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Stairway Lesbians


The Errotica Archives presents this photoshoot of two gorgeous lesbians hanging out on a stairway, which looks like it’s in Mexico or something. These girls are both hot as hell with tight little butts, great perky tits and smiles that say they know you’re watching them and that they love it. Watch these girls completely nude making out and caressing each other, sliding hands over smooth skin and grabbing ass and just generally looking smokin hot! These two don’t seem 100% lesbian to me just from the way they’re posing together, which makes me think they might be smiling like that because they’re thinking of a big hard cock to share.

Get Wild At Home


X art get wild at home with jenna

Watch gorgeous Jenna and her guy pal James get wild at home in this hot X-art update! He was just lounging on the floor reading a magazine when Jenna came into the room wearing just her tshirt with no panties on…she stripped down and basically jumped on top of him, kissing her guy and convincing him that clothes are a pretty bad idea for him too so soon they’re both naked and things are really steaming up! Jenna keeps her knee high socks on as she lifts her leg and gets her pussy pounded, moaning and writhing on the floor as he slips his meat deep inside her wet hole. It’s a hot and steamy hardcore update from a site known for having gorgeous girls, so you know you’re in for a treat.

Mckenzie Lee


Porn fidelity mckenzie lee

Christmas has come and gone but let’s check in on how it went down around the Porn Fidelity house with Ryan and Kelly Madison…Kelly left Ryan a note saying there was a special present for him under the tree and when he went and checked it out he found beautiful McKenzie Lee all tied up and gagged! Best present ever…he wasted no time in putting his new gift to good use, taking the gag off her mouth and replacing it with his big dick to facefuck her before bending her over the couch and pounding her wet pussy hard and fast just like she likes it! Those big tits of hers bounce as he pummels her vag, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her gorgeous body as she screams and moans.

Real Life Part 6


Teen fidelity real life 6 with caroline ray

Some girls like to giggle and play around before getting down to business even if they know they want to get fucked but not Caroline Ray…this girl knows what she wants and knows what she’s gotta do to get it, and as soon as she shows up at the Teen Fidelity house she wastes no time in stripping down naked and getting a mouthful of Ryan Madison’s big cock! Caroline is gorgeous and has a fantastic personality which we get to see in this update, Part 6 of their Real Life series, and man those titties of hers are just mesmerizingly hot! She’s got a smokin hot face but when she’s topless the eyes just instantly drop down to her boobies and stay there…at least until she turns around and you get a look at that sexy round ass of hers. Incidentally I wouldn’t have pegged Caroline as having a hairy bush but man it does look a little forested down there, we get a good look at her bush as she gets her tight wet teen pussy pounded!

Ava Taylor


Ava taylor on casting couch x

Some girls love the sex, some love the money, but Ava Taylor here is all about the fame! She wants everyone to know her name so she’s ready to make her way into the adult industry…pretty interesting attitude and man when you couple it with that perfect body of hers she’s got a real chance to make it huge in this industry! She’s got perfect tits, an incredible ass and a beautiful face with dorky glasses that she finally takes off as she bends over and gets her wet hole pounded on Casting Couch X! The casting director seems to be having a hell of a good time fucking the hell out of this gorgeous young lady, finally shooting a facial onto her that frosts her whole face. I bet she wishes she kept those glasses on now, huh?

French Maid


Bryci french maid

You’ve surely seen Bryci by now of course, with those huge tits and gorgeous face and perfect ass she’s been getting legions of fans…well get ready to have your head erupted because now she’s getting into hardcore! That sweet pussy you’ve been lusting after is getting filled up with cock and she’s got it all on film. Check it out quick though, I’m not sure we’re actually supposed to have this sex tape, we’ll try to keep it up as long as we can. Bryci makes a gorgeous french maid as she does a little dusting, getting her big round breasts out and spreading her long legs to play with herself, sliding her hands up over her thigh high white stockings and masturbating before her guy pal slips his cock into her mouth and wet pussy! She even uses her feather duster to tickle her clit and fuck herself…that cunt is like a magnet for the eyes, you just can’t help but stare as she gets her hole pounded by her fingers or her toys or her man’s hard cock!

