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Faces Loaded


Faces Loaded Jules Jordan

This is the new one I am going to post Jules Jordan galleries. It’s just going to be like a super large update with a long video and a bunch of pictures for each “release” he puts out on his site. This one is called Faces Loaded and the girl you see picture in this image is Kennedy Leigh. I haven’t seen a new gallery of hers in so long I just had to post this scene. The other models who are in this gallery are: Jada Stevens, Skin Diamond, Riley Reid, Allie Haze, Aleksa Nicole, Lia Lor and Belle Noire. This is pretty much a blowjob only type of update the girls are laying on their backs getting face fucked or on their knees giving head that you will only get from a pornstar. Once the guy is about to cum he tilts their face back and just covers them in cum. Kennedy here is trying to get some in her mouth, better then it just pooling up in her eye. You guys ever notice how much girls hate to get cum in their eye and it seems every time they get a facial it ends up in there LOL! Probably the best facial of the group is Riley Reid’s and those pictures are all the way at the bottom. The video just kind of goes over every girls scene so it’s just a couple of minutes per girl. If it’s something you like though just join on up, Jules Jordan is a very trusted name in porn.

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy leigh yoga fuck

Now don’t be fooled by the name of this site, the guy doing the fucking here isn’t actually Peter North but I guess you would have already known that because Kennedy Leigh isn’t getting split in half by a gigantic cock. It’s also not Gollum, although I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that when you see him sneaking up on Kennedy in the thumbnail up above! He’s a bit creepy but has good taste in women; Kennedy is one of the hottest pieces of ass in the industry if you ask me. She was just minding her own business for this scene, doing some Yoga by the swimming pool and I guess she looked so smoking hot this bald fella just couldn’t resist coming after her! She was more than happy to see him though, so I guess he was no stranger…she took his big thick cock in her mouth and give him a nice blowjob, then let him pull off her Yoga pants to give that sweet tight pussy a nice deep pounding while her big tits bounced and swayed.

Kennedy Leigh Returns


Kennedy leigh returns on amateur allure

This is a bit of a departure from the norm for Amateur Allure and feels more like a cinematic experience or something…if you like a little higher production value this will be right up your alley, especially so because it features gorgeous pornstar Kennedy Leigh! We’ve seen Kennedy a few times before on Amateur Allure including the smokin hot Christmas Special a little while back, and in this new update she’s wearing like a spiderweb kind of a chain top that lets those big tits show right through as she saunters up to her man in front of the fire and sucks his cock, then sits on his lap to go for a nice hard ride before taking his loads in her mouth and swallowing them down! Kennedy has just an incredible look to her, I’m not sure if it’s the beautiful curves of her body or those lips that look perfect for a nice blowjob but man this girl is always smokin hot.

Happy Holidays


Amateur allure christmas specila

Tis (still) the season for pleasin’! Christmas may have come and gone but we still have some holiday action from a few sites to tide us over til next year…this update comes from Amateur Allure and features not one, not two, but three of the hottest girls the site has to offer, namely Kennedy Leigh, Samantha Rone and newcomer Tara! I guess Ray and Thomas (the site’s cameramen) were on Santa’s good list this year because the three hot little helpers are jingling their bells but good…watch these beautiful girls kneel down and suck cock, getting all three mouths on one dick at once, then pull their panties aside to get fucked while the other guy still has his dick in their mouth for a little fingercuff action. As the Amateur Allure guys say, looks like it was a white Christmas after all!

My Daughters Friend


Porn goes pro kennedy leigh my daughters friend

It’s a fantasy lots of guys have but not many guys want to admit to or talk about…the situation is this: you just found out that your daughter’s friend has become a pornstar, the 18 year old who used to be your babysitter and talk on the phone about boys at school is getting naked and getting fucked on camera and you’ve got a phone number for her via the folks at Porn Goes Pro! You call up sexy teen Kennedy Leigh and have her come by for a little housecall, bringing her trusty schoolgirl outfit along with her. She shows up looking even hotter than you remember, grabbing her big tits and that perfect ass which are finally yours to grab and play with to your heart’s content! She works your cock with her hands, lips, tongue and of course that tight pink wet pussy, making all those fantasies you’ve ever had about her come true and then some. Kennedy finishes things off for the day by sucking a big load out of your cock that sprays all over her face and onto her breasts, which she licks up with a smile and a wink…looks like you might have to be a repeat customer for her!

