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Sex Factor


Hopefully you’re not already burned out on reality contest shows, because I’ve got some big news…soon there will be a reality competition show called The Sex Factor! Girls are going to compete and show they’ve got what it takes to make it big in the business and they can win a cool million bucks if they cum in first place, but first they’ve gotta impress the judges which consist of Remy Lacroix, Tori Black, Lexi Belle and Keiran Lee! That’s right, some of the hottest girls in the industry today are going to oversee what is surely going to be truly fucking epic adventures. Lexi Belle used to be my favorite by the way but I just found out from this article that she says Attack of the Clones is her favorite movie and I cannot condone that.

Liza Del Sierra “The Ride”


I don’t know about you guys but this scene I have seen around on banners pretty much everywhere that Digital Playground advertises. I have always wanted to see it but never knew hot to find it well today I found the video over at . It isn’t just some small little video either you get to see her whole riding session in this clip so take some time and really enjoy this. Liza Del Sierra is known for that perfect plump ass of hers and it doesn’t disappoint in this video. I love how she is completely straddling him with her legs pinning herself on his lap. She isn’t just riding when she is on top too you should see the motion she is able to get going, it’s simply memorizing. I went ahead and looked around for the DVD that this scene comes from and it’s called Foreigner and I went ahead and got for the DVD so you guys could see that. Don’t buy the DVD whatever you do though because it’s such a bad deal you can just join Digital Playground for a couple of bucks and watch it there.

Trick And Treat


Dare dorm trick and treat

If you’re trying to think of the sexiest holiday of the year I hope you skip right over Valentine’s Day and head right to Halloween! That’s when the chicks put on their sexy costumes and throw big parties that more often than not turn into more than just a costume bash…these girls on Dare Dorm for instance decided to throw a costume party in their dorm room, there wasn’t much space but they got a nice little gaggle of people in there and once the drinks started flowing the fun started happening! We’ve got a sexy vampire, a sexy devil, a sexy witch, the list goes on…nowadays you can take pretty much any costume and throw the word ‘sexy’ in front of it and you’ve got yourself a winner at any party. The dudes in attendance get pretty turned on by the girls making out and goofing around but when the chicks decide it’s time for some serious lesbian fun and start eating out each others pussy thats when the party really starts. Soon everyone is basically naked or nearly so and the girls are either licking slit or sucking cock or getting fucked in what must be the campus Halloween party of the year with both trick and treat for all!

Jada Stevens


Jada stevens on hardx

When you see a girl with an ass as incredible as the juicy booty sexy pornstar Jada Stevens is sporting, you just can’t help but imagine her naked and bent over, getting fucked in the ass from behind! Well lucky for you, Hard X is cumming to the rescue with this sexy set…the pictures are of Jada hanging out in her skimpy bikini on the balcony leaning over the rail to give you a great view of that round bubble butt and looking sexy as hell! The video clip in this gallery is what happens after she heads inside, getting bent over this guy’s lap to have her ass fingered and then fucked in a hot hardcore scene as she moans with lust and that mix of pleasure and some pain that anal tends to bring! Jada has an incredible body and Hard X is the perfect site for her to show off what it’s capable of, particularly because she loves getting fucked in her tight pucker so much.

Foxy Business Lady


Xxxpawn sexy businesslady

This foxy business lady had gone to some conference or other and then afterwards had headed out on the town, apparently she drank a hell of a lot more than she should and spent all her money, missing her flight in the process! If that’s not bad enough she had apparently been quite a drinker a few years ago (imagine that) and didn’t want her husband to know she had tied one on like this….well anyway she headed to the XXX Pawn shop to see what she could do to get some emergency scratch and buy a same-day plane ticket! Well if you’ve seen this site before you know how that goes down, she headed to the back room with the boss to ‘research plane ticket prices’ and started sucking his cock, getting those huge tits of hers out in the process, then bent over his table to get her pussy pounded while he recorded the whole thing! This hot amateur might be the businesswoman here but this guy is definitely giving her the business but good, and while she’s busy wiping cum from her eyes after getting a facial he starts showering her with cash, making it rain after making it rain if you catch what I’m sayin!

Alina Li


Alina li on bang bus

Tell me you wouldn’t lose your damn mind if you were walking down the street, the Bang Bus pulled up next to you and grinning in the back seat was gorgeous Asian pornstar Alina Li! That’s just what happened to these lucky dudes in this update from the Bang Bros network, and we get to watch all the fun! Usually what happens in these is that the pornstars end up with a train of limp dicks who get nervous on camera or who knows what and fail to ‘perform’ so to speak, but in this case right off the bat Alina found a guy who could give her pussy a nice deep dicking…after him it was a different story but oh well. We do get to see those cute perky little boobies of hers in action and of course her perfect ass when she gets on her hands and knees to get railed from behind! I think it’s been a little while since I’ve seen Alina around, I’m glad she’s still doing updates and of course glad that she still looks amazing.

