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Deep Throat Darling


Phd lexi davis deep throat darling

Can you imagine getting a couple of texts from a girl as hot as Lexi Davis here of her showing off her big tits and that sweet wet fuckable pussy? You’d be over in about 2 minutes flat, that’s for damn sure…that’s about the only thing that would be flat, too, she’s got those nice big titties and her beautiful round ass and she’s looking hot as hell as this guy shows up and starts fucking her face and her tight cunt for Passion HD in an update called Deep Throat Darling! With a title like that you know you’re in for some incredible oral action and you definitely get that, with Lexi taking this guy’s big hard cock deep in her throat as he licked her pussy until he shot his creamy load all over her for a nice facial ending. She looks like she gives a great blowjob but man oh man those titties would make even the sloppiest suckoff a thing of magnificence! She seems to love getting pinned to the bed from above too, which is always hot as hell.

Eva Karera & Shae Summers


Shae Summers and Eva Karera

Eva Karera is back on Moms Bang Teens this time with Shae Summers one of my personal favorites I might add. Shae has an amazing set of natural tits and you can just look at her and tell me she isn’t drop dead gorgeous. Eva has been on Moms Bang Teens before in a episode with Heather Night. This is Shae’s first time though and as always she does a bang up job. She has her boyfriend over and is hanging out with her around her house with her step mom Eva. Eva is doting on them and he remarks how nice of a step mom she has. Shae agrees but little does he know that’s because Shae has been having lesbian sex with her stepmom for some time now behind his back. Today though she is going to do something else with her step mom and that’s fuck him. Shae just needs to get him in the mood though so she goes to shower up after hanging out by the pool and her boyfriend joins her. In the shower Shae starts to rub his cock and he is getting hard and kind of freaking out because her stepmom is around. Shae ignores him because she knows any moment her stepmom is going to come through those doors. She does and Eva tells them not to stop but she needs to shower too. While in the shower Shae asks Eva for a little help washing her man so Eva does help by washing the shaft of his cock. The two of them then take the guy to the bedroom while they both take turns fucking his big cock. Eva does a lot of ass licking on Shae but Shae doesn’t return the favor she just isn’t experienced enough I guess.

Skyler Nicole Rides


I have never posted this black girl on the site before because well there just isn’t many black sites worth joining because nobody updates there is however one. It’s Round and Brown and it’s part of the Reality Kings network so that’s what really makes it worth it. They don’t update it every week but when they do it’s always amazing just check out this round ass right here. It belongs to a girl named Skyler Nicole. She spends the first part of the video just showing the guys how perfect her little butt is then she goes inside and fucks the shit out of this guy. She rides his dick for a really long time and that’s because it’s just magic seeing her do it. She is only 19 but this girl has the dick riding ability of a seasoned pro! Just watch the video and tell me you wouldn’t want this chocolate goddes bobbin up and down on your cock.

Ariana Marie Is Back


Ariana marie povd fuckign in the grotto

Gorgeous Ariana Marie stars in her 3rd POVD scene, very descriptively entitled Fucking In The Grotto! It was a hot summer’s day and she was hanging out in her sexy little bikini but soon even that was just plain too much clothing so she stripped down and joined her man in the grotto, licking and sucking and fucking his big dick in this hot hardcore scene! With those perfect tits and ass of hers it’s always a pleasure to see Ariana strip down…and having all this happen in first person perspective in amazingly high quality video brings the hotness factor up to about fifty. Can you imagine fucking that tight wet pussy of hers while the water splashes around you and her, having her ride your big hard cock to orgasm? Well imagine no more my friend because it’s all here on POVD, you can pretend it’s your dick if you want and with video this clear it’s like having a window into the scene! In case you want to check out her previous scenes I’ve got em all here for you… and scene2 are both hot as hell, enjoy!

Luminated Emotions


Luminated emotions on x art

There’s nothing more beautiful in this world that a stunning redhead with a tight perfect body and a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings, if you ask me! Ashley S is amazingly beautiful and that’s saying something, particularly because she’s on a site like X Art that’s already well known for having gorgeous models. She’s rolling around on the bed pulling up her sweater to run her hands over her perky little boobies, then rubs her pussy before buzzing her clit and fucking herself with her favorite vibrator! Not only does she play with her clit but she loves penetrating herself with the tip of it, moaning as she cums all over herself…I guess she got a little intense with her masturbation because soon she has a lamp on the bed that illuminates her tight little cunt. She keeps her thigh highs on the whole time and looks like a dream come true, especially with her tight beautiful ass in the air while she fingers her hole! The update is called Luminated Emotions, I guess the lamp is what’s doing the illumination and she’s certainly rousing up some emotions.

Sheena Rose


Sheena rose porn goes pro

The scene being set up in this Porn Goes Pro update is that you’re going to be getting married to your high school sweetheart, a pure and innocent girl who’s never broken a law in her life, so the night before the wedding your guy pals have set you up with a whole evening with the hottest tattooed alt slut they could find, gorgeous pornstar Sheena Rose, through the Porn Goes Pro service! Sheen comes over to your hotel room looking just as hot and dangerous as you’d imagined, changes into some sexy fishnet thigh high stockings and a corset and proceeds to rock your world in this hot hardcore first person perspective fuck scene! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a pornstar who has a tattoo on her labia before, that must have stung like crazy…this chick doesn’t seem to mind a little pain though, she has a bunch of tattoos and probably some piercings too, plus she takes this big hard cock deep in her tight little pussy without so much as a wince, spreading her legs wide open to get pounded, then dropping to her knees to take a nice big facial load of cream!

