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Lilith Lee


Lilith lee on mr anal

No you’re not looking at Paris Hilton with a round hot ass photoshopped onto her, you’re beholding gorgeous newcummer Lilith Lee in an update from the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal! Usually the girls they have on the site have made the rounds and been in the industry for awhile so when a relative newbie shows up it’s usually something special…and this hot blonde is definitely something special! She seems a little intimidated by some of the toys she’s playing with at the beginning of this scene as she stretches out her tight ass, but that’s nothing compared to the deep dicking she gets once her guy pal shows up! They need plenty of lube for him to take care of that sweet tight backdoor of hers in this hot anal scene…Lilith definitely loves getting her ass fucked but I have the feeling she’s a fan of a nice cock in her pussy as well so keep an eye out! The sex in this scene is great and you know they say hindsight is 20/20 but that brown eye of hers isn’t going to be seeing anything but cum for a little bit after this guy busts nut on it.

Lesbian with Lily


Val midwest girl on girl

You’d expect a girl with as much sexual energy and enthusiasm as Val Midwest to have had some lesbian encounters but she does claim this is her very first girl-girl experience! I’m tempted to believe her too because she seems a little nervous when her blonde girlfriend Lily comes over and starts playing with her pussy…we never do get to see Lily but I can only imagine she’s gorgeous; I mean even if she’s kinda funny looking the magical power of that sweet pussy would transform her to supermodel-hot by osmosis, and that’s just a science fact. Watch Val get her tits grabbed and her clit buzzed with a vibrator before Lily dives in and gives that hole a nice tongue-lashin!

Kendra Lust teaches Maddy OReilly


Mbt kendra and mady

Poor Maddy OReilly…her boyfriend wanted to fuck her brains out and bring her to the peaks of pleasure but just didn’t have the first clue as to how to do it! Luckily for both of them, hot horny MILF Kendra Lust was in the house and was down to give them both a much-needed lesson in love for this Moms Bang Teens scene! While the boyfriend watched, Kendra demonstrated a little fun foreplay as she spanked Maddy’s fine round ass, and licked and fingered her tight pussy until she was practically moaning with desire. Soon the boyfriend joined in, sliding his cock into that wet hole and fucking Maddy nice and deep while Kendra assisted with her hands and tongue, sucking his cock and then licking Maddy’s ass while he fucked her pussy! This lesson wasn’t free though, so soon Kendra collected by going for her own ride on that big hard cock, kissing Maddy while she did so until the guy busted his load all over both of those pretty faces.

The Rabbit Takes On The Kitty


Sexy Pattycake Kitty vs Rabbit

This beautiful little pussy belongs to a staple here on her name is Sexy Pattycake. You guys should all know her because I have been posted galleries of hers for 9 years now, I shit you not. This video isn’t actually from her personal website, this is a zip set. She releases these every once in a while because it’s a little to “hard” for her members area. People actually get upset when Sexy Pattycake stops teasing them and actually gives them something. This video you can purchase for just $24.95. It’s a one time fee and you own the video and pictures forever. The name of the scene is Bunny Vs Kitty and she released it today because today is Easter after all. She has a nice little landing strip on her pussy and she films the whole video at weird angles so it never quite shows a great shot of her pussy. I actually like this one where she is penetrating herself with it and then using the rabbit ears to hit her clit. This toy makes her cum like crazy, I have never seen a chick not like this toy!

Kalina Ryu


Kalina Ryu on Happy Tugs

I saw this picture and I was like damn that’s hot, and then I wondered what site it was from. It’s from Happy Tugs a site I used to post all the time but for some reason I stopped. This round ass Asian girl is a girl you guys have actually seen before too her name is Kalina Ryu. She has cute little full tits but that ass of hers is seriously just amazing. So the way Happy Tugs works is it’s literally a massage parlor somewhere in the United States. The way it works is kind of like HBO’s “Cathouse”, the guys who come into the parlor are offered a little bit of a discount if they will allow the camera’s to roll. This guy really scored big because he signed up for it and didn’t just get a random Asian girl he got a up and coming pornstar that really knows how to please a John, just watch this nice long video for proof of that!

August Ames


August Ames Teens Love Huge Cocks

August Ames just has a crazy set of natural titties doesn’t she. I mean everytime she says they’re real I just can’t believe it. This scene is damn good like any Teens Love Huge Cocks scene though right? She starts off telling the guy she wants her pussy eaten out and he has no problem munching on this shaven wonder. Once she is really horny she is ready for his dick and she just can’t believe how big he is. I mean no joke this guy is fucking hung, it has to be like 11 or 12 inches right? She gets fucked nice and good and one thing I have never seen August enjoying before is a little finger in the ass. Maybe pretty soon here we are going to get some August Ames anal. I mean she got her ass licked too she is close I think, she is learning to like it. Teens Love Huge Cocks has been putting out some really solid videos recently and they always have my favorite pornstars. Even though they hardly ever are “teens” they’re always older I don’t think any of really care about that I much perfer college aged chicks anyways, girls just like August Ames. She has everything going for her and I am a little sad they didn’t get a ton of boob pictures in this gallery, they were focused on that ass which I don’t understand because her tits are one of the 7 wonders of the world for sure.

