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Nikki Hearts Leigh Raven and Jordan Dalhart


Nikki Hearts Leigh Raven and Jordan Dalhart

Click to watch this Nikki Hearts & Leigh Raven & Jordan Dalhart video!

Get ready for a triple threat with smokin hot girls Nikki Hearts Leigh Raven and Jordan Dalhart in this Halloween afterparty special! It’s been a good long while…READ MORE

Naomi Woods and Amanda Lane


Naomi Woods and Amanda Lane

Click to watch this Naomi Woods & Amanda Lane video!

I’ve got another red hot double update for you guys from Amateur Allure…I’m slowly working my way through a bit of a backlog haha! In this update we’ve got beautiful newcomers Naomi Woods and Amanda Lane…Naomi is the stunning blonde with the perfect perky titties and Amanda is the sultry dark haired hottie in red and we get to see them both getting naked and sucking cock, swallowing down loads of cum to show they’ve got what it takes to make it in the adult industry! Amanda goes even further, pulling up her dress to get that tight little pussy fucked hard before gulping down another load of man cream.

Alix Lynx and Sage Evans


Alix Lynx and Sage Evans

Click to watch this Alix Lynx & Sage Evans video!

It feels like I’ve been spoiling you guys lately with the Amateur Allure double features so to speak but hey to hell with it, here’s another one! It features Alix Lynx and Sage Evans so whether you’re into gorgeous big breasted blondes (namely Alix) or sexy redhead hotties (Sage) I’ve got you covered. First up is Alix, the busty blonde bubble butt beauty who just happens to be a championship blowjobbist and she shows her skills before getting that tight little pussy fucked and swallowing a load of cum. Next up, redhead stunner Sage pulls up her blue knit dress to show off her tight little cunny and gets her pink bits pounded, sucking and licking the dude and getting a load of her own to swallow down!

JoJo Kiss and Penny Pax


 JoJo Kiss and Penny Pax

Click to watch this JoJo Kiss & Penny Pax video!

We’ve seen sexy Jojo Kiss on Amateur Allure once before but she’s excited to be back, and this time it’s a double update also featuring the lovely Penny Pax. Jojo was a hot sexy 18 year old at the time and had a blast sucking and fucking a load of cum out of the dude’s cock to swallow down, and then we’re introduced to the hotness of Penny. She’s an oral expert and has huge soft beautiful titties that she puts to work here, sucking Ray’s cock and then taking it between her big breasts before swallowing down a load of her own. You get two horny hotties sucking down sperm in this one Amateur Allure scene, sounds like a dream to me am I right!

Liza Rowe


Liza Rowe

Click to watch this Liza Rowe video!

At only 18 years old age and a private school senior, Liza Rowe didn’t have a whole lot of experience in the adult industry when she showed up at this Amateur Allure shoot, haha! But hey, what better way to get your toes dipped in the porn pool (so to speak) than at a site known for being an on-ramp to bigtime pornstar careers…Liza shows that big braces-filled smile before going down on the dude, taking his cock deep in her throat as she shows the blowjob skills she’s learned at school. Well maybe not AT school, probably more like AFTER school if you know what I mean…she gets throat-fucked before the dude lifts up her skirt and plunges his cock into that tight teen pussy, fucking this horny hot teen before she sucks out and swallows a load of his cum to finish off!

Cali Sparks and Nina North


Cali Sparks and Nina North

Click to watch this Cali Sparks & Nina North video!

It’s that time once again to check in with the ol’ Amateur Allure…this shoot was done awhile ago but I gotta catch us up a bit so bear with me. I have the feeling you guys aren’t gonna complain too much though, because in this double update we’ve got stunning blonde Cali Sparks and also the beautiful exotic Nina North going to town on a couple of big hard cocks! Cali loves to get into some oral and takes her time licking and sucking and slurping on that dick before gulping down a big load of cum, and then we see beautiful Nina North not only giving a blowjob but also spreading her legs to get that perfect tight wet pussy pounded, ending up with a load of her own to swallow down!

Cadence Lux Returns


Cadence Lux Returns

Click to watch this Cadence Lux video!

You guys probably remember this horny hot blonde babe Cadence Lux from her first shoot here on Amateur Allure, right? Well just in case let me link it right here for you, make sure you check that out as well because it’s hot as hell…well, Cadence is back for more and this time she’s taking on two cocks at once! She starts off getting her mouth filled up with one dick after the other, sucking both guys off and then laying back to take them into that horny hairy pussy too! This chick definitely loves dick, she gives these guys a couple of incredible blowjobs and gets fucked deep and hard, swallowing down multiple loads in this red hot Amateur Allure threesome.

Jojo and Serena


Jojo and Serena

Click to watch this Jojo Kiss & Serena video!

Hold on to your butts because I’ve got not one but TWO brand new 18 year old hotties ready to show they’ve got what it takes to make it as a hardcore porn star, by way of Amateur Allure! We’ve got Jojo and Serena here today, I’m not 100% sure who the blonde Serena chick is right off the bat but the brunette is now known as Jojo Kiss and she’s making a name for herself in the industry for sure…both of these chicks have some pretty wicked blowjob skills and they put them to work here on AA, sucking the guy’s dick and swallowing down loads of cum! Serena gets her tight teen amateur pussy fucked too before gulping down some more cream, so get ready for hotness.