AJ Applegate Anal Trekking


Aj applegate porn fidelity

AJ Applegate and Ryan Madison had gone on a nice hike in the late afternoon and as it started getting a little darker they realized there was nobody around in the park, so the clothes started dropping off! AJ’s shorts and panties dropped to the ground and she took his cock in her mouth, then turned around to get her pussy penetrated from behind…the sensation of having his big hard dick sliding into her got her so turned on she whispered in his ear and they headed to the nearest hotel room where Ryan proceeded to give her the pounding of a lifetime! He slid every inch of his cock into her pussy and got those nipples of hers all perked up and standing at attention before going for the backdoor, penetrating her ass for a nice anal session before AJ finally took his cock back in her mouth and got a load shot down her throat. This Porn Fidelity update is called Anal Trekking and hopefully their little hikes will become a regular occurance as long as they all end up like this!



Exploited college girls jennifer

Alright let’s get this out of the way right off the bat…Jennifer here has fucking incredible tits. They’re not exactly natural but cmon, this is a hell of a boob job! Her nipples are pierced too and that’s always a plus, I hear it makes them super sensitive to temperature and touch. This girl is at the Exploited College Girls studio to earn herself a little extra spending cash and all she has to do is something she loves doing anyway! Turns out she’s hornier than a ten peckered owl and she’s feeling extra randy, her pussy already wet when she drops her panties and gets fingered. She hops onto her hands and knees and sucks the cameraman’s cock, getting it nice and rock hard before going for a ride! She gets fucked in every position she can manage, those big breasts bobbing and jiggling as she gets pounded to orgasm. Finally she takes his load onto her tits and into her mouth…this girl has a hell of a future ahead of her if she decides to get full-time into porn!

Beautiful Booty


On We Live Together we get to see some of the hottest lesbians in the business getting naked and getting freaky deaky in the comfort of their own home, giving us a glimpse at what goes on behind closed doors for these horny sapphic babes! In this episode, Zoey grabs and tongues Dani’s beautiful booty, licking her good before they get into a hot 69 and just devour each others pussy, all on camera for us to enjoy! Both of these girls have amazing bodies but man, that ass of dark-haired Dani’s is just fucking phenomenal…who wouldn’t love to spend a week buried face-deep in that?

Leanne In White


If you know Leanne Crow I think you already know what this little writeup is going to be about…and if you don’t know Leanne Crow, one look at her pictures will probably give you a good idea! In this photoshoot from her own website Leanne is showing off her pride and joy, those two enormous melons she has hanging in front of her, as she strips off her white bra! I always feel kind of sorry for Leanne’s bras, their life expectancy must be measured in hours instead of months…I mean how can just a flimsy piece of fabric hope to hold up against huge beautiful tits like hers?



Fans of big juicy jugs rejoice, because lovely Roxana is here from DDF Busty to brighten up your (probably wet and cold and dark) Monday! She’s ready to take a shower and invited us in to watch as she sprays down those huge soft breasts, letting the water cascade down her curves as she gives her pussy a little attention as well. Soon the tub is filling up and she settles in for a nice soapy soak, getting her titties squeaky clean and even making little foam beards for her perky nipples for fun. It certainly looks like Roxana loves having big boobs, there’s never a dull moment with those jugs in front of her!

Florence Dolce


Tired of all the wet and rain and snow and darkness that January’s been tossing our way? Time for a little relaxation by the sea with a gorgeous chocolate goddess named Florence Dolce, courtesy of Digital Desire! She’s absolutely stunning and has a great set of perky boobies, plus a butt that looks tight as a drum…she must do a lot of bicycling or something because that ass is toned and firm and small and powerful, from the looks of it. Florence is stripping down by the oceanside on a dock or something, enjoying the warm sunshine on her smooth flawless skin and looking sexy as all hell as she puts on a huge wide-brimmed sun hat and unleashes her perfect tits upon the world!