For Your Eyes Only


X art for your eyes only

When you’re checking out a site like X Art you’ll notice right away that the models they have are utterly fucking gorgeous, and none of them more so (in my opinion) than Tiffany Thompson here! Her real-life boyfriend was a photographer so it worked out well to just put a camera on both of them as he took some shots of her showing off those perfect perky breasts! I’m not sure what’s up with that black lanyard that’s hanging around her neck but hey it doesn’t get in the way of those titties so who cares. They start out just doing a normal photoshoot but soon she’s got his cock out and giving him a blowjob, licking his dick up and down and gazing up at him with her beautiful seductive eyes. She spreads her legs and gets her perfect ass in the air, taking his cock deep in her tight wet pussy and getting fucked until the guy shot his load all over her tight tummy! The name of the shoot is For Your Eyes Only but I guess Tiffany’s OK with sharing all of this hardcore hotness with us.

Cum Thirsty


Pure mature cum thirsty

Once in awhile on a site like Pure Mature you’ll get a horny newcomer who is not only hot as hell but is just plain cum thirsty! Rose Monroe here had that hankering and knew just how to take care of it…she stripped down naked to show off those huge titties and her sexy round ass and took some pictures and videos of herself on her phone to send off as a sort of modern-day bootycall to her man. As you might expect he was over at her place in about 5 minutes, sliding his cock into her mouth and then fucking her pussy nice and hard while she moaned and groaned! She wanted to turn up the heat even more though, and soon she was guiding his dick into her ass for a nice anal pounding that ended up with an anal creampie as he shot his load of cum deep in her asshole. This exotic honey is making her first Pure Mature update here and she’s I’m sure going to be back for a return visit or ten after this sexy scene!

Morning Sunbath


Passion hd morning sunbath

Stunning brunette Honey Demon is making her Passion HD debut in this hot scene called Morning Sunbath, she’s been on FantasyHD once before but that’s about it I think. If you missed that one by the way I’ll link it right here for your viewing pleasure, because nobody would want to miss out on those big bouncy titties if you ask me! They’re unfortunately fake, or else they’re some kind of miracle and should be given their own sainthood or something because they look fucking incredible as Honey gets pounded here! I guess her name is because her pussy is sweet as honey but she fucks like a demon, at least that’s my guess after seeing her ride her man’s cock in this hot hardcore scene. It was a bright and beautiful morning but these two just didn’t want to get up out of bed right away so instead they got naked and fucked each others’ brains out, with Honey giving a great blowjob before riding the guy’s cock, then getting tittyfucked until he shot his load of cum all over her big boobs!

Jeana Turner


Meet Jeana Turner, a beautiful and exotic babe who always figured she’d never pose naked but when Playboy showed up knocking at her door she changed her tune! Can’t say I blame her, they always keep things tasteful and not gratuitous and I guess that’s what convinced her! Well, that and the paycheck I suppose. Anyway, Jeana here has some mighty fine perky titties and an ass that will burn your eyes out with hotness…man that butt of hers is a triumph. With black and white lingerie she looks incredibly sexy but when she strips down totally nude she cranks up the hotness factor by about 20! Maybe it’s those sexy seductive eyes of hers but there’s something about this girl that will just knock your socks off…thanks Playboy for getting her to pose naked, hopefully she’ll be back again for more!

Mina Asakura


Beautiful Asian stunner Mina Asakura shows her stuff in this hot photoshoot, stripping out of her white business suit to show her sexy white lingerie as she lounges on a very comfortable looking couch! She has a hell of a body and a sort of sexy sensual vibe to her…she doesn’t even need to say anything, she just sort of emits a kind of powerful sexiness that’s sort of undefinable. Lots of women out there feel the need to gussy things up way more than they have to, but not Mina here. She never does quite get naked but really the first time I took a peek though this photoshoot I didn’t even notice, Mina in a little clothing is just as hot as other girls completely nude!

Tasha Reign


Whatever Tasha Reign wants, Tasha Reign gets…and this time what Tasha wants is to hang out in her sexy blue corset and lingerie, masturbating and fingering her wet pussy until she has a huge orgasm for us! With that sexy round ass and her huge juicy titties I don’t think anyone will be arguing with her about the either, Tasha is looking foxy as hell and her already sexy legs look even hotter than normal because she’s got on a garter belt and some sheer thigh high black nylon stockings! I never know how women manage with all those straps and tassles and whatnot all over the place, seems like it would be a hell of an ordeal to get in and out of outfits like this. Maybe she just rips them off though when the mood gets hot and heavy!

