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Carmen Callaway


Carmen Callaway Amateur Creampies

You know what I wish would happen? I wish that Amateur Creampies would start filming their scenes in HD and then update their tour! Because then you guys would like this site like 100% more! I think most of you think it’s a old site that doesn’t come out with new content but that is just not the case. I mean check out Carmen Callaway here she just started getting into porn and are you surprised to know her first scene was getting a creampie on Amateur Creampies? I know I am not but many of you will be! This guy definitely enjoyed fucking this 18 year old because he doesn’t usually have girls back on the site except for those with exceptional pussies and or are just really good looking. Carmen could be both of those but I think it’s because she is really good at sex and it seems she would actually be really cool to hang out with. This guy pounds the hell out of her sweet pussy and then ends cumming inside of her in the missionary position.

Pez Hides It


Pattycake Pez Covers Pussy

This is actually a really simple gallery and you guys are probably going to hate me because the picture gallery is screenshots of a webcam video that Sexy Pattycake did. Anyways she is just sitting her her hallway with no panties on hiding her pussy with a simple little PEZ dispenser. The camera gets in there real close so you can see her pussy lips but that tight little slit on her tight pussy is easily covered up by the damn candy thing! She rubs it back and for like a dildo but never quite showing you what you want, I am used to that by now Pattycake has teased me for years and years my favorite solo girl for sure.

Gianna Nicole


Gianna Nicole Casting Couch X

Well this fucking hot isn’t it? Her name is Gianna Nicole and when I first saw her on Passion HD I thought she was a winner and I am glad she is still around shooting porn. At least I hope she is I know this video is actually the first one she ever made but any time news scenes are coming out I consider the girl still active in the industry. This scene she is fucking her talent agent. He takes all his girls for a test run before he goes out and finds them jobs. You know why these scenes probably come out after other ones. I bet he makes deals with these other sites that he won’t post his scene till X date or whatever. It’s a pretty awesome setup he has fucking his models before anyone else in the industry I mean he can give real feedback to these porn producers. Gianna here has a nice rack but as much as it pains me to admit it I think her big round ass is probably her best asset. That’s saying a lot too because look at how full and perky these boobies are! When she rides this guy the tight little jiggle they make is the sure fire sign of “perky tits”.



Kainoa Net Video Girls

It is embarrassing how far I am behind with the newest updates from Net Video Girls. I am going to have to start skipping the not so hot girls but the problem is recently they have all been really good looking! Check out this new girl named Kainoa, she is Hawaii and fucking cute as hell. Such a pretty face and a pretty good body. Her tits are small but people actually like that you know, she does have a nice booty though. That’s probably what made her answer this casting call for a music video. This guy drops the name of the artist on her and you could see in her eyes she wanted the job so bad. She did her due diligence though! I mean the guy had to talk to her and make her more and more comfortable for like 35 minutes before she finally said she would do anything he wanted for this job. Well this fake agent only wants one thing and that’s to fuck on film so he suggest that and Kainoa jumps all over it. The thing is once she started getting fucked she turned into a pornstar I mean this girl was talking so dirty it would make a pornstar blush. I guess once she got that dick in her she just couldn’t help it.

Brooke Having Fun


Brooke Marks Having FUn

Brooke Marks is like constantly one of the most unique girls to ever have a solo site. She has done some really funny videos and now she is doing this Photoshop contest I think. As you see in this picture she did her surf pose on a carmen and then put it into a huge wave. It’s not a amazing Photoshop but it’s pretty good for a GIRL, JK JK! I know you guys probably don’t give a damn about the Photoping and I get it but still look at the gallery if you want to see a half naked absolute bombshell. Anytime that you can get Brooke into a little thong and take some pictures of that ass that’s a photo that needs to be seen and there are plenty of those in this gallery.