Lexi Belle Nurse


Hopefully this is one of the benefits of Obamacare, getting a bunch of sexy horny nurses like Lexi Belle here to give the patients a little much-needed extra attention! She gives this guy a very thorough exam with her hands and mouth and tongue before letting him take her pulse with his cock as he buries it in her cunt, fucking her on the examination table in this hot Penthouse photoshoot! I guess it’s a pretty good setup though, if he has a heart attack from all the excitement he’ll be good as new, the ER is just a few doors down. Lexi looks hot as hell in her nurse outfit by the way, it suits her…watch this sexy blonde getting her pussy pounded and then take a load of cum on her perky tits!

Stephy Parker


I post Cosmid galleries every once in a while and I think I should really change that. They have some really unique girls to me. They’re kind of like Zishy but Cosmid actually shows nudity. This is a site that you want to join if you just like seeing naked girls I think you might get a masturbation video every once in a while but it’s more about nudity for this site. Well nudity and find real girl next door type of girls. That’s what I think Cosmid is probably the best out, they find that girl next door and they get her naked for us and for that I tip my hat to you guys. Now let’s get back to get back to this gallery her name is Stephy Parker and she is a total first time and simply beautiful.

Belle Knox Bike Ridin


Belle knox on teen fidelity

Cute slender teen Belle Knox loves taking her bicycle out (or as she calls it, Bike Ridin’) so she and Ryan Madison took their bikes out and pedaled around the neighborhood. Belle looked sexy as hell in her little green top and tiny denim shorts as she rode, and Ryan couldn’t help staring at her ass as she stood up in the saddle. When they got back to the house they were going to hop in the shower but their adrenaline was pumping and soon they were making out and rolling around on the bed together in this Teen Fidelity update! Belle shimmied out of her shorts and got her pussy licked before grabbing Ryan’s big dick, taking his meat in her mouth before going for her second ride of the day. She bobbed up and down on his cock before getting pushed up against the mirrored door and getting her sweet pussy pounded from behind. Soon Ryan’s lust overtook him and he shot his load into her throat to finish things off…Belle swallowed every drop before heading to the shower.

Midnight Sex


Joymii midnight sex with petra and nick

When you can’t sleep there’s nothing in the world better than a little midnight sex! Petra was tossing and turning and finally decided that a good hard fuck was the only cure for her insomnia so she turned on the lights and woke up her boyfriend, who was more than happy to provide the cock for her ‘treatment’! This beautiful slender girl went to town on his dick, sucking him hard and then ripping off his underwear to straddle his lap and go for a nice hard ride, taking him to the hilt in her wet pussy and grinding her clit against him until she orgasmed. She didn’t want to be the only one sleeping like a baby though so she kept fucking the guy, then sucked a big load out of his meat onto her face to finish off this Joymii update! What a cute tight little butt on this girl…imagine waking up in the middle of the night to see that body begging for a fuck!

Dance Your Ass Off


Addison avery passion hd dance your ass off

Imagine coming home and finding gorgeous blonde Addison Avery in her leotard dancing around wearing headphones, totally into her music and looking sexy as hell! Well that’s what this creepy dude had waiting for him when he strolled in, looking like some kind of mannequin with his waxy face and nightmarish lips. He’s not exactly a looker but at least he’s got a big dick, and I guess now we know what’s important to Addison when it comes to guys! He puts his big hunk of meat to good use in this Passion HD update, fucking her tight little hole hard and deep as she rides him, keeping her legwarmers on the whole time! This skinny cutie loves a nice fuck and she definitely gets her wish in this update called Dance Your Ass Off.

Packing Peanuts


Sexy pattycake packing peanuts

Looks like Sexy Pattycake is a big fan of packaging material…it must have been her job as a delivery girl in this photoshoot that got her all into it! Watch this gorgeous and adorably quirky blonde as she pulls a brand new vibrator out of a package, licking and sucking it and rubbing it all over her pussy! I just love the look she does with those pigtails, glancing off to one side like some kind of naughty imp. Patty is gorgeous with big breasts and an incredible butt, but I think it’s her personality that really does it…she just seems like she has so much fun with whatever she’s doing, and just something as simple as a sheet of plastic packaging material can become a sexy prop when Pattycake has the reins!