Natasha Vega


Natasha vega porn fidedlity

If you’ve got a memory like an elephant you might remember Natasha Vega being on Porn Fidelity like two years ago but I mean I won’t blame you if you don’t, that’s a long damn time. Let me give you a little refresher right here just in case. Anyway she’s back and this time she’s got a case of the ol’ morning hornies so before hopping into the shower she calls up the Porn Fidelity Morning Escort Service, who sends their top guy Ryan Madison on the case. He’s also their only only guy but shh keep that under wraps because he’s really proud of his Male Employee Of The Month award streak so let’s not burst his bubble. Speaking of bubbles, those big tits of Natasha’s look amazing as she gets all wet in the shower, spraying herself and belting out a few showtunes as she gets cleaned up…by the time she’s out of the shower Ryan has shown up and it’s time to get down to business! He meets her in the hallway, grabbing those big boobs from behind and biting her neck to drive her crazy (take notes guys) before heading to the bedroom to put that big dick of his to good use, sliding it into her mouth and fucking her pussy and slipping it between her boobs for some tittyfucking! He shoots his load on her chest and bails, leaving her to finish herself off with a vibrator which is kind of a dick move for an escort but hey, who else is gonna send an escort first thing in the morning?

Karla Kush


Teen fidelity kush

The old adage Opposites Attract is demonstrated to a T in this Teen Fidelity update, featuring Karla Kush as a hardworking coed who loves to work out and stay fit and trim, and Ryan Madison as her deadbeat boyfriend who lives a life of drinking, weed and petty crime to keep the beer money flowing. You’d think a less likely couple could not exist but once the clothes come off and you check out the chemistry between these two it’s instantly understandable! At least that’s the story behind this update…I think it’s more like Karla loves having a guy around wtih a big hard cock who can shoot multiple loads for her, and Ryan enjoys having a cute perky sexy little fitness nut around to pound whenever he feels like it! It’s always fun to see a girl in workout clothing stripping down and getting fucked, even if it’s in the bathroom bent over the toilet…that part’s a little weird but hey, Teen Fidelity is a little wacky sometimes.

Winter Marie


Winter marie for amateur creampies

I don’t know what it is but I’ve always had a thing for blondes with this haircut so Winter Marie here was already a step ahead of the game in my book…and the fact that she’s getting naked and getting fucked until the guy shoots his load in her pussy seals the deal! This is a scene from the site Amateur Creampies…every pornstar’s gotta start out somewhere and apart from doing things like this update I guess Winter went straight for the jugular and took a shot of jizz in the cooch to further her career and try to jumpstart her out of ‘amateur’ territory and into the porn world. I can’t think of any other updates she’s done besides this one and the one I linked up above there so maybe her career has fizzled but hey maybe she’s just getting started! This blondie is cute as hell and has a very sweet and tight body so I’d be surprised if we don’t see her again soon.

Dani and Jada Easter Special


You can’t tell me these two girls don’t belong together! I am not just saying that cause Jada Stevens is dressed up as a bunny and Dani Daniels has her tight pussy painted up as a cabbage. This is from a Naughty America site called American Daydreams. It’s a site where basically someone has fallen “asleep” and they have a sex dream. Well the person who feel asleep in this episode is Jada Stevens and her dream is fucking weird. She is basically a bunny she has her little butt plug in to give her a bunny tail. She starts to munch on Dani’s pussy and then she moves on to a dick that is painted up like a carrot and gives that a sucking (hopefully she wasn’t biting). Then somehow Dani and Jada start having a threesome together. Then scene ends with Dani getting her pussy covered in cum and Jada goes between those legs and laps it up.

Jada Dirty Masseur


I know that I already posted a Jada Stevens gallery today but it’s brand new this one is a throw back so they’re kind of different. I swear I could recognize this is Jada’s ass no problem that’s just how much I have seen it, the pierced pussy also might give it away. That’s besides the point though this video is from Dirty Masseur a site you get access to through Brazzers. I never actually knew that Brazzers had mini sites like Bang Bros and Reality Kings until like last month. They just promote their Brazzers brand so much and you never hear about this sites you get access to through their network. Well in this one you’re actually going to see Jada getting fucked in the ass. No butt plug or anything like that just tons of lube and Jada almost wants that dick in her butt.