Alice March and Lyla


Alice March and Lyla

Click to watch this Alice March & Lyla video!

It’s been a little while since we’ve checked in on the ol’ Amateur Allure so I thought I’d poke my head in the door and man I’m glad I did, because this update I’ve got for you here is hot as hell! You get not one but two lovely ladies going at it with this guy’s cock, namely Alice March and her girlfriend Lyla! The two of them had gone over to the guy’s house for a barbecue but it looks like the meat they were hungry for was in his pants instead of on the grill…they both stripped down and started sucking his cock at the same time, then took turns getting those tight pussies fucked in a hot threesome with that inimitable Amateur Allure flavor. Enjoy!

Alice Green and Kimber Woods


Alice Green and Kimber Woods

Click to see Alice Green,Kimber Woods on Amateur Allure!

Ready yourself for another hot doubletap from Amateur Allure as they bring you not one but two gorgeous girls getting naked and sucking down loads of cum! First off we’ve got redhead hottie Alice Green who flashes an adorable smile before pulling off her skimpy little green thong panties and going to work on this guy’s cock…she loves to suck dick but first she bends over with that sexy tight firm ass skyward, getting fucked from behind and then turning around to lick and suck out a load of cum to swallow down. Next up we’ve got horny Latina hottie Kimber Woods who doesn’t even bother with the fucking, she just grabs that dick and uses her lips and tongue to tease out a load of her own to swallow.

Sydney Cole and Cadence Lux


Sydney Cole and Cadence Lux

Click to see Sydney Cole,Cadence Lux on Amateur Allure!

It’s a fine day in the world when Amateur Allure brings you not one but TWO new hotties sucking dick and swallowing cum on camera for their very first times! First up in this scene we have gorgeous honey-haired Sydney, who you might recognize now as Sydney Cole…she’s made a name for herself in the industry for sure already with that gorgeous face and her tight bangin body, but this Amateur Allure scene was shot a while ago and I’m just now catching up. The other chick is Cadence, now known as Cadence Lux, a hot blonde with a horny hairy pussy who was excited to suck cock and gulp down some cream for her first time, and both of these girls are leaving the studio satisfied that’s for sure! It was mighty kind of the site to hook us up with both these hotties at once…which one’s your favorite?

Marley Brinx Returns


Marley Brinx Returns

Click to see Marley Brinx on Amateur Allure!

Remember when beautiful brunette Marley Brinx showed up on Amateur Allure in her sexy schoolgirl outfit looking incredible as she sucked dick and got that tight pussy fucked? Well she’s back again and looking just as hot in a cute little flowery skirt that she tugs off to show that perfect tight ass and her hairy pussy, then sucks the guy’s dick until his mind and his load are both about to blow…she holds her knees up by her head to get that perfect wet pussy fucked as deep as the guy could slide it, moaning as he pounded her hot horny hole and then busted his cum into her face to swallow down! Marley is one of the hottest girls in the industry right now, it’s always fun to see her doing her thing especially on a site like Amateur Allure!

Alice March Returns


Alice March Returns

Click to see Alice March on Amateur Allure!

Apparently this chick Alice has a thing for blue outfits…when she first showed up at Amateur Allure to suck dick and get fucked she had a sexy little blue dress on and now in her triumphant return she’s got a tight blue top! She’s better known now as Alice March and has done some scenes for a few different sites, and is understandably popular…with her tight firm butt and those perky titties not to mention her tight horny pussy this girl is made out of sex and she loves taking a big hard dick in her mouth and in her snatch! She gets the chance to do both of those things here on Amateur Allure, sucking this guy’s cock until he jizzes in her mouth to swallow down and then getting fucked before slurping out a second load!

Jasmine Wolff Returns


Jasmine Wolff Returns

Click to see Jasmine Wolff on Amateur Allure!

It’s been a couple years now but you might remember this chick Jasmine Wolff from her first scene on Amateur Allure, she’s still got that look to her face like she pretends to be a good girl but you know right off the bat she’s a maniac in the sack! She’s back on Amallure playing with the videographer’s cock, sucking him off and then bending over with that cute butt in the air getting her wet pussy pounded doggystyle…she loves getting fucked and takes that cock like a champ before swallowing not one but two loads of cum! I’m bummed that she’s been AFK for so long but hopefully this return visit is just the start of a whole new chapter for Jasmine, she’s definitely hot enough to make a triumphant cumback.

Skye West and Miranda


Skye West and Miranda

Click to see Skye West,Miranda on Amateur Allure!

We’ve got a double dishing of sexy schoolgirls this time around on Amateur Allure, it must be your lucky day! The two babes in question here are beautiful dark haired Miranda, a hot 18 year old who loves giving head and is ready to serve her ‘after school detention’ as she gets her little skirt pulled off, sucks this guy’s cock and then gets that tight teen pussy pounded from behind before she swallows down a load of cum. If that wasn’t enough somehow we’ve also got gorgeous Skye West, you might recognize her from a few other sites she’s shot for since this Amateur Allure update, she’s a tiny spinner with big natural D-cup tits and looks amazing getting that little pussy pounded hard until she too swallows down a nice big load of cum to finish off the day!