Out with a Bang


Nubile films kennedy leigh out with a bang

Beautiful blonde Kennedy Leigh decided to go out with a bang with her boyfriend before they called it quits, but after a good hard fuck like this who knows…maybe they’ll get right back together! The scene is from Nubile Films and Kennedy is getting her sweet pussy licked expertly by this guy, making her moan and arch her back in pleasure before getting penetrated by his rock hard cock for a nice sexy time on the couch! Her perfect breasts bounced with the rhythm as he plunged into her hole…this girl is seriously hot, he’s crazy if he was dating her and then broke it off. They go at it in all kinds of different positions, with Kennedy looking hot and sexy in each one…from the sounds she’s making I am guessing that doggystyle is her favorite position, next time I see her I’ll find out. To finish things off on a high note he blasts a nice big load all over her face when she starts pumping him and playing with his balls. Quite a facial!

Deep Groove


Passion hd deep groove with kennedy leigh

Gorgeous blonde Kennedy Leigh loves when her tunes get into a deep groove with plenty of funk…in this Passion HD update she has her headphones on and is getting down to some serious funk as she puts on her bikini, but when she finds her man in the bedroom the headphones come off and so does the swimsuit! She takes his big cock in her mouth, sucking him for a nice blowjob as he licks her pussy good and wet before she sits on his lap and gives him a little dance, penetrating herself onto him and rocking with the rhythm. Kennedy loves a good tune but loves a good fuck even more so soon she’s making her own backup vocals, moaning as she orgasms on his dick and then taking his load right into her mouth to finish up this sexy little number!

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy leigh massage girls 18

If you walked into a massage parlor known for the masseuses having a tendency to fuck the clients and you saw your massage therapist was Kennedy Leigh tell me you wouldn’t just cream your jeans right then and there. Well that’s the scene for this Massage Girls 18 update as gorgeous Kennedy and that incredible smile of hers shows her skills in the rubdown arena, lifting her skirt to show her lack of panties before the guy even lays down! He of course lets his hands wander over her big tits and that round fuckable ass of hers as she went through the motions of giving a massage. It was the happy ending the guy was after though so soon his cock was poking out from the towel covering him and Kennedy couldn’t help but suck that big dick! She whipped the towel off and mounted up, riding that lucky fuck forwards and backwards before laying back and spreading her long legs to get penetrated to the hilt.

Kennedy and Claire


Ftv girls kennedy leigh claire

Fasten your seatbelts and unfasten your trouser belts because stunner Kennedy Leigh is back in town for FTV Girls in this latest update! She walks around nude in public and masturbates and looks amazing of course but what really sets this update apart is when her girlfriend Claire shows up and they get into some hot lesbian shenanigans together. These horny girls can’t keep their hands off each other or their clothes on whether they’re in public or private, kissing and touching and fingering and eating pussy all day long! If Claire looks a little familiar it’s not deja vu, you’ve probably seen her hardcore scene a little while back…she’s not nearly as hot as Kennedy if you ask me but together they make a hell of a cute couple!

Double Dream


Double Dream Kennedy Leigh

Passion HD is hooking you guys up in this gallery with both lesbian sex and a amazing hardcore scene as well! The video starts out with just Kennedy Leigh and Chloe Brooke in the bath tub having fun with each other. They please each other how girls can please each other and then they go in the next room to get the real deal. They still eat each other out in the threesome as you can see but they’re all just waiting their turn for the dick basically. If you wanted to see all of the Kennedy Leigh videos I have then I would click on that link because there is a bunch. She is absolutely one of my favorite models because of those awesome perky tits and then in this gallery check out the very first picture so you can see just how round that ass is. If you like quality porn then Passion HD is definitely a site you need to check out, it’s worth every penny I promise.