Eva Sedona


Eva sedona on amateur creampies

Raven haired beauty Eva Sedona has such an incredibly sexy look to her right off the bat in this Amateur Creampies update, moaning and smiling as this guy dives facefirst on her sweet little pussy, licking her clit and running his hands over her big titties! She just plain loves sex, it’s easy to see why she wanted to get into the adult industry and it’s always a pleasure to see beautiful young ladies like Eva at the beginning of the game so to speak. She gives the guy a great blowjob, licking him up and down and kissing his cock and balls while he plays with her long dark hair before taking him deep inside her tight pink pussy, getting pinned to the bed and fucked doggystyle before bringing her knees up to her ears and getting penetrated as deep as he could manage, fucking her perfect teen hole until he shot his load into it for the creampie finish this site is so well known for! This girl’s perfect tits, ass and pussy are worth the price of admission to begin with and the fact that she takes a load in her hole is just icing on the cake so to speak.



Afton on brcc

I get the feeling they’ve been saving this one up or something on Backroom Casting Couch because this girl Afton is a winner from head to toe…she’s itty bitty but has big ol titties with a gorgeous face, a great ass and the sexual openness to play with all of the above! This hot spinner barely cracks the 5-foot mark but her attitude is larger than life as she gives this guy a great blowjob, lays on the table to get her tight pussy pounded (making those huge boobs bounce hypnotically by the way) and then even bends over to get fucked in the ass! That’s right, this girl who already marked as a perfect 10 also likes anal and got her backdoor pounded in this hot update…the guy even ended up cumming inside her pussy for a nice creampie and she didn’t seem too put off by it, she just cleaned up and headed to the store for a little Plan B! If you don’t mind a bunch of tattoos and a few piercings this girl Afton is just incredible, I don’t know if this is just her one and only adult scene but hopefully she’ll be back for more hardcore fun on some other sites, we’ll see.



Bekah for ecg

This girl Bekah here is 18 years old, cute as hell, and is a raging fucking nymphomaniac! Plenty of women in the adult industry claim to that title but for the most part it’s all for show, they like cock but chicks like Bekah here on Exploited College Girls absolutely crave it…the hotel door barely closes behind them when this girl dives at Jay’s cock, sucking him and begging him to give that teen pussy of hers a good deep hard pounding! He’s more than willing but first she’s gotta prove she deserves it, by getting her pussy penetrated with toys and fingers and by sucking Jay’s cock until he has mercy and finally sinks to the hilt in her wet hole. She goes absolutely apeshit and fucks him like crazy in all kinds of different positions, I think her favorite is doggystyle (pretty universal favorite I think) and she goes after his cock with a very sexy enthusiasm and some nice dirty talk too…after giving her the deep dicking she was after Jay unleashed his load all over Bekah, giving her a huge creamy facial that covered her from chin to hairline which she dipped up with a finger and licked, this girl is just insatiable!

Exotic Schoolgirl MILF


Mompov exotic schoolgirl milf

It’s pretty unusual for a MILF to dress up like a schoolgirl but I guess the sexiness of certain outfits never goes away! This exotic babe is 35 so she’s a little on the young side for a mature site like Mom POV but she is fucking hot as hell and has huge tits and a beautiful face so hey who’s gonna complain? It’s a shame about her terrible tribal tramp-stamp tattoo but if you can ignore it she’s got a hell of a nice butt…those huge boobs and that lovely face though are the spotlights I’d say so keep an eye out for when she’s riding your cock POV style with her big breasts in your face bouncing up and down! She’s a little nervous but it’s hard to tell once the action gets started, I guess once she got a taste of that huge cock and let her titties out to play she got a bit more comfortable and just went with the flow so to speak. Speaking of flow, she takes a huge drippy facial to finish this hot update off after licking and sucking the guy’s cock and balls!

Give Me More


X art give me more part 2

So there’s a bit of a mix in this X Art update…the video clip is basically Lisa on her own masturbating and running her hands all over her spectacular nude body, and the photos are what happens next when her real-life boyfriend Max strolls into the room! We’ve seen this couple one other time already in a scene called Epic Love which I just linked there for you in case you missed it, and I’m certainly glad they decided to do another one because Lisa is a stunner and a half! She’s got nice bouncy boobies and a fantastic ass, and a kind of indefinable sensuality about her that a lot of girls are lacking if you ask me. The name of the update is Give Me More and that’s basically what you’ll be saying after you watch Lisa masturbating and then getting fucked in that sweet wet pussy of hers! This gorgeous dark haired Czech beauty is a fan of big muscles and big dick and her man Max fits the bill as she rides his meat until he shoots his load all over her pussy and stomach for a very hot finish to this sexy hardcore scene!