Lacy Channing Returns


Lacy Channing Returns

Click to see Lacy Channing on Amateur Allure!

It’s been two and a half years but beautiful Lacy Channing is finally back on Amateur Allure and is looking even sexier now than she did in her first scene! Lacy looks ravishing in black with sheer nude nylon stockings that get tugged down her legs as she takes this guy’s big hard cock in her mouth, sucking and licking him up and down before bending over with that cute butt in the air to get her tight wet pussy fucked from behind. She spreads those sexy legs to get penetrated deep and hard, taking that dick in and out of her hole and holding on for dear life before sucking out a load of cum to swallow down…welcome back, Lacy!

Cassidy and Mia


Cassidy and Mia

Click to see Cassidy & Mia on Amateur Allure!

Man I love when Amateur Allure gives us a double dose of their brand of hotness…this time around it’s a double update with two new girls, Cassidy and Mia! Neither of them had ever been on camera sucking dick and swallowing cum but now it’s time for them to hit that spotlight. Cassidy is a busty 20 year old with…brace yourself…natural 38D tits! Holy smokes is right, I heard you from here when you just said that. Anyway she saw Amateur Allure and thought it looked like fun so she’s here giving a magnificent blowjob and getting that wet pussy fucked! Next up we see Mia, a cute teen from Florida who’s ready to get into some excitement and explore her sexual boundaries a bit. She sucks cock and then shows off that tight round ass, getting her sweet teen pussy pounded from behind before taking a load of cream down her throat. Enjoy!

Marley Brinx


Amateur Allure with Marley Brinx

Click to see Marley Brinx on Amateur Allure!

It’s always fun to see a gorgeous schoolgirl come rolling in to take her first steps into the adult industry on Amateur Allure…this hottie Marley Brinx has been in the porn biz for a little while now since I’ve been slow on keeping up with the updates from that site, so you may have seen her by now. Marley is an absolute knockout with an amazing body and the fact that she’s horny as hell doesn’t hurt matters either, know what I mean! She looks great in herr little blue schoolgirl dress but even better bending over with her perfect ass peeking out and then sucking adn fucking this guy’s big cock! Marley loves giving a blowjob and she does it up right here, slurping up and down on that rod until he gives her a load or two of cum to swallow down.

Amarna and Lyla


Amarna and Lyla

Click to see Amarna,Lyla on Amateur Allure!

I love when Amateur Allure does these double updates…this time we’ve got sexy 22 year old Lyla who gives a fantastic blowjob before bending over and getting her pussy drilled, taking a nice big load of cum in her rmouth to swallow down! After that we’ve got sexy redhead stunner Amarna who comes from Spain and brought with her all her oral skills that she puts on display here, giving a magnificent suck job licking and slurping this guy’s big cock up and down before swallowing down a load of her own as a tasty treat. Amarna and Lyla are both knockout beauties and it’s like your birthday came early this year as we get a double dose of sexiness!

Taylor Reed


Taylor Reed

Click to see Taylor Reed on Amateur Allure!

Meet beautiful brunette Taylor Reed, she’s a gorgeous 21 year old who has been a big fan of Amateur Allure for quite awhile and finally got up the gumption to apply and do her very own modeling shoot for them! She doesnt have the biggest tits in the world but if you like nice round tight asses and even tighter little pussies, Taylor is gonna rock your socks off…she introduces herself, gets naked and gets busy sucking this guy’s cock, taking it deep in her throat and then bending over to get that dripping wet pussy fucked nice and hard! She is seriously dripping wet too, you can see her juices flowing so you know this girl is super turned on and she ends up cumming all over the guy’s cock as he fucks her, then gets on her knees to suck and swallow down a nice load of jizz!

Cassidy Klein


Cassidy Klein

Click to see Cassidy Klein on Amateur Allure!

If this chick looks familiar that’s because she’s been making waves in the adult industry but hey she had to get started somewhere and that’s where Amateur Allure came in! This shoot was a while ago, sorry but I’m still trying to get things back up to date in terms of Amateur Allure but hey better late than never am I right? Anyway just look into those beautiful eyes of this girl as Cassidy undresses and takes this guy’s big dick in her mouth, sucking him and licking that cock up and down to drive him crazy before bending over and getting fucked from behind! It’s a stone cold fact that for most women the doggystyle position is the most pleasurable and that certainly goes for Cassidy here, she loves getting that ass in the air and ends up swallowing down a nice load of cum to finish off her introductory shoot.




Click to see Shauna on Amateur Allure!

Welcome to another hot newcomer for Amateur Allure! This time it’s beautiful Shauna, she’s a hot Cali chick with a mighty fine ass and an insatiable taste for dick…and that make her just about perfect for Amateur Allure if you ask me. She’s brand new to the industry but is ready to show she’s got what it takes to make it big, and she definitely makes this cock get big as she sucks the guy off before spreading those legs, getting her tight wet pussy fucked and then sucking a couple of loads of cum out to swallow down! Shauna loves sex and that’s gonna serve her well as a pornstar if she follows this career…and after a hot hardcore fuck scene like this I sure hope she does!