Freaky Secret


Chloe foster hdlove

The name of this HD Love episode is Freaky Secret but I’m really not sure where it got that name…there’s nothing freaky about blonde hottie Chloe Foster as she masturbates a bit and then fucks her guy pal, taking his huge cock in her mouth and deep in her sweet pussy! Maybe she’s her stepbrother or something, that would be a little freaky I guess. At any rate she looks incredible with those perky little boobies and tight sweet ass, and I guess she has a few tricks up her sleeve because the blowjob she gives this guy is absolutely smokin hot. I can’t decide if she looks better with a cock in her mouth or buried in her cunt, maybe you guys can take a look and see which you prefer! I believe this is Chloe’s first time on HD Love, I can’t find any previous updates from that site with her but man after a scene like this you’ve gotta think they’ll have her back for sure.

Best Channel


Joymii best channel

Sexy exotic Paula was flipping through the TV with the remote and moaning her head off all of a sudden in this Joymii update…I figured she had found the best channel of all but it turns out she had just pressed the Off button and it was her boyfriend under the covers making her moan and writhe as he licked her sweet pussy! Watching TV is bad for your brain anyway…Paula would rather stimulate her mind and her body with a nice passionate fuck session and her boyfriend was more than willing to provide the cock. Watch her get that perfect ass in the air as she sucks him off, getting that meat nice and hard and ready to ride as she mounts up on his lap, making her big tits bounce as she bucked her hips!

Belle Knox


Nubile films belle knox tip

You know when you have something on the tip of the tongue and just can’t remember what it was? Well I guess Belle Knox never has that problem because the thing that’s on the tip of her tongue is some lucky guy’s cock! In this Nubile Films episode the beautiful Duke Pornstar as she’s known as now is giving this guy a hell of a blowjob, looking up at him (and us) with those beautiful brown eyes as she bobs her mouth up and down on his meat until he rewards her with a big facial cumshot. I like the new look she has with her hair, it looks great and it’s long enough that it’s grabbable to make things like doggystyle fucking and cocksucking even more fun than they were already! What could make for a better Friday afternoon than beautiful Belle Knox sucking your dick? Rhetorical question.

Geri Burgess Type Oh


Geri burgess type oh zishy

This is her (I think) 4th time on Zishy and Geri Burgess just keeps on getting more and more gorgeous if you ask me! Apparently some asshole linked a bunch of her Zishy sets to her modeling agency and she got the boot which is a damn shame and a stupid move on their part because this girl is just stunning from head to toe. This shoot is called Type Oh and if you missed the first few photoshoots of her I’ve got em right here (1, 2, 3) so you’re welcome for that. This time she’s just hanging out in the bedroom in a button-down shirt and a pair of panties and some cute glasses, goofing around and just being herself…and then she gets totally nude! The body on this girl is incredible and she certainly seems to love teasing us with it…can’t wait til the next update, she seems to be well suited to the type of pictures Zishy likes to do.

Goddess Lisa Ann


Lisa Ann is the goddess of big dick in this update from Brazzers and no mortal man’s penis can satisfy her until this very day. She sits on her throne and fucks her pussy with the only thing that can pleasure her a big fat dildo. One of her minion comes up to her to tell her he has found the perfect mortal for her, he has a giant fat cock. Once the goddess Lisa Ann puts her hands on it she thing it has a chance. So she gives him a chance to fuck her tight bubble butt and he does it good, really good. He preformed so well in fact that Lisa is now going to keep him as her personal sex toy, whenever she wants to have anal sex she will just call upon this man. I do believe he has gone to heaven.

Brooke Wylde Returns


Brooke wylde back on btra

If it was up to me I’d probably have Brooke Wylde here on this site every week or however often they update…the site is Big Tits Round Asses and is part of the Bang Bros network and Brooke has big perfect tits and a round juicy ass and is hot as hell so it’s like she was destined to be part of the site. This isn’t her first rodeo on here, if you missed it here’s her , I bet you’ll dig it if you’ve got working eyes. In this newest update she’s rocking a red shirt that she pulls down to let those huge melons hang out and bounce around as she grins and shows off the rest of her sexy body…she looks incredible just hanging out by herself but hey we’re not here to watch her twiddle her thumbs so soon she’s got some lucky guy’s hard cock in her mouth and then buried deep in her pussy! She ends up using those big boobs as a cum-catcher as he shoots his load all over them…apparently it tickles or something because she looks pleased as punch about the whole thing. To sweeten the deal even a little further, you can continue your Brooke Wylde fix a little more today because this Brazzers scene also came out! She’s all hippied out and ready to do what it takes to get to her destination as a hitchhiker, spoiler alert she gets her pussy pounded.

