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Jayden and Celeste on Nutabu


In this update from Nutabu we get to see these two stunners in a smokin hot lesbian tryst as they go for a roll on the sheets together, licking pussy and making out. Celeste Star keeps her nylon stockings on the whole time as she fingers and licks and fucks Jayden’s hole, getting her own pussy tongued through the stretchy fabric. If you’re a fan of nylons and sexy gorgeous lesbians this hot scene will be one for the ages! And, even if you’re not a nylon fetish sort of a guy (or girl) the sight of these two busty hotties licking puss will more than make up for it.

Nylon hottie


I don’t know if you’ve got a particular fetish for nylons or not but if so, it’ll make this photoshoot even hotter than it already was! Apparently the name of the site is Art Of Gloss and I’m not sure where that came from but if they have more photoshoots like this one they’re A-OK in my book…this girl is smokin hot and is just wearing a loose top with her stockings, plus she’s super flexible so she does some great poses that show off her spectacular ass and long lean legs to their best advantage! I’m not usually into nylons but man, this chick is definitely making me turn the corner on em.

Phoenix Marie


Sexy busty blonde MILF Phoenix Marie knows she can convince pretty much any guy to do whatever she wants, and she tests out her theory by ordering this guy to lick her asshole…he resists a little at first but then gives in and drops to his knees to tongue her balloon knot! I guess he made a good decision because she lets him fuck that wet pussy of hers in return, riding him hard and deep right on the stairway in a steamy hardcore and slightly kinky scene from Naughty America!

Phoenix Marie PAWG


I just didn’t have the time to make this PAWG update for you guys so you’re just going to have to see it over at this MILF site. I am not sure if Phoenix Marie is even in that category. She is more just a pornstar at this point, definitely not old enough for MILF status. Hopefully she will keep in porn so we can see her when she does reach that. This video is awesome because you get to see a of of ass in it. They follow her around in these cut off little yoga pants. It’s funny how crazy clothing like this can be so hot. She jumps up and down and then shakes that ass a lot as well. They go back to the house where Phoenix sits on the guy-who-will-be-fucking-her’s face and lets him enjoy that amazing tight pussy of hers. Phoenix just isn’t a big ass pornstar, she is also a prefect pussy pornstar and she has those nice big fake titties as well, she is everything you want in a slutty whore and more HAH!

Anissa Both Holes


Well I just caught with their pants down LOL! They have Anissa Kate on their site and she is definitely not black. It’s a hot video though so I can’t blame them for posting it. It’s a scene from WCP Club one of the premier black sites on the Internet. In this video you get to see Anissa doing a little anal play and then as you see her straight up masturbation. That huge black dildo that she has in her pussy, yea she ends up putting that in her ass. She is about to fuck a huge black cock for real so she has to loosen herself up. Doesn’t seem to take much but Anissa Kate is pretty legendary with how much she likes anal. Probably one of my favorite anal scenes ever is the one she did for Pure Mature, it even ends in a anal creampie! Anyways back to this video, it’s long it’s over at a black porn site so if you like black chicks you can surf around there or just check out our ebony category.

Mia Ass Masterpiece


You guys are forewarned that this site has a automatic video on it so turn you volume down if you’re somewhere were you shouldn’t be watching porn. And good for you for watching porn where you shouldn’t LOL! This scene is from Naughty America’s Ass Masterpiece site. This site is like Bang Bros’ Ass Parade along those lines. They go out and find pornstars with great butts and put them on this site. There is no better white girl with a perfect ass then Mia Malkova here. It’s been a long stretch since the last “new” video has come out for Mia Malkova so it’s nice to know she is still around. This is brand spanking new I mean I just checked out the tour and it was put up today. She is outside poolside letting that camera get a up close view of her butt and then she takes this dick for a ride. Lots of reverse cowgirl and such because that’s how you get a good view of a girls butt if you didn’t know fucking noobs right guys? I hope you like it I know I did and click here for more Mia Malkova videos!