Kiera and Lacy Rae


Kiera and Lacy Rae

Click to see Lacy Rae & Kiera on Amateur Allure!

I’ve got a double update here for you from Amateur Allure, I guess the beginning part with sexy blonde teen amateur Kiera was a little on the short side so they doubled up, popping on a hot scene from Lacy Rae who you might remember from her first Amateur Allure scene, make sure you check that out if you haven’t seen it already because man it’s hot stuff! This one is no slouch either, Lacy’s evidently been brushing up on her deepthroat skills and is keen to put them on display here, sucking cock and getting that sexy tight teen pussy fucked too! Kiera has a little ways to go but did great for a freshman effort, sucking dick and swallowing down a load of cum to welcome her aboard, hopefully we’ll see more of that chick.

Samantha Hayes


Samantha Hayes

Click to see Samantha Hayes on Amateur Allure!

Say hi to Samantha Hayes, she’s a 19 year old hottie from Alaska with beautiful blue eyes, a cute smile and an insatiable lust for cock! She’s here on Amateur Allure ready to rock your world, looking cute as a button in her little blue dress…she’s also all locked up in a pair of handcuffs for a little of the ol’ kinky fun before taking this guy’s big dick in her mouth, sucking him off and then spreading her legs to get that sweet tight shaved pussy of hers drilled! She’s loving every hot moment as she gives him the blowjob and fuck of his life…I bet things were never quite this hot. Actually yeah no duh, it’s usually pretty freezing cold up there so that didn’t make much sense. Anyway enjoy this hot update, Samantha looks hot as hell!




Click to see Jade on Amateur Allure!

Meet Jade, a gorgeous exotic babe from Dallas Texas who absolutely loves sex and loves giving head so that makes her just about perfect for Amateur Allure wouldn’t you say? She’s here giving head and swallowing cum on camera for the first time, giving this cameraman a magnificent blowjob to blow his mind as well as his load, before spreading her legs to get that tight wet pussy of hers pounded! She’s a stunning brunette with a nice perky pair of tits, a sexy tight firm ass and a taste for man cream that certainly serves her well here! She gives a great blowjob as you can see and looks like a ton of fun to fuck too with that nice tight pussy of hers…but then again thats just how Amateur Allure rolls isn’t it?

Karli and Alison


Karli and Alison

Click to see Karli & Alison on Amateur Allure!

I noticed that I’ve been a little lacking in keeping you guys up to date on what Amateur Allure has been up to so I’m trying to catch up a little…and I think you guys will like it because they always have some hot stuff on their plates! This update for instance features a couple of girls I don’t even recognize and that’s pretty unusual in this business, we’ve got sexy blonde computer programmer Karli and also beautiful teen brunette Alison…sometimes they get girls to team up for a threesome but not this time, it’s basically two smaller updates in one so you get to see Karli getting her hands on a big hard cock, sucking the guy off and looking up at us with those sexy eyes of hers, and then it switches to Alison who strips down and blows a dick before getting her tight teen pussy pounded! Alison’s nylon stockings get ripped right open to give the guy easy access to that snatch, he could have pulled them down but it’s sexier to just ravage em I gotta admit. Alison gets fucked nice and deep and ends up taking a load in the mouth in true Amateur Allure style!

Aidra Fox Holidays


Aidra Fox Holidays

Click to see Aidra Fox on Amateur Allure!

This update from Amateur Allure is a little behind the times but hey, tis the season for pleasin once again! Amateur Allure wished everyone a happy holidays, but I dont think they anticipated me posting it in June…they had brought beautiful Aidra Fox back for a little bonus action and she was certainly dressed up for the occasion in her sexy little Santa corset! She’s one of the downright prettiest girls on Amateur Allure if you ask me, especially when she busts out that big open friendly smile and throws a few glances your way with those beautiful eyes of hers…and then gets her tits out and sucks cock like she’s doing in this holiday-themed update! Aidra gives a magnificent blowjob, deepthroating the guy and then getting that sweet sexy teen pussy pounded, making her juicy titties go for a hot bouncy ride! The guy doesn’t even bother taking his pants off, just unzips and pounds away at her hole before shooting a load of cum into her mouth to swallow down! If you missed out on Aidra’s first shoot on the site, make sure you check it out right here.

Samantha Rone the Ballerina


Samantha Rone the Ballerina

Click to see Samantha Rone on Amateur Allure!

This is I think the fourth time Samantha Rone has been on Amateur Allure…I may just have lost count but I know there have been at least these three updates before: scene1 scene2 and scene3 and man, I’ve gotta tell you, it’s no wonder they keep bringing her back for more fun! She always looks stunning, she’s always up for fun and adventure and she is always horny as hell…in this update she takes on two cocks for a nice threesome, but first she’s dancing her way in front of the camera and showing some of her ballerina skills! When her little pink tutu slides off though and these two guys show up with their cocks out of their pants she goes to town, sucking them both off and then getting fucked by one after the other in a red hot hardcore update that will leave you doing a little no-pants dance of your own! Samantha absolutely loves cock, there’s no ifs ands or buts about it and we get to see her getting drilled nice and hard before swallowing multiple loads of cum…can’t wait to see her again, she loves being on Amateur Allure and obviously they love her too!