Adriana Chechik and Belle Noir


Amateur allure adriana and belle

These two sexy brunette stunners Adriana Chechik and Belle Noir both started out on Amateur Allure and thanks to a member request they’ve been brought back to team up and kick some butt! They’re both in lingerie for this hot fuckfest, making out and goofing around before the two cameramen got into the action and transformed things from a lighthearted lesbian romp to an all out orgy…soon both Russian hottie Adriana and pinup sensation Belle have cocks in their mouths! With two dicks and two pussies to play with the possibilities are pretty broad, and we get to see these girls pulling out all the stops…sometimes one of them will be sucking one dick while getting her pussy pounded at the same time, sometimes they eat each other out, it’s just a hot sexy foursome for the ages. If you missed out on their introductory scenes they’re both definitely worth checking out…here is the one for Adriana and here is the one for Belle, so enjoy! By the way there’s a discount going on right now for Amateur Allure if you want to get in on all the action instead of just the short clips and a few pics I throw your way, membership is only $24.99 now and trust me, that is a bargain.



Tifini for brcc

The fake casting director at Backroom Casting Couch must have been pinching himself when this chick Tifini walked into the studio for her ‘audition’…she’s everything he loves in a girl! She’s hot, great personality, naturally big tits, loves sex and even loves getting fucked in the ass, it’s like she was made for this site. So much so in fact that after the shoot the guy’s considering letting her in on the fact that the whole thing is a setup and there’s no modeling gigs waiting, just a website for a bunch of horny guys who love seeing aspiring models get filled up with cock! I’m trying to think of any flaws or whatever I can talk about for this chick but really there’s not much, apart from the fact that she spells her name Tifini. When that’s the worst thing about a girl you know you’ve dialed up a winner…did I mention she loves anal? I guess I probably did but it bears mentioning again because it’s not all that common for a girl to be into that from what I’ve seen. If the director spills the beans and lets this chick in on the trick he might just have a partner in crime for the future…wouldn’t that be hot? Turns out she swings both ways so I bet she’d be down for coaxing a new girl into a threeway!

Gymnast Mira


Usually when a girl has a shoot in a gym or with some kind of specialized equipment it’s like okay whatever, nice prop. Usually they obviously don’t know what the hell they’re doing with whatever they’ve got, but in this case I’ve gotta say Mira looks like the real deal! She’s in a gymnasium next to a, what are those called again, pommelhorse I think? I remember seeing them in the Olympics. Anyway Mira is totally nude and stretching her long-ass legs on this thing and man this chick is mega flexible…I totally believe she’s a gymnast and would twirl like crazy on that thing if Watch 4 Beauty gave her the word. That’s who did these photos, by the way.

French Nude Beach


Man, now that’s the way to have fun on a nude beach! This French couple were hanging out at the nude beach and got a little horny and the blonde MILF with the huge tits just straight up started giving her man a blowjob right there in front of everybody because they don’t give a flying fuck who sees. Maybe that’s how it’s done in France, I don’t really know but man I hope so because I always wondered why there wasn’t more sucking and fucking on a naked beach with all those sweet tits and asses around (and floppy dicks for the ladies). I guess this video clip goes to show, there’s plenty of sucking at least going on…I can’t tell if the people walking by are like shocked or if they just don’t care, maybe they’re too polite to stare but I’m glad there was at least one perv on the sand with a camera so we could check it out here.

Shannon Stewart


Sexy big breasted blonde Shannon Stewart stars in this Plaboy shoot…things start out normal enough with this gorgeous babe showing off her tits and long legs in a swanky bedroom but then when things head outside it gets a little strange if you ask me. Shannon has on just this weird sheer fabric thing with a bunch of feathers jammed into it, it looks like the kind of thing you’d see on a 14 year old’s Etsy store or something. Shannon has this thing wrapped around her and is sitting on a wooden swing, drifting back and forth probably getting all kinds of splinters in her bare ass. That would be a shame too, that ass is pretty damn nice as-is and it’s horrible to picture it with a bunch of slivers sticking out of it. Weirdness aside this girl is hot as hell and Playboy did a good job of showing off her boobs to their best advantage! It’s like they’ve done this before or something.

Alesha Marie Oreskovich


That’s one hell of a name…Alesha Marie Oreskovich! Sounds classy as hell doesn’t it? Classy like the kind of girl you’d find on a site like, oh, I don’t know, Playboy or something. Well look who is showing these shots of this beautiful brunette, it’s none other than Playboy! They know a good thing when they see it, that’s for damn sure, and so do we. In these shots Alesha is relaxing at her house, hanging out in the bedroom in her lingerie before venturing downstairs with her big tits popping out of her bra as she gets ready to head outside and bask in the late morning sunshine! These photos basically cover the whole day and Alesha looks gorgeous in every single one of them. Well except for the one with the white corset maybe, her tits look great but what’s with that expression? Anyway this girl is beautiful and naked so check her out.

Mica Martinez


Most women hanging out by the pool would be content to just swim around and maybe do a little sunbathing but Mica Martinez has another thought in mind! In these pictures from the site Studio 66 TV (I’m not even a hundred percent sure that’s what site these shots are from but that is what my detective work tells me) Mica is getting pretty turned on by the cool water lapping at her toes and she starts stripping out of her neon green bikini, showing off her nice big tits and that sexy round ass! She’s halfway in the water so I guess she’s pretty wet from that but I don’t think that’s the only reason she’s wet, if you catch my drift. I love the eyes on this girl…very seductive and very piercing!