Kelsi Monroe all clASS


Kelsi Monroe Porn Fidelity

I have cracked the code when you know that Porn Fidelity has a really really good scene. They always put out amazing stuff but anytime you see Kelly Madison part of a scene you know that the girl is extra special and Kelsi Monroe is definitely extra special. I don’t know of any other girl in porn that fucks like this and it’s not the first time I have scene her do the splits on a cock. Can you imagine how deep you can get in that tight little pussy of Kelsi’s when she has her legs spread that far apart! Kelly doesn’t just sit there and give herself orgasms with the Hitachi the whole time she goes on the bed with Ryan and Kelsi and gets her pussy licked really good from Kelsi. Madison also sits on her face as well as her husbands Ryan. Seems that Porn Fidelity has kind of moved away from all the creampies because I am seeing more and more facial from them now and Kelsi is in that type of scene here. Ryan as always cums multiple times throughout the video. Kelsi is looking hotter then ever in this scene I don’t know if it’s the lingerie she is in or she has been working out or something but her ass is probably the best ass I have ever seen and guys I have seen lots and lots of ass!

Taylor Whyte Real Life 8


Taylor Whyte Teen Fidelity

I don’t know if I missed one or this is real part 8 of the “Real Life” series by Teen Fidelity. I mean I am pretty good at keeping track of these things but on Teen Fidelity’s site they call it part 8 so I will just assume that part 7 is a lost tape or I somehow missed it (unlikely). The last one I have is part 6 and that one is with Caroline Ray. Anyways back to this beautiful girl her name is Taylor Whyte you have seen her a lot of like Passion HD and those type of sites but here in this one she is getting down to the nitty gritty. She spends the day with Ryan just doing normal kind of shit and normal shit to Taylor is riding around on her skateboard. She isn’t a poser man this girl can skate, I found that oddly hot somehow. Once they’re done getting to know each other throughout the day they go back tho Ryan’s pad and he pounds that tight petite pussy that Taylor has. I like a girl built like this because you can just toss them every which way as you’re having sex and Ryan always takes full advantage of that. She gets her slender body covered in cum multiple times from Ryan and of course was able to have a g-spot orgasm multiple times as well.

Trophy Wife


Trophy Wife X Art GiiGi

I really wish that X Art would start coming out with pictures before the videos so I can get better images! This is actually a really awesome video with a first timer on X Art and you probably can’t tell because of my piss poor screenshot. Her name is GiiGi and this episode is called “Trophy Wife”. The guy looks like straight up Fabio right here doesn’t he? This could be like a romance cover or something like that. I can tell you one thing though a Trophy Wife isn’t banging like this, she would be too worried of messing up her make-up. GiiGi not only has a weird name but she has the typical blonde bombshell look to her and is totally probably someday going to be a trophy wife to someone in LA or whatever she is from. I just assume that all blonde bombshells like this are from LA. She has the fake tits the banging body I mean she has it all going for her, you tell me what there is not to like!

My Funny Valentine


Ava Taylor My Funny Valentine

I really have no idea why Babes Network called this “My Funny Valentine” because I find nothing funny about this at all. I just find it straight up hot! The woman you see here is Ava Taylor she is super cute, nice and petite the only problem I see with her are these silly little tattoos on her body. She would look so much more “pure” if she didn’t have them. I don’t let tattoo’s get to me at all though it’s just one of those things I think of like IF she didn’t have that she would be perfect but in reality I would bang the shit out of this broad. I don’t know why I haven’t posted a Babes Network gallery in a while I just kind of forget about them that’s why this is a Valentine day theme in March. I forgot to post it, missed it something went awry. It’s all better now though so go on check out this short little clip and the pictures you will enjoy them all.

Victoria Lynn Yellow Pants


Victoria Lynn Yellow Pants

I have another gallery of Victoria Lynn from Zishy! If you missed the first time she was on Zishy check it out she looks way different as she is wearing glasses and her hair is down. I think she is looking way hotter in this gallery personally I love the tight yellow yoga pants and then the blue top the vibrant colors just look really good on her. She of course does a bunch of teasing and it’s quite easy to do because she isn’t wearing any panties and she is wearing no bra either. I think the Zishy guy should have got a real up close camel toe shot of her, it is a opportunity wasted! Maybe next time though because if I know anything about Zishy they’ll bring back this hottie for sure.