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy leigh fucked hard gfs

Sexy blonde Kennedy Leigh headed over to Fucked Hard GFs for a nice hard fuck but what she got was bent over and humped for a few minutes, then got a big load shot all over her back. I don’t know if the guy came before he expected because she’s do damn hot or what but like half of this video is her in the shower cleaning off afterwards, so I get the feeling that cumshot wasn’t exactly the plan. I can’t say I blame the guy though, Kennedy is gorgeous and has a great body with a spectacular ass and nice full round titties, I’d probably cream my shorts if she so much as glanced at me!

Ashley Fires and Kennedy Leigh


At first I thought this video from MILF Soup was about to be the best Bang Bros scene ever! I saw a picture of Ashley Fires having anal sex and I thought that she might be teaching Kennedy Leigh how to do it / enjoy it. Sadly we just get to see her kind of coaching Kennedy in average sex stuff. Kenney is already a fucking pro at well fucking. I mean the scene is still great just because both of these girls are hot and as you can see they have great asses! The video has both lesbian sex and a hot threesome and you might even like seeing these girls in the beginning of the video doing a litle naked yoga. It’s kind of funny how seeing stuff like naked yoga, which you wouldn’t think we be that amazing turns out to be the best part of the entire scene. Unfortantly my bro over at iMILFs didn’t think it was that great because he just did a video of these two tag teaming the cock.

Kennedy Massaged


Kennedy Leigh FuckedHard18

This is a hot picture, a hot video, a hot everything because Kennedy Leigh is just hot! I was pretty stoked when I logged into the members area of Fucked Hard 18 and saw that she was the new update! She has just a perfect body in my opinion. Great ass and her tits and full and perky as shit. The guy who runs this site liked fucking her so much that he came on her face and then stuck his dick back in her pussy and started fucking her again. She loves it too because he would stop at times fucking her and she would start to do the fucking whether she was on bottom or on her side or whatever. Kennedy Leigh has a bunch of scenes that i have posted you can see them here if you would like. This might be one of my favorite scenes but I have been known to be a sucker for a massage scene.

Working It Out


Kennedy Leigh and Kiera Winters got done with a little tennis match and decided what better time to have lesbian sex then when we both have sweaty pussies. It could be that they were going to go work out by playing tennis and then decided to just have a threesome instead to burn some calories. I like that idea a lot better now that I think about it. The girls starts off by getting each other in the mood and then the guy shows up when their pussies need to be fucked. Wouldn’t that be nice if we could just get a fluffer for a girls so we didn’t have to do that foreplay bullshit and just got to walk in when the fucking needed to happen. Kiera and Kennedy both have a couple of scenes for Passion HD now if you want to see those you can just check out our Passion HD category.

Chloe Foster


Chloe Foster FTV Girls

Chloe Foster is on FTV Girls! It’s all thanks to the one and only Kennedy Leigh who herself has been on FTV once before. These two friends pick up right where they left off and what good friends they are! Kennedy licks Chloe’s little pussy in one of the videos and in a lot of the other ones she gives her a helping hand. Actually in this double penetration masturbation scene that you see pictured Kennedy grabs the toy in her pussy while Chloe takes the one in her ass during the video. The ass toy was pretty big so big in fact that it started to hurt Chloe a little bit but she gets pleasure out of pain when it comes to anal. She doesn’t do anal very much but when she does she throughly enjoys it. You really need to check out FTV Girls because if you’re not a member you wouldn’t know but they have redone the whole members area! You can now stream all the videos and it’s just a lot nicer. Everything works on your phone and tablet now too. So if you were a past member and thought it was wack well give it another go because it’s really just awesome now.

Hot and Deep


Kennedy Leigh Hot and Deep

When you get a massage from Kennedy Leigh you can expect it to be Hot and Deep. Well at least in this little massage video from Passion HD it is! I just love these all natural tits that she has, they’re not huge but man they just hang on her body perfectly don’t they? This is like her 4th time on Passion HD so she is kind of becoming a regular I would say! She hasn’t done a massage scene for them before and it seems like all the popular girls do one at least at some point in the career. The video ends with Kennedy stroking the guys cock with his deep resting on her tongue. She is looking to swallow a nice load and she does. I think us guys should start spreading a roomer then sperm makes your tits grow bigger, might get more girls to swallow, what do you think?

