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Pool Party


Pool party on crazy college gfs

Now this is what a hot summer pool party should be! Crazy College GFs presents this submission from a dude named Zach who went to this pool party and met a hot college girl named Zoey Cortez …they hit it off and made plans to meet up later that night but soon they were making out by the poolside and when a wet tshirt party started in the water everyone was looking the other way so they took advantage, with Zoey getting down and giving him a blowjob right out in the open! I don’t know if anyone was the wiser but they might have gotten caught or something because the footage cuts to the hotel room later on, where Zoey continued sucking him off until he busted nut all over her face. We get some great footage of the wet tshirt contest too as these hot horny honeys stripped down and showed off their perky titties and sweet round asses while the music bumped!

Skylar Green and Jennifer Best


Mbt skylar and jennifer

Sexy MILF Jennifer Best came home to find her stepdaughter Skylar Green getting her sweet teen pussy pounded, but instead of just telling Skylar’s dad about it she decided to do a little bit of blackmail, saying that if they didn’t do everything she said she was going to get them in big trouble! Soon Jennifer was giving Skylar a lesson in cocksucking, giving this lucky dude a nice blowjob and then getting her pussy licked and fucked while Skylar tongued her ass! Skylar had been looking forward to taking her boyfriend’s load on her face or in her pussy but when the dude started fucking Jennifer’s mature hole he couldn’t take it and had to pull out and bust his load! Luckily Skylar was already down there so she got her wish of a facial and then licked the rest of the cum up to finish off this hot Moms Bang Teens update.

Energetic Brunette Returns


Girls do porn energetic brunette returns

This hottie has been on Girls Do Porn once before, if you missed out on the fun it’s right here, and believe you me it’s absolutely worth checking out everything about this girl! She’s completely gorgeous, which is of course not a huge surprise because Girls Do Porn has in my opinion the most beautiful amateurs on the internet hands-down…that’s a big statement but I’m not yanking your chain on it, just take a look at girls like this and you’ll see the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. This energetic brunette had a great time last round and is ready for even more fun, since she’s doing her very first threesome! She’s never had two guys at once but is excited for the chance to have a dick in her pussy and one in her mouth at the same time…she starts out lining them both up to go back and forth, sucking dick left and right (literally), giving two fantastic blowjobs just to get the party started, then proceeds to get that tight nubile body of hers rocked! Her ass is absolutely perfect if you’ll remember from last time and she wastes no time before getting on her hands and knees to get fucked doggystyle while sucking the other lucky dude at the same time! This hottie is getting some fantasies fulfilled today, that’s for damn sure (and is probably making a couple cum true at the same time) and ends up with two nice big loads of jizz on her face, dripping down onto those perky little titties! Now hopefully she’ll be back on Girls Do Porn for round three!

Naughty Massage Appointment


Passion hd naughty massage appointment

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta get her body taken care of, especially when it’s Alexis Adams after all the stress she puts hers through! It’s a nice warm summer day, just perfect for a sensual oil massage with her favorite very attentive masseuse! Passion HD brings you this update called Naughty Massage Appointment as Alexis gets her perfect body oiled up and rubbed, closing her eyes in ecstasy as those talented hands of his ran up and down her skin, squeezing and caressing her big tits and sliding down to tease between her thighs. Soon she had his cock in her mouth, signalling the end of the massage and the beginning of the real action! This guy gave Alexis a nice hard pounding on the massage table to really help her work those kinks out of her muscles, sliding his dick in and out of her sweet tight pussy until he shot his load all over her big breasts and she licked up whatever was left on his cock!

Rock Me Baby


Rock me baby on x art

The music was pumping in sexy Russian newcomer Gina‘s headphones when her guy started putting on the moves…Gina loves anything that gets her hips a-shakin and her horny boyfriend’s tongue was definitely getting her hips moving as he licked and tickled her pussy! After sucking his big cock they started fucking in the bedroom when their mutual pal Keira showed up, hearing all the commotion! They both gave Keira a very welcoming look and a smile and she immediately dropped her shorts, showing off that perfect tight ass before hopping into bed with these two lovebirds to turn this passionate fuck session into a steamy hardcore threeway in this X Art update called Rock Me Baby! This lucky guy gets to fuck both of these horny hotties…Gina makes a hell of an entrance in her first scene on the site, showing her perky little boobies and rocking the hell out of this guy’s dick, as well as making out with Keira and licking her pussy like a lesbian. Can’t wait to see more!

Lorena B


Now, I’ve seen plenty of girls with shaved pussies and plenty of girls with hairy bushes above their pussies but it’s pretty uncommon to see a chick with a trimmed-up bush but hair on the labia like Lorena B has going on in this Met Art photoshoot! She’s completely smokin hot though, that’s for sure…her eyes are gorgeous, her ass is incredible, and as for her titties well I can’t rightly say because she keeps her top on throughout this shoot. A girl with a top on but no bottoms is fucking sexy as hell though, so this works out pretty well. When a chick has legs as hot as Lorena’s in this shoot it’s mighty nice of her to show them off all the way like this! I just can’t get over those hairy pussy lips though, I’m not so sure I dig it…I’d prefer her bone zone to be fully shaved if it’s going to be this close, it looks kinda odd. Maybe I’m just not used to it.