Emma Ink


Gorgeous tattooed babe Emma Ink is a sexy kitchen fairy in this hot photoshoot from her own site as she lifts up the hem of her little skirt to show off her sexy red thong panties, flashing her sweet round ass and those nice big titties of hers too! If you’ve got a thing for girls with some sexy curves and some nice tattoo work, this chick is gonna be right up your alley. She ends up stripping down naked and lifting her leg up in the air to spread her pussy open for you, I don’t know how she has room to do that in that little kitchen of hers but hey I guess that’s why she’s got her own site, she can handle situations like that!

Sandy Bell


I’m not as much up on the current comic and sci-fi cosplay scene as I could be I guess, because I have no idea who Sandy Bell is supposed to be dressed u pas in this photoshoot…some kind of smuggler or something I guess, all I know is that she’s looking sexy as hell! Tight blue stretch pants that she slides down over her round gorgeous ass, and her big titties popping out of her vest as she brandishes her blaster pistol around, looking sleek and sexy and dangerous all at the same time. Well, at least looking sexy and nerdy, which is just as hot if you ask me! If she had gone to the big comic con dressed up like this there would have been rioting in the streets with people fighting to get a look at her!

Kelsi Monroe Silk Curtains


I wish I knew the technical name for this thing that Kelsi Monroe is doing but I just couldn’t find it. It’s one of those things you see gymnast do at a show. I will just call it silk curtain dance for now maybe if I find what it really is called I will change it up. Kelsi was given a surprise by Bang Bros and that was taking her to this studio and letting her play on the curtain. She was so excited to see these, she probably has never had sex on them before but she has definitely used them before. Kelsi is a real deal gymnast if you guys didn’t know and couldn’t figure that out from all the videos she has done. This video really shows it off and Kelsi knew it was going to be good. She even was directing the camera at times telling him to check out her ass in certain positions. Kelsi might have been excited to be doing this scene but the guy that got to fuck her was the real lucky one because none of us are every going to have sex like this. The two of them got into some pretty hot sex positions making full use of renting this studio out. This is just one of those videos you have to sit through even the parts that don’t involve sex because trust me this big perfect ass of Kelsi’s is going to keep you entertained.

Huge Ass Latin Maid


This guy really liked the way his voluptuous maid was looking so he put on the moves and good thing he did because look what ended up happening. The way he sealed the deal was he just told her to sit down next to him and then he whipped out his cock. She kind of was shocked but then she got down on her knees and started sucking his dick. She didn’t want to fuck without a condom but once he put that on she but that perfect round ass of hers to work riding up and down on his dick. He fucks her in butt positions most of the time because well that’s what is the best thing about this MILF. The video is kind of a POV and homemade 3rd person view combination. At times he puts down the camera and just pounds away at her other times he takes the camera in his hand and lets you see what it would be like to have this girl not only cleaning your house but cleaning your pipes.

Dakota James


Dakota james tlhc

If you’ve never checked out the site Teens Love Huge Cocks consider this your introduction…it stars gorgeous blonde hottie Dakota James getting her tight little pussy filled up with this guy’s big thick dong! From the looks of things he really wanted to fuck her ass (after seeing that perfect round butt of hers he licked her asshole and fingered her in the backdoor while he fucked her) but she doesn’t get into the anal, at least not in this hardcore scene. She does however love sucking and fucking that massive slab of man-meat though, riding his dick and bending over to take it deep in her tight teen hole with that perfect ass in the air for the guy to admire while he slides inside! Dakota ends up taking a nice big cum facial but somehow still looks hot as hell, even with jizz dripping down her chin onto those perky bouncy titties!

Alice Wonder


Alice wonder on zishy

You might recognize some of the models on Zishy from doing hardcore porn shoots before, like this cutie named Alice Wonder…the nice thing about Zishy is that it gives these chicks the opportunity to relax a little and put aside the hardcore porn persona and just be themselves, having fun in whatever way they like to have fun! Alice here obviously loves hanging out on the beach, she’s in her bright-ass pink swimsuit (or is it just a bra and panties? Hard to say) at first but then when she gets back to the hotel room she pops off her clothes to get completely naked and gets into the hot tub for a little wet relaxation time! Her makeup runs down her cheeks but who cares, she’s having a good time and so are we especially when she starts playing with those huge tits of hers as they float round on top to the water! The name of the photoshoot is Summer Of Wub but please don’t ever make me type that w-word every again.

Spanking Bailey Knox


Brooke spanks bailey

Everyone knows sexy horndogs Brooke Marks and Bailey Knox love to join forces on their respective websites, and this is a perfect example! This is a gallery from Brooke’s site as she and Bailey get naked and have a little fun for a cam-show session, with Bailey bending over and playing with her pussy as she gets her perfect ass spanked and paddled by Brooke who is pretty much completely naked herself! She’s got little pieces of tape or something on her nipples and a little somethin-somethin covering up her pussy because she doesn’t want to give away the farm so to speak, but after awhile you can tell these two gorgeous lesbians start thinking less about that and more about how to drive each other crazy…and at the same time being entertaining as hell! These girls are stunningly hot and also have great personalities, they’re always a blast to watch especially when they get horny and naked like this.