Brook on net video girls

The Net Video Girls fellas hit it out of the park with this one! Beautiful Brook here looks like she could be one of the chicks with the briefcases on Deal Or No Deal…she’s absolutely gorgeous and has big bouncy titties that she loves showing off. The story, as is usual with this guy from NVG, is that there’s a hip hop video that they need dancers for and if Brook here nails it with her interview she could be one of the lucky girls selected! The operative word of course is ‘nailed’ because Brook has to get naked, suck cock and get fucked to be considered for this dancing job which doesn’t exist. What does exist though are the cameras catching all the hardcore action so we get to enjoy it!

Submissive Seduction


Xart submissive seduction

Beautiful blonde Izzy has a bit of a kinky streak in her in this X-art update called Submissive Seduction…she crawls towards her guy pal and offers up her perfect ass and nice tight pussy, submitting to his will and giving him access to every part of that beautiful body of hers. He takes the opportunity to explore her body with his fingers and tongue, licking her ass and pussy before turning her around to slide his cock down her throat, then laying her back to pound that horny pussy until he shoots his load deep inside for a nice creampie finish! Adding a spice of kinkiness into things can keep a relationship hot and steamy, and Izzy is just the girl to demonstrate…

Surprise Surprise


X art surprise surprsie

This guy had already basically won at life when he got gorgeous redhead Ashley S into bed, lying there naked with her and kissing and playing around…suddenly she covered his eyes and the next thing he knew, surprise surprise, Ashley’s stunning blonde girlfriend Sammy was in the house grabbing his cock and kissing him as well! This X-art update features two of the hottest petite babes on the site if you ask me, taking turns sucking and fucking this lucky jackoff’s big thick dick. He bent both of them over, slamming two perfect pussies one after the other before shooting his load onto both of their faces for them to share!



Nikki sims XLVIII

I guess Nikki Sims called this photoshoot XLVIII because if she used the name of the actual game she’d probably get sued or something…she’s showing support for both teams with her Russell Wilson jersey and the orange Broncos teamname across her tits! She must have taken these pictures before the game though, otherwise she’d either be too embarassed or she at least wouldn’t be smiling like she is in these pictures with her boobs showing. As she lays across that bar top she looks like she’s ready to be pounded almost as hard as the Broncos got pounded…almost. I probably shouldn’t make fun though, that’s just like beating a dead horse. Get it?

Keisha Grey


Keisha grey on jules jordan

It’s a beautiful sunny warm day and it’s about get even hotter when this guy runs across gorgeous Keisha Grey and those magnificent titties of hers! You’ve heard of sweater puppies, this update is called Slut Puppies 8 so I guess it’s part of an ongoing series! After getting those perfect big tits shined up with a bunch of lube, Keisha joins the guy in his room and goes for a ride, taking that cock of his deep in her horny pussy until he shoots his load into her mouth! She swallows it down with a goofy grin…this cheeky vixen loves to tease and loves showing off that incredible body of hers and this Jules Jordan update is a perfect example!

A Bit Of Cherie


Hd love bit of cherie

Ready for a bit of Cherie Deville? In this update from HD Love she gives us the full treatment…apparently she woke up horny as hell (is that unusual for her?) so she started out stripping out of her lace panties to take a bath, taking the opportunity to rub those big perfect tits and masturbate until she orgasmed, but she sure wasn’t done yet. After her first orgasm of the day she headed out to where her guy pal was sitting, dropping her towel to show off that gorgeous MILF body of hers, which understandably drove him nuts. I don’t even know how she manages to pack that big round booty of hersinto her clothes, it looks like it would bust out of any dress or pair of pants the world has to offer! She gets her pussy licked and tongued, then bends over to get that sweet hole pounded from behind, finishing things off by taking a big creamy load in the mouth that she swallowed down with a smile.

Do It Again


Babes do it again

The windows are a little steamy in this bathroom but I don’t think that’s due to the hot water so much as the heat in the air from Ariana Marie and her guy pal in this Babes Network update called Do It Again! With those perfect breasts and sweet round ass Ariana looks incredible as usual…I’d be hard pressed to come up with some girls in the business who are hotter than this chick. She seems insatiable, too, working her guy’s big thick dick with that pussy of hers after licking and sucking it nice and hard. This whole scene is steamy and passionate from start to finish, and speaking of finishes this guy fucks Ariana until he shoots his load all over her smooth skin. I know porn is in its own little world but man I’d be a little hesitant to bust a nut over the bathtub when it’s got water in it like this, that shit is hazardous.