No Holding Back


Nubile films no holding back

Alison Faye was in the kitchen in her sexy little dress and her boyfriend came rolling in to start kissing her, sliding the fabric up over her thighs to touch and caress her sweet pussy for this Nubile Films update! Once they head to the bedroom and their clothes all came off there was no holding back, with Alison taking his big cock in her mouth and riding on top of him! Her tight little body looks incredible as she bounces on his cock, pushing her wet cunt up and down on his shaft and moaning with delight as he slid deep inside. With her beautiful face, perky little boobies and tight butt Alison would already be a hit but man this girl looks like an incredible fuck as well!

Carlotta Champagne Oil


This is a very nice gallery just because Carlotta Champagne is seriously so fucking hot. She has amazing big natural tits and besides that she is just a cool chick. She has had her very own site for some time but she has never done a baby oil video like this before. The reason she thought it was way to cliché to do and she is probably about that. She finally caved in a released this Zip set that you can now buy $23.95. That’s a one time charge and then you’re done, you get this video to download and you can watch it whenever you need to. This gallery is only pictures because well Carlotta want’s you to buy the video duh.

Amy Anderssen & Nikki Benz


I mean this is a gallery with some very voluptuous woman is it or is it not? I mean this new girl Amy Anderssen and the amazing Nikki Benz are teaming up to fuck a student of theirs. The name of the scene is “School Sucks and So Do My Teachers” and it’s a hot threesome video with one lucky ass guy. The video starts off with this guy making fun of those huge titties that Amy has and just in general being a class clown. Once Amy heard this clown she whipped out her titties and his mouth shut so fast you wouldn’t believe. He then started to lick these MILFs pussy and then the girls turn on him and give him a blowjob plus let them titty fuck them. Then they fuck have a really good threesome and then the guy blows his load all over their face and boobies.

Jynx Maze Wraps It Up


Jynx Maze is a girlfriend of some old rich guy and she knows she is his arm candy and their relationship is kind of shallow. So when she walks in on her boyfriends son and his girlfriend wrapping a gift for his birthday she insults the girl to get her out of there. Then she seduces her boyfriends son. Not because she wants to be mean or anything like but the relationship isn’t anything special and she needs a dick down. So Jynx Maze wraps his cock up with a condom and lets him pound away and her perfect tight pussy. What a pussy this girl has, you just need to see the pictures for proof of that!



AnnaLynn on FTV Girls

I think we can all agree that this girl is pretty stunning right? Perfect tight pussy and those cute little perky tits I mean she is winner but you guys don’t know what site she is on yet! Well you should be ecstatic that she is on FTV Girls. They give you every inch of this gorgeous models body and AnnaLynn loves it. She plays it up for the camera trying things she would never usually try including a little anal play. She tries to just put one finger in there when she was masturbating but it felt pretty damn good so she went to two and then she just said fuck it and got some anal beads in there. Let’s talk about that butt a little more because you guys don’t have a picture of it and you should know it’s quite amazing. This girl is the definition of bubble butt. I mean the thing is huge and when she lays it horizontally for the camera and fucks her pussy you can get some real prospective on just how big it is. This is the picture I am talking about if you were wondering. Anyways as always a really good update from FTV Girls make sure to check them out for even more of this gorgeous model Anna Lynn. I did want to mention one more thing I think she has a pornstar name but I just couldn’t find it so if you know it, please let me know!

Huge Tits and Anal


Huge Tits and Anal Sex

This girl is a BBW something you don’t see much on Mom POV but I have a feeling he is a sucker for huge titties (aren’t we all) so when this Mom hit him up to be on the site he couldn’t say no. The real win here is that she comes on and he starts doing the interview and finds out all the things that she likes to do. They include titty fucking(score), anal sex(don’t mind if I do), oral sex(yea, on me) that’s what he was thinking during this whole thing. She tried to get him to go south of the border and click that pussy of hers but he didn’t take the bait, he was the one with the check book after all. I won’t like though it’s a nice looking pussy a innie that is totally fuckable. As you see here though he is passing up that pussy for the butt and this isn’t his doing this MILF wanted it in the ass. See her rubbing that pussy as she is being fucked, this isn’t her first rodeo. In fact she was able to have quite a hard orgasm during this sex session. She orgasmed quite a bit in the video I have a couple of them in our video but trust me there is way way more.