Naughty Anal Neighbor


Ariana Chechik Naughty Anal Neighbor

That right there is a girl really just getting after it. Riding a dick in her ass in the squatting position like that! It’s a straight pro move for sure. Adriana Chechik is now officially a pro anal sex pornstar when you’re able to perform this move that’s when you become pro. It’s like the triple axle in women figure skating really hard but some people can do it. Adriana is young to be this good at anal she must have been practicing for a long time. Could she be one of those girls who wouldn’t let guys fuck her pussy but she would let them fuck her ass so she could still be a “virgin”. Probably not but I would love to meet one of those girls LOL! This is the new video from Passion HD and it’s called Naughty Anal Neighbor. It starts off with Adriana coming over to visit her new neighbor she brings over a bottle of wine and a butt plug already in her ass. She knows this guy is going to fuck her so she wants to be loose enough so he can fuck that tight little ass of hers.

Marina Angel Big Booty


Marina Angel Big Booty

Since my last Teen Curves gallery went so well and I did tell you guys I will be posting more videos from Team Skeet here is another one. It’s of a girl I feel like you should be able to guess just from this perfect ass. Maybe not though because her hair color kind of changes a lot. It’s Marina Angel guys and that big booty of hers is looking real good here. The pictures are good but what you are really going to thank me for is the long ass video I got for you. It has everything you want to see and then some. It’s so long I even include a little bit of the story line. I don’t know who actually watches the story line in a porn but I have to assume some people do or why would porn companies even make them?

India Summer Anal


India Summer Mr. Anal

Any of you guys want to get after this MILF butt right here? It belongs to a pretty famous woman and personally one of my favorites her name is India Summer. She has always seemed like a really cool chick to me and man is she good at talking dirty and just making a good sex scene in general. She is one of those MILFs that is down for just about everything and in this gallery she is doing damn near everything. It’s a video for Mr. Anal a site she has never been on before for Bang Bros and she has been on damn near every one! In this video she starts off by masturbating … Is it considered masturbating if a girl is fucking her ass? I am not really sure but I am going to say that is considered masturbating. Alright so like I said she starts off that way and she moves up to bigger and bigger toys and then once she is all stretched out the guy puts his dick in between those tanline cheeks of hers and starts fucking away. They bang in a office chair which has always been one of my favorite places to see a woman fucked.

August Ames


Povd august ames

See for yourself what it’s like to have this absolutely stupendous model August Ames in your loft riding your big hard cock in a first-person scene from POVD! This big breasted beauty (I think she’s Brazilian?) loves to ride dick and we get to see it in amazingly high-resolution video and 3d audio…if you haven’t experienced POVD you’ve seriously gotta check it out, the quality is absolutely nuts and they’ve got some of the most gorgeous women in the world sucking dick and fucking…you know, like August Ames here! She has the face of a supermodel and the body of a dream and she’s ready to get that pussy hammered before taking a facial to finish up this hardcore sex scene. Besides the pussy-pounding you also get some shots of August in her white bikini on the balcony showing just how hot she really is…can you imagine walking around on the street, looking up and seeing a girl like that?

Ava Taylor


Hot ass ava taylor for hd love

Gorgeous Latina babe Ava Taylor had been waiting for her boyfriend to get home from his work trip for days and her horniness levels had been increasing by the hour, so by the time he actually got back to the house she was about ready to pounce on his cock, sliding him into her throat as soon as he waltzed into the bedroom! Hot ass Ava gave him the blowjob of a lifetime before hopping up onto his lap and rocking his socks off with her tight shaved pussy! This HD Love update is sexy and hot as hell and Ava always looks amazing with those perky titties and perfect ass. Her guy pal has to leave for a full month coming up soon, can you imagine what Ava’s gonna be like by the time he gets home? His cock won’t be able to take it!

Katarina Laura


It’s time for a busty babe extravaganza as Katarina and Laura team up on DDF Busty and get naked, squeezing each others’ huge melons and giving that examination table a nice workout. Katarina is a sexy doctor and Laura is the horny patient and it’s time for a little malpractice as those huge boobs come out to play for these sexy lesbians! There are big floppy bouncy titties all over the damn place in this sexy photoshoot, you won’t even know where to turn…just close your eyes and start motorboating, it’s the only solution.