Norma on Averotica


I don’t really know this Averotica site all too well but it appears to be damn good at the girl-next-door type of shoots…for instance take a look at Norma here, she is hot as hell but looks like she could be a regular at your local coffeeshop or something, and in these pictures she’s making your latte dreams come true as she poses in the nude next to some kind of weird retro stool, crouching down and spreading her legs to give a nice view of that shaved pussy, as well as grabbing her big perky boobies! That long kinky hair of hers looks beautiful as it hangs down nearly to her waist, and also looks pretty cool splayed out on the floor as she lays on her back looking up at you with those pretty eyes. Norma is gorgeous and sexy and deserves to be seen, that’s about what it comes down to!

Dakota Shannon


She’s been on Playboy before but it’s always a pleasure to see Dakota Shannon come back to show off that amazing body again…in her interview she says she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about how much money a guy makes, she just wants to feel special. I call bullshit on that but hey it’s a nice sentiment, and she’s hedging her bets on that count by being so fucking gorgeous that pretty much any guy that’s near her is only thinking about her at any given time! She has the face and expression of a high-maintenance bitch but hey maybe she’s cool and easygoing, hard to say…all I know for sure is that those are some crazy nice titties she’s packing!

Marta La Croft


I’m not a huge fan of boobjobs when they’re overdone; I mean if a chick has tiny titties and wants to up them to like a b-cup, great, whatever makes her feel special. But when a woman gets implants and they look like fucking cantaloupes stapled to the front of her chest, like Marta La Croft here, they lose me…maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. Marta is hot though and the big fake round boobs are kind of messing up her style here on the site Big Tit Creampie, when she grabs her tits it looks like she’s literally holding a couple of melons in front of her! She does have a nice ass though and she’s lookin good as she gets her pussy pounded and takes a load shot in it, so that’s a plus.

Shay Laren


There are some women in this stupid world who just make your brain smile…no matter how crappy of a day you might be having, take a look at a woman like that and the sun just sort of comes out from behind the clouds. Shay Laren, if you hadn’t already guessed, is one of those women! In this photoshoot from Penthouse, Shay is lounging on a piano bench in some super sexy sheer lingerie with her hair all did up, then unleashes those huge perfect boobs and goes in for the kill as she fixes you with her seductive and calmly beautiful eyes! She’s one of the hottest nude models in the world if you ask me, maybe it’s because I’m staring at her big tits right now but I’m pretty sure it’s just a scientific fact.

Valory Irene Underwater


The future is a hell of a thing, isn’t it? We might not have flying cars and jetpacks and shit like that (yet) but at least we have affordable cameras that can take pictures of naked women underwater! Check out this photoshoot of Valory Irene from her own website as the lovely voluptuous babe goofs around in a swimming pool, grabbing her huge boobs and shaking that juicy bouncy booty. No longer do you have to hold your breath as you go underwater to stare at a chick’s huge soft tits. Next time you see a woman in a pool with a smile on her face just think, maybe under the water she’s completely nude and playing with her boobs!

Banging On The Floor


Check out this new homemade video that Roc and Shay submitted over at They seem to always be moving around the house I don’t know if they’re trying to fuck in every room or something like that… They start off just pleasing each other with their hands, Roc is getting shay wet by lightly touching her vagina and Shay is is just laying there playing with her big natural tits. Once Roc gets nice and hard gets to pounding that sweet pussy that Shay has. She gets so damn wet during her video you can just hear that shit, you don’t even need to use some lube with this girl. She gets pounded on the ground and in the end she lets Roc cover her face with cum after he titty fucks those nice big naturals.