Double Tease


X art double tease

Little Caprice proves once again why she’s on top of the hotness heap for X Art in this update called Double Tease…she’s got her sexy black lace bodysuit on and gives her man Markus a nice little tease, shaking those perky boobies and sitting on his lap to give him some grabs at that perfect ass before gently grinding her pussy on his face. He turns the tables to make it a double tease, fingering her hole and tickling her clit with his tongue before sliding his cock into her mouth. After all this fun you’d think they would both have been satisfied but somehow they still had the energy to get into a hot hardcore fuck session right there on the couch, ending with a mouthful of cum for Caprice! She’s done a ton of stuff for X-art but here’s just one of her more recent shoots if you’ve got a hankering for more (and I know you do). It’s called Floating Emotions and she looks amazing as always, enjoy.

Natasha Poolside Sex


The gallery you guys are going to doesn’t have any high quality pictures or anything like that it’s just a video but I did take the pictures from the Bang Bros update where it is from. This black girls name is Natasha Dulce and she is one of my favorite ebony pornstars. How can you she not be one of my favorites with amazing natural tits like this right? Well in this scene for Big Tits, Round Asses a site you get access to through Bang Bors you get to see her fucking poolside. She is really fuck to watch fuck because of those big natural tits of hers that just bounce every which way! She keeps her pussy nice and shaven and it looks great when she is fucked beacause it looks like she is just hugging this guys dick because it’s so tight, I couldn’t even imagine!

Jada Stevens Returns


Jada stevens round ass in teh crack

She’s back with a vengeance…after her last photoshoot for In The Crack, Jada Stevens got pretty hungry and pretty horny as well so she wandered into the kitchen to see what she could find for a snack. Hopping up on the table she started eating a little ice cream and playing with the scoop, pressing the cold metal up against her hot pussy and melting the ice cream all over the table! As you’d no doubt expect from a photoshoot from In The Crack, Jada gets that big round perfect ass in the air and brings us right up close to the masturbation action…Jada loves to masturbate and loves doing it in places you wouldn’t expect (can you imagine coming home and finding the kitchen table all messed up like this and a naked Jada Stevens perched on top?), so it’s no wonder she’s got a huge grin on her face by the end of this scene. If you didn’t catch her previous visit to In The Crack, here is the scene so if you’ve still got a hankering for more Jada after this you’re in luck.

Karina White


Karina white on playboy tv

This couple is making out on the couch and it’s no wonder the guy looks so damn excited when Karina White takes off her bra…those breasts are fucking perfect and he’s about to get his hands on them! Playboy TV presents this video clip from their Digital Diaries series and you know they always have the hottest girls around so it’s no wonder Karina is here. She looks incredible as she slowly shimmies out of her jeans, letting her guy slide his hands up over her tight little butt in her panties…soon they’re both naked and Karina is giving him a slow sensual blowjob, looking up at him with those pretty eyes of hers. It’s a very hot and very intimate scene, so much so that it’s almost kind of voyeuristic watching these two make love! If you somehow have a thing for beautiful girls with perfect bodies getting fucked, this one is for you.

Dana DeArmond Revisits Mr Anal


Dana dearmand returns to mr anal

It’s been a good while since the first time we saw Dana DeArmond on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal and it’s high time we got more of that sexy round ass of hers! She’s got three holes ready for a good deep fucking and she gives all three of them plenty of attention in this update as she stretches her ass with some toys, sucks her costar’s huge meaty cock, takes him deep in her pussy and of course gets her ass fucked hard and proper! I mean I guess it wouldn’t exactly be much of a Mr Anal update if she didn’t get into the buttsex, so it’s not exactly a surprise but it definitely is fun to watch. This pornstar princess loves getting her holes filled up with man-meat so she has a ball in this scene, moaning and squeaking a bit as she gets pounded from behind before getting her face frosted like a donut with a big facial cumshot. The queen of the Jizz Biz is back!

Delicately Dominated


Povd chloe amour dd

Well, exotic beauty Chloe Amour might not like extreme kink but apparently she does like to be delicately dominated! In this POVD update she gets handcuffed and has her pussy licked and then buzzed with a big hitachi wand, and there’s not a damn thing she can do about it! The loss of control is a big turn-on for some girls and I guess Chloe is one of them because she seems to love it when she gets put into a submissive role for this scene. Since this is POVD you’ll be getting a front-row seat for the action and the video is incredibly high quality so it feels like you’re the one there licking and fucking that sweet pussy of hers! Usually the site just has models show up for a one-and-done kind of thing to keep it fresh and new but sometimes the model is just so hot that they bring her back multiple times, and that’s just what happened with Chloe. She was on the site before for this update which is a little less on the kinky side…it’s nice to see this hottie pushing her boundaries for us!