Click to see Yhivi on Amateur Allure!

Yhivi here is only 19 years old, has a cute schoolgirl look to her and apparently she LOVES to give head! That got the attention of Amateur Allure and they brought this hottie in with a quickness…they were probably congratulating themselves on that decision real fast when she showed up in her schoolgirl uniform, pulling her top open to flash those perky little titties and pulling her white panties aside to get her fingers on that tight pink petite pussy as she giggled! Once the guy whipped out his cock you can see that she wasn’t kidding, Yhivi really does absolutely love sucking dick and she gives this guy a magnificent blowjob before bending over to get that teen pussy fucked from behind! That snatch looks tight as a drum and Yhivi is loving every moment as she gets pounded, pressing her face into the cushions with that sexy ass in the air…doggystyle seems to be her favorite position if you ask me! Yhivi ends up taking a nice load of cum in her mouth to swallow down before heading back out…she’s gotta get back to class or she’ll be in big trouble!

Naveen Ora


Naveen Ora

Click to see Naveen Ora on Amateur Allure!

It’s been a good bit since this update actually went live so I apologize for that, but man oh man it was worth the wait if you ask me…if you’ve seen stunning Naveen Ora around, you’ll already know how red hot this girl is and it’s extra hot seeing her making her first babysteps into the adult industry in this Amateur Allure shoot! She’s got her little kitty ears on and is horny as hell, shooting her very first video here and getting that sexy mouth and even sexier pussy filled up with this guy’s big hard dick. Naveen loves giving head and does it up right in this shoot, licking and sucking that cock and looking up with those beautiful eyes of hers, fluttering her long eyelashes…soon she’s hiking up her dress and wrapping those skinny legs around this guy, pulling him close and getting that sweet tight teen pussy pounded hard and deep! I can’t say I’ve ever seen a kitty wearing a neo green dress but hey she’s more than hot enough to pull it off…watch Naveen get pounded and take multiple loads down her throat as she swallows this guy’s cum.

Christie Nelson Returns


Christie nelson returns on amateur allure

It’s been a few years since we last saw sexy Christie Nelson here on Amateur Allure but she’s back and is looking even sexier now! I don’t know what kind of magic potion she’s been drinking over the last three years but she’s looking red hot in her red top here, showing off those long sexy legs and spreading her pussy lips (I get the feeling this girl never wears panties under a skirt) wide open to give a nice look at that tight pink slit. She wanted to push her own envelope a little for this newer scene so she decided to double up on the D, taking two cocks at once and making it a sexy hardcore threeway! She starts off with some nice oral, licking and sucking both of those dicks with one in each hand, her pussy getting dripping wet with anticipation…and soon her fantasies cum to life as Christie bends over on her hands and knees, getting a cock in the mouth and in the cunt at the same time! This girl is hot as the sun and loves to show it, I’m glad she decided to come back to Amateur Allure and after you clean up your desk and pants a little I’m sure you’ll be glad too.

Cosima Knight


Cosima knight aa

It’s been a little while since beautiful blonde Cosima Knight made this Amateur Allure update so you’ve probably seen her here and there if you’ve kept your eyes open…it’s no wonder that she’s been getting pretty popular, she’s fucking gorgeous and has an amazing body! If you’re the kind of fella (or lady) who likes seeing a chick when she’s brand spankin new in the industry trying to make a name for herself and showing her enthusiasm as well as her sexy tight body, Amateur Allure is your new best friend. In this update Cosima satisfies her oral fixation, taking this guy’s big dick in her mouth as she lifts up her dress to show off those long bare sexy smooth legs and her incredible butt…this guy loves getting his dick sucked of course but it just served to drive him crazy with desire to get his hands on that pussy of hers! Cosima bent over with that tight butt in the air, getting her dripping wet pussy fucked from behind and moaning with those ringlets of blonde in her face before getting her hands back on that dick and sucking out a couple of loads to swallow down. Cosima lives for blowing cock and thrives on taking a load in the mouth and this site is ideal for giving her the liquid protein breakfast she was craving!

Misha Cross


Misha cross on amateur allure

At the time this update was shot for Amateur Allure this chick Misha Cross was pretty much brand new fresh out of the wrapper in the adult industry…but she was definitely rarin to go, you could tell right off the bat this girl was gonna hit it big when she showed up at the studio and started talking about a fantasy she had of fucking two guys at once! If you’ve seen Amateur Allure before you know they’re not gonna duck away from an invitation like that and soon Misha was doing her cross-country ski pole imitation as she grabbed one dick in each hand, going back and forth sucking and licking those cocks before hiking up her skirt to unleash that ass on the world! She loves getting a dick in the mouth and in the pussy at the same time and she was stoked to get these two prongs going simultaneously…it makes for one red hot update I’ll tell you what! With those pretty blue eyes staring up while she gulps down a couple of cocks this girl is hot as hell…watch while she gets fucked and swallows down a couple of loads, it’s quite the ‘hello’ for a girl getting her start in the porn world! Pretty face, nice tight sexy body, great ass, thirst for cock that can’t be satisfied with just a single one, this girl seems pretty much ideal for the industry if you ask me.

