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Naomi Kennedy


Naomi kennedy for ccx

Teen hottie Naomi Kennedy is energetic, enthusiastic and open minded and is ready to learn what the porn industry has in the cards for her! She loves sex and loves exploring and definitely sounds like she’s got some plans for her future, which puts her on a whole other level than most new models if you ask me. Casting Couch X is a good starting place for Naomi here, she says she’s just going to use porn as a way to support herself while she goes to school and stuff but we’ll see, some girls just fall in love with the industry! With a butt as incredible as Naomi’s I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of interest from other sites, just check out how she basically twerks on the guy’s dick, pumping that round bubble butt up and down on his cock until he shoots his load all over her face! Her tits are great and her face is pretty cute but I mean that ass is definitely gonna be her moneymaker, mark my words.

Claudia Quattrone


Claudia quattrone garage zishy

You might not expect a beautiful blonde bombshell like Claudia Quattrone here to be down to get a little dirty and have fun when she looks so put-together and flawless, but that’s the kind of thing that a site like Zishy brings out in a girl! The models on the site have the opportunity to show their personalities a little more than is usual for adult sites, especially for glamour type models like Claudia here. She’s hanging out in her cluttered up garage just having a ball, and showing off that perfect ass as she lifts up her dress outside next to a beat-up old van (might be hers, I don’t know). It can be easy at a glance to dismiss chicks like this as being too prim and proper and fussy to kick back and have fun but you’d sure as shit be wrong in this case, Claudia is goofy and beautiful and down to have a good time, and doesn’t care if she’s stomping around in dirt and grass in her high heels while she does it! Did I mention she has a perfect butt? I sure hope so…it’s a shame she doesn’t flash those perky titties a little more in this photoshoot but hey, we definitely get some great ass shots so I’m not about to start complaining, are you?

Energetic Brunette


Energetic brunette girls do porn

This teen brunette is quite a doozie…she just graduated from beauty school and is getting ready to do work in energy healing and clairvoyant work, not to be confused as psychics or tarot readers who don’t know how to read energy or anything real, so I guess this girl is fairly open-minded. I don’t know if it’s her physical sensitivity or what but this girl doesn’t seem nervous even a little bit which is kind of unusual for girls showing up on Girls Do Porn for their very first adult video. Nice long dark hair, great tits, she’s got an edge to her, all the pieces of fucking sexy as hell come together in this chick! She is undeniably sexy as hell, if you run into a girl like this in your late teens and early twenties consider yourself lucky for having an amazing life experience because there is no doubt she’ll be teaching you a few things. The lack of nervousness actually works out really well for this girl because she’s so relaxed and natural in front of the camera it’s kind of mesmerizing, you feel like you actually get to know her a bit before the clothes come off and she gets fucked which makes it even hotter! You can’t top Girls Do Porn for the hotness of the amateur chicks they bring in to do a hardcore scene, it always turns out spectacular and this girl is definitely not an exception to that, especially with that perfect tight ass of hers.

A Thought Of You Part 2


X art thought of you part 2

Sadly I’m not sure where A Thought Of You Part 1 is, I don’t think I ever posted it…but at least you get to check this out, it’s A Thought Of You Part 2 (no, not electric thoughtaloo) from X Art! It stars Jake and newcomer to the site, 21 year old stunner Laura from the Czech Republic! They get a lot of Czech and other Eastern European girls on this site, it’s like a cornucopia of hotness in those countries apparently because these girls are fucking incredible. Speaking of fucking, this update features Laura and Jake getting into a very hot and passionate hardcore session, making love on the bed as Jake gives her perfect pussy a nice tonguebath before sliding his cock into her tight hole doggystyle and missionary, grabbing her ankles and knees as he penetrates her deep and hard. There’s sexual chemistry coming out the wazoo in this update and eventually Jake’s sexual chemicals come out of Laura’s wazoo after he shoots his load inside her for a creampie finish! She has an absolutely gorgeous body and has a great time getting fucked by Jake’s talented man-meat…I can’t imagine that it’s common for a girl to get creampied in her first scene on a site so let that be a testament to how hot things get!



Ftv girls bailey

Meet 18 year old stunner Bailey who headed to FTV Girls to take her first steps into what she was hoping would be a great softcore porn career! I don’t think I’ve seen this girl around on other sites yet so either it didn’t work out for some reason or she’s just so new they haven’t even been released yet (or I just missed them, but that’s just plain impossible). I’d actually be pretty surprised if we never saw her again, this girl is seriously fucking hot! She’s also got a great personality and gets to show it off a bit here, that’s one of the things I always like about FTV Girls is that they don’t just get a hottie naked and call it good, they have her do things she likes doing and in this case that means a little naked karate in public! You read that right, Bailey here gets completely nude and shows off some spinkicks and whatnot out in public, and also goes for a naked jog and flashes people on a golf course. The public stuff is hot enough but the real highlight for me was when Bailey headed back in private and masturbated…this girl is a squirting maniac, getting big juicy wet orgasms all over the damn place and pretty much obliterating the FTV guy’s pillows! She fucks herself with huge toys, buzzes her clit with a vibrating toy and does some dancing, looking incredible every step of the way.