I think it was Jean-Paul Sartre who said “Hell is other people”…Maria here took that one step further to show that for her, Heaven is being in a room with a mirror! That’s all there is in this photoshoot, just Maria in a bare white room with a mirror and she seems like she’s having a ball getting naked and playing around. We get double the view of that perfect ass when she lays down next to the glass, and I guess even she is subject to its attraction because she starts staring at her reflection and licking her lips like she’s about to jump through the glass and fuck herself! I see you, she says, and I want you! We all do, Maria. We all do.

Alina Li


Alina Li is one of the most gorgeous pornstars in the industry right now but honestly I think she might have taken a break or something, I haven’t really seen her doing much work lately! Hopefully that changes but in the meantime at least we can enjoy sexy photoshoots like this one where Alina is in her sexy outfit on the couch, lifting up the hem of her little skirt to show off her thong panties and garter belt with those sheer thigh high stockings. This girl has a tight little spinner body with nice perky boobies and a fantastic ass, but really it’s that stunning face of hers that draws your attention in and keeps it there!

September Carrino


Brace yourself for the majestic awesomeness that is September Carrino and her two best friends, Left Tit and Right Tit! Those breasts are incredible…obviously they’re enormous but they’re also nice and full and, if you can believe September’s word for it, all natural! Some girls just win the genetic lottery in terms of boob size I suppose. Anyway in this photoshoot September is all gussied up in lingerie and elbow length gloves and whatnot…the top of her outfit has no chance of containing those magnificent mammaries for long so she goes along with it, letting her boobs out to play when she feels like the fabric is just about to give. She looks like a blonder version of Jessica Rabbit or something.



Ever hear of the Lady in the Lake, who gave King Arthur the sword Excalibur? Well this chick Allana isn’t exactly distributing swords as a basis for a system of government but she is in a lake so that’s what made me think of it. It’s a beautiful summer day and Allana was feeling the heat so she figured she’d head down to the water and take a little naked dip! Since she’s completely fucking gorgeous I say that is a very fine idea indeed, especially because she took her photographer buddy down along with her for the adventure.

Russian Teens


These two gorgeous Russian lesbian teens are spending the day out in nature, letting the golden sun shine onto their nude skin as they pose by a tree together! The darker haired one has slightly bigger breasts so if you’re trying to choose between them that might be the deciding factor. They’re both cute as hell with great tight little butts and nice perky boobies, so it’s not like you’re gonna be hurtin whichever one you prefer! These two nymphs are both incredible, petite and sexy as hell…they seem like a dream in the woods, you could photoshop fairy wings on both of them and the effect would be pretty much the same!

Anya Ivy and Mya Lushes


I should really start making my own Anya Ivy galleries but I like to give credit to the guy who makes a gallery that is god you know. This is a really good one and Blackz deserves some credit. It is starring Anya Ivy right there holding that girls head and then this perfect round ass you see belongs to another black girl named Mya Lushes. Both of these girls have all natural tits hence the reason they’re on Big Naturals. I feel like you only see black girls on Reality Kings on their Round and Brown site but today they’re bucking that trend. I don’t see how you couldn’t like these girls they’re both just gorgeous all the way around from their faces to those big black asses of theirs. Hope you enjoys this long video as much as I did, if you want to see the full thing just join Reality Kings they have a $1.00 special going on righ tnow.

Chloe Amour Oil Massage


Chloe Amour Tiny4k

I hope you enjoy seeing this scene cause I know I did. I am trying to post more and more of these Tiny4K videos because it is a new site and I know how much you guys tend to love anything that is new. Chloe Amour is getting a oil massage in this scene. It is a really long video 11 minutes to be exact and you get everyting from the beginning to the facial ending. It’s really not cut short at all Tiny4K just wants you guys know know what you’re getting when you become a member of this amazing site. Right now they’re offering a special discount but you have to click on the link below the video in orer to get it. Make sure you wait for the video to load it’s pretty high quality and so it might take a bit if you’re on a slower connection. It’s no where near as high quality as it is in the members are if you guys didn’t read my last posts 4K stands for what you think it does the quality of video that is shot. You see all those 4K TV’s that are for sell well these videos right here would take advantage of that TV.

Sexy Pillow Fight


Passion hd sexy pillow fight

It used to be much more common in porn, but nowadays you just don’t see a sexy pillow fight often enough! Passion HD is looking to rectify that in this hot update as Marina Angel and Kacey Jordan start whaling away at each other with pillows as they relaxed on the bed, then got into a hot makeout session like lesbians. I guess the pillows just couldn’t take that hotness because when they started bashing each other again they burst at the seams, spraying feathers all over the damn place while the girls just laughed and played! Their guy pal heard the commotion and headed into the bedroom, taken by surprise by all the mess but when he saw those two blonde hotties half-dressed in each others’ arms he didn’t worry too much about that anymore, he just jumped into bed and proceeded to fuck both of them silly! This fun pillowfight turned into a hot hardcore threeway and Kacey and Marina look like they couldn’t be happier about it. Marina’s done a few scenes before but this is Kacey’s very first Passion HD update and I certainly hope it won’t be the last!