Kennedy’s Casting


Kennedy Leigh Casting Couch X

You guys are about to see one super hot video and I didn’t fuck around and make like a trailer this is pretty much like the full video! It’s from one of my favorite models Kennedy Leigh. I like this girl because she has a nice body her tits are what I really like just how full they are and perky. This is the first sex tape she ever made because the guy who made it with her is her agent. He also runs a website called Casting Couch X, he probably make more on the site then he does getting these girls jobs. Since you have seen Kennedy on Passion HD and other sites I can’t really think of right now you know that he has gotten her other jobs. Let’s go back though and see where it all began! What a crazy way to get into the porn business I might add. You would think a girl with get a facial like the one in this video and never want to do it again. Kennedy loves herself some cum though!

Slipped My Mind


Slipped My Mind By Passion HD

Kennedy Leigh is back on Passion HD and this time is in a scene called Slipped My Mind. She is in the living room in this super sexy thong leotard that is all white and man does it look good on this body of hers. Her man walks in because he forgot something and see that round ass and those beautiful full perky tits he decides he is going to stay a little longer to give Kennedy Leigh a good bye fuck. The have wonderful sex together but anytime Kennedy fucks it’s wonderful I would say. She has the best rock hard nipples when she is getting fucked wouldn’t you agree? The end of the video comes and she sucks him off and lets him cum in her mouth which she swallows because after all she is a good girl!

Good Vibes


Kennedy Leigh Good Vibes

I know that you guys already have a Kennedy Leigh gallery today, but you know what’s better then one? Two. Here she is getting fucked so that’s going to be a lot better then seeing her just masturbate for those of you who like your porn on the hardcore side. Kennedy Leigh has a pretty fucking awesome body doesn’t she? I mean look at those tits of hers, so perky so nice. Her nipples are rock hard in that picture she must be getting a good fucking or something. The scene is from one of our favorite sites here and that’s Passion HD they call it “Good Vibes”. The reason they call it that because Kennedy trying to steel a moment by herself and use her vibrator when her man catches her. Instead of stopping her he joins in and makes sure that Kennedy gets the pleasure she is after.

Kennedy FTV


Kennedy Leigh FTV Girls

That is one fine looking lady right there isn’t it? I love how she is all dressed up for business but has her nice full tits hanging out… Her name is Kennedy Leigh and the video I have for you is from FTV Girls. These guys are really good at masturbating videos and just erotic nude photos. The pictures are some of the best on the entire Internet but the video is really where it’s at. I mean lets be honest here how many of us will join a site because of the pictures? Like 2 people I thin, no I checked 2 people for sure. I am a big fan of girls with glasses on and Kennedy Leigh is very easy on the eyes when she has 4 eyes, yep I just did that.

Playtime Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy Leigh Passion HD

Playing with the gorgeous Kennedy Leigh looks like it could be kind of fun. The name of this Passion HD scene is called Playtime so you can see why I said that. I have seen her on a couple of my favorite sites now and I think she is going to make a run at being a kind of famous pornstar. The last scene I saw was her Amateur Allure video and that one was hot. This is right up there though probably just a little more erotic and there is no POV shots. I am not a huge fan of POV but I know there is a lot of you out there who only like that type of porn because it makes you feel like you are the one doing the fucking. I must have a better imagination then you or something, must suck.

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy Leigh Amateur Allure

Kennedy Leigh looks really good in blue doesn’t she! I mean man that is one nice figure I hope she wears this in her real life and not just for this porn video for Amateur Allure. They just had to have Kennedy on their site with that round ass of hers and those big lips that are just meant to suck cock. She can take this guy all the way to his balls and deep throat like a champ. She takes to loads in her mouth and swallows both of them no problem at all. I am pretty sure that in her personal life she doesn’t spit either she is a swallower for life.

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy Leigh Let's Try Anal

Kennedy Leigh just got out of the shower and her boyfriend makes her super horny by playing with her nice little pussy. He then brings her over to the bed and she suggest that they try anal and guess what he is all about it! Kennedy not only has a plump round ass but man is she pretty just look at that face, and she has full natural tits as well. This scene was shot for the best amateur anal site in the entire world it’s called Let’s Try Anal. If you like seeing hot girl fucked in the ass check out their tour and you will just see the quality of chicks they get to have anal sex.

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