Zoey Monroe


Zoey monroe amateur allure

Meet beautiful blonde Zoey Monroe, a newcomer to Amateur Allure! Well actually she was in one of the Preauditions apparently but I didn’t see it so as far as I’m concerned this is her first appearance on the site. I guess just one cock wasn’t gonna do the trick for this horny hottie, she had to go fingercuff style and take one in the mouth and one in her tight wet pussy at the same time to get what she wanted! This girl is gorgeous and has a spectacular body with nice perky tits and a great ass, it’s awesome to see her giving a great blowjob (well actually two blowjobs at the same time for awhile) and getting that pussy filled up with dick. What’s more is that she doesn’t seem like she’s just kind of doing it for the cash or whatever, she seems like she’s having a blast fucking these two guys and that makes it even hotter! I don’t know if Amateur Allure will have her back again but I hope so…if you just can’t wait and want to see more from Zoey, you can take a look at her little archive here as I’ve collected the few shoots she’s done so far! Her porn career is just starting out, I’m sure she’ll be in plenty more hardcore fuck scenes so make sure you keep checking back to that link.

Natalia Lobo


Beautiful young brunette Natalia Lobo is showing her stuff in these photos from art-lingerie, posing in a sexy black pair of panties and a bra with a white garter belt and thigh high sheer white stockings, and she completes the ensemble with a pair of black high heels! Sexy as hell but especially so on a body like this with those perky full round boobs and that sweet seductive ass, not to mention her gorgeous face! Natalia spends the photoshoot stripping down, until she’s finally wearing just the stockings and garter belt and a smile as she bends over, showing off that tight little pussy and firm fuckable ass.

Jessie Showers


Cute brunette honey Jessie loves taking a shower and getting clean, so she invited us along for the fun in this Errotica Archives photoshoot! Watch this hottie get down and dirty (or should I say down and clean) on the tile floor of the shower, spraying her tight body down with the showerhead and spending a little extra time on that shaved pussy of hers! Perky tits, nicely shaved twat, great ass, pretty face, this girl has got it goin on for sure and you know she’ll always be freshly showered!

Shyla Jennings


You might consider yourself a big Shyla Jennings fan but did you know she’s not only a gorgeous nude model, she’s also a pro cyclist? Well you probably didn’t, mainly because it’s not true…but don’t tell Shyla that, she’s convinced she’s on the Tour de France as she whips her shiny bike around on her neighborhood streets…when she gets back to the garage she proceeds to strip completely naked and fuck herself with the bicycle pump! That’s not how that’s supposed to be used, Shyla….but, you know, I’ll allow it just this once. Please proceed. Anyway, enjoy these huge photos of this gorgeous babe masturbating and fisting herself!

Amateur Sex


Usually we have professional pornstars doing their thing on these updates I make but once in awhile it’s nice to have a girl on who is obviously completely amateur and has no plans to make a career in porn or anything, she just loves getting naked and loves to fuck, and that’s just what we’ve got here…this Latina honey sucks her boyfriend’s small dick and then goes for a ride, taking him as far as he can manage into her pussy (it’s a good thing she shaves that thing by the way, you can tell it would ordinarily be a friggin forest down there) before licking her own big titties and masturbating for us. These photos were taken in 2011 in her bedroom, hard to say if she’s done anything since then but I’m sure she’s still lovin the cock whenever she gets the chance!

Jessi June


The weather has definitely turned to the warm in most of the country and that means the bikinis are getting dusted off! Jessi June here is wearing her sexy green bikini as she spends the day in the woods but I guess it’s too hot out even for that, because soon she starts peeling it off to show those nice big boobs and her sexy round ass! This naughty vixen goes from a relaxing day in the park to an intense masturbation session in two shakes of a lamb’s tail…and speaking of tail, man does this girl have a great ass or what! Check it out as she gets on her knees on the chair (which is a feat in itself) and fingers her hole while she sticks that butt in the air just begging for a big hard cock to take it!

Isis Love and Cherie Deville


Isis and cherie fucking machines

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a pussy take a pounding like this, much less two pussies! I guess it does stand to reason though, these Fucking Machines are tireless and merciless, they’ll just keep on slamming into those holes as long as the power stays on. Exotic brunette Isis Love and sexy blonde Cherie Deville are the guests of honor i nthis update and not only do they have to contend with those inhuman cocks, they’re also driving each other crazy as they lick pussy like lesbians and buzz each others clit with vibrating magic wands! This isn’t Isis’s first rodeo on Fucking Machines mind you, she’s been on a few times so she knows exactly what she’s in for…however, as far as I know Cherie has never been on the site so she’s getting ‘broken in’ as she takes a hell of a pounding! I don’t know if regular human dicks will be enough for either of these fucksluts after a treatment like this, we’ll just have to see.