Summer is hands-down the best time of the year, there’s no doubt about it. If you have any dispute, I present to you the winning piece of evidence which is this photoshoot featuring lovely Talia hanging out by an emerald lake in her tiny bikini! She looks incredible but just wait til she strips down naked, splashing around in the water and showing off those perky little boobies and her sexy tight butt! This girl is absolutely fucking gorgeous, she’s got incredible eyes and sweet little tits and that little diamond of space between her thighs just below her pussy, she’s like some kind of a dream come true! Imagine spending the day at the lake with this hottie as she pops off her bikini to get some sun in the nude…man oh man.

Glamour Lesbians


Say hello to these two stunning lesbian hotties as they spend an afternoon together at home, kissing and making out and licking each other up and down like lesbians do! Two beautiful faces, two perfect tight pussies and a grand total of four amazing perky breasts! These girls love to get nose-deep in each others’ pussy, sucking clit and licking labia until they’re both reduced to orgasmic puddles of hotness. Do you prefer the blonde or the redhead? I know it’s a tough decision to have to make but you’ve gotta lean one way or the other…I’d have to say the redhead wins for me, maybe it’s just those sexy thigh high nylon stockings or something that are doing the trick, or maybe it’s the way she spreads her pussy lips to let Samantha Rone tongue her slit!

Rachel Aldana


Sexy Rachel Aldana looks like some kind of supermodel in this photoshoot from her own website, with her purple top that is actually like a cardigan or something I guess but because of those massive titties it looks more like a cape with sleeves! There is no possible way that top would be able to button up all the way in front of her, those tits just would not allow it. Enormous natural breasts that Rachel has oiled up to get them a little shiny, can’t go wrong with that! I guess those boobs are her superpower if she goes the caped crusader route, anyone bent on robbing a bank or whatever would just drop their gun and stare at her huge breasts until the cops showed up, they’re hypnotic and Rachel knows how to show them off to her best advantage!

Laetitia Baignade


This gorgeous sunbathing beauty goes by the name of Laetitia Baignade so apparently she’s about as French as they come! Laetitia is buck naked hanging out by a beautiful pool at what must be an incredible mansion, relaxing on the patio above the crystal blue waters overlooking the ocean, wearing nothing but her attitude and a pair of aviators. She’s sexy as hell and turns the poles of the pool ladder into basically stripper poles, dancing around them and using them to prop herself up while she spreads those long legs wide open to give us a nice look at that sweet pussy! Man I love summer, don’t you?

Anika Shay


I mean guys come on this girl is a total babe you have to see her naked! The pictures are of her completely naked of course but it’s playboy so you don’t really get any up close shots. Her name is Anika Shay and she is fucking amazing. You can tell she has a perfect tight pussy and look at those perky little tits of hers. They might be real or fake I just can’t really tell. This Playboy gallery isn’t just pictures though the guy who made this went above and beyond because he has video on it! She has done a bunch of updates for the Playboy site so if you like what you see join their site and take a look around. I mean there isn’t a more trusted name in porn then Playboy. On top of you getting to see more Anika you will also see girls that are actually hotter then her. I can’t believe I am saying that but it’s a fact I mean just check out and tell me she isn’t also fucking amazing.



Exploited college girls sunny

Beautiful blonde Sunny here is a curvy gorgeous amateur who has a lot of assets, it’s hard to say what her sexiest feature is…oh hell no it’s not, her sexiest feature is that huge pair of natural tits she’s packing! She’s got a great personality too and just seems like a lot of fun, not to mention that plump booty and wet pink shaved pussy, but it’s those titties that really steal the show and I’m sure she knows it. She’s had plenty of sexual experience with both boys and girls and she brings her A-game in this Exploited College Girls update, giving my main man Jay an incredible blowjob before hopping up onto the bed to get that tight bald pussy pounded…she seems to love being pushed facefirst into the bed, getting pinned and having her pussy drilled from above, and I guess Jay likes it too because after he gives Sunny a hard pounding like that he can’t take anymore and unleashes a massive cumshot that gets all over her face and of course all over those big breasts of hers! You don’t think ECG would have a girl with tits like this and not end up shooting cum onto them, do you? This isn’t exactly their first rodeo, if you follow me.