Fucking The Trainer


That’s a pretty hot picture don’t you guys agree? It’s Lelu Love getting picked up in the air and fucked in this latest video from Lelu Love. She is you’re online girlfriend guys you join her site and she will do everything you want her to do. If you take a look at any of her videos you will see that she will do any kind of fetish video you’re looking for. A lot of her videos are role playing type of stuff and in this gallery she is pretending to be a trainer. I guess he is pretty much working out right now having her picked up and fucking her like this. It gets tiring for sure and then she gets her workout as well when she rides him because Lelu Love doesn’t give a lazy ride when she is on a dick she gives you everything you want and then some.

Noelle Easton Angel


Noelle Easton on Zishy

The gorgeous Noelle Easton is back on Zishy this time in a scene called “Angel Is Broken”. I think that Zishy is trying to make this once piece bikini famous because this is the third girl I have seen it on now and I have to see it’s pretty hot. I like it’s low cut bottom I guess that’s what you would call it and it’s thong backside. The only problem with it is when there is a bust girl like Noelle here you can’t really enjoy her boobs because it really covers it up. When Zishy gets professional girls like Noelle here they usually have them get a little more sexy then normal. What I mean by that is Zishy is more known as a babe site. They don’t always have their models get naked just sometimes and the girls that get naked are usually pornstars like our girl here. Noelle gets completely nakd for them showing that nice big ass of hers but more importantly those amazing big natural tits. She might be one of my favorite new girls just because of these amazing knockers she has!

Ashlyn Molloy


Ashlyn molloy for casting couch x

Right off the bat you can tell Ashlyn Molloy is a bit awkward, a bit horny and entirely gorgeous! She seems pretty gangly but I guess she is just 19, she doesn’t really know how to work her body quite yet but doing things like this Casting Couch X episode will certainly help her mature a little! This beautiful redhead pulls off her shirt to show off her perky little petite boobies (I hope she never gets a boob job) and drops her panties to reveal a great ass and nice tight teen pussy that is just begging for a good hard fuck and the Casting Couch X cameraman is more than happy to provide it! Ashlyn bends over to spread her lips, giving us a nice view of that sweet pink hole before she sucks the guy’s cock and gets her pussy slammed from behind, from underneath and from the side. She rides his dick and moans her way to orgasm before the guy erupts, shooting his load all over that stunning face.

Kaylee and Naomi The Way I Feel


X art the way i feel

When two lesbians as gorgeous as Kaylee and Naomi from X-art get together in the bedroom you know there’s gonna be some hotness laid down…we’ve seen Kaylee before so we already know how sexy she is but Naomi is a newcomer to the site and she’s making her presence felt in a big way! The title of the episode is The Way I Feel and I am pretty sure both of these horny girls know just exactly how they’re making each other feel as they kiss and caress each other, slipping their fingers down to play with each other’s pussy before heating things up with their tongues in a hot sapphic scene! It might be the depths of winter but man it sure feels like it’s getting steamy up in this joint with two of the most beautiful girls on the web getting naked and making sweet passionate love while the cameras clicked away!

Veronica Rodriguez Latin Love


Porn goes pro latin love with veronica

Gorgeous Latina babe Veronica Rodriguez loves being the center of attention…she always gives her all when she does a photoshoot or video shoot online and when you call her up to come by the hotel and put on some sexy lingerie she rises to the occasion, making your big dick rise to the occasion as well if you catch my drift! This update is called Latin Love from Porn Goes Pro and features this stunning hottie putting on some of her hottest thigh high stockings and panties before spreading her legs and getting that sweet pussy pounded in a hot first person perspective. Calling up that exotic babe was a hell of a fine choice, you are to be applauded but I guess getting the opportunity to fuck this honey is all the congratulations you need!

Ava Addams Is Back


Ava addams back on mr anal

Just when you think you’ve seen the hottest of Ava Addams she comes back with another uppercut to the dick, so to speak! She’s back on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal and is in the kitchen, popping off her jeans and pulling her top down to let those huge breasts out to play before hopping up on the counter and spreading her legs to get her pussy and ass played with by this lucky dude! He tongues that hole of hers before impaling her on his big thick fuckmeat, giving Ava a backdoor pounding like she’s been dreaming about for weeks…she has of course been on Mr Anal before and I guess she just can’t get enough anal action so she’s back for more hardcore slammin! If you’re a fan of ass gaping keep an eye out for Ava’s yawning rear entrance near the end of this episode…it’ll be awhile before she’s walking right again.