Mirror Dildo


Fhd mirror dildo

In this Fantasy HD update, sexy big breasted blonde Brooke Wylde was practicing in the mirror to make sure her new boyfriend was going to like what he found under her clothes…I’m not so sure myself that she needs to worry about that, like, AT ALL, but hey it’s her body. Anyway, she has a dong attached to the mirror with a suction cup and she practices her deepthroating technique on it, taking it to the hilt before turning around and backing that pussy up on the thing! She fucks the mirror dildo for a bit, fantasizing that it’s her new guy’s big hard cock sliding into her hole…and thanks to the magic of the internet, we get to see her fantasy! The guy shows her how much better the real thing can be as she sucks his cock and gets fucked, making those huge tits bounce with the rhythm. Hopefully her boyfriend can live up to her fantasy or she’ll just stick with the mirror dildo and leave him in the dust!

Florence Dolce


I don’t know if it’s just a case of deja vu or what but I could swear I’ve talked about this exact same Digital Desire photoshoot before…oh well, it features beautiful Florence Dolce so I’m not exactly gonna complain, know what I mean? This gorgeous babe is hanging out by the oceanside on the pier, letting the sun warm her smooth chocolate skin as she strips down and shows off those perky boobies and nice sweet round ass of hers…this girl is fucking stunning and I really hope she comes back to shoot some more or at least does some more work around the industry, I’d love to see it.

Brooklyn Decker


This girl Brooklyn Decker was best known as a swimsuit and lingerie model, she was in like the SI swimsuit issue and was a Victorias Secret runway model so suffice it to say that she is not exactly ugly. I guess she’s been branching out into acting lately but just between you and me I’m not so sure that’s gonna be a big thing once she gets a little older and her looks start to change…she’s no Bea Arthur in the acting arena. For now though she’s totally gorgeous and here’s a collection of pictures to prove it, Brooklyn is wearing bras and bikinis and low-cut dresses and all kinds of stuff to enjoy!

Gemma Massey


Now that is one hell of a pair of tits…Gemma Massey certainly got her money’s worth at the plastic surgeon if those huge melons are any indication in this Pinup Files photoshoot! She whips off her pink bra and shows those big round breasts in all their glory…apart from the tits though this girl is smokin hot to begin with, and from the tattoos going down her arm it looks like she’s got a bit of an edge to her too. Gorgeous, adventurous AND has enormous boobs? Looks like Pinup Files rustled themselves up a winner with this one, can’t wait to see more of Gemma in the months to come!

Lorena Morena


Twistys is who to send letters of thanks to after you check out this update featuring Lorena Morena…it’s a bit of an unfortunate name to choose but hey, she’s beautiful so who what’s in a name? A pair of tits by any other name would look as hot, to paraphase ol’ Billy Shakespeare. In this photoshoot she starts out in a red top with a skirt and some sexy red heels and ends up still in the heels but minus everything else! She’s a little on the skinny side if you ask me, I like a little more curve in the hip but Lorena is still gorgeous and hey maybe thin chicks are your thing…if so you’ll be an extra big fan of these pictures.

Bianca Beauchamp


Who in this big stupid world doesn’t love the sight of a gorgeous redhead walking around in public with no panties on? Nobody I’d like to meet, that’s for sure…if they can’t appreciate the hotness that is Bianca Beauchamp there’s just plain something funny in the head going on. Bianca has a gorgeous body with nice big round titties and a sweet spankable ass, not to mention sexy red hair in little pigtails for this Playboy photoshoot, what’s not to like about that!

Remy LaCroix Glory Hole Loads


Remy LaCroix Glory Hole Loads

I went on a little bit of a Remy LaCroix kick this morning because of this new Glory Hole Loads scene from Bang Bros. They’re really bringing in some A-List pornstars for this site I expected them to just keep it kind of amateur but when Remy walks into the glory hole room you know it’s big time. She is just working two cocks in this update and getting them all off rather easy. She takes a little bit of a facial but you guys know how much she loves to swallow cum so she mostly did that. I am not lying when I said I went on a kick this morning because I made a bunch of galleries of Remy just because I haven’t posted any of her in a long time. She is active and just is on a lot of sites I don’t promote so today I am making that up. The other galleries I have for you today start with Brazzers. It’s a older scene and is shot from the point of view of a spy cam that is spying on a group of sorority girls. It looks like they’re putting Remy through a little bit of some hazing or something like that. Doesn’t look much like hazing to me more like Remy being pleasured! The other two are from Jules Jordan the first being a anal sex scene because we all like to see that right! This one is called Oil Pipline To Her Ass and it has Remy LaCroix all oiled up in black lingerie and taking a big dick in that perfect round little butt of hers. It’s a really short video that’s why I got this new DVD that came out from Jules called Lisa Ann Loves Girls and it’s not all about Remy at all it’s much more about Lisa Ann but that right there isn’t a bad thing, she is the #1 MILF in the world for a reason!

