sliding his cock into her pussy, riding him and throwing her head back in ecstasy as she got fucked to orgasm! This girl has basically a perfect tight body and she definitely puts it to good use in this hot scene as she gets her pussy pounded until the guy pulls his cock out and cums all over her.

Kinky Katerina Kay


Gf revenge kinky katerina

Apparently kinky Katerina here had done a sexy video for her boyfriend at some point before so he rolled the dice and straight up asked her to do a hardcore sextape with him…luckily for him (and for us) she said okay! This girl is hot as hell too which we get to see even better the more clothes she loses, that ass of hers is just fucking incredible. She drops down and takes his cock in her hands to slide it into her mouth, licking and sucking him like a champ and then climbing up to take just the tip into her pussy while he played with her clit. Soon Katerina was riding him in earnest, sliding up and down that hard dick forwards and backwards, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl with her perfect ass facing us (the whole thing is shot in POV style of course) and looking just nova-hot! She gets fucked for this hot scene until the guy shot his load all over her stomach…maybe he wasn’t supposed to show anybody this tape and she broke up with him so he sent it in to GF Revenge, maybe she cheated on him, who knows!

Sexing Bria


Sexing bria black gfs

Beautiful ebony babe Bria here has an ass that you’ll be dreaming about for weeks I’m guessing…she’s got her bikini on in this Black GFs submission, showing off that sexy body as her man admired and filmed her. Soon he had his huge cock out and she couldn’t help but take him into her mouth, this girl just can’t resist a big black dick! Bria’s big tits fell out of her bikini top while she got her pussy filled up with that massive dick…her big round ass is incredible but those tits are no slouch either as she rides her lucky boyfriend, taking his massive dick to the hilt and riding him hard and deep for this hot scene called Sexing Bria! Nothing hotter than a round juicy ass slamming up and down and a gorgeous girl moaning away like in this hot scene.

Summer Lace


I really need to start posting my on Teen Pies galleries but the only time I remember about this site is when I see it on other peoples website. If you like creampies well then you’re probably going to love this site because that’s all it is. It’s some of the hottest 18 year old plus (mostly plus) in porn getting their pussies filled up with cum. This girl right here I have actually never seen before and her name doesn’t sound familiar to me her name is Summer Lace. She is a thick girl probably 20 something (sorry Teen Pies) with a nice tigtht pussy and I love that little bit of hair she left on top of her pussy for a big landing strip. The video isn’t as long as I am used to with these Team Skeet but it’s probably because it’s a really good scene and they want to keep it for their members. Team Skeet has really big making some great porn recently if you haven’t checked them out in a while I suggest you do especially if you haven’t viewed the tour in over a year or something like that.

Bethany Returns


Ftv girls bethany2

Sexy, sultry, leggy redhead goddess Bethany is back for another go-round with FTV Girls and is looking even hotter than her first update! As you can see in the thumbnail I picked out she brought her sheer see-through dress with her and man oh man that thing is amazing. Her big tits and that cute butt show right through the flimsy fabric and she runs around in public wearing it, drawing stares upon stares I’m sure! Bethany wanted a chance to try the famous Vibraking toy again and sure enough it brought her to a big strong squirting orgasm! This girl is just hot from head to toe and always has fun in her different outfits and scenes, from getting naked and masturbating in public to lounging by the pool in a skimpy little bikini with her huge breasts hanging right out of it (there’s no way this little swimsuit can hope to restrain those big titties, but it’s fun to watch it try) and doing nude cartwheels on a public golf course to the delight of the players, although their wives probably weren’t too thrilled. She’s exclusive to FTV Girls so if you’re hoping to see Bethany doing a hardcore shoot on some other site you’re out of luck I’m afraid. Hopefully this second update with this ginger hottie will tide you over, and hopefully she’ll be back for round 3 sometime soon! Another pro tip for you guys is that FTV Girls is running a promo right now where you can join for just $6.95. You need to use discount code “4ofJulyFTV” at .

Office Play with Emma Stoned


Emma stoned office play tiny 4k

It looks like the Tiny4k guys have a thing for girls in glasses…this update called Office Play stars the gorgeous Emma Stoned who comes rolling up on her skateboard to her man’s office, stripping out of her little shirt and shorts to get naked as a surprise visit! Who wouldn’t want this hot horny little spinner to pop into the office once in awhile and come crawling under the desk to give you a blowjob? She takes her guy’s huge limp cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him until he gets hard as a rock and big as her arm, bending Emma over the desk to fuck that little pussy and make her gasp and squeal with pleasure as she gets filled up with hard man-meat! Regarding the glasses thing, I thought the reason some of these chicks wear spex is because they know they’re going to get a faceful of cum and don’t want to get it in their eyes…well not Emma Stoned, that’s for damn sure! She does get a nice big messy facial but takes her glasses OFF for it, she just has them on while she’s getting her little twat drilled! Tiny4k has a bunch of the hottest tiniest pornstars in the business, I doubt any of them crack 100 lbs soaking wet, and they’re getting fucked by the biggest cocks the site can rustle up!