Alexis Adams


Tonights girlfriend alexis adams

I tell you one thing, this guy has some amazing self-control…he hired Alexis Adams to come by his hotel room and change into some very sexy lingerie that showed off her big perfect tits and those incredible hips, and still was able to strip her down and fuck her all night long in this Tonights Girlfriend update! I would imagine that with most guys, she’d have changed into the lingerie and opened the door like in the thumbnail I picked out above, and then walk right back out again because the dude would have already shot his load into the air as soon as he saw her. That would be a hell of a waste of money as I’m sure it’s not cheap to get a beautiful pornstar like Alexis to come by for a whole night of fun, and this guy evidently hates to waste money so he makes the most of it as he gets her bent over the bed and pounds that perfect pussy doggystyle, then has her ride him!

Used Car For Sale


Xxx pawn car for sale

I don’t know what some of the chicks are even thinking when they roll up to the pawnshop, they try to sell some of the worst things…take this country bumpkin of a chick for instance, she’s trying to get money for a piece of shit car and is hoping to pay off all her bills with it! She’s lucky the guy doesn’t charge her to take it off her hands, especially after going for a test drive in it and finding out it’s basically falling apart. Since this is the XXX Pawn shop though and is run by the Bang Bros network, they’re willing to swing a deal…they’ll take the car off her hands if she throws a little road head in with the deal! She’s willing to give a blowjob so it’s basically game on once they get back to the pawnshop, offering her more money in exchange for fucking on camera which she decides of course to do! What she lacks in terms of big tits she more than makes up for with a sweet bouncy ass as she gets her pussy pounded in this hot scene.

Working Out


Misty gates working out

Ever wonder how Misty Gates keeps that body so amazing looking, with her long toned legs and tight torso and of course that incredible perfect ass? Well wonder no more because we get a look at how Misty does it with these photos of her working out while wearing just shoes and a g-string! This shoot is from her own website of course, so if that spectacular booty has whetted your appetite you know where to turn…it’s been awhile since I’ve been to the gym to be honest but I’m pretty sure the girls that work out there aren’t wearing outfits like this! If they are someone please fucking let me know because I’ll go renew at the gym right away. Misty is always a blast to watch in whatever she does, and this photoshoot is definitely no exception! Luckily she loves being naked and teasing and loves being watched…she even flashes that tight asshole in a photo or two here just to drive us nuts!

Asa Akira and Jessica Drake


I am totally not showing you the other girl in this picture but you guys should know that there is two of them. This nice little ass belongs to Asa Akira and she is having some group sex with Jessica Drake. This is a really well done video from Wicked Pictures and was released as a DVD called “Underworld”. I would imagine it has something to do with vampires or something like that. Both of these girls end up getting double penetrated you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that from Asa Akira this girl loves it up the butt but seeing a beautiful like Jessica Drake take it in the ass and pussy was pretty impressive. She is a great deepthroat slut as well, I am not sure if it’s even possible to see Jessica on any other site besides Wicked, isn’t she exclusive to them? Wicked always does a good job with all their videos because they usually release them on DVD first and when you’re paying 70 bucks a pop people want a story line, high quality video they want it all. For you guys though since you’re just going to watch it online I think you can get in the members area for practically nothing.

Dani in Skip Trace


Dani Daniels is a married woman but she loves power and so she stays close to her boss and does whatever he wants. When he is about to leave town he gives Dani a envelope full of cash and tells her to buy something nice for her and her husband. That’s not the only thing he wants from Dani before he leaves. He wants to bang her in the office like they always do and Dani knows what is expected of her. So she gets on her knees and lets her boss face fuck her until he is ready to get at that tight little hairy pussy of hers. Dani is such a hot babe she really has it all with those amazing perky little full tits and of course her perfect round ass. She gets a hard fucking on the desk and when the boss is ready to cum she wants it on her face because that way she doesn’t get pregnant by the boss and that would be quite messy if she did. This scene is part of a full fledge DVD that Digital Playground put out called Skip Trace, it has a awesome plot hot sex it’s everything you ever wanted in a real movie.

Anika Shay


Be warned guys this site I am sending you is one of those sites where the video just automatically starts playing. It’s music that made my ears hurt that’s why I had to say it. It’s not everyday you get a Playboy video so that’s why I wanted to hook you guys up and especially cause this Anika Shay girl is smoking hot. She is just kind of dancing taking off her clothes in the video so it’s not everything you would hope for and then some. I actually prefer the pictures but I always do when it comes to Playboy. These guys get the cream of the crop for babes, so if you like big breasts, tight pussies and extremely hot faces I mean there is really only one place to go and that’s Playboy.