Shay Laren


Once again Shay Laren is here to rock your world with that drop dead gorgeous face and her amazing body! I think a lot of women freak out if their tits are different sizes or point in different directions but Shay here shows that you can have asymmetrical breasts and still be just mind-meltingly hot. She’s spending a little time by the pool, relaxing in her bikini but those boobs just can’t be contained so soon she’s grabbing her titties and then stripping down completely nude to get some sunbathing in! I guess it’s springtime after all, Shay is like a robin or something heralding the upcoming warmer weather.

Shauna Sand


Personally I’m not a huge fan of the bleached blonde type with botox lips and huge fake tits but hey if you dig on that, more power to you and this photoshoot featuring Shauna Sand might be right up your alley! She’s relaxing in her hotel room after a long hard day of being hot and horny and is stripping out of her bra and panties, planning to spend the evening either just hanging out nude or fucking her photographer all night long…I guess it depends how things went after the camera gets put down.

Raquel Poplun


There are some fucking gorgeous women on Playboy there’s no denying it, but Raquel Poplun has gotta be among the upper echelons and if you disagree you might want to rub the blind out of your eyes and take a look at these photos again. Raquel is tugging off her tiny denim shorts, exposing a butt for the ages and pulling off her bra to let those gorgeous titties out to play…soon all she’s wearing is a garter belt (with no stockings) and a pair of high heels as she rolls around on the ground.



Maria has a thing for 80’s fashion apparently when it comes to the color of her little neon green dress but I’m gonna wager that she doesn’t remember much of that decade…this teen hottie has a skinny little tight body that she loves showing off though so let’s ignore the neon colors for now. She’s all decked out in her plastic beads but they’re not just for wearing on her wrist and neck, she also likes to stuff them in her tight little fuck-hole! This photoshoot is from Sweet Teen Pussy if you hadn’t already guessed…Maria is looking fine as hell with that nice fresh body.

Shae 4th Time Big Naturals


Shae Summers Big Naturals

Looks like Shae Summers is ruling the roost over at Big Naturals a Reality Kings site. She has been on there 4 times now! If you want to see them all I would just head over to our Shae section where you will not only found those galleries but all the galleries we have posted of her. I remember when I first saw Shae I totally thought it was going to be one of those galleries that makes you think she does hardcore but she really doesn’t. Sure enough though Shae is no teases and she really enjoys her job being fucked on camera. This scene is all about her big natural tits because Big Naturals is a big tit fetish site that Reality Kings has. They only have models on that site with naturals tits and of course they have to be big. There isn’t many of those type of woman around so you can see why they’ve had her on so many times. I really like seeing a busty girl fucked but Shae just isn’t busty I mean her face is down right beautiful am I right or what? I hope you guys like what you see and stay tuned to our site because I will always post Shae Summers galleries you can count on that shit.

Sex and Submission


X art sex and submission

There’s nothing hotter than combining sex and submission like in this hot X-art update featuring Teal and the new stunner of a redhead, The Red Fox! Teal is all blindfolded as Red kisses and licks and teases her boobs and pussy with her tongue and a toy while their mutual guy pal watches and helps direct the action. Soon though he can’t stand it anymore and just has to get involved, so he slides his cock into Teal’s hungry mouth as The Red Fox gets busy fucking that hole with her toy. When the blindfold comes off though all bets are off, and both girls take turns getting fucked by that big thick dick and making out with each other! These girls are both absolutely fucking smoking hot, so if you’re into brunettes or redheads or kinky bondage hardcore sex this will blow your mind. Speaking of things blowing, the guy shoots a HUGE load after fucking the Red Fox, it almost clears both girls!