Ava Addams Dripping Wet


Ava addams returns on porn fidelity

The one and only Ava Addams is back on Porn Fidelity for another hot update…literally! It’s a hot summer’s day and Ava was sweltering, she was craving a nice cool refreshing shower so she called up her pal Ryan Madison at the Porn Fidelity mansion and asked if she could swing by and get dripping wet and naked. If you know Ryan you know he wasn’t about to let an opportunity like that slip by so she came right over and he wasted no time in getting those huge perfect tits of hers out and grabbing her ass, dropping down to dive face-first onto her sweet pussy! She got dripping wet alright, moaning as he tongued her hole before they headed inside and she got naked to take her shower. They fucked outdoors, they fucked in the shower, and they fucked on the bed afterwards too, with Ryan making those big boobs bouncing all over the place with every thrust of his big dick! He gave her pussy a nice pounding until finally shooting his load into her hole for a big creampie finish as she moaned her way to her own orgasm. If you missed Ava last time on the site, I’ve got it right here for you to enjoy, don’t say I never did nothin for ya!

Sierra Nevadah


Sierra nevadah on ccx

This is something a little new on Casting Couch X, this hot blonde teen Sierra Nevadah has brought her boyfriend along to her casting interview to be the lucky cock…he’s a little goofy but he’s ready to fuck his girlfriend on camera so hey, that’s just fine! I guess she’s not down with other guys fucking her but if she’s going to make it in the adult industry she might have to change her tune, we’ll see. She’s a nice tight little teen though with sweet perky titties and a cute butt and she looks great getting her pussy pounded by her boyfriend until he shoots his load into her hole for a creampie finish! I get the feeling these two horny teens just love to fuck and figured they’d make a little extra cash by doing it on camera as an adventure or something, but once Sierra gets a taste of the industry who knows, maybe she’ll figure that fat paycheck is worth fucking a dude who’s not her boyfriend, we’ll just have to see! It’s happened before, that’s for damn sure. For now we can just enjoy seeing those perky boobies and that sweet round tight little ass.



Stacy on net video girls

Are you tired of rail-thin waifs as models with bones sticking out every which where who look like they’re about to break in half when they get fucked by a big hard cock? Well then this Net Video Girls update is for you…they put out a casting call for girls to come audition for a hiphop music video backup dancer, but of course there’s no real video and the audition is what’s going up on this site. This time the girl that showed up knocking at the door is Stacy, a hot and sexy redhead with gorgeous curves and a fun attitude, ready to rock! She’s got that thick juicy booty and knows how to shake it so she figured she’d be a great addition to a video…well, that’s not gonna happen but she does get to show off that sexy ass and her huge titties when she strips down to prove she’s got what it takes to ace the audition! Stacy gets naked and then starts sucking the casting director’s big black dick, giving him a nice ball-sucking blowjob and then hopping onto his lap to get that pussy filled up with cock, finishing things off with a huge creamy facial!

Work It In with Kacey Jordan


Tiny4k work it in kacey jordan

This tiny blonde spinner’s name is Kacey Jordan, she’s on Tiny4k for her second update and she’s sexy as hell…that’s the facts, do with them what you will! What’s that, you’d like to hear more? Well alright…Kacey starts things out by playing with her teddybear but she’s got a hankering for a toy that’s a bit more fun, namely her man’s huge thick dick! She takes his cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and taking as much of it into her throat as she can fit, then spreads her legs and rubs her pussy wet, grabbing that dick again to Work It In with a little effort! If you hadn’t guessed by the capitalization there, that’s the name of this update…Kacey has been on Tiny4k once before in this scene, check it out right here if you’ve missed out! This site is like a dream come true for you if you’re into tiny spinners getting their pussies pounded with enormous cocks that look like they’re about to split the girls in half, and if that’s not already enough it’s all in first person perspective in incredibly high resolution video!



Katrina for brcc

See this brunette amateur Katrina in glasses with perky titties and tattoos down her arm and leg? Pretty cute, right? Well that’s because she hasn’t opened her mouth yet, those teeth look like Austin Powers got punched in the chops or something…man oh man what a busted grill. Hopefully she uses whatever little chunk of change she got from this update on Backroom Casting Couch to head to the dentist or at least to buy a pair of pliers so she can start from scratch. Anyway, apart from her jankedy teeth this girl is cute as hell, she was expecting to do only girl-girl shoots but hey sometimes to get into the industry you’ve gotta get your hands dirty so to speak, so she ended up sucking the casting director’s cock and then getting fucked in her pussy and even doing some anal! She got fucked in the ass nice and hard before facing her biggest fears, or at least doing something she hates doing, namely getting a big creamy facial! She takes this guy’s big load all over her face, which partially obscures her mouth and trust me that’s a good thing.