Gulliana Alexis


Gulliana alexis in the crack

If you prefer to take a back seat in your pussy-viewing experiences you might just want to move right along but if you prefer to get nose-to-cunt step right in because this is another hot photoshoot from In The Crack and that’s just where they take you with their cameras! Lovely exotic Gulliana Alexis here is hanging out in her bedroom next to that big pink bed, stripping down to her thong panties and then just getting completely naked (well, besides her high heels) and fucking herself with one of her vibrators! If you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a horny pornstar’s wet pussy as she masturbates this is a perfect opportunity…sometimes I wonder how many times they have to wipe the lens of the camera down, that’s how close they get to these horny babes as they play with themselves.

Black On White


Black on white for xart

Give a nice warm welcome to the newest insanely smokin hot model to walk through the doors at X Art, beautiful brunette Nikki here! She’s doing a little solo shoot here to show she’s got the stuff to hang with the big dogs on a site known for having some of the hottest girls in the universe, and I think you’ll agree with me that she’s got what it takes and more! Absolutely beautiful face, incredible titties, hips like a dream and an ass you’ll go ape for as she strips out of her sexy black lingerie on the white couch (hence the name of the update being Black On White) and sliding her hands down over those juicy bouncy titties, spreading her legs to play with her flower-petal labia, clicking her high heeled shoes together. This girl is a stunner and I think X Art is the perfect site for her, hopefully she gets into some hot hardcore scenes soon so we can see what it’s like to fuck that perfect body of hers! It’s always exciting to see a new hottie show up on a site like this, I think it’s important to keep bringing fresh blood into the mix…seeing your favorite models come back time and time again is great but hey, there’s a reason they say variety is the spice of life! Nikki here is definitely bringing some spice to the stew, that’s for damn sure.

Sensitive Stimulation Massage


Hegre art sensual masasge

I’ve gotta say, I’ve never had a rubdown where the masseuse grabbed my balls between her hands and rubbed them like she was polishing some fine china or something, but then again I’ve never had a Hegre Art type massage like this! They call this update a Sensitive Stimulation Massage and yeah I can imagine it can get pretty sensitive…I suppose it helps that the masseuse is Charlotta and she’s gorgeous and completely naked sitting on the guy’s chest; if I was gonna have my berries rubbed like this I’d want it to be eased by the sight of a gorgeous perfect tight ass in my face too I guess. There’s no sex in this video clip, just a dude getting a full-body massage by a beautiful girl who pays extra special attention to his most senstive of areas with both hands and I’m sure it feels incredible but man oh man I’m glad for once that I’m watching the video and not partaking in the fun.

Strum My Guitar


Passionhd strum my guitar

Everybody knows that apart from the lead singer of a rock band, the guy that gets the most pussy is the lead guitar player…there’s something about a guy who can tickle those strings that just gets some girls’ panties wet, and I guess blonde pornstar Addison Avery is no exception! In this Passion HD update called Strum My Guitar she watches her guy pal play a few hot lixxx on that guitar and you can see in her eyes that she’s already getting wet down south! Sure enough, after his little guitar solo she drops her panties and makes a dive for his cock, sucking and licking him up and down before fucking that hard cock with her big bouncy titties swinging up and down as she got pounded on the couch. Addison has a mighty fine body with those big boobs and of course that sexy round spankable ass and she puts it all to work here as she gets fucked nice and hard and then takes a facial that drips down her chin!

Ariana Marie


Tiny4k ariana marie

I was wondering if Ariana Marie would turn up on the site Tiny4k and I’m glad to say the answer to that question is yes! She’s here in a hot scene called Oil And Water as she relaxes in her bikini outside in the sun, stripping down a bit and rubbing oil on her back while some guy plays with a volleyball nearby pretending not to watch…I mean cmon how often do you get to see a girl as stunningly gorgeous as Ariana Marie getting naked on the beach in front of you? She calls him over to help rub a little of the oil on the spots she can’t reach and he takes the opportunity to let his fingers linger in spots where normally the sun doesn’t reach, if you catch my meaning. She gasps and moans and soon she has his huge cock in her mouth and then is fucking his brains out for this Tiny4k scene! She wasn’t entirely ready for the size of the guy’s dick but handles it pretty well with that tight little pussy of hers…Ariana has one of the nicest bodies in the business and in this hot scene you can see why I say that! Plus she’s nice and flexible which always makes for a hot time in a hardcore fucks session.

Janice Griffith


Tiny4k janice griffith latina ten

You may have seen tiny Latina teen Janice Griffith on a couple of other sites before but probably not like this, nearly bursting at the seams when she takes this guy’s huge cock in her hole for the site Tiny4k! They’re whole deal is that they find hot horny spinners who are down to handle the most massive man-meat they can muster and Janice was right up their alley. They’ve had sexy tiny Latina babes on the site before like Ava Taylor but Janice brings things to a whole new level of hotness, especially when you check things out in the full resolution video on the site which is incredibly high quality! It’s seriously like looking through a window onto all the hardcore action as this little pornstar gets impaled, somehow maintaining a grin of pleasure as she gets her tight hole filled up. Janice ends up with a massive cream facial that drips out of her mouth and down her chin as she looks up at her fella…she might not be walking quite right for a few days but I think she’s hooked on big dong now, less than eight inches need not apply for the job of Head Fuckmaster in the Griffith house! Just kidding actually, Janice is horny enough that she loves pretty much all kinds of cock and that teen twat of hers is resilient enough that it’ll tighten back up pretty damn quick.