Ava Taylor and Stella May


Ava and stella on amateur allure

Ava Taylor wanted to broaden her cute friend Stella‘s horizons a bit and what better way to do that than to bring her along for an Amateur Allure shoot! Stella was pretty shy and not quite as experienced as Ava but when they got to the studio and her friend started sucking the cameraman’s cock, Stella didn’t have too much hesitation before she too was giving a great blowjob on camera! Once the first suck happened it was like a switch turned on in her head and soon she was buried nose-deep in Ava’s sweet pussy with her ass in the air, just begging for a good hard fuck…and you know the Amateur Allure guys aren’t gonna turn down an opportunity like that! Watch Ava and Stella take turns getting pounded and swallowing loads in this hot hardcore threeway, these girls both have incredible asses and gorgeous faces, not to mention perfect tits and perpetually horny pussies!

Secretaries Suck Dick


Dancing bear secretary party

Ever wanted to watch a bunch of secretaries suck dick and get fucked? Well now’s your chance because they’re having an office party and someone had the bright idea to invite the Dancing Bear crew to come by and make that party jump! The hunky dudes shake what they’ve got and get their cocks sucked by every horny amateur honey within reach…the office manager tried to maintain order at first but eventually she got in on the fun, sucking cock and getting so turned on that she whipped off her skirt and got her pussy licked and fucked while her coworkers cheered her on for this hot update, taking a big facial load of cum all over her face and glasses!

Blindfold Me Baby


Blindfold me baby jenna x art

Sexy Jenna gets things a little kinky with her boyfriend as she covers his eyes with a blindfold, driving him crazy with her teasing as she licks and sucks his cock, then guides him into her sweet tight little pussy, spreading her legs to get penetrated to the hilt in this hot X-art scene called Blindfold Me Baby! Soon he wants to see what he’s doing though so he pops the blindfold off, bending that hottie over to fuck her from behind…she moans with pleasure, working that perfect ass as she rides him to orgasm. He shoots his load right into her mouth and from the looks of that grin on her face she’s loving every drop of it.

Vicki Chase Returns


Mr anal vicki chase

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen Vicki Chase on Mr Anal getting that sweet Asian ass tapped but the long wait is over! If anything her body has gotten even hotter, and that ass is just as irresistable as it ever was…watch this babe slipping out of her little white shorts and grabbing those sexy titties before spreading her juicy ass to play with some toys, warming up for the main event! Once she gets that big thick cock in her mouth though all bets are off, she’s just gotta get that backdoor pounded! The guy from the Bang Bros network was more than happy to oblige, fucking that sweet ass hard and deep until shooting his load into that cum-hungry mouth of hers.

New Toys


Passion hd new toys

Blonde cutie Taylor Whyte is joined by exotic hottie Janice Griffith in this Passion HD update as they play with some new toys, including a double ended dildo that they both slide deep inside their holes as they bump ass to ass, before their guy friend shows up and turns this lesbian duo into a hot hardcore threeway! The girls take turns riding and sucking and licking that cock and eating each other out at the same time, and the lust builds until finally the guy frosts both of them with a nice double facial as they kiss and share his cum. Looks like the new toys are a big hit with these horny hotties!

Half Time Hook Up


Pure mature half time hook up

Football season might be over but Janet Mason is the hottest MILF cheerleader a guy could ask for and she’s in the mood for a half time hook up in this Pure Mature update! She strips out of her panties and top, spinning around to show off those huge titties and nice round booty before taking her man’s cock in her mouth for a blowjob and getting fucked on the couch! She keeps her cheering boots on as she gets pounded, those big fake tits getting a nice workout as her pussy gets slammed from behind by this lucky dude. She scores a touchdown after playing with his footballs, getting her pretty face covered with a huge facial cumshot that drips down onto those juicy melons!

Frosting On Top


Fantasy hd frosting on top

Gorgeous Natasha White has spent the afternoon baking cupcakes with frosting on top as a special surprise for her man…he came into the kitchen and found her wearing just her little apron with those perky boobies and perfect ass peeking out! She gave him a bite of cupcake but those pert little nipples looked more appetizing so he soon tugged her apron off and put Natasha on the counter to lick her pussy and slide his cock into her mouth before fucking that sweet tight hole! They made passionate love on the kitchen floor for this hot Fantasy HD update and finished things off with Natasha on her back taking an upside down facial…looks like she finds her man’s cum even sweeter than the cupcake frosting! I like the birthmark on her ass, it gives her some character and of course that butt itself is fucking phenomenal as she rides his prong!