Cherie Gets a Creampie


Cherie DeVille Creampie For Breakfast

In this new video from Pure Mature called “Breakfast In Bed” you get to see Cherie DeVille served up a warm creampie for the most important day of the meal. I think morning sex for everybody in the world would probably make it a better place I am sure most MILFs will agree with me on that one. Cherie no dobut would she and this guy are having some really really good sex together. They might be used to each other by now I mean they did fuck in Pure Mature’s Sexy Morning episode. In this one Cherie is the one that brings in the morning coffee to wake up her man, gives him the paper. As he is reading it Cherie starts to suck his dick, he just sits back and reads the paper a little longer and drinks his coffee. Once he is about to cum he has her stop because he isn’t done with this MILF. He eats her out and gives her a really hard orgasm and then he gets to pounding that pussy of hers. I mean he gave it no mercy, if you watch the video I am sure you will agree with me!

Queen Of Hearts


Queen Of Hearts by X Art

Guys, I would like you to meet the Queen of my heart her name is Aidra. She is one of those models that X Art has found and she is so hot, but when do they ever shoot a girl that isn’t good looking. Never that’s the answer. Here she is in a scene they call The Queen Of Hearts and she is against a all red background and the shoot her fingering her pussy and then as you see her toying it. The pictures are amazing as always, I am a guy who can appreciate both photography and video so if you are a guy who only likes to see videos of girls masturbating and what not you should probably move on to the next gallery because this one has no video.

Bathing Beauties


Passion hd bathing beauties carmen and marina

What’s hotter than a beautiful naked girl taking a bath? Well duh, two beautiful naked girls…that’s a no-brainer and that’s just what you’ll be getting in this Passion HD update called Bathing Beauties! It features Carmen Caliente and Marina Angel who meet up in the bathroom and decide to take a nice hot bath together, kissing and caressing each other as they slosh around. After toweling off though they meet up with their guy friend and the whole thing turns into a hardcore threesome with the guy taking turns fucking one perfect pussy after the other! These girls love getting intimate with each other but when there’s a big hard cock involved at the same time it takes them to a whole new level of horniness…when the guy finally shoots his load onto the girls’ faces they make out, sharing the cum between them!

Get Down


I don’t know who the hell Tosha Isaev is but this music video is gonna be in my head all damn day…the song is catchy for one thing and also the girl herself is smokin hot and naked, showing off and getting her tits and ass grabbed by some dude with the camera! I had a hard time watching it in Chrome so if you don’t see hte video going, try it in IE or something. You won’t regret it, this girl is seriously fucking hot and I keep rewinding it to watch it over and over…nothing better than a girl with great tits and an even greater ass who loves dancing around and showing off! She’s got purple hair and some piercings for a little edginess which just adds to the allure. A must-watch.

Klaudia Badura


Are you sick of gorgeous brunettes getting naked on Playboy yet? Didn’t think so! Meet Klaudia Badura, a sexy and sultry dark haired beauty with a body from a dream…she’s rolling around on the couch wearing just her socks and then going out on the balcony completely nude for all the world to see! It’s no wonder Playboy has been around for approximately 450 years when they keep putting out photoshoots like this…they just have a neverending stream of gorgeous women who want their chance in the limelight!

Sarah Honeywell


Who the hell is Sarah Honeywell? Well according to Wiki she’s a TV personality in the UK and has also been a dancer and acrobat and aerialist which I guess explains why she’s got such a bangin body even if she’s obviously a little older. She’s having a ball in these paparazzi photos jumping topless off a yacht to go snorkeling or whatever…must be weird to have boats following you on vacation with guys just snapping all these photos. I admire Sarah’s don’t-give-a-flying-fuck attitude, that’s for sure.