Latina Tries To Sell Phones


XXX Pawn Selling Phones

Here is a nice set of boobs for you guys to oogle at. Her name is well we will never know because she is some random girl off the streets who cam into a pawn shop, XXX Pawn to be exact looking to sell some cellphones. I can only guess at why she has 10 different phones she is trying to pawn, I think she has some friends that like to steal from people. This pawn shop owner has some class though because he doesn’t like dealing in stolen goods. So he flashes some cash and this sexy Latin babe and tells her she should come in the back with him if she wanted some money. Once he gets her in the back he starts to work his magic on her. He gets her to show those tits and then he goes for it all and asks her what it would take for her to fuck him. It doesn’t take much at all in fact I would have paid 10x that amount to get in this sexy little pussy. Like all Latin woman this girl knows how to ride a cock especially in the reverse cowgirl position. You get to see this sex from all sorts of “spy” cam angles because as you can imagine when you run a pawn shop security is a real concern. The guy totally blurs out his face all the time so that’s pretty annoying but if he keeps him turning out these amazing porno’s I say keep on doing what you’re doing brother!

First Day of Work


Fhd anissa kate first day of work

Beautiful exotic MILF Anissa Kate might be stunningly gorgeous but she has had a long dry streak in terms of employment, if you catch my drift…she finally got a great new job and is getting ready for her first day of work in this Fantasy HD update! I guess it went pretty well, she’s all smiles when she gets home…although that might just be due to the balloons and flowers her thoughtful fella has waiting for her as he takes her into his arms and kisses her hello. I’m not sure if this is her fantasy of having a high paying powerful job and then getting her brains fucked out when she gets home, or if it’s the guy’s fantasy of his girl Anissa finally taking home a paycheck and then getting to fuck her brains out when she gets home! Either way it’s hot as hell, Anissa puts those huge tits to work as she gets pounded in the kitchen and in the living room, spreading her legs to take her man’s cock deep in that sweet pussy. She even has a little pubic hair to her name which is pretty unusual in this day and age, and a welcome changeup!

Sensual Deep Tissue


Phd sensual deep tissue

It’s been a good while since we’ve seen the lovely Teal Conrad on Passion HD but the wait is over as she heads in for a little sensual deep tissue bodywork! She’s got tight sore muscles and is ready for some full release as she strips down nude, getting covered with oil and having her big breasts squeezed and rubbed before the masseuse slips his hands between her thighs. His huge cock is stiffening right in her face basically and she can’t help but grab it to give him a blowjob, which of course turns into her riding his big thick meat as he joins her up on the table! She gets her hole filled to the brim with his dick as he fucks her, spreading those long strong legs to penetrate her pussy as deeply as he can manage (and he can manage quite a bit)! I don’t know if Teal is getting relaxed by this massage or even more worked up than she already was, but either way it sure looks like she’s enjoying herself! Especially when the guy shoots a huge creamy load all over her face. If you missed out on the last time Teal was on PHD, I’ve got it right here for your viewing pleasure…don’t say I never did anything for you.

Angel Rose


The water coming out of that shower head must be cold as hell because it’s making Angel Rose’s nipples stand out like eraser heads in this Playboy photoshoot! Plus the lens of the camera isn’t fogging up. Angel doesn’t seem to mind too much, though…she just loves getting naked and getting wet and in this hot shoot she gets plenty of both of that as she takes off her sheer white top and sprays herself down with the shower head, spinning around to show off that sweet round ass and those nice big full breasts of hers! She obviously loves touching her body and I can’t say I blame her, with tits and legs and a butt like that who wouldn’t want to get their hands all over her?

Banana Sex


This girl doesn’t exactly look like a schoolgirl but she is wearing the red plaid schoolgirl skirt you know and love, so that’s already a plus…add to that the fact that she shoves a banana up her cooch and you’ve got a winner in this photoshoot from the DDF network! I don’t know if she likes bananafucking better than being pounded by a big hard cock or if it feels the same or what but she certainly seems to be enjoying herself, stripping down to just her high heels and stockings as she slides that lucky piece of fruit into her pussy from the front and then from the back, spreading her round ass wide as she takes it in her hole.

Gia Lashy


I don’t even know what site these photos are from…I’m sure it’s in the URL or something but holy shit every time I think about looking away from the pictures to look at my browser bar I get another glimpse of those huge perfect tits that Gia Lashy is showing off, not to mention her perfect round ass, and I just can’t look away! This girl is simply stunning and has a body you’ll be dreaming about for weeks, and she’s showing off pretty much every inch of it as she hangs out near a set of purple doors and a straw wall or something, rolling around in a sandbox or on a beach and getting sand on her tits. Think she needs help rinsing them off?

Shyla Jennings


Lovely Shyla Jennings stars in this Digital Desire photoshoot as she slowly and sensually slips out of her sexy sweater to show off those sweet titties! It looks like early morning sun filtering through the curtains and she looks incredible…Shyla is the kind of girl that seems like she’d be completely stunning in any light and at any time of the day, you could throw a hunk of mud in her hair and she would look like a supermodel showing off some new trend. Absolutely magnificent and luckily she loves to show off her body like she’s doing here in these photos!