Kasey Warner


Povd kasey warner

It’s always nice to see a newcomer on a site you like, and I’m definitely a fan of POVD! Kasey Warner is the name of this newbie and she shows she’s got what it takes as she hangs out outdoors in her little bikini in the pool, then takes her man’s huge thick cock in her mouth and then her tight little pussy as she gets fucked in the sun for a very hot scene! Nothing wrong with a little summer lovin’ and Kasey loves nothing more than having her tight hole filled up with dick. I don’t think I’ve seen her before, the name and the face don’t ring a bell, but Kasey is definitely hot as hell and her body is like lava! Since this is POVD you know it’s legit too because the video quality is incredible, you can see details of Kasey’s hot nude titties and ass crystal clear and it’s all first-person so you can imagine it’s your big dick sliding into her tight little cunt. She made a hell of a debut in this hot scene, can’t wait to see more from her in the future!

Lola Foxx


Lola on sex boss pov

Watching a video on the site Sex Boss POV is like a walk through Wonderland, there’s color and smoke and lensflares left right and center, it’s just nuts. Luckily there’s a mega-hot chick like Lola Foxx here showing her stuff or it would be just horrifying! The idea of the site is that these chicks are letting you know exactly what they want you to do to them as they fuck a toy, so it’s basically first-person perspective…the site is really intended for mobile and tablet use so whip out your phone (and maybe whip out something else while you’re at it) and check things out, these girls are gorgeous and all oiled up and ready to masturbate and fuck for you! Lola’s got a fantastic round firm ass but I’ve gotta say it’s her tight pink pussy that’s the star of the show, her private bits are wet and tight and ready to fuck.

Rita Ora


I guess Rita Ora is kind of a big deal in the UK, she’s a singer and actress and whatnot…she looked familiar but I guess I was mistaken because after reading up about her I guess I’ve never seen or heard of her before. She’s pretty hot though with nice big titties and a lovely face, and in this shoot (it’s gotta either be a commercial or a promo of some kind) she’s posing in her Calvin Klein underwear with her nipples getting all kinds of perky under the thin stretchy fabric of her bra! She’s got a microphone in her hand though so maybe this is just how her shows go, she goes up on stage and just starts stripping down to her panties with pokies in full effect up top and the crowd goes nuts. Sounds like I need to start paying a little more attention to the music scene across the pond, eh?

Sofie Seaside


I don’t think this rocky cliff looks like the most comfortable place in the world to lay out a towel and take in a little sun on a hot summer’s day but the view is undeniably incredible…especially when sexy Sofie is there like in these photos from My Naked Dolls! She’s got a sweet tight ass, huge perfect titties and a fun attitude as she hangs out in the nude overlooking a beautiful seaside scene. Sofie apparently just loves being naked and with a body like that I can’t say I blame her! Somehow she even looks hot when the wind whips her hair over her fae…maybe it’s those magnificent breasts or her nicely trimmed but still somewhat hairy bush.

Hailey Leigh


Ahhh, Hailey Leigh. It’s been awhile since I did a gallery with this girl but man oh man she still has just a fucking perfect body. In this photoshoot from her own website she was sporting a sweater and jeans and yeah those jeans look like they could have been painted onto that perfect ass of hers! Her tits are incredible too, and to top it all off she’s smokin hot in the face with eyes that will be dancing around in your dreams tonight probably. She gets naked and shows off that entire package with her pierced nipples and pierced clit (I guess she just liked the sensation) and of course that naughty little grin of hers.

Amateur Pussy


Some women just love to show off, and that goes for couples too! When a couple of lovers get an exhibitionist streak to them some fun things can happen, like this set of photos of some amateur MILFy looking babe showing off her pussy. She’s got nice puffy lips and a great ass, but what she doesn’t have apparently is a decent camera because the quality is horrible on these. There’s not really any excuse for that in this day and age, even cheap-ass cellphones have cameras on them that can take better pictures than this, and it’s a shame because we all wanna see that pussy in higher detail, especially in the ones where she had just been fucked and creampied!

Nicolette Shea


Beautiful busty blonde babe Nicolette Shea was hanging out in her bedroom admiring herself in the mirror when the Playboy camera crew showed up to do the admiring for her! She had on her sexy white lingerie but honestly I think she looks better without it, that thing looks straight out of the late 1980’s but hey maybe that’s the look she was going for. I don’t know if boob jobs worked as well back then as they do today so her huge round titties sort of spoil the time-travel illusion…Nicolette looks hot as hell though and doesn’t mind getting down and dirty on the floor apparently because she ends up rolling around down there, running her hands over her sweet nude body!