Stunning Anal MILF


Mom pov aubry anal milf

Meet Aubry, a stunning 40 year old MILF with big juicy titties and an incredible round ass and she’s ready to make her very first adult video for Mom POV! When she strips down and shows that beautiful smile along with her nice spankable ass it’s no wonder the casting director wanted to fuck that balloon knot…it’s a good thing this horny mature honey loves a nice hard cock in the ass! Aubry tries it all out, from getting tittyfucked to sucking dick to getting her pussy rammed to getting on her hands and knees for anal, finally dropping to her knees to pump a big facial out of that crank! There’s nothing hotter than a beautiful MILF with a few years of experience under her belt and a hankering for some butt fucking, am I right?

Bree Daniels


Now this is what I’m talking about…a gorgeous redhead (I don’t care if it’s natural red or not, I just love a hot redhead) peeling out of her tight jeans to show a spectacular ass and spread her pussy for Twistys, looking like she’s ready for an injection of big hard cock from behind! Bree Daniels looks stunning as she spreads and masturbates on a chair overlooking a beautiful valley…not only is she hot as hell, the setting will get you thinking of warmer spring and summer days ahead which is always nice.

Lucie Wilde


Some models take awhile to really get into the swing of things when they become pornstars, only doing solo shoots or only doing hardcore scenes with their real-life boyfriends, stuff like that. Then there are girls like Lucie Wilde here, who has already given up shooting with her boyfriend and is doing a hardcore all-out tittyfucking and anal sex scene on Legal Porno! With those huge boobs she’s already for the win but throw in some tit-fucking and ass pounding and you’ve got a hell of a scene…I just hope Lucie doesn’t get burned out already.



Some of these pictures of Yari from Alluring Vixens were cracking me up…I mean she’s hot and all and has a smokin hot little body but when she holds up the strings of her bikini with an expression like ‘so what the hell do I do with these’ it gave me a giggle. I guess I just need to concentrate more on those perky round boobies than what vacant expression she has on her face, huh? Can’t deny the sexiness of those hips though with those skimpy little bikini bottoms underneath!

Jennette McCurdy


It’s all the rage now for celebrities to have their personal photos ‘leaked’, which is usually industry code for ‘I want notoriety and attention so here, spread these pictures around’. So it goes with Jennette McCurdy, star of iCarly and a country pop songstress…the real winner here is us, we get to see those sweet titties and that nice ass that we’ve imagined! It’s too bad that she’s not completely naked or anything but hey, skimpy underwear in bed is pretty good too if you ask me. Thanks, Jennette.

All Wrapped Up


Sexy pattycake all wrapped up

Gorgeous Sexy Pattycake has a thing for packing materials apparently! This is like the third photoshoot she’s done with the cardboard boxes and packing peanuts and plastic shipping wrap but hey who’s counting…and who’s complaining? The way I see it, the more opportunities we have to check out those big perfect round titties and that sexy ass of hers the better. Watch Patty peel off her panties and lift her legs in the air, then grab her own tits as she busts out one of her favorite toys…she’s all wrapped up in that plastic stuff by the end of this photoshoot and from the looks of things she loves the sensation!

Remy Lacroix


Remy lacroix back in blue in the crack

She’s back in blue and ready to spread for you! It’s Remy LaCroix comin at you in full effect for In The Crack, peeling off her blue top and blue denim shorts and blue panties to spread those long gorgeous legs by the window showing the clear blue skies. She looks amazing as always and since it’s an In The Crack photoshoot you know we’ll be getting right up close to the action as she masturbates with her toy! The ass on this girl is stupendous, it’s no wonder she’s been on the site several times now…she’s what this site is all about and I’m already looking forward to more as Remy gets naked and gives us that cute little smirk! This girl knows she’s hot as hell and knows exactly what we’d all like to do with her, and she couldn’t be happier having us watch.