Bailey & India Summer


Moms Teach Sex has a new scene that came out with the gorgeous India Summer teaching her step daughter Bailey Bradshaw how to fuck. The video starts off with them talking about the guy that is coming over to study. Bailey tells her step mom how much she wants this guys dick so India helps her get ready. She gets her nipples hard, makes sure she is wearing some sexy undies and all. When the guy finally gets there Bailey just straight up clams up! India steps in to get things moving so she goes under the table and starts to suck this guys big cock, once he is ready to fuck she stops and then tells her step daughter to take off those panties and get fingered by her. Once everyone is ready for sex they make it happen on the little island in the middle of the kitchen. The Mom takes the reigns during the sex session of course because she has to teach them what to do. India Summer loved getting her pussy eaten out by these two there is nothing a MILF likes more then getting her pussy licked by somewhere younger and that’s just a fact.

Forest Hike and Fuck


Bryci fuck in the woods

Man oh man…our girl Bryci is getting more and more bold I think, and I’m loving every minute of it (and I bet all of you are too)! In this update from her site she’s headed to the forest for a hike but when she reaches a little sunny clearing she unbuttons her top to let those big perfect tits out to play, then drops her jeans and bends over to torture us with what must be the most perfect ass in the business. I guess her photographer guy pal thought so too because his cock started getting hard…she noticed his bulge and grabbed him, giving him a nice blowjob before spreading those legs and getting fucked! It still blows me away that Bryci is doing hardcore now, she used to be one of those girls that you always hoped would do hardcore but knew she never would…well I guess Hell has frozen over or something because now she’s getting a good hard deep dicking!

Brooke Gets Head


Brooke Marks Enjoying Head

In this new zip set with Brooke Marks you get to see her getting head! Shower head that is LOL! It’s actually really hot and many of you guys probably don’t know this but girls masturbate with shower heads all the time. It’s like the secret sex toy of all housewives. So here is Brooke Marks showing you would probably most girls have done at least once in their life. She starts off just giving her pussy a shower massage through her panties and then she takes them off and gives you a good view of what you want to see. There are some cool camera angles in this video, angles that you will only get with like a go pro cam or something like that, it’s very first person. I hope you like this scene I know I did and you can be rest assured that this video is only going to cost you $24.95 and that’s it! They won’t charge you again or anything like that you’re getting a masturbation video of Brooke Marks simple as that.

Pre Party Fuck


Passion hd pre party fuck

Sexy blonde pornstar Natalia Starr and her guy pal are hosting a party later on but before their guests arrived they were in the mood for a nice hot Pre-Party Fuck! She shimmies out of her little pink party dress and takes her lover’s cock in her mouth, dancing around and slowly stripping out of her panties…actually if that is her party dress this is going to be one hell of a shindig, her perfect ass is peeking out and it’s barely holding in those big beautiful tits of hers! She rides his cock, working his shaft with her wet pussy as she bounces up and down on it….Natalia is always beautiful and man that body of hers just doesn’t have any bad angles. She’s done some Passion HD stuff before, so if you want to check out some of her older updates make sure you take a look at scene1 scene2 to see more of that smokin hot body!

Three Way is the Best Way


Threeway is the best way on xart

It can be difficult being the newcomer, especially when it’s a tight-knit group like the X-Art gang…sexy newbie Belle Knox was trying to figure out how to break the ice a little with one of her fellow models (namely gorgeous Jenna) one day and when Jenna started getting naked and sucking her man’s dick she couldn’t help but masturbate, playing with her tight pussy and getting naked herself and realizing that sometimes, Three Way is the Best Way to get to know someone! See how I worked the title in there, pretty good eh? Anyway, Belle joins the couple in their fun and Jenna is nice enough and horny enough to share that big dick, letting Belle suck and fuck it as well…nobody is left out though, the girls kiss and lick pussy while the guy has his way with both those pussies before shooting his load into Belle’s hole for a nice creampie!