Keisha Grey Returns


Keisha grey on povd pussy promotion

That’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, you are indeed seeing that cute little tooth-gap which means Keisha Grey is about to rock your world with her sweet sexy body! She’s doing her second episode for POVD here called Pussy Promotion, if you missed the first one it was called Wet Spa Sex and is of course hot as hell so check it out. In this update I’m not sure how Keisha is doing pussy promotion, maybe that’s why she starts off in a necktie, she was doing some kind of seminar or something. Actually if this is a seminar for something I’d imagine Keisha is going to make a mint because it’s extremely one-on-one if you catch my meaning…if you’re a little slow, I’m saying that she fucks her ‘audience’ and gets her sweet tight hole licked up and down, not to mention getting this guy’s cock in her throat! Keisha is hot as hell with those nice big tits and her sweet round ass so it’s great to see her up close and personal in super high resolution video and a first person perspective…POVD says they also have 3d audio, I’m not really sure what that means but it sure sounds cool.

Kennedy Summers


I don’t know if this blonde chick Kennedy Summers is a celebrity or a model or what but I do know she’s looking fine as hell in this photo collection from Playboy! She’s got huge tits, a pretty face, a nice ass and most importantly she’s got tons of personality and is just chock full of sexy energy as she puts on all kinds of different outfits here. From being completely nude to wearing just a man’s suit jacket to hanging out in a panties and lingerie, Kenndy looks incredible from head to toe the whole time! I was trying to think of someone from popular culture that she reminds me of but you know what, I think Kennedy stands on her own…she reminds me of herself and that’s the best way to be if you ask me.

Caeri and Jayde


Caeri and Jayde were enjoying a nice sunny day at the beach in their bikinis in this photoshoot from the site u got it, flaunt it! That’s a life motto for both of these busty babes, they’ve got incredible big tits and nice round butts not to mention their sweet pretty faces, and they love to share all of the above so getting their sexy bikinis on and showing off in public is right up their alley! I always forget how hot summer is, in pretty much every sense of the word…chicks everywhere are getting their bathing suits on and letting their titties hang on out, time to hit the beach!

Brooke Ultra


Brooke Ultra stars in this photoshoot from Scoreland, showing off her absolutely magnificent huge titties! With her long copper hair and highlights she looks a little bit like Rogue from the X Men so if you’ve ever had any fantasies of seeing Rogue’s big perfect breasts and her tight little pussy when she pulls off her panties, you’ve come to the right damn place my friend. I don’t actually know if Brooke Ultra is her name or if it’s just Brooke and she’s got Ultra Tits but either way it’s mighty fine stuff. A lot of time when a girl has huge amazing breasts like these the nipples look funkafied, but not Brooke’s, those titties are fine all around!

Linet on DDF


Sexy busty brunette pinup babe Linet looks incredible in this photoshoot from the DDF network as she lounges around in her beautiful bra and sheer black panties, looking almost like Bettie Page or something as she gets her nice big breasts out and stalking around in her boots! This girl is a dream cum true and looks like she’s ready to have some fun in this hot photoshoot. One of her areolas is way bigger than the other which is a little odd but hey I guess that means her tits are almost certainly natural, right? They still look amazing and are nice and big and full, and Linet herself definitely looks to enjoy playing with them.

Lola Foxx


Summer is in full swing and Lola Foxx is taking a dip in the pool wearing something that looks more like lingerie than a bikini or swimsuit, but she doesn’t seem to mind so neither do we I guess! Lola always looks fucking stunning with her perky little boobies and that nice tight ass as she splashes around, eventually losing her bikini bottoms and pulling up her top…the top by the way is mesh so it’s not like you couldn’t already see her nipples but it is definitely nice to get a look at that butt and sweet tight pussy!

Loving The G String


Ava mendes on fantasy hd

Sexy Latina babe Ava Mendes is liking her tiny little denim shorts in this Fantasy HD update as she shows off for her man doing a spin but she’s absolutely loving the g string! Her guy pal seems to dig it too, because he grabs her and they start making out right off the bat, kissing passionately before she takes his cock out and starts sucking him off. It’s no wonder Ava loves the g-string she’s got on because she just so happens to have a perfect ass and loves to show it off! She also loves to get fucked in her ass but if you’re in the mood for some anal hardcore action you’re going to be a little glum because she doesn’t get railed in the backdoor for this episode, however she does penetrate her ass with a couple of fingers while she gets her pussy fucked! Actually she might end up getting fucked in the ass here, I’m not really sure, but from what I saw it didn’t happen.

Tanned Stripper MILF


Horny tanned milf on mom pov

Heather here is a 55 year old blonde MILF with a nice deep tan so I’m guessing she lives in Florida or something, I’m not really sure. What I do know is that she was a dancer for 20 years so she obviously knows how to take care of her sexy mature body and she’s ready to make her very first adult video with Mom POV! She might be a little leathery in the skin area but hey she’s got huge tits and a nice round ass and is horny as hell, so just rub some lotion on that body and get busy…well, at least that’s what this guy from Mom POV does as he fucks her face and tittyfucks her and slams that wet pussy with his big dick! This horny tanned MILF loves anal, loves blowjobs, loves titty fucking, she’s pretty much down for it all and gives his guy a great fuck before dropping to her knees and taking a nice big facial!