More Proof


I have more proof that Bang Bros is making some kind of stepmom, milf teaching teen type of site. Please see Exhibit A and for even more proof. This is the 3rd time I have caught Bang Bros making one of these type of scenes where a Step-Mom is having some kind of affair with her step daughter this time the girl riding the dick is Courtney Cummz and the girl sitting on the guys face is Mandy Sky. The setup is much the same as the last two that the husband goes out of town for business. The woman goes to get her pussy eaten out by the younger girl and they get caught. Once Courtney and Mandy are eating each other out Mandy’s boyfriend comes in the house because he can’t get a hole of Mandy. That’s when he catches these two and that’s when the threesome starts. Courtney isn’t going to allow this guy to ruin her marriage and her relationship with her step daughter so she tells him he is going to keep his mouth shut and he is going to join in on the sex so he can’t tell. She makes it worth his while though because not only does he gets to fuck his girlfriend and her step mom but he also gets to fuck Mandy in the ass just how she likes it!

Romi Rain Titty Creampie


I haven’t ever heard of a “titty creampie” before but Evil Angel apparently has and so have a lot of other people. They’re on their 6th DVD of a series called Titty Creampies so this either is really popular or they’re just losing money on these DVD’s. I am going to suspect that some of you guys like this I mean I like it too seeing big titties fucked what is there not to like! There is a ton of lube involved and Romi Rain of course smashing those big fake tits of hers together. The guy just sits there and pumps at her chest until he cums. He doesn’t have to do all the work by all means he ends up just getting to sit down while Romi rides those tits up and down on his cock. One more thing I wanted to mention is just how hot Romi is looking! The lingerie is looking really fucking good and well so is everything else, wish he would have bent her over and fucked her I have a feeling Romi would have really liked that.

Bethany and Bria


Fine looking black girl right there isn’t it? Her name is Bethany Benz and she has been on our site quite a bit actually. She used to be a reality star of some kind I forget the show she was on it was so long ago. I do remember when she first came out and was doing porn it was a big deal. Well in this video from Reality Kings Round and Brown you don’t just get Bethany Benz but you also get a round ass darker black girl named Bria Marie. The two of them are teaming up and giving a white guy a little to much ass for him to handle I think. They take turns fucking him him it actually seems like Bethany enjoys laying back and getting her pussy eaten out by Bria more then when she is being fucked. Both of these girls have all kinds of curves and I especially like those big natural tits that Bethany has. The scene ends like most Reality Kings videos with Bethany and Bria on their knees taking a load of cum in their mouth and on their face.

Emma Stoned


Ccx emma stoned

Some girls have big juicy breasts, some have a personality that just is instantly magnetic, some have perfect asses, but when a girl has seductive eyes it’s an instant attraction! Sexy 20 year old Emma Stoned has eyes that will set your soul on fire and make your pants explode with desire as she introduces herself in this Casting Couch X update! This site is a pretty common first stop for new pornstars looking to make a name for themselves in this industry, and sure enough we’re already seeing Emma on some other sites like this scene for instance. Keep an eye out for her, she has that tight skinny spinner body and looks fantastic as she gets pounded, and she’s not afraid to get her pussy absolutely slammed or take a big creamy facial! I think the attraction of a gorgeous blonde with huge tits will never really go away but tastes change and I think the era of the hot brunette with strong eyebrows and pretty eyes is in full swing if this update is any indication. From the moment she peels off her little shorts and shows that perfect tight little butt you know you’re in for a treat here.

High Heels and a Hot Ass


Phd high heels hot ass

Beautiful face, great tits, high heels and a hot ass…that’s a recipe for awesome any way you slice it and that’s what Ariana Marie is working with in this hot Passion HD update! She heads into the bedroom wearing a white bra, white panties and white high heeled shoes and joins her man on the couch, kissing him and slowly peeling off what little clothing she had on! That body of hers is fucking incredible and is also incredible fucking, from the looks of things…watch that perfect pussy get pounded with her nice round ass in the air, working this guy’s cock until he glues her eyes shut with a big wet facial.

Easter Egg Hunt


Passion hd easter egg hunt

Gorgeous fuckbunny Stella Ann stars in this Passion HD update as she goes on an Easter Egg Hunt, finding the treats hidden around the house in a trail that took her right into the arms of her boyfriend! She kissed him passionately and then got down to work on his cock, taking him in her mouth for a nice blowjob and keeping her rabbit ears on as they, well, fucked like bunnies! Stella is a brand new model on the site but I have the feeling she’s going to work out just fine after watching her in this hot update…she’s got a cute face, a pair of nice big tits, and of course a big round juicy booty that looks fantastic as she gets fucked, that’s basically the building blocks of a successful Passion HD babe if you ask me. I can only remember seeing this girl Stella once before in this update, if you know of any more give me a shout…she’s one to keep an eye on for sure.