Malena Morgan


I don’t even know how to express the hotness that is Malena Morgan…she is just fucking stunning and if you’ve never seen one of her photoshoots you are in luck my friend because this one from Digital Desire shows why she’s so irresistable. She starts out wearing a sexy pair of plaid underwear with matching bra and thong panties, then strips down to show off those beautiful perky boobies and relaxes in bed, all the while giving us that supermodel look and drilling into your soul with her lovely eyes! This girl is a stunner all around and loves to show off her tight body…I give up, I’m a Malena Maniac.

Jolina Ford


Jolina Ford is about to make you drop your jaw and your pants faster than a cat’s meow with this photoshoot from Show Girlz Exclusive! This busty beauty is hanging out in her pink haltertop and thong panties (I think that’s a halter top right? Man I don’t know these things) and is shaking those huge beautiful breasts of hers, grabbing them and pushing them together as if she didn’t already have incredible cleavage. Between her big tits and beautiful face you’re bound to be seduced by this babe and that’s before she even seals the deal with an amazing round juicy booty!

Hannah Martin


I’m not even 100% sure what site this photoshoot is for but man this blonde named Hannah Martin is a vision of hotness! Obviously when you take a look at her dark eyebrows (not to mention her roots) blonde isn’t her natural color but it sure suits her well, a sshe lounges on the bed in some kind of crazy sexy lingerie with cutouts on the sides. She loves teasing with those nice perky titties and slowly undresses, caressing her own body as she does so…hey Hannah, just concentrate on getting the clothes off, I think there are plenty of guys watching who would be more than happy to ‘lend a hand’ with the rest!

Terri Jane


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that generally I don’t go for the girls with huge tits, mainly because most of the time that’s about all they’ve got going for them…like they’ve skated along on the power of their big boobs or something but have nasty faces or what have you. However, Terri Jane is definitely an exception, seeing as how she’s fucking gorgeous and also just so happens to have massive melons! Check out this photoshoot from Pinup Files as Terri squeezes those boobies together, getting them all shiny with oil and grinning away with that lovely seductive smile of hers. I don’t get how she can even walk around with those knockers swaying away in front of her but I guess she got used to em!



Kalila is a busty exotic brunette from FTV Girls and I think actually worked for them for awhile after this shoot (maybe she’s still there I don’t know) as a photo assistant, lending a hand when a girl needed to be fisted or fucked with a toy or whatever. This is her debut photoshoot though and she’s dancing around and jumping up and down to make those huge boobies bounce around…she’d better be careful though, it would be easy to just get straight up knocked out by those swinging funbags! She seems to have things under control though as she grabs them and stares at you with those pretty eyes.

Creampie Compilation


Teen Pies Compilation

Check out this nice long video I have for you guys from Team Skeet and the creampies scenes they have coming from their new site called “Teen Pies”. The girl that is getting fucked in this picture is none other thine Kalina Ryu. I think she is a pretty new girl to porn but of course Team Skeet was able to get her. This just isn’t like a quick trailer or some bullshit like this this is a 30 minute video guys! I mean you get to see a bunch of girls getting their tight pussies filled with cum. I was thinking about going ahead and tell you guys the name of the girls that are taking the cum in their pussies but it would be too damn hard. The first girl has a really nice pussy though you have to admit that and then how hard her nipples are you can just tell she is turned on. Anyways enjoy the show sit back and relax and keep coming back for more!

Alison Fucks In The Kitchen


When a girl has a body like this I am seriously just obligated to post the video. This is a nice long video too of course my boys at this MILF site always hook it up with the good stuff. So the story line in this Naughty America video is this. Alison Tyler is best friends with this chick so she goes over to her house. She and her husband are kind of hanging out together because his wife is late to come home. One thing leads to another and then end up fucking. Instead of wasting time to walk back to the bedroom or the couch or something they just fuck right there in the kitchen. Alison Tyler looking amazing she seriously has awesome big tits and that hour glass figure of hers is beautiful. I like her hairy pussy, but it’s nice crazy hairy it’s just a little bit, you know trimmed. Anyways she is a true voluptuous beauty and you’re going to love seeing her fucked.