Sasha Nexx


Sasha nexx on amateur allure

Meet beautiful newbie Sasha Nexx, a gorgeous 19 year old brunette with magnificent tits, a great ass and eyes you’ll instantly fall in love with! She’s also got a great personality and is just plain happy in general, as you can see when she grins ear to ear while sucking cock in this Amateur Allure update. She may be only 19 but she’s definitely been levelling up her blowjob skills…watch this hottie wrap her lips and tongue around this guy’s dick, lavishing attention on every inch of his cock to drive him crazy and looking up at him with those amazing seductive eyes! Blowjobs alone aren’t gonna do the trick with this guy though and soon Sasha is bent over with that nice round ass up in the air getting her teen pussy pounded doggystyle and moaning like crazy…she loves to get fucked, she’s smokin hot and is looking great in her Amateur Allure debut so keep an eye out for this chick she’s got something special going on for sure! She ends up fucking and then sucking out two loads of cum from that dick, swallowing them down and flashing that adorable open grin of hers. I don’t think I’ve seen any other hardcore scenes from this girl since she did this one on AA, so either she was just in it for a one-and-done or she’s taking her time finding just the right sites to get fucked on!

Elektra Rose


Elektra on amateur allure

Meet Elektra Rose, a 19 year old hottie from New Hampshire who is on Amateur Allure to make some of her first steps into the world of porn…she met up with Ray for a little ‘audition’ and just about sucked his soul out through his cock so I’d say she passed with flying colors! She absolutely loves sucking dick, some women just sort of get it over with or go through the motions but not Elektra, you can tell she’s a big fan of giving blowjobs and does a fantastic job of it here! Ray called his buddy over to the house so they could double up on this teen cutie and Elektra ended up taking a total of I think three loads of cum into her mouth to swallow down! She gets her mouth filled up with dick and her teen pussy takes a good hard deep pounding as she lifts up that little skirt…Elektra has a hell of a nice ass too, she just looks incredible from head to toe and is just the sort of girl that Amateur Allure likes to feature! It’s a good thing Elektra loves the taste of cum, she takes load after load down her throat here and from the looks of things she’s just having a blast with those blasts.

Alexia Gold


Alexia gold on amateur allure

Gorgeous blonde Alexia Gold has some of the prettiest eyes I’ve seen in awhile, or maybe that’s just because she’s looking up at us with them while she deepthroats this guy’s cock on Amateur Allure! Alexia is a sexy stunning teen with nice full breasts, a great ass and a hunger for cock that just won’t get satisifed until she’s taken a load in her mouth and another on her sweet booty. Usually on Amateur Allure the girls swallow every load they’re given, but since the second splash gets on her ass Alexia doesn’t really have a chance to do that…she’s not about to be denied that salty treat though so she reaches back and scoops it up to lick it off her fingers with a smile! You wouldn’t think it to look at this girl but man she is a cum fiend…that innocent angelic expression of hers as she looks at you with that adorable smile and her big doe eyes is just a red herring; while she’s smiling away all innocent-like she’s got scenes in her head of her licking and sucking and riding your dick until you give her the load that she’s after! It’s the first time on the site for this horny teen beauty but I have a hunch it won’t be the last time on Amateur Allure for lovely Alexia Gold.

Ariana Grand


Ariana grand on amateur allure

Say hello to Ariana Grand, a beautiful brunette with nice sweet titties and a fantastic ass, not to mention a raging hunger for cock! Actually you may have seen her since this shoot was done, for some reason I’m only just now getting around to posting her Amateur Allure shoot but she’s done some stuff for other sites in the meantime and is hot as hell in all of them. This was pretty much her first steps into the adult industry though so you get to see this fresh-faced pornstar-to-be showing her stuff here! She takes on two cocks at the same time, going right for the double trouble, sucking them both and licking all those balls before getting fingercuffed, taking one in her pussy and one in her mouth at the same time! Ariana loves sex and has a great time getting double pounded and taking not one, not two, but three big loads of creamy cum in her mouth to swallow down! She keeps her little red dress on for pretty much this whole shoot, lifting up the hem to reveal that tight pussy and sweet round ass and dropping the top to let thoes perky titties out to play for this hot hardcore Amateur Allure threesome.

Lacy Rae


Lacy rae on amateur allure

This gorgeous 20 year old Chicago-born chick is Lacy Rae and I’m pretty sure the first thing you’ll notice are those stunning green eyes and her wide, beautiful smile! Hell of a way to make a first impression, she’s got a leg up already before she even gets the guy’s cock in her mouth in this Amateur Allure update…she’s ready to have a little adventure and put that sweet round ass to work so she sucks the guy hard, licking him up and down and then getting that tight pink little pussy delved! Lacy takes him like a champ, moaning as he pounded deeper and deeper inside her and taking her for a ride on his cock before busting a load in her mouth to swallow down. I’m always impressed with the hotness of the women they bring to table on Amateur Allure and this babe is no exception…I don’t think I’ve seen Lacy Rae anywhere else since this shoot was made so it might be an Amateur Allure exclusive, so if you like the looks of this girl make sure you get in touch with them and let ’em know so hopefully they’ll bring her back for round two!