Anya The Beach Babe


I was sitting here watching this video of the sexy Anya Ivy thinking to myself that is one amazing bikini. The top just fits perfectly on her plump big breasts. It wasn’t till later I realized they’re just painted on. She is at a beach with her tits hanging out basically. That’s what is up with all the guys hanging around trying to chat with her. She is spoken for fella’s she is going home with the camera guy. He has a pretty nice place I mean it over looks the water and everything. Not a bad place to fuck and they once again do it in public. Well I don’t know how public it is but they’re outside of a apartment building on the balcony fucking. So I mean if someone happens to be looking up or a neighbor goes out on to their porch they’re going to see this. I don’t know how you could be mad seeing a exotic black girl like this riding a dick with those big titties bouncing all around. She is just stunning isn’t she? I want Bang Bros to keep this girl coming they’ve released quite a few scenes with her now.



Layla on ecg

20 year old hottie Layla here has some fine things going for her such as her pretty face, her incredible tight ass and her sweet perky titties…what she doesn’t have going for her is a big fat bank account so she headed to Exploited College Girls (or Ex Co Gi for short) to get a little extra spending cash by means of getting her hole fucked! She’s horny as hell and is already fingering her twat during the introduction interview so you know this chick is going to be a winner…that ass of hers is amazing so it’s almost hard to wait til she bends over doggystyle but it’s worth checking out the whole scene as she gets fucked with a vibrator til she orgasms and gives a nice wet blowjob too! From the looks of things Layla can grow a pretty mean bush so it’s nice that she’ll have enough cash to keep her razor stock up and keep that forest tamed. She gets fucked in all kinds of fun positions and rides dick, moaning and cumming all over the place until she jerks and sucks a big load out of Jay’s cock and gets a nice facial!

Natalie Lust


Nubilesporn natalie lust

I’ve got an update here from Nubiles Porn simply called Lust, it might be because this redhead’s name is Natalie Lust but more likely it’s just because she’s so fucking gorgeous that all you’ll be feeling is lust when you check out this hardcore scene! She starts out in her pajama bottoms rubbing her perky titties before hopping into bed iwth the luckiest guy in the world, looking up at him with those incredibly beautiful and seductive doe-eyes of hers as she sucks and pumps his cock, licking him up and down with her perfect ass in the air. Soon he’s buried balls-deep in that wet pussy of hers as she rides him, moaning and closing her eyes in pleasure as she gets pounded. If you’re not familiar with Nubiles Porn it’s basically a portalsite that gives you access to a few great sites like, nubiles casting and moms teach sex not to mention straight up Nubiles Porn itself, and if you’re not insane or blind you’ll see how fucking gorgeous girls like Natalie Lust are if that gives you any idea of what you get from the site.

Her Pussy Craves


Aidra fox on nubile films

Gorgeous vixen Aidra Fox has a craving and what her pussy craves is a huge hard cock buried inside it…luckily her guy pal has a massive tool and is more than happy to make her desires cum true in this Nubile Films hardcore scene! Aidra is one of the hottest pornstars in the business if you ask me…those eyes of hers are sexy as hell and her body is incredible, particularly her region that is scientifically known as ‘dat ass’. She takes this guy’s big dick with gusto, sucking and licking him while staring up at him with those beautiful eyes, then spreads her long smooth legs to get her hole pounded while kissing him and rubbing her big tits. Some pornstars in this business are just sort of meh but fuck like crazyladies, but there are a few like Aidra Fox here who are absolutely gorgeous and seem like a blast in the sack as well! And of course speaking of blasts no Nubile Films shoot would be complete without a nice cumshot, and Aidra takes it on the chin here (literally) as the guy’s load drips down onto those fine tits of hers.



Soko a on sexart

Does anybody out there know what the heck Mogyoro means? Soko A stars in this Sex Art episode that has that as the title, it’s a mystery to me but maybe you guys know what it means. All I know is that this beautiful brunette is getting her body worked from head to toe by her lucky boyfriend who fingers and licks her pussy before she takes his cock in her mouth and gets fucked on the floor on a throw-rug! I mean I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the feet like some guys are but this chick Soko has some cute feet I’ve gotta admit, I can’t blame this guy for licking her toes before sliding up her long white legs to that tight shaved cunt of hers. Sex Art brings things to the arena of sensual lovemaking instead of just all-out hardcore fucking, I guess it’s a little classier but at the end of the day this chick is still getting her pussy pounded know what I mean?

Wifey As Cat Woman


In this new episode from Wifey’s World she is all dressed up in a cat suit and she takes it a step further and actually puts on the cat woman mask. She doesn’t take it off during the whole scene either LOL! Anyways, it’s pretty much a sit that I am now showing off her amazing big natural tits but I just couldn’t get a good job of them so instead I am showing off her special helping hand that she gives her husband while she rides him. She just gently massages those balls as she goes up and down and she is shaking her titties at the same time. That right there is like rubbing your stomach in a circle and patting yourself on the head, it’s impossible! Wifey really is a super hero I guess. The video ends like most of the Wifey World videos and that’s with her on her knee’s blowing him until he cums inside of her mouth, she swallows it no problem in fact she sits there and plays with it for a little bit in her mouth.