Make Her Squirt


Make her squirt on fantasy hd

I’m not really sure why Fantasy HD decided to call this update Make Her Squirt because Anissa Kate didn’t do much squirting that I could see, maybe I missed it…she does look super fucking hot though with her huge tits and that sexy round ass, so who really cares what the title is! Anissa’s been the center of many a fantasy I’m sure and now it’s about time to make all those cum true….some of the update is in POV perspective and some isn’t, hopefully that’s cool by you. Anissa starts out in bed with her skirt hiking up, her man is kissing her passionately and slides his hands down over her thighs, pulling her panties aside to slip a vibrator into her slit and drive her nuts! A little toy play and a little oral action gets Anissa all hot and bothered and ready for a good hard fuck, so she spreads her legs to take her man’s huge cock in her pink wet pussy, then gets tittyfucked until the guy shoots his huge wet load all over her beautiful exotic face!

Picnic Passions


Povd tucker starr picnic passions

We’ve seen beautiful blonde Tucker Starr on the site POVD before (the link is right here if you missed her previous scene) but I’ve gotta say I think this one is way hotter! Not only is she naked eating fruit at the beginning of this scene but there’s some kind of huge poker chip pillow or something involved. Who knows what’s up wtih that but we do get to watch Tucker putting her moves to good use as she absolutely pounds this guy’s cock, taking him deep in her pussy and going for the ride of her life with her head thrown back in ecstasy moaning her head off! I guess this is their idea of a picnic because the update is called Picnic Passions, but they’re not at a park or anything like that and the only food involved are the succulent strawberries Tucker is eating at the beginning. I’m not sure what the hottest position Tucker gets into is, she’s cute as hell and has great tits so it’s awesome when she’s riding your cock facing you and bouncing up and down, but that ass of hers is fucking perfection so when she spins around and gets into some reverse cowgirl I’m surprised the guy didn’t blow his load right then and there! Soon he does just that, shooting a nice big load of cum all over her for a big facial finish to this hot episode.

Exotic Chloe Amour


Exotic chloe on povd

I think this is the third time on POVD for Chloe Amour but it would be pretty much impossible to get tired of that face or that sweet ass am I right! If you missed out on the first couple of scenes don’t fret, I’ve got them right here for you: scene1 and scene2. After you check those out come on back here and watch exotic Chloe scamper her way into the penthouse suite, all hot and excited to basically rip her clothes off and dive onto your cock in this first person fuck scene! She gives a great blowjob although it looks like she’s skipped a couple of meals here and there; she’s a bit skinnier than I remember and I’m not sure I dig that. This girl is still gorgeous though and loves getting her hands and mouth on a big hard cock, working it up and down and staring up at you until that dick is nice and hard and ready to fuck! Chloe gets her wet pussy pounded hard and deep and fast in this hot scene, moaning and holding on for dear life as she rides that dick until she gets what she’s after: a big facial cumshot that drips down her lips and chin!

Chloe Foster


Tiny4k tiny blonde workout chloe foster

Sexy little golden haired spinner Chloe Foster is ready to work up a sweat in this Tiny4k update called Tiny Blonde Workout, I guess she already finished going for a run or doing some yoga so her blood was already flowing and she figured it was time for the real workout to begin! She stripped out of her little stretchy shorts and top to show off that tight butt before her man showed up and whipped out his enormous cock for her to play with and suck! Chloe looks amazed by that man-meat and I guess it’s understandable, it’s basically the size of her arm and she’s trying to cram it down her throat but that’s only the beginning, soon she’s getting lifted up and penetrated with her legs wrapped around the guy’s waist, taking that huge dick in her sweet little hole! I feel bad for any guys who try to fuck her after this, she gets well and truly pounded by this donkey-hung fella. If you’ve got a thing for little blonde spinners getting filled up with cock in incredibly high quality video, Tiny4k is going to blow you away with this scene! Speaking of being blown away, Chloe takes a nice messy facial to finish up this hot fuck session.



Ftvgirls avia

Meet Avia, a tall beautiful 26 year old babe with long legs and a raging libido…somehow she’s never done adult work in her life but wanted to give it a whirl once (and once only) so she made the admirable decision to do an exclusive update for FTV Girls! She knew she’d have a ball of a time after watching some of the other girls on the site. This update was actually not done by the normal guy from FTV, they rarely do a remote contributor shoot but this girl was hot enough that they figured they’d make an exception, so if you notice any differences in style of video or photography that’s why. The guy did a pretty good job but takes a silver medal behind the normal FTV guy in my opinion…anyway this chick Avia is horny as hell pretty much all the time so she masturbates in private and in public too! Starting right off the bat she uses a vibrator on her pussy in the car as they drive around, coming to a nice strong orgasm before the shoot really even gets started, if that’s any indication of how this update goes! Avia goes for a naked hike, plays with herself anally and has more orgasms than you can shake your stick at.