Ava Dalush


Ava dalush on amateur allure

This absolute stunner is Ava Dalush, a sexy UK import with a hot accent, big perfect tits, a sweet round ass and a supermodel face, and she definitely loves getting a huge cock in her mouth! Ava sucks this guy off, licking and sucking his dick and then fucking his brains out to get a couple mouthfuls of cum to swallow down! Amateur Allure loves bringing in girls who love blowjobs and Ava definitely fits the bill, pulling off her yellow sweater to let those big beautiful breasts out to play as she works that dick over, then bends over with her perfect butt in the air to take a nice hard drilling doggystyle just how she likes it! Those big lovely brown eyes of hers look great as she stares up at you with a mouth full of cock, sucking and slurping her way to glory…I guess Ava just loves the taste of cum and she does what she has to do for her little protein snack in this hot hardcore update!

Ember Stone Returns


Ember stone back on amateur allure

You probably remember gorgeous redhead Ember Stone from her first appearance on Amateur Allure and how smokin hot she is, and now she’s back and is lookin hotter than ever! She wanted to push her boundaries a little the second time around so she decided to get another cock into the mix, getting both of those dicks hard in her mouth at the same time! Ember loves going fingercuff style with one big hard dick in her mouth and another in her pussy simultaneously, corking her at both ends…she gets her face and her cunt pounded in this hot update, moaning and giggling as these guys take turns at that sweet wet pussy and giving her a couple of loads to swallow down! Just look at those lovely big brown eyes of hers as she looks up at you while she licks and slobs on a hard knob while the other dude plows into her doggystyle…once again it gets a little hard for the camera to differentiate between her pale skin and the light backdrop so she’s partially camouflaged here but what’s visible is seriously smokin hot.

Emily Grey


Emily grey amateur allure

You might remember seeing Emily Grey on Amateur Allure one other time but back then she was sharing an update with Claire Heart (you can see it right here by the way)…this time she’s back and is doing her very own update, and with that heart-stoppingly gorgeous face and amazing tight petite body she definitely deserves the spotlight! Emily is seriously probably the most beautiful girl in the adult industry right now, I’m calling that right now…call me crazy if you want but there’s something about those freckles and her lovely brown eyes that is just amazing. She also has an insatiable taste for cock so she starts out this Amateur Allure scene with a dick in her mouth right off the bat, rubbing and fingering her tight pussy while she sucks this lucky dude…soon masturbating just isn’t enough so she climbs onto the guy’s lap, riding his cock and fucking him with that perfect pussy with her high heels still on! Emily looks absolutely incredible riding dick, moaning away and sliding her hands over her perky little titties as she gets fucked until the guy finally shoots a load of cum into her mouth for her to swallow down with a smile!

Lucy Tyler Returns


Lucy tyler on amateur allure

So uhhh yeah, this Amateur Allure update was wayyy back in July, if you hadn’t already guessed. Lucy Tyler is sporting her snazziest most patriotic bikini and sunglasses to celebrate Independence Day and is looking sexy as hell. Sorry I missed it and am just now getting to it but hey, at least now you get to remember what summer was like and forget about the cold and rain for a little bit! Lucy shakes those sweet perky titties after taking off her bikini and then takes this guy’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob…we saw in her first scene on Amateur Allure how much Lucy loves to suck cock and this is just reinforcing that! Lucy gives a nice suckjob and then bends over with her cute tight butt in the air to get railed doggystyle, moaning as the guy fucked her wet little hole before he shot a load or two down her throat. As a bonus there are even some shots of Lucy hanging out by the ocean in her stars and stripes bikini, having fun in the sun and sharing the good times with us!

Nikki Hearts


Nikki hearts 2 cocks aa

If this chick looks familiar it’s probably because you saw her in one of the Amateur Allure preauditions, namely this one right here! She was just known as Nikki back then but now she’s Nikki Hearts and this girl is nova-hot with those sweet seductive brown eyes and her cute edgy haircut…she’s taking care of this guy’s big hard cock after stripping down and showing off those perky titties and her sweet round ass but one just isn’t enough for this hottie, she really wants to get her mouth filled up! Two cocks is what she craves and two cocks is what she gets…watch this dark vixen lick and suck those two dicks one after the other, looking up at us with those peepers before getting fingercuffed with one dick in the mouth and one in the pussy at the same time! Her tight shaved snatch gets filled up with dick and she is loving every second of it here in her first solo Amateur Allure shoot, but it wouldn’t be AA without a mouthful of cum being swallowed, am I right? Nikki takes not one but both loads in her mouth and swallows them down with a smile, looking like she’s ready for a couple more dicks to pop up in front of her hungry mouth and to slam into that horny pussy of hers with her perfect ass in the air!

Lexi Belle and Belle Noire


Belle noire lexi aa

Now that’s what I call a full-service hotel! This guy showed up at his suite and was escorted in by gorgeous babe Lexi Belle, who proceeded to suck his cock and bend over to impale her pussy on his dick with that perfect ass in his face…Lexi fucked the guy nice and hard until he shot his load into her mouth for her to swallow down, I guess that was considered her tip! The next morning the guy woke up in his comfy bed when the maid came into the room but this was no ordinary maid, this was beautiful brunette Belle Noire there to take care of his morning wood with a nice long wet blowjob that ended up with another load of cum swallowed down. I like when Amateur Allure does a ‘fantasy’ update like this one, it’s a bit of a change of pace from their normal scenes and a little variety is always welcomed. Especially when that variety comes in the form of two absolutely stunning brunettes sucking and fucking the guy’s crank!