Ellena Woods


Ellena woods for zishy

Sweet and sexy teen cutie Ellena Woods is from the Pacific Northwest so she doesn’t know a whole lot about hanging out on the beach in the sun! The Zishy photographer took her to Muscle Beach and was able to take these adorably hot photos of Ellena before she was turned into a cinder…her skin just wasn’t ready for the rays of the sun, that Washington state weather made her susceptible to becoming charcoal. Before that untimely event though Ellena had a blast in her Beach Casual outfit, consisting of tiny white shorts that she tugged down to show off her nice teen ass, and a pink tshirt that was easy to lift up and give us a little sneak peak flash of those perky titties! Can’t wait to see this girl come back for more shots, she seems like a sweetheart and that body of hers is mighty fine too!

Hitomi Tanaka


Skyrockets in flight, morning delight HUGE TITTIES! That’s about how that song goes, right? Well it would be if they had been checking out these pictures of Asian goddess Hitomi Tanaka on Scoreland showing off those massive breasts of hers! We get to watch her morning routine from waking up and stretching to brushing her teeth and hopping in the shower to soap up and wash those big boobs to get ready for a long day of looking fucking gorgeous. Scoreland was there to snap pictures all along the way, for which the entire population of Earth owes them a letter of sincere and heartfelt gratitude.

The Other Massager


Passion hd the other massager

When beautiful blonde Lexi Davis strolled into the Passion HD massage parlor in her panties, bra, and high heels the masseuse seemed pretty businesslike but once he got her laid down on the table and started rubbing oil into her smooth skin things definitely heated up! She loved the feel of his hands on her big breasts and nice firm ass but asked for the other massager, so he pulled out the big magic wand vibrator and started pleasuring that sweet pussy of hers! She loved that even more but once again asked for The “Other” Massager! Apparently that’s code for his cock so of course he obliged, because the customer is always right…he slide his dick down her throat while she lay on her back, and then joined her on the table for a nice hardcore fuck session. She was all turned on already so that pussy was dripping wet by the time she lowered herself onto his shaft, riding him and moaning as he bent her over to fuck her from behind before shooting his load onto her lovely face!

Hole In One


Povd hole in one

Get ready to whip out your putter and get a hole in one thanks to POVD with this update featuring the lovely Taylor Whyte! She’s practicing her form in the condo, knocking a few balls into the cup and looking mighty hot doing it! When she sees her man getting a little turned on she does her best to drive him wild by taking off her top and sliding her putter handle up between those nice big tits, licking it like a dick! Soon her little plan backfires though and she ends up getting a real dick in her mouth and pussy, I guess the feeling of that big long shaft and playing with those balls got her in the mood for the real thing. Taylor looks great and since this is POVD you’re getting the whole thing from a nice first person perspective with incredible high resolution video quality that brings you right there into the room to watch this hot blonde pornstar getting her knees to her ears and offering up those sweet holes of hers!

Loving Spoonful


Romi rain lovin spoonful pm

Sometimes there’s no need to take things to extremes in terms of getting a fancy setting or props or wardrobe to make things sexy, sometimes it’s plenty just to have a gorgeous busty MILF like Romi Rain here getting fucked in bed by her man! She gives him almost everything she has to offer in this Pure Mature scene called Loving Spoonful, licking him up and down and getting her pussy tongued before spreading her legs and getting fucked with a vibrator and of course by his big thick dick as well. If you’re a fan of tattoos Romi has a huge one on her back, it’s pretty awesome and especially looks great when she is riding up and down on this guy’s crank, moaning her head off! By the way, if you’re wondering where the name of this Pure Mature update came from it’s probably not a reference to the band…my understanding is that on average a guy shoots about a tablespoon or so of cum when he busts a nut, so Romi is getting a loving spoonful of cream at the end of this scene!

Sara Luvv Nice POV


Sara Luvv on Porn Goes Pro

Check out this nice little Sara Luvv video I have for you guys. It’s from a site called Porn Goes Pro which you guys love of course. It gives you that look of what it would really be like to fuck Sara Luvv. She comes over to this Johns house and he starts to kiss and and finger her pussy. Sara tells him to wait and she goes into the bathroom where she changes into some very sexy lingerie. She has the garter on and everything. Then she comes out and she starts to suck this guys cock. Once he is rock hard she unzips her crotchless panties and lets him pound her missionary until she orgasms. She eventually ends up almost completely naked and they roll around in the sack for a good hour fucking in all kinds of position. The scene ends when he pulls out of her meaty little pussy, rips off his condom and ejaculates all over Sara’s pretty face.