Lacy Lingerie


Nikki sims lacy lingerie

Beautiful Nikki Sims is showing off her lacy lingerie in this hot photoshoot from her own website, teasing us with those big round titties and spinning around to show off her gorgeous ass in a sexy pair of black thong panties. She never does quite give up all the goods but sometimes it’s nice to use the imagination a bit as she gives us just enough to fuel the fantasies! She lounges on her cushioned chair, stripping down and rolling around as she grabs her breasts and gives us that seductive knowing smile. I gotta admit, Nikki looks incredible nude but she might be even hotter with a little flimsy lingerie like in this shoot, it’s hard to decide.

Hardcore Partying


Playboy hardcore partying sex

Now this is what I call some hardcore partying! Who would have thought that a simple game of spin the bottle would turn into a hot hardcore fuck scene with these gorgeous college girls in bikinis, courtesy of Playboy TV! There are seasons and seasons of this stuff so you’ll never run out of hot horny coed pussy…these girls love sucking dick and getting fucked and man oh man those bodies are just incredible. I don’t know what happened to the girl that was making out at the very beginning, the guy she was kissing ended up going inside and fucking the hottie in the striped bikini so I guess the first chick was just out of luck. From the looks of those perfect perky boobies I’d say he made the right choice though!



Ftv girls lauren

Meet Lauren, a cute and bubbly 18 year old with a tight perky little body that’s fit and lean from being a cheerleader in high school…usually girls this age are a bit awkward and innocent about their sexuality but Lauren here is confident if a bit on the dorky side! She knows she’s got a smokiin hot body and she loves to show it off so in her FTV Girls debut she gets into some public nudity (a specialty of the site I’d say), getting completely naked on the sidewalk and walking around so we can see that tight little ass do its thing. Back at the house she gives her pussy a nice workout with her fingers as well as some huge toys, experimenting and pushing her limits a bit as she slides a massive dildo into that tight teen hole…she even gets kinky with some markers and stuff, this girl is just unafraid and ready to have some fun! Strong, real orgasms, perky tits and ass for days and a cute face…Lauren’s a hit with the FTV members already, hopefully she floats your boat too and makes you thirsty for more.



Bridget for fucked hard 18

Everyone loves a good massage and Bridget here is no exception, especially when they’re for free! She was more than happy to collect on the offer of a free rubdown courtesy of the Fucked Hard 18 massage studio, and when she stripped down and showed off that tight little body of hers I think we can all agree she made the right choice. Bridget gets her perky titties and that perfect tight butt oiled up and rubbe down, and when the guy’s fingers slide down to tickle that pussy of hers she gets the idea and takes the masseuse’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob, then gets into the hot hardcore action! It looks like Bridget’s been a bit sex-starved or something because she gets into it with a vengeance, ending up with a couple red handprints on that pert butt from being spanked while she gets that pussy pounded from behind…this girl is hot as hell and gets absolutely drenched when the guy finally shoots his load all over her, hopefully she’ll be back for another rubdown sometime!

Miley Cyrus


Alright well I don’t even know what else can be said about Miley Cyrus but I will say this: if I had to choose a celebrity who was gonna get naked and show off her boobs I would pick Miley Cyrus in my top list every damn time…at least you’re not looking at a picture of Betty White’s wrinkled melons right now, right? Miley has a fucking incredible rack, I don’t care if you hate her personality or her music or what you’ve gotta admit that body is fucking smokin hot…perfect tits, beautiful face, and the attitude to not care if you stare at her naked. Two thumbs and one dick up.

Sammi Tye


There’s something slightly unearthly about Sammi Tye in this photoshoot for Studio 69 TV…if we were living in Blade Runner time I’d suspect her of being a replicant for sure. She does look mighty fine in this photoshoot but you’ve gotta admit there’s something slightly off about her face, like someone manufactured it or something…that said, I don’t know if there’s a straight guy on Earth who would hesitate to fuck her into next week. Those tits are fantastic and perky with tiny nipples and some gravity defying powers as she grabs them and bends over to show an equally sexy ass off.

Amateur Booty


This girl has a fucking fantastic ass and pussy but who knows what she actually looks like…that’s the danger of a set of photos like that, the girl might have a fucking stunning butt and then turn around and look like the chick from that Windowlicker music video. If you’re in the mood for a nice amateur butt though than you’re going to be more than happy with this cutie as she pulls her panties aside and masturbates, spreading her pink pussy lips wide.