Rebecca Linares Epic Anal


I don’t like to post older galleries but sometimes you see a video and it just has to be seen. I somehow missed this Brazzers scene back in the day but I am making up for it today because you guys are getting a nice long video of it. The official episode title for this one is Big Butt Cake has Rebecca Linares making up for sitting on her bosses cake by letting him lick it off her butt and then the big prize is getting butt fucked by her. The video I have for you guys in this gallery starts right in the action so you don’t need to go fast forwarding or anthing like that. I look at this video and am very sad that you don’t see Rebecca in more scenes now a days she must have retired or something. Looks like she is still some what around though because she is active on her Twitter account. Seems like she is a coordinator for a model agency now or something. I wish she would just come back though! This gallery doesn’t really show what she looks like now but if you guys forgot check out this scene where she has her new boobs installed, I love them what about you?

Christy Mack HardX


I think my girl Christy Mack here isn’t shooting any porn anymore because it’s been a long time since I have seen a new video from her. This is a New To Me video from HardX. It’s really hot because Christy is doing one of her famous anal scenes. She has such a nice big butt it’s always fun to see her getting fucked in it. She has a killer body as you can see here and I love the hairy pussy peaking out of this skimpy bikini she is wearing. HardX is a kind of new site and I am looking at the tour here and it looks really good. I mean it’s all your favorite pornstars doing anal, hardcore porn and it’s all shot in HD. That’s kind of a given nowadays though anyone who opens up a new porn site and is still shooting in like SD or something they can go fuck themselves am I right?

Claudia Marie Interracial Anal


This busty MILF is Claudia Marie she has ran her very own site for a long long time. She is still updating and I thought you would like this new anal sex scene she did for her site. She is taking on a huge black cock in a weird scene she calls “Big Black Voodoo”. Like some of the other MILF sites out there she has every update setup with some kind of story line. There is a lot of make believe and what not but this one is definitely weird. The black guy has like native symbols on painted on him and what not. Claudia Marie is in New Orleans so that’s why I think she got this idea, they’re big on the witch craft down there I guess. Claudia has these massive huge tits on her that are fake, she used to be all naturals but you know they just got a little too saggy so she upgraded them and I love em. This guy gives her the anal she likes fucking that fat ass of hers and rubbing her clit at the same time. If you have never seen a woman orgasm from anal before then join Claudia’s site and you will be in heaven.

Soaking Wet


Phd soaking wet

It’s actually a little creepy how intently this guy was staring at Alexis Adams as ashe got dressed in the bathroom in her sheer white nightie…I thought she was going to go to bed but when she saw the burning gaze her man was giving her while he sat in the tub and the fact that his cock was getting harder and harder as he stared at her huge perfect breasts and that sweet round ass, she decided to hop into the water with him and get soaking wet! I guess she just likes the feeling of that wet slick fabric sliding across her skin, but soon she wanted to get completely naked so she got out of the tub and headed to the bedroom…it’s opposite day I guess, usually people do things the other way around! This lucky guy got complete access to that incredible nude body of hers…Alexis has one of the finest female forms in the industry if you ask me and in this Passion HD update you can see why I say that! She gets fucked nice and hard before taking a facial, and even with cum dripping on her face she looks beautiful…pretty amazing girl.

Lorraine Mack


Casting couch x lorraine mack

We’ve got a real hottie in the house today…her name is Lorraine Mack and she flew in from Texas, and is ready to bust her way into the adult industry courtesy of Casting Couch X! This Latina strips out of her little skirt and spreads her legs to get to work, licking the casting director’s balls and sucking his cock nice and deep before pulling her knees up to her chest to get that nice wet pussy pounded! It’s always fun to see these girls just getting started, they’re always so excited and eager to get into the industry so the invites are fantastic! Lorraine keeps pretty quiet throughout the episode, softly moaning a little but otherwise just sort of kicking back and enjoying things. Speaking of enjoyment, they say it’s always bigger in Texas and they might just have been referring to Lorraine’s sweet round bubble butt! It’s not fat by any means but it’s round and juicy and looks incredible as she rides that guy’s cock before he busts his nut all over her cute face.

Room Service


Pure mature room service

Did someone order room service? Holly Taylor had a hankering for a little breakfast so she rung some up but when the guy arrived at her suite she found him so alluring and she was so horny that she slipped hand in her panties while she watched him work…he got a glimpse of that and soon his cock was out and he was fucking Holly’s mouthn in this hot Pure Mature scene, then giving this sexy MILF a nice ride with her big breasts in his face! Holly has been on one other update on the site and it was a good while back so if you missed out, check it out right here! This mature beauty is sexy as hell with an amazing body, it’s no wonder this guy couldn’t help but stick around the penthouse suite for a nice hard fuck before returning to work…he gave that pussy a nice pounding before shooting a big facial all over her lips as a souvenir to remember him by!