Wow, Keisha Grey


This is one of the few times that I would understand if you guys didn’t even read what I have to say about this gallery and just start clicking away. It’s from Team Skeet and is part of their mini site Teen Curves. It’s a site dedicated to woman like Keisha Grey here. They have to have a least big tits, or a big ass to be on the site in Keisha case she of course has it all. This picture right here is probably one of the hottest pictures I have seen of her, well her face and ass that is. It’s impossible to get her butt and tits in the same picture so you kind of have to pick and choose here and today we are going to enjoy this bubble butt. The video that is on this gallery is very long 8+ minutes to be exact. So you get dancing shaking her ass in tits in the beginning of the video and then about the one minute mark she starts to suck and fuck. She is incredible when you see her riding on this guys dick she take him tip to balls and rides him fast, simply amazing to see how good she is at fucking compared to when she first started in porn.

Riley Reynolds


Reality Kings brings you this hardcore fuck scene featuring the lovely Riley Reynolds and her hot hairy bush as she pulls off her little dress and gets those thong panties yanked off before taking her guy pal’s huge cock in her mouth and then spreads her legs to get her hairy pussy pounded! The ass on this girl is incredible, I don’t know that I ever realized before but man oh man those shots where she’s riding the guy’s dick while sitting on his lap looking back over her shoulder, her butt is fucking perfect! Riley gets a nice hard deep-dicking with her bouncy perky boobies in this guy’s face, he ends up giving her a facial but I’m surprised he didn’t spin her around to cum all over that big round bubble butt!

Amateur Pussy


I think I posted some similar pictures not super long ago of a hot amateur with just a perfect pink little pussy, this might be her again or it might just be another hot amateur with a perfect pussy! This girl almost but not quite shows her face, but we do get to watch her masturbate with her legs spread wide open, and we even get a look at those big lovely titties she’s got going on. The tease of this whole thing is nice but man, she’s pretty much shown it all, she might as well just head to a modeling agency and start doing adult work full-time, she’s definitely got the body for it! On the other hand, the mystery behind this girl’s face just sort of adds to the girl-next-door allure of it…who knows, maybe your cute neighbor has a sweet pink wet pussy that she loves to play with and likes to take pictures of herself while she does it!

Mandy Kay


Judging from the high quality of images in this photoshoot as well as the overwhelming fucking hotness of the model Mandy Kay, my keen detective senses tell me that this must be a Playboy set! Well, my senses coupled with the fact that the pictures have the Playboy logo on them, but it’s mostly the detective part right? Anyway Mandy is looking fine as hell as she takes off her white tanktop and black thong panties (probably the sexiest combination of clothing items in the world, incidentally) and shows off that big round ass and her perky little titties as she dances and poses on the floor, still wearing her high heels! That butt is just amazing, you get lost staring at it and almost don’t even notice how gorgeous her face is.

Sharon Stone


Well let’s be honest here, this photo of Sharon Stone wearing a thin top with no bra would have been a little more well-recieved about 20 years ago but if you’re a fan of MILFs, man oh man this lady has aged well like a fine wine! She’s taken good care of her body from the looks of things, some actresses as they get a bit older there is no way you’d want to be reminded that they even have nipples down there somewhere but not our girl Sharon, she’s got some cute little pokies and isn’t afraid to let them pop once in awhile just to keep people on their toes! It’s crazy to see this picture and then watch that interrogation scene from Basic Instinct…time is a weird thing I guess.

Topless Chicks


Summer has officially begun and you know what that means…titties are out at the beaches! If you’re not lucky enough to live somewhere like France that has an open-minded view of topless women don’t even fret, we’ve got your ass covered even if some of these girls don’t have THEIR asses covered! I mean I don’t live in France either but every summer it makes me wonder if I should start studying cheese and film school because the women on their nude (or nude-friendly) beaches all seem to be fucking stunning! This little video clip gives you a cornucopia of titties…big boobs, little boobs, floppy breasts, perky pokies, pretty much anything you’ve got a hankering for tit-wise is on the menu so slop on some sunscreen, unbuckle your shorts and head on in!

Selena Rose Is A Rider


This is a pretty long video and the part that is really good is when you see Selena Rose here riding this guys cock. It happens about the 3:40 mark just start there. The real shitty thing I just found out though is that there is no sound! I thought I had my headphones off and I picked this video for you guys but I am just figuring out it’s completely silent. So this might be one of those videos you watch at work or something so there is no way the porn sound is going to give you away because there is none. It’s a silent film if you will and Selena Rose is hot enough that you should want to see her fucking even if there is no sound. This scene comes from Digital Playground and if you’re a true fan of porn you would know that because Selena Rose is exclusive with them.

Dani and Luna


The beautiful Dani Daniels is about to get her pussy licked by Luna Star while she is being fucked. This scene is from Brazzers and it’s one of their big production porn videos. Dani and Luna are playing some naughty nurses who attend to people in Purgatory. They don’t want Johnny up above and they don’t want him below let me tell you with these two fine ass babes Purgatory doesn’t look all that bad. They give him a threesome that should be legendary because these girls look so hot doing it. The video ends with Johnny fucking Dani from behind doggystyle, more like pile driving in that tight pussy of hers. When he is about to cum he pulls out of her pussy and cums on her asshole and it drips down to her pussy that Luna has been eating out the the whole time while she is being fucked.

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