Summertime Lunch


X art summertime lunch with lily

It was a beautiful day outside so sexy blonde spinner Lily and her man were busy cooking up a summertime lunch for a little picnic later on, but when he saw this gorgeous girl in her panties and tshirt he couldn’t help but slide his hands around and grab those perky boobies, kissing her neck and popping her up on the counter to lick that sweet tight pussy in a hot X Art scene! She moaned and smiled as his tongue slipped into her slit, licking her clit and making her pussy dripping wet before giving her a nice hard pounding right there on the kitchen counter. This hardcore fun didn’t end until the guy did, shooting his load of cum deep inside her hole for a creampie finish that drips out of her hole while she fingers herself! This girl Lily might look innocent and angelic but she sure does love to get fucked and take a load in her hole, it’s always the quiet ones that end up being the sex fiends!

Ria Rodriguez


Ria rodriguez in the crack

This chick Ria Rodriguez sure does love getting us all up close and personal to her sweet Latina pussy, doesn’t she? This is her third time on In The Crack don’t fret, I’ve got you covered: scene1 and scene2 are right here for you! This time the gorgeous Latina babe is hanging out by the seaside in her lacy black dress or slip or whatever it is, then she strips naked and picks a flower to hold in her ass crack before spreading her pink pussy wide open for us to get all up close to! Really all in all this photoshoot is basically Ria showing off how tight her body is…that butt of hers is a thing of beauty, two perfect peaches next to each other. Can you imagine being at a gym doing a yoga class or aerobics or something behind a chick like this, with that perfect booty in your face? Man oh man.

Sexy Bi Asian


Sexy bi asian on girls do porn

This hot Asian 20 year old babe isn’t doing her very first adult video for the money or fame or anything like that, she just wanted to try something new and push her envelope a little, so she packed up and headed to Girls Do Porn after letting her boyfriend know! Usually these amateur hotties play it on the downlow with their boyfriends, telling them they’re doing a modeling shoot or something without going into the details, but this exotic brunette seems like more of a straight shooter so she just stone cold told him she was going to go make a porn and he was like ‘well, okay!’ and off she went. This girl is pretty sexual, she says she watches porn pretty frequently both with and without her guy, especially lesbian and threesome and gangbang shoots…apparently she’s got some bisexual leanings and is definitely open to getting into some fun with a girl on camera, hopefully she comes back and does a girl-girl or threeway video sometime soon! For now though she’s ready to just dip her toes into things, but man oh man after seeing her skills handling a cock I was blown away and I’m sure so was the cameraman…she gave him an amazing blowjob, licking his big hard dick up and down and getting facefucked before stripping down naked for the main event. This girl is smokin hot as you can see when she gets naked, with her sweet exotic face and perfect perky breasts…she tries to play things cool a little when the guy first starts sliding his cock into her hole but soon she’s moaning away, giving in to the pleasure of a nice hard fuck without any kind of self-consciousness and it’s just plain sexy as hell. The guy finishes things off with a nice creamy facial to give her a souvenir for her first adult hardcore scene, but I have the feeling this is only the beginning for this sexy Asian amateur.

Chloe Loves Carl Part 2


Xart chloe loves carl part 2

I guess if you wanted to see Part 1 of this episode you’re out of luck because I never got around to posting it but now you get the good stuff which is Chloe Loves Carl Part 2! I mean part1 wasn’t as cool anyway, you don’t get to see Chloe sucking and fucking her man like this, so really I was just doing you a favor, you’re welcome. Anyway this is an X Art scene featuring Chloe, a sexy Czech hottie with a gorgeous face, perfect tits and an even more perfect ass if that makes any kind of logical sense at all…I mean perfect means perfect, right? Her butt is beyond all sense of logic though, it just blows the mind clean out so the laws of physics no longer apply. Chloe finds her man Carl snoozing in bed with his big cock already stirring so she wakes him up with a blowjob before crawling into his lap and going for a ride, fucking him until he shot his load inside her tight sweet hole for a nice creampie! This real-life couple loves a nice passionate lovemaking session and loves being watched, so having the X Art cameras clicking away while they fucked was pretty much the ideal situation for them. I hope you enjoy this scene because Chloe and Carl sure as hell did!

Bounce And Lick


Crazy college gfs bounce and lick

Have you ever driven past a kid’s birthday party and seen a huge bouncy castle and been like ‘damn I wish I could play in a bouncy castle, especially with some naked lesbian hotties’? Well your day has come, because Miali and her friends Dakota, Ashlynn, Mia and Abby got into a bouncycastle sometime and started bouncing around in their panties, but as soon as one girl started taking her top off the nudity began and the party kicked up about ten notches! As these naked nubile hotties bounced around they got all sweaty and worked up and soon they were eating each other out and licking each other up and down…hopefully their neighborhood isn’t too quiet because a gaggle of hot moaning lesbian beauties would wake up the neighbors for sure! Not that I think they’d mind seeing these girls nose-deep in each others’ coochies…I know if I was one of the neighbors I wouldn’t shut the party down, I’d be more likely to grab a bag of popcorn and a lawnchair and go check out the fun! I don’t know if the boyfriend of one of these chicks cheated on her or got mad that she was licking twat or something but apparently the footage of this bounce and lick party got sent in to Crazy College GFs, at least now we can enjoy it too!