Lila in Mexico


Good fucking gravy, the body on this girl…her name is Lila and she’s got an utterly magnificent butt, not to mention sweet perky little boobies that look like they could cut through bank vaults! She’s in Mexico doing a little posing by the cactii…I’m fairly sure after looking at that perfect face and pussy that the cactuses aren’t the only pricks that would love to get in Lily’s body! I guess what I’m saying is that she’s hot and sexy and looks like she’d be a great fuck, and she’s posing nude for Watch 4 Beauty.

Amateur Fucked


This girl is cute as hell but after looking at the models on hardcore sites with all their makeup and hair stylists and all that shit she looks like she’s got some awful skin…but this is real life people, sometimes even hot girl-next-door amateurs have zits on their butt and whatnot! This guy is understandably proud of his girlfriend though and had a camera on hand so he snapped a bunch of photos of her getting fucked, and I guess she was into the idea because in a few she’s the one holding the camera. Watch this cutie suck cock, get fucked and take her bf’s dick between her titties!

Real Life Part 10


August ames on porn fidelity

I love seeing these updates on Porn Fidelity in the Real Life series…you get to see some of the hottest pornstars in the business really getting down, the footage feels candid and sexy as hell. This update is extra hot because it features August Ames, one of the most absolutely smoking hot girls in the industry if you ask me. She gets those big tits of hers out and spreads her long perfect legs to get her pussy absolutely drilled by Ryan Madison’s big dick…he puts on his patented choke-move as he rabbitfucks August, making her boobs jiggle like jello! I mean cmon it’s one of the most beautiful girls around getting her pussy pounded and riding that cock, do I even need to say anything more than that? There are plenty of other updates to this series of course…this is Real Life Part 10 so if you bust out your pocket calculators you might figure out that there are 9 other updates! Here, I’ll make it even easier. Enjoy the rest of your day!



Exploited college girls anal with courtney

Cute Latina babe Courtney is bound and determined to lose her anal virginity on camera and she figured Exploited College Girls was just the ticket…good call Courtney! She’s a sweet and innocent 19 year old with good looks, perky C-cup titties and a fantastic ass that is just begging to be fucked. She’s a little unkempt down low so the guy has her shower and shave, which she does without hesitation. She masturbates a bit and gets her pussy played with until she cums, and she returns the favor by sucking cock and even licking his ass…I guess she’s not so innocent after all! The real spotlight though is when she bends over to get that tight butt fucked for the first time…it takes some effort and plenty of lube but she’s finally able to take his cock in her ass! Too bad she doesn’t take an anal creampie, maybe next time…she does get a nice facial while she’s rimming the guy though.

Hot Girl On Campus


Ashlyn malloy for teen fidelity

Ashlyn Malloy is well known as the hot girl on campus but she’s had her fill of the guys on her high school’s football field and is ready for a real man! Along comes Ryan Madison to sweet her off her feet and into his bedroom and Ashlyn is more than happy to come along for the ride once she sees his big house (not to mention his big cock). In this Teen Fidelity update we get to watch this young hottie show her stuff, keeping her glasses on while she sucks his cock and then going for a nice hard ride to fill up that teen pussy with man–meat until he finally shoots his load inside her hole for a nice creampie! I think this deep hard dicking she’s getting is gonna ruin her for all the boys her age…hopefully she’ll be back on the site again after she gets sick of all the clumsy-cocked guys at her school trying to get into her pants!

Wifey Surprises Landscaper


This is one way to seduce a landscaper. Just have huge natural tits and go outside in a body suit with them hanging out, pretty sure that it does it every single time. The guy is quite shocked and pretends to turn down Wifey’s advances with the ole “I have a wife” excuse. He throws it out there probably hoping that she isn’t going to back off cause he said that. Well Wifey dones’t care about a little infidelity so she gets on her kness and starts to sucks on his cock. They fuck right there in the lawn and over the outdoor furniture that you see in this picture. It’s a hot scene that ends with Wifey taking a load of cum in the mouth, she shows it to the camera and then swallows it without one iota of a problem. That right there is why we all need !