Check Please


Crazy college gfs check please

Beautiful college girl Roxanne was having lunch with her two guy pals but she made the mistake of getting up to go to the restroom…while she was gone they of course started messing with her food, rubbing their balls all over her salad and pouring a bunch of salt and pepper in her milkshake, gross stuff like that. When she got back they were both giggling away like idiots and of course spilled the beans about the food so she pushed her plate aside and took one sip of her milkshake and about spat it right back out! She realized what they did and bet one of the guys he couldn’t down the whole thing in one go while she had her big tits out to cheer him on…if he could she said she’d give him a blowjob right there in the diner! Well with a prize like that of course this guy choked down that nasty shake and Roxanne stayed true to her word, leaning over on the bench to suck this guy’s cock until he came in her mouth! This submitted video is from Crazy College GFs and it’s called Check Please…this Roxanne girl is smokin hot with her big boobs and fun personality!

Feels Alone


Zishy terri belk

I guess this girl, cute blonde Terri Belk, was a little reluctant to do a photoshoot without any makeup on but I’m sure glad she ended up doing it after all because these shots of her getting ready for the day are hot as hell! Zishy is the perfect site to do a photoshoot like this, they excell at not only showing the hotness of a girl but also bringing her personality out and what better way to experience what Terri is all about than by taking some fairly candid pictures when she’s not ‘trying’ so to speak! The name of this update is Feels Alone Part 1 which I guess is talking about the fact that she just got comfortable and felt like she was just relaxing by herself instead of doing a photoshoot…it also implies there will be a part 2 and I can’t wait for that! Terri has an incredible butt and some nice boobs, you’ll just have to see for yourself but I know you’re gonna dig this one.

Sweet As Honey


Fantasy hd sweet as honey gianna nicole

Sexy exotic babe Gianna Nicole likes her tea nice and sweet so she starts pouring some honey in the cup, and her man strolled into the kitchen just in time to see her licking her fingertips and looking sexy as hell! Soon he has her bent over the kitchen counter, fucking that perfect pussy from behind before they head out to the living room couch for a little more comfort. Gianna’s pink hole is sweet as honey and this guy gets to sample it with his tongue and fingers and cock for Fantasy HD as these two make passionate love…he even pours some honey on her perky nipples and licks it off but it’s hard to tell whether the honey or her tits are sweeter! Gianna always looks amazing and she definitely makes some fantasies cum true in this hot scene…I think she’s only been in one other Fantasy HD scene before and I’ve got it for you right here, so make sure you check that one out as well! I just can’t get over her sweet round juicy ass, Gianna definitely takes care of her body and it’s paying off in spades when she bends over to get that butt and pussy in the air, pulling her little panties aside to give us a glimpse of that wet pinkness before her man plunges his hard cock into it. She gets a taste of his own honey at the end of this scene as he shoots his load all over her chest and she runs her fingers through it before licking them clean!

Lovers Way with Julie


Xart lovers way julie

With her wide-eyed innocence and incredible body this girl Julie from X Art is a vision to behold and a pleasure to befuck! I don’t know if that was a word before or not but I claim ownership…anyway yeah this chick Julie has nice big soft natural breasts and a fantastic ass, and pretty much a permanent expression of absolute joy on her face! She’s one of those girls that just has a great time 24-7 from the looks of things…it’s a good thing she’s permanently happy because the dude in this update called Lovers Way is looking a little rough, he’s trying for that Blade Runner bad guy’s haircut but it’s just not workin. Oh well, at least his dick still works and Julie gets a nice deep fucking after sucking him hard, so I guess he’s not exactly complaining about his current life status. Julie goes for a ride in his lap, taking him nice and deep while those breasts bounce around in his face until he shoots his load inside her pussy for a creampie finish! This is the first scene on X Art for this Czech teen beauty but I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more from her, she’s too gorgeous to ignore.

Jade Jantzen


Ccx jade jantzen

This 20 year old Texas chick named Jade Jantzen is just plain ready to get into porn! She strips down and shows some incredible breasts and a very nice round ass, spreading her cheeks on the Casting Couch X sofa…she’s got a bit of an exotic look to her and also has some freckles which look cute as hell on her! This chick is a pornstar in the making so it’s nice to see her just starting out…the porn industry can be pretty rough on some chicks but I think Jade has what it takes, I guess we’ll see! She gets fucked nice and hard, bending over to get drilled doggystyle and spreading those long smooth legs to get penetrated nice and deep, and then takes a facial that looks like some kind of wacky costume moustache made out of cum! I love seeing girls like this having some nice tanlines, because summer is here and that means we’ll be getting some nice scenes of Jade in a bikini…yum!