Ariella and Ava


This is just too good of video not to post! It has two of the hottest MILFs I can possibly think of in the same video. Naughty America is pretty much the worlds MILFs headquarters. I think they have made a combination that has never happened before either. I first checked out site if Ariella Ferrera and Ava Addams have ever done a scene together before but couldn’t find a thing. Then I went over to the and he didn’t have anything either! So I am going to declare that this is the first time that these two MILFs have shared a cock let alone eaten each others pussy out. Both of them have nice big tits, Ava’s being a little better I mean that’s just a fact. They both have round giant asses and this Johnny guy has to just be thinking to himself that he is living the life while he puts his dick in each of these amazing pussies. The scene is all about how Ariella is being wished a happy Mother’s Day from Johnny. She has known him for a long time because he was best friends with her son. So when he comes over and Ava see’s how hot he is she asks Ariella why she hasn’t tapped that yet. Ariella thinks it’s too weird but Ava is a horny MILF and that’s the only thing in her mind. So with that being said Ava spearheads this threesome and basically makes it happen by being overtly flirty with Johnny.

Coming Clean


Zishy lilith lust coming clean

Some girls just get it in their minds that what they want to become is a human Barbie doll, doesn’t matter if it makes them look like an alien or what (since the Barbie has such freakish proportions when turned into actual human sizes)…I don’t know what the appeal is but I guess Lilith Lust is one of those girls! Luckily there are sites out there like Zishy where they love to have girls on and just allow them to show their personalities, because Lilith (you might also know here as Rainia Belle but not so much) is cool as hell, and just so happens to have an incredible body and a beautiful face! With her sexy blue spandex top and panties she looks fantastic already but it’s when she strips down entirely nude that she really shines through…those huge tits of hers are pretty much perfect and she also has an incredible ass that she shows off here in this photoshoot as she hops in the shower and gets all squeaky clean. In fact the name of this photoshoot is Coming Clean if that tells you anything…can’t wait to see more from this hot redhead!

Anissa Kate Returns


Mr anal anissa kate returns

It’s been a really long time since we saw Anissa Kate grace the ranks of the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal but the long wait is over, she got a hankering for a big fat cock in the ass and knew just where to go! If you missed her previous appearance (I think there has only been one, if I’m wrong let me know) on Mr Anal you can check it out right here. Back to the present though, this horny hot Latina babe has an ass that is just perfect for a good hard fuck and she puts it to work here, stretching out her balloon knot with a big toy or two to get ready for that dick! She gets her wish, taking this guy’s big fat cock deep inside her butt and moaning with every thrust…this girl seems to really get off on being fucked in the ass, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again for round 3 on Mr Anal sometime pretty soon.

Tattoo Girl Gets A Deal


Here is a fine ass girl in a g-string in what you probably think is like a hidden camera site and you would be some what right. This scene comes from a site called XXX Pawn. The whole idea of this site is that when girls that are somewhat good looking (they’re all not perfect 10’s here) and need some extra money are given a rather unusual option. That option is the guy who owns the pawn shop says they can go in the back and take a couple of nude pictures with their item them want to sell and he’ll throw in a couple extra hundred bucks. This is like some of those other sites where once they get the girls top off they keep offering more and more money until the girl finally agrees to fuck on camera. Since this is a real deal pawn shop there is camera’s everywhere in the place so you get some really cool angles of the sex. The guy also holds a camera so you get some POV shots which are nice. It is especially nice with this round ass Latin girl. When he tells her to sit down reverse cowgirl on his cock the video switches to his view and let me tell you it’s a site to be seen. This girl has ridden a dick or two in her day that’s for sure. So far from taking their tour it looks like all these girls are real amateurs so this could be one of those real deal porn sites, we can only hope right!

Shae Summers Tight & Wet


Shae Summers Teens Love Huge Cocks

I can’t be the only one that is over these hats and sweaters that Teens Love Huge Cocks seems to put all their models in. I don’t really get it at all. It never makes them look hotter, maybe the colors are what they’re going for or something. I mean you can’t tell me Shae Summers looks hotter in this red cap then she would without it? Alright now that I got that out of my system let’s talk about this amazing scene. First you get to see Shae naked and fucking so right there you know it’s going to be good. What is really going to put these scene at the top verses other videos that Shae has done is that she is getting creampied in this video! Her tits are looking better then ever, does she have the best tits in porn right now? I tend to think she does I mean they’re big, natural and they hang on her body just perfectly. It looks as though Shae is making her way through all the Reality Kings site I mean there is a lot of them so that gives me hope that we’re going to have Shae Summers porn coming out of our ears. If you missed last weeks it was of her on Big Naturals also a very good scene but this one ended in her tits getting covered in cum.