Oh My Mia


Oh my mia on gf revenge

Mia was getting pretty fed up with her roommates fucking loudly every morning but pretending they weren’t seeing each other, so she decided to catch them in the act one morning, busting into the bathroom with her video camera when she heard them in there together! Sure enough, her roommate Belle was on her knees sucking the guy’s big dick…the guy of course didn’t care that Mia was watching and filming, so after Belle recovered from the shock he somehow talked the newcomer into joining in to make it a hot threeway! He knew Belle and Mia had the eye for each other already so they finally got the chance to explore their lesbian fantasies as he took turns fucking both of them in this hot video shoot. GF Revenge got the footage and called it Oh My Mia, which means one of the trio decided to send in the tape for a fat check…my money is on the guy, what do you think?

Brilliant Jillian


X art briliant jillian

Jillian is a teen hottie from the US making her debut on X-art, and apparently they thought she’d be bouncing off the walls and could hurt herself because they put this babe in a room with padded walls! She’s got that deer in the headlights look at first which makes her look a little dopey and goes kinda funny with the title of the set “Brilliant Jillian” but once she starts spreading her legs and buzzing her pussy with her little magic bullet vibrator she loosens up so to speak and goes to town, bringing herself to orgasm for us! She is a looker, that’s for sure…with that doll-like face and those big bouncy titties I can’t wait to see if Jillian will do a hardcore scene or something.

Post Work Massage


Pure mature episode post work massage

After a long hard day of meetings and paperwork, Courtney Cummz needed a nice relaxing Post Work Massage which coincidentally enough is the name of this Pure Mature update! This voluptuous blonde horndog gets her big boobs oiled up and her whole beautiful body rubbed down before her donkey-hung masseuse slips his heft slab of meat down her throat and fucks her hard on the massage table! Look at the eyes on this girl, she is just seductive as all hell…there are plenty of hot MILFs in this world but man, some women just have that little something extra that make them irresistable. Courtney, needless to say, is one of the latter…I mean those huge tits and perfect ass help but I think it’s the personality and sexual energy that really push this girl over the top of hotness!

Vicki Chase


Vicki chase in the crack

Join exotic hottie Vicki Chase as she shows off her bewildering shorts in this In The Crack photoshoot, followed quickly by her round bouncy titties and of course that sexy ass! And, since this is an In The Crack photoshoot you just know you’re going to be taken nose-first into the action as this hottie bends over and stretches out before masturbating with a big vibrating wand. She’s enjoying the view of the ocean from her bedroom as the sun sets over the water, but the moon has risen early in this photoshoot as Vicki leans over and spreads her cheeks! She looks like she’s ready for anything too, she’s got her high heels with neon yellow bottoms for safety in case of an emergency evacuation. It’s a little slice of paradise with a nice up close and personal look at a beautiful, sexy babe!

Barb Returns


Mom pov barb returns

If this chick looks familiar, you’ve got a good idea for MILF babes…this 47 year old honey is back for her second adult video with Mom POV and she looks pretty happy with it! I guess she couldn’t get enough of that hard cock and just had to take him in her mouth and deep in her wet pussy once again. She gets those big titties out and shows her skill at sucking cock before climbing on top and riding the guy’s cock, making her big boobs bounce as she moans her way to orgasm! She’s not done yet though, she can’t help but notice the guy staring at her tits so she takes his cock between them, letting him tittyfuck her before he shoots his load all over her face. Hopefully she’ll be back for round 3! My favorite part is when she almost starts crying from the waves of pleasure he sends through her body via the pussy.