No Comment


Wow girls no comment

Winter is officially over…and I don’t just mean in terms of the calendar, I know it’s officially spring now but the fact that websites are starting to come out with outdoor updates is a much more meaningful milepost if you ask me! Plus, this Wow Girls update is so hot your eyes might just melt right out of their sockets…it features Alyssa and Nomi, I’m not sure which one is which but they’re both absolutely gorgeous and are getting naked for a nice relaxing afternoon by and in the swimming pool! They’re wearing bikinis but that just won’t do for these two, they need the freedom that nudity provides so they strip each other down and start caressing each other’s perfect body. Just look at how hot and perky and bouncy those boobies are and how nice their butts are as they slowly walk into the water and you’ll see what I mean! These lesbians didn’t just rock our world either, the people at Wow Girls were having problems with their brains too when this update came out which is why they titled it No Comment…I guess they had, you know, other stuff to do at the time. Ahem.

My First Try


Ccgfs my first try

Some girls love getting fucked in the ass and some hate it, but the real shame is when a girl never tries it at all! That’s where this coed was at the beginning of this Crazy College GFs update called My First Try, giving anal play a whirl with a dildo while her horny boyfriend filmed it. She gave it the old college try, if you will, working it slowly into her browneye and riding it a bit…her boyfriend go so turned on he wanted to replace the toy with his cock and fuck her in that sweet round ass but she said no, so he had to make do with a blowjob and a normal style pussy fuck, not that he was complaining if you know what I mean. With those big tits of hers along with her pretty face and that round juicy booty she’s a winner no matter how you slice it, and this guy took advantage of the opportunity to fuck that sweet hole and then shoot his load all over her butt!

Anissa Kate


Anissa kate naughty housewife

Most of the updates that come our way from Naughty America have to do with cheating on someone’s wife with say a maid or a co-worker or whatever…well this one on the other hand is in the opposite direction, it features horny housewife Anissa Kate fucking her lucky husband! Things start out in the bathroom when he finds her in her sexy red bra and panties, slipping his cock into her mouth and pussy in a hot POV fuck scene before they go to the bedroom to have a little more elbow room. Anissa looks completely hot as hell with those big tits and gorgeous face, it’s no wonder this guy came home early to give his wife a nice deep dicking! She ends up taking a cumshot that is sort of half facial and half gets on her big boobs, either way she seems pretty stoked about the whole thing.

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy leigh yoga fuck

Now don’t be fooled by the name of this site, the guy doing the fucking here isn’t actually Peter North but I guess you would have already known that because Kennedy Leigh isn’t getting split in half by a gigantic cock. It’s also not Gollum, although I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that when you see him sneaking up on Kennedy in the thumbnail up above! He’s a bit creepy but has good taste in women; Kennedy is one of the hottest pieces of ass in the industry if you ask me. She was just minding her own business for this scene, doing some Yoga by the swimming pool and I guess she looked so smoking hot this bald fella just couldn’t resist coming after her! She was more than happy to see him though, so I guess he was no stranger…she took his big thick cock in her mouth and give him a nice blowjob, then let him pull off her Yoga pants to give that sweet tight pussy a nice deep pounding while her big tits bounced and swayed.



Brianna for ftv girls

This girl Brianna might not be supermodel hot like some of the other models on FTV Girls but she’s cute for sure and has a nice body, and she loves to explore her sexuality so that makes her pretty much perfect for the site! She’s pretty shy about flashing in public which is a surprise, most of the models on the site love getting those titties out. She does it though and it’s pretty hot, spreading her pussy in public and everything. Heading back to the privacy of the indoors she gets more into the swing of things, masturbating and orgasming nice and hard (thanks Vibraking!) and trying out some unusual toys like the enormous double ended dildo which she sucks and plays with. Turns out this chick likes playing with her ass so she gets into some anal fingering and toys, but as you can see in the thumbnail I picked that’s not all she does! She shoves golf balls in her hole, plays with a buttplug, dances around, shows off some sexy thigh high stockings, basically does everything that makes FTV Girls so awesome.

Russian Connection


X art russian connection

There’s something absolutely otherworldly about Angelica from X Art…she is just mind-bendingly gorgeous and has such a perfect body it’s not even fair. At least we get to enjoy the fun as she and her man Ben get together for a hot session of lovemaking in this update called the Russian Connection…Angelica starts things off with a striptease that would melt any man’s heart, and soon Ben gives in to the temptation, diving in facefirst and licking her tight clean ass and that perfect pink pussy! She loves getting her pucker tongued and gets more and more turned on as he works, taking his cock in her mouth and sucking him before spreading her legs to get fucked missionary style. The best part though is towards the end when she turns around and gets on her hands and knees, putting that perfect butt in the air and getting fucked doggystyle until the guy shoots his load into her pussy for a creampie finish!

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