Tight Ass Teen


Girls do porn zigzag skirt

This girl is 18 for sure…I mean it’s no big secret that some sites claim their girls are 18 years old but when you look at them it’s pretty obvious that they’re at least in their mid or late 20s. This chick though is 18 (turning 19 in a couple of months) for sure, her shyness and sweet sort of innocence scream 18 if you ask me. She’s doing her very first adult video here on Girls Do Porn and is doing it for the money of course but also because it sounds fun, and I think that’s just swell…she’s 18 and legal, why not explore her sexuality a bit! She admits she’s a bit selfish in the sexual arena and doesn’t like sharing so I guess we won’t be seeing her get into any threesomes anytime soon…also she says she doesn’t do anal because of the pain and that’s a shame because she’s got a great ass! After her initial interview she’s ready to get this party started but can’t quite seem to get the hang of unbuttoning the guy’s shorts, maybe she’s still a little nervous or something. Once he tugs them down and she takes his cock in her mouth though I think she settles down a little, licking and sucking that big dick before stripping naked and taking him inside her tight little hole! If you ask me the best part is when she’s riding him cowgirl style with her perfect tight ass towards us…that butt is pretty amazing. I’m not sure if it’s just something on my end by the way but it seems like the audio for this update was really quiet, I had to crank things up a bit to hear what was being said which really fucked with me when I switched back to music afterwards, just a word of caution for you guys!

Some Car Fun


Lucy tyler ccgfs

This hot blonde college girl needed a ride from her friend but there was a price to pay…you know how it used to be ‘grass gas or ass nobody rides for free’, now it’s ‘show me your hole is the name of the toll’! Actually I just made that up but it’s pretty fuckin catchy if you ask me, maybe that’ll catch on and make me a million dollars from bumperstickers and whatnot. In the meantime though until that check shows up in the mail let’s watch this update from Crazy College GFs as this guy has some car fun with his hot horny friend! She was willing to show those perfect perky boobies before the ride and flashes her pussy during the ride, and when the driver pops wood she seals the deal to get a ride across town by grabbing his crank like a stickshift and then sucking him off as he drove around (secretly he was probably going around the block over and over). Seems like a fair price to pay, especially when the guy submits the video to this website for us to enjoy!

Hot Afternoon


Joymii hot afternoon

Spring is here in full swing and is well on its way towards summer type weather and that means a hot afternoon is in the cards! Josephine here and her man have headed inside the house to beat the heat in this Joymii update but things are only going to get steamier as they shed their clothes and hit the bedsheets for a roll in the hay, so to speak. Josephine has those nice huge tits out and in full effect as she goes for a carousel ride on his uncut cock (I thought it was broken or something at first but I guess that’s just his foreskin, took me by surprise in a couple of the photos). Watch this hottie hold on for dear life as she takes his crank deep in her shaved hole…they don’t have a whole lot of fancy props or exotic scenery or anything here, just two horny people getting naked and fucking and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that if you ask me, no need to complicate things!

Desperate Nurse


Here is a girl who walked into a pawn shop just trying to get 200 bucks. It seems like such little money especially to go in the back and suck the owners dick but that’s what this exotic nurse ends up doing. She doesn’t just suck his dick she also fucks him as well as does some other crazy things on camera for him. The videos from this XXX Pawn shop are pretty real I am not going to say it is for sure real but I mean it looks like it’s a operational pawn shop in my opinion. This girl probably ended up fucking this guy just when she saw how big his dick is. He pulled that thing out and she probably was like “okay I will fuck him”. She is a nurse so you would think money wouldn’t be a problem but you always spend what you make I think. This is the first time I am posting this site but I can guess this won’t be the last time you see the pawn shop.

Irene Quinn


Irene quinn on zishy

There is no doubt about it, Irene Quinn is a stone fox in this Zishy photoshoot! She starts out ahead of the curve already with her beautiful face and incredible body but with an outfit like this it just brings things above and beyond the call of hotness duty…she’s got a semi-sheer top that lets her nipples show through just enough to drive a fella crazy, and a skirt that looks like what a horny secretary might be wearing in those dreams you have. She’s just checking her mail at the bottom floor of the apartment building you share with her, maybe you’ve seen Irene from a distance as she brings groceries home or whatever but never got the gumption up to talk to her. Well now’s your chance big guy! I guess whatever small talk you two made did the trick because soon Irene is hiking up her skirt to show off that perfect ass in her thong panties and her perky nipples are straining against that thin fabric. Zishy loves letting a girl show her personality in their photoshoots and Irene here has a blast walking around town with the cameraman flashing and teasing away!

Roses For His Lady


Passion hd brooke wylde roses

This classy son of a bitch has learned the most important lesson of all, which is that gifts and flowers aren’t just for holidays and birthdays when it comes to women! He brought home some roses for his lady Brooke Wylde “just because” and from her reaction in this Passion HD update I’d have to say it worked out pretty well in his favor! She was so excited by the unexpected present that she figured she’d do a little something nice for him too so she stripped down, getting those big full breasts out and dropping to her knees to suck him off before going for a nice hard ride! Brooke has an incredible body and just seems to get hotter every time we see her…she’s been on a few Passion HD updates before, they’re all worth checking out but I recommend this threesome and this hardcore scene in particular! It’s always a pleasure seeing her ride a cock with those big tits bouncing all over the damn place…if you’re ever wondering how to get on the right side with a girl like Brooke I guess you can try bringing her a little bouquet of roses, it certainly seems to have worked for this guy, with Brooke ending up with a faceful of his cum!