Fresh Teen Hottie


Girls do porn fresh teen hottie

There are plenty of sites out there that say they’ve got young fresh teens but cmon, we all know that sometimes they’re passing off girls in their twenties and even thirties saying they’re still 19…well Girls Do Porn definitely does not subscribe to that, they have real, gorgeous teens doing real things and this girl is a perfect example of that! She seriously just turned 18 like a week and a half before this shoot, I guess she wanted to do a hardcore shoot like this for awhile so as soon as she became legal she jumped on it and we’re the lucky ones who get to watch! Girls Do Porn always has hot girls by the way, they never have any clunkers to fill up space or whatever…I don’t know where they all come from but these are seriously the hottest amateurs on the net as far as I’ve seen. This birthday girl is tight and bubbly and fun, she’s had a little experience but is ready to take things to the next level with her very first adult experience! She says she has a small mouth so her blowjobs are legendary, I’ve gotta say she’s telling the truth after watching her suck cock in this update, bobbing her head up and down and gazing up at the guy with her beautiful seductive eyes. Her perky titties look great but even they are no match for her tight perfect ass and tight teen pussy as she hops on the bed and gets fucked! Watch her wrap those long lean legs around this guy’s waist, pulling him into her hole as deep as she can manage…she just seems to love dick and is getting her fill in this hot scene. Oh, happy birthday by the way!



Ftv girls ariana

Teen hottie Ariana is starting off her porn career on a mighty high note by doing a set on FTV Girls! She’s got some of the most seductive and beautiful eyes you’ll ever see and an infectious grin, and as it turns out she’s comfortable enough with her body to hang out nude in public, teasing with her pussy and those perfect titties of hers. The real fun is when she gets back to the house though, fingering herself and using a magic wand toy to masturbate to a shuddering gasping orgasm right in front of our faces. She gets into the classic FTV scenario of fucking herself with a cucumber too, sitting on a doctor’s exam chair with her feet in the stirrups to give plenty of opportunity to penetrate that sweet teen hole with her nice long labia. It’s surprising how much she can handle with that teen hole of hers, she even ends up fisting herself in this hot debut scene! Ariana gets nice and extreme as she pounds herself with her fist, you won’t believe how horny this not-so-innocent teen is until she shows us, exploring her incredible body and inviting us along for the fun. It’ll be fun to see what Ariana gets up to in her porn career but this will always be her first time!

Watching Her Play


Passion hd watching her play kacy lane

This guy loves everything about his hot young spinner girlfriend Kacy Lane, and in particular he loves watching her play even when she gets a hankering for a second dick in the mix like in this Passion HD update! Kacy has those nice perky little boobies and a sweet tight pussy that looks like it could barely handle one cock much less two…looks can be deceiving though, this chick is horny as hell and has had her mind set on a hardcore threesome for awhile so she’s ready to rock! Soon she’s got her lover’s dick buried in her wet pussy and the other guy’s rod deep in her throat, going back and forth taking care of both of them at the same time…it’s a good thing her man is pretty open-minded, he doesn’t get jealous at the sight of Kacy sucking and fucking some other dude’s crank, instead it turns him on even more and he keeps pounding that hot wet fuckhole until he shoots his load deep inside for a hot creampie finish, then the other dude blasts a load of cum onto her for a facial that she licks up and swallows, this girl is just jizz-crazy!

Sophia Fiore Anal


That black beauty known as Sophia Fiore is back on our site this time she is doing a anal sex scene for Brazzers. The last time we had her on she was also doing anal but for Fantasy HD. This one is kind of the same but she is in the gym vs just working out at home. She just needs to stretch out or something before she gets her perfect ass filled up with a cock I guess. This video is nice and long and it starts off a little slow unless you’re into the ass licking thing then you might want to stay around and enjoy that. Once that first minute and something is up you get to the hardcore anal sex. Sophia isn’t just one of those girls doing anal because it pays more she likes it. I say that a lot but this is the tell-tale sign that a girl loves anal. If she can ride on a cock with it in her butt that girl is a anal lover, simple as that. If you fast-forwarded to the end of this video you will see her riding him reverse cowgirl, kind of just sitting up and down on him, that dick is in her ass therefore little miss Sophia Fiore here loves it in the butt.

Stepmom’s Boobs


This is a scene that I always see on banners and stuff for Digital Playground so I went out and found you guys the video. The funny thing is I couldn’t find a longer video then this anywhere. It’s really funny because this banner runs on all those tube sites that have just tons of stolen videos. Anyways, this is all I can get you but joining Digital Playground is definitely the better option. I think you can get inside the members area for just a $1. Yep, I checked you get 2 days for $1, that right there is like a sore dick you can’t beat it. This video is about a college aged guy who is pissed that his rich dad is marrying this bimbo Amy Anderssen. Everyone knows that she is in it just for the money except for him. So he lashes out at them until his friend came up with a great idea. Film himself fucking his stepmom and there is no way his dad will stay with her so that’s exactly what he does. While his stepmom is showering he places a camera then walks in and see’s if she wants to fuck and sure enough she does. Amy isn’t getting laid that much because well she is married to a guy that can’t get it up LOL!