Josie Ann


The name of this photoshot featuring Josie Ann from her own photoshoot is Golden Autumn so I realize the seasonal timing on this one is a little off but holy shit have you seen this girl’s butt? She’s got a sweater and a pair of panties on in this photoshoot which is a combination that is so sexy it’s hard to even comprehend although I can’t say I would have guessed it beforehand….she’s got some panties on that say WILD across her ass and I guess that’s because her butt is so cute and tight it drives all the guys (and girls too probably) wild when they see it! Josie flahes her butt and those sexy perky breasts as she gets naked out in the woods, letting the golden sun shine down on her skin and the brisk chill get her nipples all perky.

Valory Irene


Valory Irene has a whole collection of sexy lingerie in her drawers and closets and in this Scoreland photoshoot she’s showing off some of it, displaying those huge breasts of hers any way she can to draw your attention and keep it! She’s pretty cute in the face I guess but I mean cmon let’s be honest here, the real draw of Valory’s photoshoot is that pair of big natural tits that she’s packing…that’s not to say the rest of her is slacking, she’s got a nice butt and a shaved fuckable pussy that she plays with and teases us with a bit in these photos but man those boobs are incredible.

Shawna Lenee


Can you imagine being the neighbor of Shawna Lenee, looking up at the window while you’re outside mowing the lawn or vacuuming your house or whatever and seeing her standing there with the curtains open taking off her panties and lifting up her shirt to show off that perfect ass and those sweet perky boobs? Your head would explode! This girl is absolutely fucking cute as hell with an adorable grin and beautiful eyes, not to mention that tight sexy body of hers…she’s giving the grand tour of her breasts and pussy and ass in this photoshoot from Action Girls, it’s not one of their crazier photosets but I would say that Shawna is one of the hottest girls I’ve seen on their site pretty much ever.

Madison Ivy


Join stunning glamourous pornstar babe Madison Ivy sliding off her pink lingerie and spreading her long tanned legs to play with her pussy in this Twistys photoshoot! This hottie looks great no matter what but especially when she gets naked, fingering her pussy and letting those huge fake tits of hers out to play. Some girls have a sort of natural beauty and others get a little helping hand, I guess Madison fits into the latter category! She’s got great boobs and a great ass and a nice fuckable pussy so who cares if those boobs are fake or not, am I right?



I guess lovely Milliki here is crazy about huge purple flowers because as soon as she gets into this room she starts pulling off her panties and playing with her pussy, giving us some nice close up and personal pictures of her private bits in this Met Art photoshoot! They call it enditasa, I have no idea what that means and it sounds like something they made up but hey, it’s a cool sounding word so I’ll roll with it. Join Milliki in Enditasa as she spreads her legs, showing off that puffy pussy and giving you some looks that seem to say ‘why the hell aren’t you fucking me right this instant’!

Ariana Fuck It


This episode right here starring Ariana Marie is from Naughty America but more specifically from their site “My Sisters Hot Friend”. So Ariana and Pete run into each other in the hallway and start to talk. They find out that Ariana’s friend and Pete’s sister have been talking shit about the other behind their backs. Ariana finds out that Mary (the sister) has been telling Pete that she is a slut basically and Pete finds out his sister has been saying he is a bad boy and a loser. So the two of them throw that B.S. out the window and get to know each other a little better. It turns out that Ariana is a little bit of a slut because she starts to really hit on Pete and they end up fucking in the sister bed. Pete is actually a bad boy because he has a girlfriend for a while know and cheats on her in a heart beat. You can’t blame him at all though Ariana Marie and those perky little tits and her round ass is just too irresistible to any man.

Fucking W/ Her Suit On


It’s been a while since we got some black pussy on this site so head over to my favorite ebony site and enjoy this video. It’s a nice dark girl with of course a perfect ass, something that comes standard on black girls I guess. She keeps her bathing suit doing this entire interracial sex scene from Bang Bros. They just recently brought back their Brown Bunnies site I guess the members have been wanting some more black chicks as well. The video is really long so if you want to kind of cut out the obligatory ass shaking and titty shaking in the beginning of the video I wouldn’t blame you. Just go in to like the 4 minute mark to start to get some action.

Diamond Kitty Fucks BF’s Son


I figured today need a Latina of some kind so I found a nice big ass one for you guys. Diamond Kitty one of the more legendary porn actresses out there right now. She has moved into the MILF niche and I am not the only one to think that I believe. In this episode from Naughty America she catches her boyfriend sons masturbating with a vacuum and is shocked. She is more shocked though when she has to help him get his dick out of the vacuum and finds out how big it is. She is used to fucking his dad who is a tiny dick man. She hasn’t been fucked good in a long time and after shaming her boyfriend son for doing this she decides to build up his confidence by fucking him. She asks him to promise not to tell his dad though and once he makes that promises Diamond is on her knees seeing just how big dick dick will get. She is fucked the way she remember during her college years when she was still single. This is the life she has been missing.