Secretary Takes Dicktation


Fhd gianna nicole secretayr

Imagine having a gorgeous exotic secretary with dangerous curves and sexy lingerie like Gianna Nicole…it’s been a long tough day at work and when your secretary comes into the office and drops her coat all she’s wearing is that sexy underwear! You’ve imagined it enough, now watch it go down in this FantasyHD update called Secretary Takes Dicktation! Pad puns aside, this chick is hot as hell with her long dark hair, perfect breasts and big juicy booty that looks insane as she gets her hole slowly penetrated from behind. Fantasy HD brings you right up to the girls of your dreams, and if this girl isn’t in your dreams tonight I’ll be pretty surprised. That big round ass of hers is a thing spoken of only in whispers and legend, but here we have it in full effect as gorgeous Italian babe Gianna gets pounded and takes a facial!

Amateur Shaved


I guess if you are really into amateur babes or something this chick might be up your alley but, as one of the commenters on the page points out, she’s not really anything special and you might just want to move on. Mediocre and slightly dumpy butt, decent enough tits, hard to say about the face because it’s obscured but she doesn’t look like she’s super cute, so it’s a damn good thing she has a very nice looking pussy! Nicely proportioned lips, not too beefcurtainy, just lickably and fuckably good. She does need to learn her way around a razor a little better though, she shaves but not very well…I guess she’ll learn eventually. Carry on.

Farrah Abraham


So this girl Farrah Abraham made a porn and is regretting it…I’m not sure why this is newsworthy, and I’m glad this article calls her out on it. She says making this porn (she calls it a sex tape but it’s not, it’s a fucking porno film) ruined her life and yet she went around promoting it and signing copies and milking it for all it was worth…and now that nobody cares anymore, it’s all of a sudden the worst thing that ever happened to her apparently and she’s raising a stink about it, maybe just trying to get her porn back in the public eye again. She had anal sex with a porn actor and was professionally filmed doing it, that’s not a sex tape that was ‘leaked’ to the public. Deal with it, Farrah.

Tina in Yellow


I don’t know who Oliver is but if this chick Tina in her yellow shirt is any indication, Olivers Girls must be a hell of a site! This chick looks like she just stepped out from a truckstop diner in her yellow checkered tied-up top and jean skirt…she unbuttons that blouse and grabs her perky titties, before sliding her hand down her skirt and playing with herself! Soon she’s totally naked and on all fours with a very nice ass in the air…she looks like any midwest college quarterback’s wet dream come to life in this hot photoshoot.

Kate Bosworth


I didn’t know who Kate Bosworth was so I had to look her up, she’s an actress who has apparently starred in a whole bunch of shitty movies I’ve never seen. She was in Blue Crush and I think I remember seeing her in a bikini looking fucking smokin hot but time has not been kind apparently, she’s got a kind of meth-head look going on if you ask me…anyway she’s topless in this movie Big Sur and she’s got pretty decent little boobies although it’s not the best view of all time. I’m just disappointed that she’s not Brian Bosworth’s daughter or something, that would be awesome. In cooler news, she does have two differently-colored eyes which is pretty wicked!

Dillion Masturbates


I just cannot get enough Dillion Harper…I don’t know if it’s her enthusiasm or her beautiful face or just those perfect tits or what but this girl is just magnetic! In this Twistys photoshoot she’s got a sexy burgundy thong and a garter belt with thigh high black stockings, looking of course hot as hell. Dillion doesn’t waste any time on smalltalk, she just grabs those boobs and starts playing with her pussy, grinning away and knowing that she’s looking like a fucking dream come true! I always look forward to seeing more updates featuring this stunner and so should you…let’s start a Dillion Harper fan club, you and I. It’ll be fun, we can build a clubhouse and have potato chips and talk to each other with tin cans on strings and everything!

Wet Lips


Wet Lips by GF Revenge

If you’re a member of GF Revenge like I am then you know the episode title to this video is “Wet Lips” that’s why I am calling it that. The girl is for a real a amateur or if she isn’t she has been flying over the my porn radar and I have a great porn radar. This girl has a nice petite body and if you like small little titties this girl has super small ones! The video starts off on the beach where her boyfriend is filming and he see’s her come out of the option in her white bikini bottoms and they’re totally see through. I mean she gives one of the best camel toe shots of all time and at that point he just wanted to go back to the room and bang her. They finally make it back and he makes it happen filming the whole sex session that ends with him fucking her missionary and then droping his load all over her slender sexy body.

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