Shower Sex Tips


If you’ve ever actually tried to have sex in the shower you probably know already it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…in the porno pictures and videos and stuff it looks amazing but in real life it’s awkward and can even be hazardous to your health, from slipping risks to dehydration! That’s why an article like this from sex dot com is so handy, it gives plenty of great tips and tricks to help maximize pleasure and minimize danger from doin it in the ol’ washing-up closet. That’s what I call showers now, in case you were wondering. Personally, I’ll stick with it just being a spectator sport.

Marga Cifuentes


One look at this photoshoot featuring Latina hottie Marga Cifuentes and you just know it’s a Playboy jam, don’t you? From the gloriously happy expression on her face to that tight perfect body to the gorgeous lighting and high quality photography, everything about this photoshoot just screams bunny if you’ve seen em before. And I know you have. Marga is having some fun in the great outdoors, dancing around nude and rolling around in the grass and showing off that tight sexy body of hers. Enjoy yourself, because Marga sure is!

Kaci Starks


This nice round black ass belongs to sweet girl named Kaci Starks. She is on Teeny Black a site you get access to from Team Skeet and she is enjoying her very first adult film. She hasn’t ever been fucked this long and this hard before and I think this is something she can get used too! They don’t just go right into fucking her though like all Teeny Black videos they ask a couple of questions before the sex begins. To be honest I usually actually listen to it because it’s funny most of the time and can be hot some of the times when girls really tell the truth about their sexual past. You can imagine a girl who is doing a porn video has done some pretty freaky things in her past and I like hearing those real things. The tube site I am sending you to has a nice long clip of her so sit back and enjoy this beautiful black girl.

Kendra Seduces Sons Friend


Kendra Lust is waiting around with her sons friend Bruce who is waiting for his buddy to go see a movie. While she is waiting with him she fucks with him bending over to look for her lost remote she knows she doesn’t have any panties on. Bruce doesn’t take the bait though so she decides to give up and go take a shower and then take a nap. She does just that and then starts to go to sleep naked except for her silk black nightie. When Bruce comes in to take some upskirt pictures of his buddies “sleeping” MILF. Kendra isn’t asleep at all but she lets him take some quick pictures and just when he is about to leave she confronts him. She lets him know he can keep the pictures and actually have a couple more but he has to take them with his dick in her pussy. It’s been a while since this MILF had some young cock and her pussy is craving it even though it’s her sons’ best friend! They fuck in every position and in the end she tells him to keep their little secret and she kicks him out the door and sleeps off the amazing sex she just had.



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Sexy redhead Abby might not have the best teeth in the world but hey, who cares about a jacked-up grill when the girl is hot as hell and has a cock in her mouth, am I right or am I right? She’s the masseuse for the day at Massage Girls 18 and I’ve gotta say her technique is one I haven’t seen before…instead of standing next to the table and rubbing her client she hops right up on the bed with him before she starts stroking his body. It might not be the most effective way to give a good rubdown but it definitely works in her favor when she takes his cock in her mouth for a blowjob and then rides him hard and deep in this hot hardcore scene! We get some nice looks at her perky titties but man oh man that big round juicy ass of hers is the star of hte show as she bends over and gets her hole slammed doggystyle…I guess the client liked it too because he gave her a huge cumshot that frosted her from chin to pussy when he busted nut!

Romantic Ride


Wow girls romantic ride

I don’t know that I’d consider hopping on a statue of a horse to be a Romantic Ride but hey, this Wow Girls update features Anjelica and when you’re dealing with a girl this incredibly gorgeous I don’t think too many people get finicky with the details. She stripped down like Lady Godiva on the horse while her guy ran his hands down her perfect body, tugging her panties off and sliding his cock into her mouth! Anjelica looks incredible in and out of clothes, getting her pussy and ass licked before getting pounded by his dick. She rode him and bent over to get slammed from behind until he finally shot his load all over her perky little boobies…and all this is happening in public so anyone else going for a walk through this park would be in for a hell of a nice surprise!

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