Brianna Brooks


Brianna brooks on amateur creampies

Sexy blone Brianna Brooks is the guest of honor in this update from Amateur Creampies so you know already you’re in for a treat! She shows up in her neon yellow top looking like a highlighter or something and it doesn’t get much better when she takes it off, since she’s got neon pink underwear on underneath! We’re not here for a fashion show though so I think we can all just wait patiently while she takes it all off and shows off nude. Once she’s naked the real fun starts as she shakes those big juicy titties and nice big round ass…she takes the cameraman’s big floppy dong in her mouth and sucks him til he’s hard, then bends over to get her pussy ravaged until he shoots his load deep inside for the titular amateur creampie!

Nikki Wintertime


Nikki sims snowy lingerie

Now, I know you know Nikki Sims frontward and backward, but make sure you check out this photoshoot from her own site…it’s a moment in time captured of Nikki in her sheer black top and black thong panties on a chilly winter morning, enjoying a cup of tea while she looks out the window at the snowy forest! It’s beautiful from start to finish, especially the Nikki part…she looks great in (and out of) her lingerie with those big beautiful breasts peeking right through the flimsy fabric. Beautiful ass, beautiful tits, beautiful scene, it’s definitely worth checking out whether you’re a fan of Nikki already or not! If not, you probably will be after this photoshoot.

Belle Knox


Belle knox for casting couch x

You may have seen Belle Knox on a few other sites by now such as this one but a girl’s gotta start somewhere and lots of girls make their first steps into the adult world on Casting Couch X! This skinny cutie shows off her long legs (stretch marks and all) and those perfect perky boobies as she gets her shaved pussy pronged by the casting director’s big hard cock. I think honestly this girl’s titties are her crowning glory; she’d be in some trouble in this industry I think if she didn’t have em or if they didn’t look as good. I mean let’s be honest she’s not the most gorgeous girl in the world and those stretchmarks are pretty brutal but she’s got a great ass and great tits and a great attitude and all of that combines to make her a winner!

Kiki Vidis


Kiki vidis for porn goes pro

If you had a craving for a gorgeous pornstar to come by and fuck your brains out and had the cash to back it up, you could do a whole lot worse than Kiki Vidis! She’s the featured hottie in this Porn Goes Pro update as she comes by this guy’s hotel room and puts on some sexy lingerie before polishing his cock with her tongue and sucking him hard. This Australian hottie is not only beautiful, she also has that sexy accent that makes things ten times better than they already were! She doesn’t waste any time in blowing your cock and spreading her legs to get fucked in this hot scene called John Meets Kiki before finally taking a nice big load all over her pretty face. I wonder if she gets sick of people asking her to put another shrimp on the barbie!



Latina kiera on backroom casting couch

It’s always nice to see enthusiasm when a new chick shows up at the Backroom Casting Couch hoping to make their big break into the adult business but this Latina chick named Kiera is misreading the industry a little I think. She’s not ugly by any means but she’s got very small boobies and is a little, I don’t know, sloppy around the midsection? She’s trying to bridge the gap between curvy chicks and skinny chicks but is getting some of the bad parts of both if you get me. I don’t usually approve of boob jobs but in this case I think it would be for the win! Kiera does do a great job taking a cock in the ass though, this is one of the best anal scenes to be on the site in awhile and she even takes an anal creampie but I can’t imagine this chick will get too many callbacks. UPDATE actually after watching this thing again I kinda take it back…this girl is pretty hot overall, she just needs to hit the gym a little and she’ll be a rockstar. So I was sorta wrong, happens to the best of us.

Blue Dress Cougar


Cougar in a blue dress on mom pov

This 35 year old MILF is doing her very first adult video with Mom POV and this one is a winner…she’s gorgeous right off the bat in her blue dress with a pretty face and long dark hair. She’s a little nervous at first like most of the women on the site, but this chick says doing an adult video was on her bucket list so she’s just gonna go for it! I guess she’s more of a cougar than a MILF; she doesn’t have any kids so the M part is a bit of a misnomer. Anyway, let’s get to the sex…this chick certainly hasn’t lost any of her youthful enthusiasm! She sucks cock well and when she strips down naked you can see she still has the body of a 21 year old with pert perky titties and a great ass. When this hottie is getting her pussy plowed you can tell how much she’s loving it, her nipples are standing out like gumdrops…that’s one of the things I love about seeing more mature babes get fucked, they know what they’re doing and they know what gets their motor running!