Nasia Jansen


I don’t know if I would say this girl is SUPER hot but she is pretty good looking I mean if that tit job was just a little better she might be really fucking hot. I am just saying that because this scene comes from Playboy and I am pretty critical of these guys. I mean Playboy is at the top of the porn charts if you know what I am saying. They will also get the hottest models so their models should be judge a little harder then the rest. Now if this girl was on anyone elses site I would be talking about how amazing she is. Her name is Nasia Jansen if you were wondering… This is kind of just a simple gallery you get to see her posing nude next to this gold statue and then the video is a boring one of ther just posing. I am doing this more for the pictures I wouldn’t blame you if you paused the video. I mean that music is just annoying isn’t it? Playboy is still a really great site to join, if you guys don’t know you’re not just going to get nude girls in the members area they have hardcore stuff too. Trust me I joined their site, it’s worth every penny.

Breakfast In Bed


Fantasy hd breakfast in bed

Newcomer Lana brought her man a little breakfast in bed but when he got a look at those titties and that ass of hers as she walked into the bedroom in her sexy panties and bra he had a different sort of hunger in mind! Soon he grabbed her and brought her into bed, his cock stirring as she slipped a hand under the covers…Lana gives a hell of a blowjob and in this Fantasy HD update she showed her skills, licking and sucking his shaft before hopping on the bed herself and getting naked to fuck that dick of his! She got her sweet pussy penetrated again and again, moaning with that perfect ass in the air…this is Lana’s first time on the site but I sure hope it won’t be the last, her exotic pussy is more than a guy can handle in just one episode! For now though we’ll have to enjoy her debut shoot as she gets fucked until the guy shoots his load of cum all over that round bouncy booty of hers. Talking about breakfast in bed, I guess Lana is getting a frosted bagel from the looks of things if you know what I’m talking about!

Willow Hayes


Willow hayes teen fidelity

Sexy horny Portland hippy teen Willow Hayes was spending the afternoon in the yard for this Teen Fidelity update called In The Hayes, getting a little smoky and letting her cares puff away before laying back in the hammock and running her hands all over her tight nubile body! She was fantasizing about her man Ryan Madison coming over and taking control as he likes to do, holding Willow down and fucking that wet teen hole from all directions and positions until he shot his load deep inside for a creampie! Since this is the internet we get to see every second of the hot hardcore action as her fantasies play out, with Ryan wrapping his hands around her throat to hold her down while he pounded that teen slit with his big hard insatiable cock, making her moan and gasp until she was a shaking heap of ecstasy…this was a hell of a scene to introduce this skinny spinner hottie, can’t wait to see her getting fucked and sucking cock some more in the future!

Remy Lacroix Third Time


Remy lacroix back on mr anal

Remember last time Remy Lacroix was on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal? Remember how excited you were to see this hottie return? Well buckle up your fuckbelts there little Skippy because Remy is back for a third round of hotness with that perfect ass of hers! She heads inside after a nice poolside afternoon in her bikini, then hops up on the couch to have a little fun! She lifts her knees up to her ears, getting her pussy fingered and stroked until she was dripping wet and ready to fuck…and as it turns out there’s a big-dicked dude nearby who has the same thought, so he dips his cock in her mouth and then pounds her nice wet hole! A pussy-penetration isn’t all that Remy’s after, she takes his cock and slides him into her tight ass for some hard anal action, getting her butt fucked until she gets a good cream facial to finish off the day.

Whitney Westgate Wet


Zishy whitney westgate bathtub

Sweet sexy Whitney Westgate is back on Zishy, I guess she just can’t get enough and they can’t get enough of her! She’s been feeling a bit dirty lately so she decides to hop in the bubble bath, looking like a dream with the foamy suds just barely covering her nipples as she splashes around! Lots of girls would rather punch themselves in the face before doing a photoshoot with no makeup on and wet hair, but not Whitney…she’s all natural and freckled as she shows off those big tits in this update called The Late Soup! I’m not really sure where they got that photoshoot title but hey who cares because Whitney is looking stunning. Zishy is always great at showing the personality of the models and if there’s a girl whose personality shines through like a beacon it’s Whitney Westgate. Wouldn’t you love hopping in the tub with this naked hottie as she teases with those boobs and her sweet tight pussy?



Ashlynn on ecg

There’s something magical about this frizzy amateur blonde Ashlynn on Exploited College Girls, maybe it’s her beautiful face on that sexy body of hers or maybe it’s just some kind of aura of sexual energy and fun approachable personality that’s doing it but this girl is just magnificent! She looks kind of like Daryl Hannah in that mermaid movie so if you ever had a fantasy about seeing that chick get naked and get fucked this is your chance to live it out pretty much. Nice perky titties, long gorgeous legs and a butt that will make you cream your jeans, not to mention being super excited to strip out of her clothes and get down to it! She gives a fucking incredible blowjob, taking her time to lick and kiss and caress her way up and down Jay’s cock before he slides it into that tight pussy of hers. She loves getting that sweet perfect hole pounded and closes her eyes as she smiles and giggles her way to orgasm, then grins up at Jay as he rewards her with a massive cum facial to finish things off! She even licks his cock clean and thanks him for the good time…this chick is just a sexual angel, definitely brightens up a gloomy day.

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