Kelly Diamond


Horny, sexy as hell, fit and tight…sorry, I was just doing a little word association there with the name Kelly Diamond! She’s showing off that sexy body in this photoshoot with her perky boobies and perfect ass, rubbing oil all over her body before getting out in the sunshine and slipping a finger into her tigth wet pussy and running her hands all over herself…I’m a little surprised she couldn’t find anybody to perform this oil massage on her, it seems like there should be a line of people a block long, both guys and girls, ready to get their hands on that sweet tight body of hers! Kelly looks great and always has fun masturbating, especially in the great outdoors with the warm summer breeze playing over her skin.

Sammi Jo


If you’re on the hunt for pictures of a girl getting naked and getting fucked in every hole at once or something you’re going to be sorely disappointed by this EliteTV photoshoot featuring the lovely Sammi Jo, but if you’re in the mood for something a little more tease-oriented with a gorgeous brunette outside taking off her top and dropping trow a bit to show off her big tits in a sexy black bra and some tight panties, you’re going to be over the moon! This buxom raven-haired beauty has a definite style to her that’s almost as sexy as her huge boobs, and it just leaves you wanting more more more!

River Lesbians


Join these two Eastern European lesbians as they spend the day by the river for Zemani in a photoshoot called Footprint On The Water! These hotties have nice bodies with perky boobies and tight little pussies but they’d better be careful because that murky greenish brackish water doesn’t look like the best place to go swimming, it looks like the kind of place a huge crocodile or a killer species of piranha would be lurking…I’ve seen this movie and it doesn’t end well for the horny sapphic couple. Can’t go wrong with two sexy nude Russians though, crocs or not I’d guess pretty much any guy would want to get in and splash around with these two!



Is it just my imagination or does this chick Karissa look a lot like the Jenna Maroni character in 30 Rock? I guess it’s just that mouth and the pointy chin but this chick is a dead ringer if you ask me. However, unlike on the show this girl is completely naked showing off her perky little boobies and that tight butt! This photoshoot is from MPL Studios and is called Spread Em I guess, which isn’t exactly the most subtle of names for an adult shoot but hey it’s descriptive because Karissa spreads her slender legs wide open to give you a nice look at her sweet shaved pussy!

Yoko Matsugane


Beautiful Asian babe Yoko Matsugane is about to make your dreams come true, or alternately if you aren’t already dreaming about her she’s going to make you have some new dreams! This exotic hottie has a gorgeous face but really the star of the show is that pair of spectacular big tits as she takes off her beautiful kimono and hows off her sexy purple bra and panties! This girl is hot as hell and that face with those lovely almond eyes coupled with those huge breasts is a combination that is bound to blow your socks right off…or at least your pants!

Sex And Cereal


Passion hd sex and cereal

It’s always a glorious day when beautiful Lily Love has an update on Passion HD…usually we see this hottie all made up and looking incredibly hot, but even first thing in the morning this babe looks stunning! In this Passion HD update called Sex And Cereal she comes downstairs wearing just her panties and a shirt with her perfect tits hanging out, and as she made breakfast her man wandered in and couldn’t resist sliding his hands around her to grab those sweet breasts! Soon the bowls of cereal were forgotten and Lily was on her hands and knees on the couch getting fucked doggystyle with that perfect ass bouncing up and down and her nipples looking like eraserheads ready to cut glass with their perkiness…her man gave her pussy a nice pounding until he couldn’t take anymore and had to shoot his load, but Lily wasn’t about to let his cum go to waste shooting all over the floor or anything, she dropped to her knees and took a big facial and smiled up at him while she licked his cream off her fingertips!

Serena Torres Wild Times


Wild times on dare dorm

Sexy Latina college girl Serena Torres and her girlfriend were feeling kinda bad about their guy pal who had just broken up with his girlfriend, so instead of heading out to the clubs with their friends to look for hot guys these two stuck around the dorm instead to try to cheer him up a little…I’m going to guess that he’s pretty damn cheered by the end of this Dare Dorm submission after these two hotties get naked, eat each other out like lesbians and take turns sucking and fucking him until he shoots his load onto one or both of those perfect asses! These girls love to have themselves some Wild Times but I guess that doesn’t always have to involve heading to a club to get drunk and find some lucky dude to fuck, they just need each other and a little help from their lonely, horny dude friend! If you’re in the mood for a couple of perfect nubile college girl asses and pussies and some sweet perky titties you’ll be more than happy with this goodness Dare Dorm is serving up.