Dakota Skye Ride to a Ride


Dakota skye returns povd

Blonde cutie Dakota Skye is so horny she can’t even wait to get back to the condo to get fucked, she just has to start things off with a blowjob during the car ride in this POVD update called Ride to a Ride! We’ve seen this cutie on the site before so you know how perfect that sweet little body of hers is, and now you get another chance to see what it’s like to fuck that tight spinner’s pink hole as she moans her way to orgasm! Since this is POVD you know the video quality is going to be incredibly high resolution and it’s all in first person perspective with great 3d audio so it’ll be like you’re right there sliding your big dick into that tight hole. I still think Dakota Skye is one of the hottest models active in the industry today…she hasn’t been around for super long but she’s definitely made some waves with her perfect ass and those nice perky titties, not to mention her gorgeous face!

Ava Addams Blowjob


If you’ve been around in the adult world for a bit you’ve most likely seen Ava Addams before, she’s gorgeous and fucks like a demon and has been on a bunch of different sites, you’d recognize her pretty face in an instant. What would improve those already stunning good looks? How about if she had a big hard cock shoved into her mouth! That’s just what you get in this photoshoot from her own website as she sucks this guy’s dick just to relax during an evening at home…it’s shot in POV style so you can make like it’s your cock if you want and enjoy the sight of this beautiful pornstar licking and stroking and sucking your cock with those big tits of hers bouncing right out of her top!

Lizzie Cundy


Here’s yet another English celebrity I didn’t recognize and had to look up on the ol’ wikipedia…her name is Lizzie Cundy and she’s apparently a TV presenter and fashion advisor, but it looks like someone should have advised her not to wear a dress that would let her nipple peek through like this! She’s a MILF for sure and has nice big tits and one of them (almost both really) shows right through the lacy red fabric as she gets her photo snapped on the red carpet at some awards show or red carpet event or who knows what.

Ava Dalush


I don’t know if it’s this chick Ava Dalush’s hairstyle or what but it looks like her head is just itty bitty in this photoshoot from 21 Naturals…she does have nice big tits but hey what if they’re just normal sized tits and they look big compared to her tiny little head? Either way she’s damn cute and has an ass like you dream about as she walks into the living room wearing just her knee high white socks and then goes for a ride on her man’s lap, taking his cock deep inside her sweet hole! It looks like he’s a big fan of those socks or her tits or maybe both, can’t say I blame him. I hope he has good aim though if he’s looking to give her a facial, that head is not a very big target.

Alexis Crystal


Beautiful blonde Alexis Crystal stars in this Sex Art episode and looks like she’s having a hell of a nice day as she goes for a horse ride, has a nice cup of tea with her man and then gets her sweet tight body rocked! This guy takes his time stripping her down and licking that sweet pussy, tongueing her clit to drive her nuts before laying her back on the kitchen table and sliding his cock deep inside that pink wet hole. It’s like he made a list of everything she would consider part of her perfect day and put them all together for her, which is about the best thing you can possibly do for a woman if you ask me! Well either that or he was just horny as hell and she was down to fuck on the table…either way we get a front row seat to the action as she gets those perky little boobies out and gets drilled!

Cassie Laine


There are plenty of girls who look great naked or look great in lingerie but I would say the ones who look great either way are a bit fewer in number! Cassie Laine here happens to be among their number and in this Twistys photoshoot she shows her stuff, peeling out of those skimpy little panties and showing off that nice firm ass before laying back on the bed, spreading her legs to finger her pussy for us! Cassie loves showing off her body but she loves masturbating more, so when she gets to do both at once like this you can tell she really gets into it, finger-fucking her pussy and spreading those soft pink lips as she gives us that look she does so well.

Digital Playground May 2014


I don’t usually just post trailers for porn videos but man these Digital Playground videos that are coming out in May (2014) look pretty awesome don’t they. I couldn’t name all the pornstars in this little trailer but afew of them are Katerina Kay, Madison Ivy, Mia Malkova, ALina Li, Skin Diamond, Ava Addams alright that’s enough. There is plenty more pornstars that I just don’t feel like typing out. These are all brand new porn videos that are not quite released yet but if you join you will get access to all of these because when you join a site like Digital Playground you join for a month at a time. Just watch the trailer and tell me you don’t want to be a member of their site, I fucking dare you! So I am going to attempt to name the DVD’s that this little trailer is representing but please don’t quote me on this. First the picture I posted here is from “No Way Out” and then the other scenes are from one of these: “Gym Angels”, “The Offering”, “Rawcuts”, “Blow Back” Alright I think that’s all the info you need but if you didn’t read any of this I don’t blame you just join their site that’s all you really need to know.

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