Teal Conrad


I’m not really sure where the title Through The Looking Glass came from on this Erotica X update featuring the lovely Teal Conrad but hey she’s gorgeous and has a bangin body so who’s gonna argue about it? Maybe earlier in the clip there was a mirror that she was looking into while she toweled off after a shower or something, who knows. What I do know is that Teal is gorgeous and looks great here with that sweet body of hers, getting her pussy licked and tickled before taking her lover’s big dick in her mouth and getting fucked! It’s a hot steamy intimate lovemaking session, most sites are a little more detached but Erotica X loves keeping it real. Watch Teal’s beautiful round ass and you’ll see why this chick’s so popular!

Mishel Jackson


This ebony beauty named Mishel Jackson (I know, I know) has a gorgeous body and she loves a nice piece of white meat! She spreads her legs for her boyfriend who eats out that pussy with gusto, licking her clit and tickling her lips with his tongue until she was primed and ready to explode! She sucked his cock, taking him in her mouth with perky boobies before going for a ride! That butt of hers is absolutely perfect as she rides his cock, taking him to the hilt before he shot his big load inside her hole for a creampie…I guess that’s why they call this site Creampie Ebony!



Blonde Coxy here looks like she stepped right out of a film noire in this red lingerie in a hot Playboy photoshoot…she shows off her perfect ass and unwraps her perky round titties as she lounges on a gold cushioned chair. It kind of looks like she’s taken a big bite out of a piece of cherry pie with that clownish red lipstick but other than that this girl is hot as hell. Also with the name Coxy it’s a pretty safe bet that she loves getting a good deep dicking, maybe it’s that spectacular round ass of hers.

Marry Lynn Devils Film


Marry Lynn and Addie Juniper are in this scene from Devil’s Film together, the series is called Mothers Teaching Daughters but I’m not really sure who is supposed to be the mother here…they’re both too young looking to be MILFs! They’re both taking care of a big black cock, taking turns licking and sucking this lucky guy off…Addie is giving Marry a few very handy lessons, and from Marry’s expression I think she’s loving every second of it! I guess Addie is supposed to be the mom here, now that I think of it…they’ve both got those perfect perky boobies and sweet asses and they both give a hell of a blowjob.

August Ames


In this epsiode of My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend we get a real treat, because it features the gorgeous and exotic August Ames in her blue lingerie! She’s been dating an older man but his get-up-and-go already got up and went, but his son knows how to take care of business! He slides his hard cock into her hungry mouth and gets a nice blowjob before she rides him, bouncing up and down on his meat with her horny pussy while those perfect breast of hers bounced!

Alura Jenson Casting


Alura Jenson is a big shot she works all day and then wakes up and does it all over again. She has her fun though being the big show talent manager. When her son called her to let her know that he send his friend down there who wants to be a actor. Alura has no time for this shit so she makes the best of it. In her interview with her sons friend she does her own little casting couch interview. She tells this guy that if he does please her anyway she wants she isn’t helping with him shit. Well this guy did EVERYTHING including licking that fat ass of hers. They fuck right on the couch and once Alura gets her nut off she sends this kid packing and gets back to work, for real this time. This scene is from Naughty America and is part of their “My Friends Hot Mom” site.

Heart Rate Hottie


Heart rate hottie on fantasy hd

Everybody knows the secret to a good cardio workout is to keep the heartrate going, so even after she’s done working out gorgeous and exotic babe August Ames likes to keep things rolling so she grabs her partner and shows why they call her the Heart Rate Hottie! OK so it’s a stupid nickname, but you’ll forget all about it when you see this stunner doing her thing on Fantasy HD. For one thing she looks like a damn supermodel with that face, and for another thing she has big perfect breasts that are going apeshit while she rides this guy, bouncing them up and down and all around! She is like a dream cum true and gives this guy the fucking of a lifetime before he shoots his load all over her face. She’s been on the site before by the way so if you missed it, get your ass over to this scene and check her out, she’s worth the click for sure.

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