Shake That Ass


Blackgfs shake that ass

If there’s one thing Cherise knows how to do it’s get naked and shake that ass to drive her lucky boyfriend crazy! After getting home from her workout at the gym she grabbed her guy’s videocamera and headed to the bedroom to give it a whirl, setting things up and doing a little striptease for the video before her man was allowed into the bedroom (she wanted a sextape they could watch together later so she made that part as an extra treat). She’s got nice black titties and an incredible round juicy booty that she loves to twerk and bounce, grinning over her shoulder as she bootyclapped! Soon her guy couldn’t resist whipping his cock out and fucking that ebony pussy from behind, fucking her meaty hole until he came all over her big full titties. I’m just glad they decided to send the hot hardcore footage in to BlackGFs so we can watch it all go down!

Teanna Trump


Teanna trump on skeet

We’ve seen gorgeous Teanna Trump before but not on this site and now it’s like a whole new experience! I know you’d recognize that perfect round ass anywhere but she’s brand new to Team Skeet, pulling her shorts off to go for a ride on this lucky guy’s huge thick cock…this ebony beauty is hot as hell and she fucks like a banshee so it’s no wonder that different sites want to have her on as a model! Team Skeet has a bunch of sites in their little umbrella of influence so to speak, I think this one is called Shes New and I guess just the fact that she’s new on the site counts, which is a nice little loophole. Or, if you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Teanna Trump before I guess she’ll be brand new to you! Actually if that’s the case you might want to do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with her, for instance check out some of these hot scenes and you’ll see why I’m so stoked about this girl and her big perky breasts.

Dripping Barbie


Gf revenge dripping barbie

Jordie and her friend Barbie were getting ready to head out on the town and were both in the bathroom showering when Jordie’s boyfriend came in with his video camera rolling, catching both of them naked! They were a little upset at first but then they decided to give him a little show and started making out, then sucking each others nipples and eating each others pussy out like lesbians! He got a boner obviously from all that hot action and they took turns sucking him and then fucking him until he shot his load all over his girlfriend’s friend’s ass! I guess after some afterthought Jordie didn’t like the idea of her boyfriend fucking her bestie doggystyle and cumming on her sweet round ass so she broke up with him and in response he sent the footage in to GF Revenge so we could all enjoy the hot threeway action! Pretty nice of him, eh?

Any And All For You


X art any and all for you

If you’re a fan of sexy little Caprice you’re going to love this X Art update as she and her man Marcello get into a hot and slightly kinky situation! She starts out blindfolded and bound with a buttplug in her ass, which would be enough to drive pretty much any guy in the world insane with desire…sure enough when Marcello saw her perfect ass in the air he couldn’t help but slip his tongue into her pussy, licking her clit and then replacing the buttplug with his big hard cock and giving her a little anal action, fucking her from behind while she buzzed her clit with a big magic wand, masturbating herself to orgasm while he fucked her back door until he shot his load into her hole and onto her pussy! Caprice never fails to amaze with her gorgeous perky breasts and that incredible butt…she doesn’t do anal all too often but it’s always a treat when she does, so enjoy this hot hardcore scene!

Gianna Nicole


Gianna nicole team skeet

Sexy brunette Gianna Nicole was ready to work up a sweat but the real workout started after she was ready to cool down, which is when her personal trainer helped take her titties out of her stretch top, grabbing that perfect ass with his big dick poking out of his shorts! If you know Gianna at all you know she’s not one to let a cock just go waving in the wind without getting her hands and mouth on it, so soon she’s sucking and then fucking this dude in a hot update from the Team Skeet site called The Real Workout! She puts the weightlifting bench to good use as she spreads her legs to get that sweet pussy pounded, bouncing her round ass up and down as she gets fucked…hopefully she towels off the bench after they’re done, I’d hate to be the next person working out on that equipment after a hot and sweaty session like this!

Full Body Rub Down


Passion hd full body rubdown

The incredibly gorgeous August Ames stars in this hot Passion HD update as she goes in for a nice full body rub down, but before she even gets onto the massage table her masseuse is shirtless and making out with her, kissing her passionately and helping take off her shirt to reveal those incredible big perfect boobs of hers…this girl has one of the finest bodies in the industry if you ask me, not to mention the face of a supermodel! She keeps fit and trim with the help of exercise and of course a nice relaxing massage once in awhile, but this one isn’t exactly relaxing her…August gets oiled up and rubbed down but soon she’s taking advantage of her oil-slick feet to give her masseuse a footjob, rubbing her soles and toes over his hard cock before she gets her nice wet pussy penetrated! August’s moans and gasps are sexy as hell as she gets fucked, those big boobs bouncing up and down as he slid his cock into her pink hole until he couldn’t take anymore and had to shoot his load…I thought he was going to give her a facial but no, he enjoyed the footjob so much he had her take his cock between her soles again until he came all over her cute feet!