Natalie Monroe


Natalie Monroe Amateur Allure

Natalie Monroe is on Amateur Allure and she is looking sexy and fuck! I didn’t really know she had braces but well she does and this guy was brave enough to get head from her. He didn’t just get head from her he face fucked her at times! Natalie is playing that innocent coy girl with a naughty side. She has a great set of c cup titties on her and then she has a round ass you’re going to love as well. The girl also has a meaty pussy, I know some of you are just looking for those picture perfect pussies and this isn’t it but I know some of you like it though so I thought I would mention it. Like all Amateur Allure scenes this one has two cumshots and both of them are of Natalie swallowing them. I am so far behind on Amateur Allure videos right now that you can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to be posting more and more from this site in the coming days. I just like the way their videos are shot and their pictures are super crisp as well, it’s just one of the best erotic site I know of. Another thing that I like that maybe not everyone will is the music they play in their videos, it’s so relaxing isn’t it!

Payton Simmons


Payton simmons on amateur allure

Sexy blonde 23 year old Payton Simmons here is ready to make a splash on Amateur Allure and she’s ready to go right for the glory, making her fantasy of taking two cocks at once cum true! She pulls off her red dress to show off those nice big tits, bending over to take both of those big hard cocks in her mouth one after the other…a double blowjob is fun but it wasn’t what Payton was after, she wanted to be the meat in a dick sandwich so she kept one cock in her mouth to suck on while the other guy pounded her tight wet pussy from behind! I do believe they call that fingercuffs, one guy in her pussy and one in her mouth, and Payton looks like she’s loving every hot second of it! The guys switch sides once or twice so everyone gets the full experience, and then give Payton a couple of nice creamy loads in the mouth to swallow down. Maybe next time she comes on the site she’ll bring a third guy into the mix, I’m not sure where exactly he could fit in but I’m sure Payton has an idea or two!

Ember Stone


Ember stone amateur allure

It always cracks me up when a girl (usually a redhead) is so pale and fair-skinned that the camera has a hard time differentiating between her skin and the backdrop! This new girl Ember Stone on Amateur Allure is an example, some of her pictures she pretty much blends right into the background. She’d better be careful in the sun, I have the feeling she’d turn into an instant lobster if she hung out on the beach! She is cute as hell though and seems very enthusiastic about making her way into the porn world as she sucks cock to completion and gets fucked in that tight little pussy, taking a couple of loads in the mouth to swallow down. Keep an eye out for Ember on some other sites in the very near future, I’m sure she’ll be around making her mark! And if you hear on the news about someone mysteriously turning into charcoal on a beach in five seconds flat you’ll know who it was. I guess that’s why she got the name Ember! She’s definitely not a natural redhead though, if that big hairy bush is any indication.

Preauditions 39


Amateur allure preauditions 39

I’ve got a special treat for you today…I don’t always post the Amateur Allure preauditions here but this one is extra hot so I figured it would be a winner! We’ve got three hotties in this one update, so don’t say I never did anything for you…starting out we’ve got gorgeous brunette punk Nikki with her beautiful eyes, sexy mouth and perfect ass! She shows off her nude body, sucks cock and gets fucked in that tight little pussy before swallowing a load…Amateur Allure usually has girls a little more on the glamour side of things so it’s super hot to see a more edgy tattooed hottie on there, maybe it’s just my opinion. The next girl you probably recognize, it’s Riley Reid and she’s been on the site a handful of times already, she just can’t get enough of the cameraman’s cum though so she just keeps coming back for another mouthful! Here are Riley’s previous scenes on the site if you missed ’em: scene1 scene2 scene3. Last but not least as they say, we have an Italian hottie named Valentina who is short and stacked and gorgeous, sucking cock and getting her pussy filled up with cock before swallowing down the guy’s creamy load! Can’t wait to see these new girls (and maybe Riley too!) on the site for their full updates.

Aidra Fox and Brandi Love


Brandi Love and Aidra Fox on Moms Teach Sex

This is my first time actually posting a Moms Teach Sex scene. I usually just get them from my buddies MILF site but today I decided to just go ahead and make one because this one is fucking hot. It stars that girls Aidra Fox, you guys will remember her from this Amateur Allure scene she did. In this scene she has just moved next door to Brandi Love and Brandi is over there making friends. She is planning on hooking up Aidra with her step son Tyler. When they get dressed outside into their bikini’s Tyler spies of them. They just get naked in front of each other because girls are just comfortable with each other like that. So he gets to see it all, but little doe she know they’re about to come inside and ask him if he wants to join. When they come in in throws a towel over his rock hard dick and it looks like a teepee. Brandi pulls the towel off and tells him not to be ashamed and she just goes for it and starts sucking on her step sons cock! Aidra is shocked but she has always wanted to have a threesome and a opportunity like this where you can learn from a MILF like Brandi never comes along in ones life. She takes advantage of it and I think after this fuck session Aidra is a professional at getting fucked and riding dick.

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