Her Curves


I have always been a really big fan of this European model her name is Kitty or at least that’s what I mostly see her listed as. The last scene I saw of her was when she was on Fake Agent. This one is much more romantic and she is still looking hot as fuck. She doesn’t have the deep tan like she did in that video but I like the more natural look most of the time. This scene comes from Nubiles Porn a site you will want to check out because you get access to 4 different sites and they’re each extremely high quality. You get Nubiles Porn access as well as Nubiles Casting, Moms Teach Sex and Nubiles.NET! That right there is like a sore dick you can’t beat it. This video starts off pretty slow so I suggest going to like the 2:12 mark to get Kitty sucking on some dick and fucking from there. It’s a long video and definitely enough to get you there so check it out and then make sure to check the tour as well.

It Has Always Been You


Xart it has always been you

Sometimes a girl likes to head out on the town and get wined and dined by some lucky fella or just go to the club with her girlfriends and see what the meatmarket has in store, but sometimes a girl just needs a little alone time! In this X Art update inexplicably titled It Has Always Been You, beautiful Allie Haze does just that, lighting some candles before climbing into the big luxurious bed for a little quality me-time. She strips out of her clothing and enjoys the sensation of her hands sliding all over her gorgeous nude body, sliding between her thighs to gently part her pussy lips and tickle her clit until she’s softly moaning and is getting more and more wet…then it’s time to bring out her favorite vibrator and fuck herself to orgasm! Allie has only been on X Art for one other scene so far but she’s smokin hot so I’m sure there’s plenty more in store from this horny babe. If you missed her first scene by the way I’ll link it for you right here, so you can get your fill of Allie if this one doesn’t quite scratch that itch!

A Couples Day


Phd a couples day

This guy must have a hell of a job to want to leave a sexy girlfriend like Emily Grey at the house every morning! They had planned to have a couples day but apparently what that means is that as soon as he gets home they rip each others clothes off and fuck like fiends…or at least that’s what happens in this Passion HD update. I have the hardest time pinning down what nationality Emily Grey is, she’s got eyes that look slightly Asian but light skin and freckles and that’s about as far as I get before her utter sexiness overwhelms anything I had been trying to think about. It doesn’t even help if she turns around either, if anything it gets even worse for my brain because of that perfect round ass of hers! Oh well, who cares what nationality this girl is as long as she’s getting naked and getting fucked in that tight pink pussy of hers like she is in this hot scene….she’s crazy for cum, too, so she takes a nice creampie in her wet pussy to finish things off on a high note!

Big Wig Housewife


Sexy pattcake big wig

One thing you can always say about Sexy Pattycake, is that she’s always up for a little something different in her photoshoots! This time she’s playing the part of a bored and horny housewife with a cute flowing dress and a big wig and blue panties as she slowly strips down for us, showing those huge tits of hers with big heart pasties over the nipples and then buzzing her pussy right through her panties with a vibrator. It wouldn’t do to have her man come home and find her completely nude and masturbating, would it! This chick always has a blast in her shoots, she seems like life is just a lot of fun and it certainly helps that she’s beautiful with big boobs and a nice big round juicy booty that bounces around as she dances and plays…you never know what you’re gonna get with a Sexy Pattycake shoot!

April Blue


April blue for in the crack

Gorgeous April Blue looks like some sort of queen in this In The Crack photoshoot in the opulent master bedroom wearing her sexy see-thru beaded top and sliding off her white lacy panties to give us a nice closeup look at her wet pink pussy! She had been looking forward to this all day and just the thought of getting naked with all of us getting so close to her sweet hole was enough to get her turned on and wet in the panties, so she wasted no time before pulling out one of her favorite toys and masturbating with it for us, sliding that dildo in and out of her tight slit and moaning with pleasure! I don’t know that I’ve seen this girl do any updates before on this or really any other site for that matter, but hopefully this is just the first shoot of many for April. She definitely looks sexy as hell and obviously doesn’t mind when people watch her masturbate!

Kacey Lane Kisses


Kacy Lane Teens Love Huge Cocks

I am getting your Teens Love Huge Cocks at the very last moment aren’t I! The weekend is almost over but I am sneaking it in because I know you loyal vistors are probably trying to see who the new girl is. Well it’s a girl you guys have definitely seen before because I have posted her. Her name is Kacy Lane and she is petite and beautiful like all the girls these guys pick up. Johnny is the one that is banging this cute 18 year old to pleasure town. The video starts off with Kacy clothed (boo) and she is doing a little bit of a interview. It’s something that a lot of people actually like you know. They like to get to know the girl before they see her fucking. It’s fun to hear a girl talking dirty or I like when the girls pretend like they’re all innocent but here they are shooting their first porn. If you want to skip just straight to the good stuff go ahead and go to like the 1:50 mark that is where you get to see her blowjob skills at work.

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