Red White and Blow


Red white and blow pure mature

It’s been a fun holiday weekend for Simone Sonay and her fella as she fed him some red white and blue cupcakes before grabbing his big dick out of his pants for a little Red White & Blow! She sucks his dick until he’s good and hard, using all the tricks she’s picked up over the years and looking sexy as hell in her white lingerie with a corset and a garter belt and thigh high stockings. Soon this mature honey was bent over getting her MILF pussy pounded doggystyle with that sweet round ass in the air! This is Simone’s third time on Pure Mature and she just keeps getting finer with age I’d say…if you missed out on her first couple of scenes you’re partially in luck, I’ve got one scene on here called Juicy MILF but I guess I never did the other one so I’m sorry about that. Hopefully this Independence Day update will scratch any Simone Sonay itch you might be having, otherwise you’ll just have to hop into the members area on Pure Mature yourself and find the other one!

Really A Fat Ass


I came to a realization just right now… I have been miss using the term “fat ass” for far to long because this big black ass right here is the definition and I haven’t seen anything like this. Her name is Diamond Monroe and she has only done two scenes for Bang Bros. This is the new one that just came out today called “All Of That Ass” and then she had another one that came out from Ass Parade you can see that one . I am sure I could find her on a bunch of different sites if I googled around but I am too lazy. She is pretty easy to spot you just have to find a black girl with a giant ass and a paw tattoo on her left butt cheek. You don’t even have to see her face, in fact I would say you should avoid it if you can LOL! She doesn’t have any tits to write home about this is one of those girl you just have ride you reverse cowgirl and enjoy the show. With this ass though you might be a little worried, it’s like a battering ram going up and down when she is riding.

Kayme Kai Nuru Massage


Here is a pretty sexy Asian girl name Kayme Kai, she has a nice thick body with big fake titties. She is pleasing a guy who bought an hour of her time and they first spend time in the shower where she gets him hard. Then she sends him over to the tub where she sucks on his dick and lets him suck on her titties. Then they move to the blow up mattress. It’s kind of weird everytime I watch one of these videos. Just because the rooms are always so nice and then they bring a blow up mattress to fuck on. I know it’s cause they use it with that super slippery “nuru” oil but still it’s weird. This video is nice and long but it’s not the real reason I am posting it I am also posting it because Nuru massage just recently joined up with a mega website called Fantasy Massage and now you can just join that site and get access to 5 different sites. You know those types of deals I am all over and so should you guys !

Violett Train Sex


The MILF Hunter went a little crazy in this new episode he is fucking on a real deal train. I don’t think he has the budget to like rent a stage or something to fake a train ride so this has to be the real deal. He is fucking a amateur he met online at some dating site and she told him the only way she would fuck is if he did it on a train with her. She met him there he thought she wouldn’t show and when she did and wasn’t bad looking he was in quite a hurry to pay off everyone the car to get them to leave. The two of them fuck in a bunch of different position this one being the best where she just rides him hard up and down. They fuck standing up, sitting down all over the place and in the end she takes a facial frim him and then walks off the next stop. The MILF Hunter didn’t even have to ditch her, she ditched him she just wanted to check this off her old bucket list I guess.

Close Up Clean


Povd close up clean

Sexy stunner Dillion Harper was ready to hop in the shower and get all squeaky clean but first she grabbed one of her favorite toys from the drawer, stepping into the water where her man was already busy washing up! Soon she was getting her perfect tits rubbed and was dropping to her knees to get face-fucked in this hot POVD first person update called Close Up Clean….there’s not much in the world that Dillion loves more than a mouthful of big hard cock, unless maybe it’s getting her pussy filled up instead and that’s just what happens here! This girl’s breasts look amazing bouncing up and down as she spreads her legs and gets her hole slammed, giggling and moaning and gasping at the same time while she’s fucked! Just look how happy she is to get a big facial, rubbing that cock against her cheeks and lips and taking his cream into her mouth, and you’ll see why she’s been invited back time and time again on POVD. If you’ve missed the fun before I have a few of the scenes here, so check out scene1, scene2 and scene3 apart from this new one!

Summer Carter


Summer carter zishy

So normally when someone is playing basketball and says ‘and one’ it means they just made a shot and also got fouled at the same time so not only do they get the points for the bucket, they get a free-throw as well…since Summer Carter here is playing by herself I’m not sure how that could happen but hey, if she wants to name this Zishy photoshoot ‘And One’ she can go right ahead, as long as she shows off those perfect breasts and that nice round ass of hers like she’s doing! Summer is pretty cute but not like supermodel-hot if you follow me, but man those tits of hers more than make up for that, they are seriously fantastic as you can see in the thumbnail up above as she gets changed to play some b-ball! After shooting some hoops for awhile the sun starts to set and soon Summer was on the ground showing off that ass and teasing us with her sweet tight athletic body!

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